Episodes 11-12 of Memories of Alhambra Stay Steady in 9% Ratings as Romance and Game Mystery Take a Big Step Forward

tvN Sat-Sun drama Memories of Alhambra is the comparative late bloomer of the high profile December 2018 premieres, having a weaker beginning that is being bolstered by increasingly strong episodes as the drama progresses. It’s headed towards the conclusion very in control of the fantasy narrative and has built emotional consequences so that I care about what happens to the leads. Episode 11 got 9.431% ratings while episode 12 is getting close to 10% with 9.851%, with the story ramping up for a thrilling final four episodes showdown/rescue mission likely back in Granada.

Jin Woo remains the center of the entire story but his relationship with Hee Joo changed from amorphous to romantic with one kiss that I welcome only because it gives Hee Joo more to do than to cry and worry over either Jin Woo or missing brothe Se Joo. Jin Woo’s life is falling apart and I don’t blame him for glomming onto sane and kind life line Hee Joo, I just hope they have time to actually date after this is all over because right now it’s a total rebound for him. As for the AR game mystery, Jin Woo gets backstabbed by the Professor and decides to stop being nice and bring him into the life-and-death stakes game with him, about time dude!


Episodes 11-12 of Memories of Alhambra Stay Steady in 9% Ratings as Romance and Game Mystery Take a Big Step Forward — 67 Comments

    • LOL. I’m totally in agreement with Ms Koala here. Jin Woo is the only main character of this drama. Everything evolves around him only. It has made me love Hyun Bin though. His acting is just top notch. I just wished the writer wrote the female lead better with less tears. Every single episode is tiring.

      • Netflix better buy the rights to Hyun Bin’s films because his acting there seems even better and I want to watch them.

  1. I love this show although I find W is more balanced in terms of the roles of the leads: lee jong suk and hyo Joo.
    Here, the burden appears to rest a lot more on Hyun Bin. However I am not complaining ya… just enjoying the show as it is. And Park Shin Hye looks really lovely in this show.
    Ep 11 was awesome.

  2. I am surprised to hear this because I am getting frustrated with the plot, and editing. I won’t be tuning in anymore unfortunately. While I am not at all interested in the romance, the revelation of side stories later on (which I do admit provides some meat to events that happen) are not substantial enough to warrant the slow progression of the story telling. I see what they’re trying to do but it’s a no from me due to the execution. I cannot believe I spent 11 episodes and the story has only moved from Chapter 1 to Chapter 5 (at best). Sorely disappointed.

  3. The drama feels like filler from episode 5.
    Can’t wait for this to end.
    W might have a bad second half but still feels more action-pack and tight than this drama.

  4. Loving the drama so much so no complaints except still not feeling Park Shin Hye’s acting much. Her crying scenes still suck. This kiss scene is by far Hyun Bin’s best besides Hyde Jekyll, Me and Worlds Within. Hyun Bin slaying. ??? I ma be sadden because Memories of Alhambra is coming to an end. Please hope Hyun Bin pick up another drama after this one end. He’s a top notch actor so I don’t care if the drama hit or not as long as I get yo see him act.

  5. I really like how the drama balances between the game and the real life. It’s very interesting to see Jin Woo to have to fight in the two worlds. The drama is clearly about him and it doesn’t bother me. Hyun Bin is really great in this role. Hee Joo is a good side character. She let us see the flirty side of Hyun Bin \o/

  6. DAMNNNNNNNNN! That was one hot, sexy, steamy kiss. 😀

    I’ve been invested since day 1 and it just keeps on getting more and more interesting. I just hope it’s a happy ending for Se-Joo. 🙁

  7. I find the pace too slow. It’s a bit boring that Se Joo’s disappearance is the main plot driver and there is little progress or clues on that. And likely Se Joo will not appear until the final episode (my bet is that Jin Woo will sacrifice himself in order to bring back Se Joo,…let’s see if he will survive).
    On the other side, Hyun Bin’s performance is stellar and I like his chemistry with Park Shin Hye. So for now I’ll keep watching for him and the romance.

