Yeo Jin Gu Gets Rave Reviews as Episode 1 of The Crowned Clown Breaks tvN Mon-Tues Premiere Ratings Record

Cable network tvN has a new record holder in premiere ratings in the Mon-Tues time slot, a quick one-up from the previous holder just six months ago. Sageuk drama The Crowned Clown (a remake of the movie Masquerade) launched today with 5.7%, breaking the premiere record of 100 Days My Prince with D.O. and Nam Ji Hyun which got 5.028%. Starring Yeo Jin Gu and Lee Se Young, the early reviews are glowing especially for the two character performance by grown up child actor Yeo Jin Gu, fully displaying his child acting talents honed on sageuk after sageuk playing the child counterpart of the male leads. With The Crowned Clown, tvN continues its successful drama dominance in this winter season starting with Encounter (Boyfriend) to Memories of Alhambra and now even winning with an old-fashioned sageuk court thriller.


Yeo Jin Gu Gets Rave Reviews as Episode 1 of The Crowned Clown Breaks tvN Mon-Tues Premiere Ratings Record — 24 Comments

  1. Yeo Jin Gu could do no wrong in sageuk (though he is amazing in other genres too). Even if the drama written badly, his acting never dissapoints and sageuk is totally his thing.

  2. Yeo Jin Gu in a prince/king role >>>>>>> D.O. His charisma and his voice are incredible for sageuk! He looks very manly for his young age. It was nice to see him in Amazing Saturday. When he talked in a sageuk voice, even Key wanted to call him Hyung 😀

    • I have to agree. As much as DO was praised for his performance in 100 Days, I always felt that his acting was kind of bland and one note and Nam Ji Hyun did most of the heavy lifting. Yeo Jin Goo’s acting in just the first two episodes of Clown blows DO’s out of the park.

  3. After seeing Kim Yoojung and Kim Sohyun get so much mainstream success in recent years I was wondering when would be this guy’s turn, considering he didn’t have much luck in previous leading roles and the fact that he’s not lacking in talent or looks compared to his peers. But seems like he’s finally found the right project and role and I’m so happy for him. Hopefully this drama stays good because him and Lee Seyoung are both brimming with talent and experience in sageuk, they really do deserve a good project. Excited :))))

    • Ha Seon (clown!YJG) is wearing his clown robes and mask while the outline of the throne is on the background and he’s standing on the king’s robes. It means he – a clown – is standing in for the king.

      And if you’ve seen the episode, that clown costume he wears in the poster is the one he uses whenever he plays the king in public comedy skits. So, the clown who plays the king to entertain people gets to be king for real (or real-ish).

  4. The film Masquarade was very good (Lee Byung Hun did a great job) and I’m curious about how they will strech the story for a drama.

    YJG is not my type but he is a good actor, I’m happy to watch him in dramas (sageuk or otherwise)

  5. he is a very good actor . He delivers always good acting. One can just imagine how good he will be in the future. I’m sad for Yoo Seun Ho who is a veteran and doesn’t seem able to get a good role When some actors about same age get the best proposals ? Talent, Clean military service, handsome beyond words, unique gaze,… all that to play in a drama as “My strange hero” ! Even for him and Kwak Dong Yun ,i dropped after ep 6.

    • Yoo Seung Ho will be just fine, Remember got 20 percent ratings and even I’m Not a Robot got a lot of love from netizens and ifans despite low ratings (caused partially by premiering after a month lobg timeslot hiatus due to the MBC strike). He is solidly established as a leading man, and producers know it.

      • @Royal We , sorry for my bad English. i know that he is an established actor but i think he deserves a “role” that will take him to another level . I’m not talking about popularity just about ” un role fort”

  6. Yeo Jin Gu may not be my cup of tea look-wise but acting-wise, he’s mind blowing. First episode and I’m already in love with this drama.

  7. YJG was cute in Potatoe Star and this drama looks very promising plus with Lee Se Young I’m gonna binge it later on after episode 6. Orange Marmalade was so forgettable best leave it as is. Dumb title too. Dream wish is for him and Kim Yoo Jung reunite in a rom com.

  8. Love him in The Moon. I cried and cried when he tored his heart out for Kim Yoo Jung. I read somewhere that they could have made the drama continued with the two child actors then. Thought even then he is someone to watch out for. He has a very striking look. The camera loves both him and KYJ. I watched only half of first episode last night but already captivated. I love YSH too. Another young actor who just shines in front of the camera. He had two great saeguk role in the, can’t remember the title but one where he is a salesman or some sort and one where he is the king. I was hoping that they put KYJ in the Clowned Crown. That’d be interesting to watch.

    • As much as I’d like him to reunite with KYJ in a sageuk once again, I don’t think KYJ suits the role of the Queen in The Crowned Clown. KYJ is a good actress and is beautiful, but I don’t think she has that aura that the role requires.

  9. I have watched Yeo Jin-goo before in period dramas. His maturity in handling these roles, especially that of an emperor,is just splendid. He may not have the ‘kotnam’ looks(Flower Boy), but he is a wonderful young actor with great screen charisma. He’s ‘killing’ this drama in a good way. I wish screening is daily. I can’t wait for ep. 3 onwards. Things are getting more & more exciting & gripping?

  10. The acting is top notch indeed, but too much killing in the first episode is certainly not my cup of tea. Most horrible was poisoning the poor innocent young prince.

  11. Damn he’s good. Just finished watching the first two episodes and his performance legit brought chills up my spine. Small wonder as he’s a Sageuk veteran. I hope the drama keeps up its momentum. I can just see the ratings blow off the roof. A lot depends on the writing. Fingers crossed.

  12. Yeah. I agree. In terms of hallyu popularity in late 90s gen, KSH and KYJ are the forces to reckon with. In fact, they are walls of their own. So, it’s about time for YJG to get that mainstream success both inside and outside Korea.

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