  8. The kiss scene felt gratituous, but will please shippers of the couple, I’m sure. Hee Joo has little to do than to pine over Hyun Bin’s charater and look for her brother. I wish she had more spine, though. She really should have slapped her “oppa” directly on the face for getting involved in her family business. No matter how close you are to a family, there are lines that you do not cross – if the family is not yours – and he’s not even dating Hee Joo.

    I’m no longer driven by the plot device to find out if Se Joo’s still alive or not. To be honest, he may be dead somewhere and his body just not found yet, as he has contacted no living person since his dispearance over a year ago. He may just be alive in the game. I’m wondering how the writer will resolve that part of the plot. On the other hand, finding out what happens to the professor after he has allied with Hyun Bin in the game is my latest happy pill. In W, he lost his face, wonder what will happen to him in this drama? LOL. Maybe some other missing body part??

  9. I love the show esp Huyn Bin’s acting and charm. Ep 11 & 12 are fantastc for fangirls. I like the teasing and conversation of JW HJ, both are beautiful, attracting. There are manny unpredicting mysteries. Can’t wait. Kudos MoA team

  10. OMG Hyun Bin stole my heart away with his superb acting. That kiss with Park Shin Hye is steaming hot. His smile, his teasing, his smirk, and everything about him is love. Too bad the drama is ending soon. ?

  11. This drama is good if you make Hee Joo more bearable. She’s literally been worrying less for her own brother than Jinwoo. She must be really thirsty for his dick. They kissed, might as well gone back to Jinwoo’s place to have sex. Jinwoo has most likely been in celibacy for a year while he was limp and busy leveling up in the game and being an alcoholic pill popper. Hee Joo.. I have no idea if she’s been in celibacy or not but assuming that this is a character played by PSH, Hee Joo must be a virgin. Gotta keep up her angel image xD. Come on they are both adults for God’s sake. Hee Joo be like ‘never mind what happened to my brother, I’m going to worry more about Jinwoo because I want his millionaire dick!’

  12. My doubts is still on Mr. Park because he look untrustworthy. He seem to be the main traitor but who knows what’s coming next. Fighting MOA the best drama this year. I can’t take my eyes of Hyun Bin while watching MOA. He’s so good that I’m squealing and speechless about his performance. Seeing Pro Cha reaction to his dead son coming for his life is the highlight of episode 12. I wish MOA has more episodes because I really enjoy this drama. Finally found myself an actor that is really worth to praise for his talent and look.

  13. There is nothing for me to rant about since Hyun Bin’s acting carried everything in the drama so well. I’m so loving the drama that I even did a marathon from the beginning all over again. When you fall in love with an actor that is 17 years older than you because he is a total package of what you can dream of from an actor. Hyun Bin my Ahjussi just like Hee Ju.

  14. HB is fantastic, his acting is so good, he has the looks and oh those cute dimples 🙂 Professor Cha may be evil in the business but my heart hurts when seeing his reaction meeting his zombie son in the game. PSH’s acting has improved a bit in Ep 12… still crying but more tolerable (or maybe I have gotten used to it?). Too much replay of the ex-wives, do we need to see them that much? The story fills in a bit more at every episode but do we really need to re-watch that much of those old scenes again and again? 4 more episodes to go, no more ex-wives’ faces please! Trade with more of Min Joo’s 🙂

  15. OMG thank you to Piece of Works and his recommendations on one of Korean’s best actor Hyun Bin. I’m now an addicted fan to the Korean entertainment and have been watching tons of dramas nonstop this winter break. Among all of them Hyun Bin is the total package one; he is so cool and so versatile. I’m on episode 11 of Memories of Alhambra just now and loving the whole drama so far. Hyun Bin is really worth to be praise for his fantastic performance. All his dramas and movies are good especially his acting. I can go on forever on how much I’m loving him but no this is for Alhambra and not a thread about him. Park Shin Hye and him are one cute couple. That kiss is so smexy and hot. The AR game is what I’m looking forward to most.

  16. I am loving this drama. I feel bad for JW. The scene with the Prof, when he made the gesture to form alliance ,he was shaking, he really didnt want to do it but he had to do it to survive.

  17. Spoiler ****Episode 12 and the ending upped a notch or two with the Professor finally realising that Jin Woo’s words were in fact a reality. That was golden – if you can’t beat them join them. Im exhausted with all the gaming prior to ep 12 so it was a welcome relief to have a bit of a breather before we break back into the game. Glad someone pulled the plug on their sever in the meantime. With Secretary Seo passing I got terribly sad especially with his Mum and her outpouring of grief at the hospital and I was expecting Jin Woo to be around at least to hear her speak her truth; her son was due to get married and she begged him to resign but his utmost loyalty and commitment to Jin Woo overrode his obligation to his family and as a consequence he literally died on the job. Hope he had danger money noted in his contract and a solid insurance policy. Now I’m just as agitated with Hee Joo. OMG If she’s not crying, running or stalking JW she’s pottering around like a lost wheel. Why on earth hasn’t she been more upfront with JW and demand answers to the game that her brother created and what is it that JW can see that she needs to see too? In other words give her the damn lenses???? Oh but Emma appears strumming that damn guitar so maybe that’s the teaser for the next episode. That pash with JW was just a pass like yeah yeah hurry up and get home Min Joo wants to eat cake. I loved Marco in episode 11 and Ive given up on Se Joo as it’s been too long and yeah a year is a pretty long time to disappear and not do anything about it Hee Joo. It shows her naivety and lack of street smarts. Such a goody two shoes so kind hearted I actually feel sorry for her. Arggghhh must be all that crying. Finally the two ex wives – with not an ounce of a moral compass between them both JW sure knew how to pick them. Like he said he married’out of spite’ and it shows. Su Jin is a slug and Yu Ra is a weevil. They’re both parasites and good riddance to them both. So still here with a lot of reservations but hanging on! Sorry for the long post.

  18. Dam Park Shin Hye must be so kind and nice to accept this role to help boost Hyun Bin’s popularity back on the spotlight since his last drama flopped so back when her role is more of a supporting character. Not significant at all.
    I’m so fed up with the writer and production for tricking her to take this drama knowing she wanted to act with Hyun Bin. The writer is too much of a Hyun Bin bias fan to do Park Shin Hye dirty like this.

    • HB last drama flop is not his fault, his acting there is good but the script sucks badly. PSH has been in the business for so long, how can she be “tricked” to accept this drama? Does she not get paid? Is she a volunteer?? I don’t think PSH has done ANYTHING in this drama to boost HB’s popularity, it is HB’s hard work, it is obvious when you watch the drama who can act. PSH may be a kind person but she has brought nothing to this drama besides her time, she only works there and get paid. LOL.

      • But her product placement in episode 12 is getting rave reviews (not) from K netz. She should be a spokeswoman for waterproof mascara with all the crying she does. HB is MOA and good on PSH for accepting a lesser role and being a maid in waiting.Hope her movie ‘Call’ doesn’t have any teardrops at all otherwise I’m out!

      • There are too many PPLs in MOA ranging from her makeup, hair products, earrings etc… is PSH there as a CF model?

    • Why do you think the writer/production tricked her into accepting the drama? There is no indication PSH is upset with HB getting all the limelight. She herself says she wants to work with HB again because he is that good.

    • Hyun Bin must be the most unlucky person ever in the Kdrama land history. Just when I thought we’re throw with the crazy Ha Ji Won retard fan’s, now we have Park Shin Hye fans shiting on him for riding their unnie famed. The guy is so good at acting and is over shining most his co-stars making unsecure people salty.

      Whatever forget about all them dumb people because I’m enjoying the drama very much. Love Hyun Bin superb acting. Shine Hye and him have such cute chemistry. I love their bickering and teasing.

      • But both Ha Jiwon and Park Shinhye has more successful projects than him. Especially Ha Jiwon. At the time of Secret Garden, Ha Jiwon was a Best Actress winner and Hyun Bin was a one hit wonder. He wasn’t even the first choice for Secret Garden.

      • @starry To each their own, Secret Garden is my very first Korean drama and I feel in love with Hyun Bin amazing performances. Ha Ji Won doesn’t wow me with her performances so I stand by my preference. Even if he’s not the first choice for the drama, he out shine her badly so that’s what matter. A lot of people need to understand that there are times when a one time hit person can also be better than someone whose always on top. That’s how I see for Hyun Bin. I’m not a bias person so I could careless. Ha Ji Won fans is so bias to keep bragging about him riding on her fame. Secret Garden is not the best drama so thanks to Hyun Bin for keeping me watching till the end.

      • @Starry – not a valid comparison. HJW is 40, active since 18 = in business for 22 years. HB is 36, active since 21 = in business for 15 years. She has double the amount of projects. You cannot compare the success of an actress to an actor. For all acting awards worldwide, it is always more competitive in the actors category than the actresses. I don’t know why but you just cannot compare apples to oranges. Maybe HB will win something with MOA, but even if he does not win anything, one cannot deny his good acting in MOA. Just like LSK in My Ahjusshi.

      • Plus HB was in the Marines for 2 years (the toughest service), which shortens his show biz years. Actresses do not need to do MS.

      • I’m not being bias here either. I’m not a fan of either HJW or PSH but I am just looking at their success based on awards and number of successful projects.

        Its more competitive in the actors category, but even young actors like Yoo Ah-in and Kim Soo-hyun has won a Best Actor award. So why not Hyun Bin? Lol.
        Yes HJW may have double the amount of projects but most of her awards were in the first decade of her career. I believed Hyun Bin has more than a decade of experience by now. His only worthy award so far is a Baeksang Daesang. No Best Actor accolades.
        Anyhow HJW seems to be in hiatus now so she can easily make up the 2 years of “enlistment” and Hyun Bin can catch up. Although I think its unlikely Hyun Bin will win a Best Actor in Baeksang if he’s competing with Lee Byunghun and Lee Sunkyun.

      • You can’t generalise like that. I’m a PSH prior to MOA but MOA has made me love HB. Yes, I’ve seen secret garden and Kim Sam Soon too. They were representative projects of HB for each stage of his career and his acting is undeniable in all of them.

      • Why is Ha Jiwon mentioned in every Moa post? Sure she is a great actress but Hyun Bin doesn’t need her to be successful. He is a great actor and I am sure he will win a Best Actor award one day.
        Also whats with the random sexist comment about Park Shinhye? I doubt she wants to kiss Hyun Bin considering she has a BF.

      • @Palai seriously if I were you I won’t bother to bring up anything about Ha Ji Won when comes to Hyun Bin. It’s always the same baseless reasons from people to bring all kind of shit about how good Ha Ji Won is. People really love to shit on him so just go with the float that he is riding on her fame for a decade now. Since he’s pair up with Park Shin Hye, he’s also riding on her fame as well alone with all his co-stars. This man is nothing but an overrated actor. End of the story.

      • I don’t understand why HB needs to catch up to HJW. He is fine in his own space. No one needs him to win anything before watching his dramas. As long as he still has projects, he can continue to entertain…. as compared to that someone in hiatus who can continue her hibernation because I sure don’t miss her ? Why mention history when she has no more excitement in her works?

      • @Starry Up to you if you want to go dig all Ha Ji Won awards and how Hyun Bin never win an award is your choice. I have seen all her drama and she don’t impress me with any of her performances except Love So Divine. You can also compare him to Yoo Ah In or Kim Soo Hyun still your choice. Yoo Ah In to me is one of the best Korean actor but not Kim Soo Hyun and Ha Ji Won. Hyun Bin don’t need to win an award as long as I see that he is one of Korean best actor like Yoo Ah In and Gong Yoo.

      • @peach – What does having a BF have to do with wanting to kiss HB? I believe PSH knew there is kiss scene when signing on this drama and she said she wanted to work with HB. You put two and two together and you get the answer. That BF could not stop her ?

      • @candycane my god thank you for saying it first for me. I don’t need him to win an award to be his fan because he’s already an award winning for always delivering such smooth and remarkable performances everytime he’s on the screen.

      • @candycane So your logic is that every actress/actor either want to kiss their co-stars so they accept a project?
        Well I know you dislike PSH based on your past comments but this kind of comment is just demeaning.

      • @peach – I cannot help you when you cannot even read through my sarcasm ?? Is your level of understanding so low? I thought you have read many of my past comments. LOL. I don’t have any logic because your BF card is outright ridiculous and I am just laughing at it. Why are you so sure PSH does not want to kiss HB? Are you her mom?

      • Are you someone famous that I have to read in between the lines at your words?
        I’m not her mom but neither are those people who claimed that she wants to kiss Hyun Bin lmao.

      • They used the word “may”. You are just being too sensitive and defensive, typical PSH delulu followers, smh. LOL. Don’t pretend you know me based on my past comments, I never said I dislike PSH.

      • Get your facts right before calling me PSH delulu fan. I watch Moa and browse its comments section often and I see your not-so-nice comments about PSH.

      • I never said I dislike PSH. You have to get your facts right first. Stop putting words in my mouth. You sure sound like a PSH delulu fan if I sound like I dislike her ???

      • Ha ha ha Hyun Bin fans being jerks as usual… They insulted Ha Jiwon and made her look like a desperate woman, insulted Han Jimin and blamed the failure of Hyde Jeykll Me on her, and now says Park Shinhye wants to kiss him. Lmao not everyone a crazed fangirl like you. HB will continue flopping in movie land.

  19. Hyun Bin is so overrated and is nothing but a female fame rider reason why he never win any awards or get any recognition from anyone. I also think he is gay and not a straight man. Look at his girly like personality. Park Shin Hye and Ha Ji Won deserves better actor than him. All these hype about Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye are so weird.

    • He can’t be gay… He dated Song Hyekyo and Kang Sora. Should just say he is a female fame rider AND a playboy LOL.
      I believe those hype came from the thirsty Hyun Bin fangirls who want to imagine they are Park Shinhye and kiss him. They have no chemistry at all.

      • True. Those ahjumma fans on Twitter who are obsessing about the kiss scene sure looks that way to me.

    • @Gran- OMG you had to play the sexuality card didn’t you? Who gives a rats behind if he wins awards or not. A lot of us watch for a portrayal of a character and right now he is nailing it in MOA and you’re all good to state the reason of your dislike for HB but I’m gonna take issue with you calling him gay. If he is or isn’t his business not yours or anyone else. How can he ride on his female’s lead fame? Do you know how stupid this comment is without an element of truth to substantiate it? Just admit you’re a closet HB fan best be admitting to it to clear your conscience.

      • Oh please a man almost 40 and still acting so modest around women. I have seen tons, you’re the one who’ve seen less.

      • I guess you know him well. Go talk to @ReignSgxxx and I am sure you two will have a blast ???

  20. He can’t be gay… He dated Song Hyekyo and Kang Sora. Should just say he is a female fame rider AND a playboy LOL.
    I believe those hype came from the thirsty Hyun Bin fangirls who want to imagine they are Park Shinhye and kiss him. They have no chemistry at all.

  21. Comments here are funny….just read THe blog Bitchesoverdramas and gain an insight of a logical explanation of events in the drama. Even if it is only the blogger’s understanding of the story it is still more logical than what some are speculating about the characters and the story. There’s only 4 episodes left but no one really knows what the end game is….isn’t that exciting compared to what we have been used to in Kdram watching? Google the site and you’ll find her articles really logical and well thought out.

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