Ha Ji Won and Yoo Seung Ho are Highlights of the 2019 MBC Drama Awards Presenting Daesang to So Ji Sub

The 2019 MBC Drama Awards were decidedly lackluster other than So Ji Sub winning the Daesang for Terius Behind Me, which felt like a career award rather than just for that one drama. The highlight for me was seeing Ha Ji Won a surprise presenter giving out the grand prize Daesang, dressed in va-va-va-voom strapless shoulder baring red mermaid gown, with the added treat of pairing her with Yoo Seung Ho who was giddy as can be with his exuberant spirit and even more excited reaction upon presenting the award to So Ji Sub. It felt like all sorts of reunions were going on with if Jo In Sung was there we would have been watching a What Happened in Bali reunion for the ages. Ha Ji Won’s last big K-drama hit was with MBC in Empress Ki so maybe the network is courting her for a 2019 high profile work, one can hope to see her back on the small screen this year.


Ha Ji Won and Yoo Seung Ho are Highlights of the 2019 MBC Drama Awards Presenting Daesang to So Ji Sub — 12 Comments

  1. Now a drama or film with these 3 would be good! Doesn’t matter what type of genre too. HJW looks absolutely gorgeous in red! YSH has the best eye smile ever. SJS is heaven.

  2. Congratulations to So Ji Sub for his hard work. Love this man and his acting. I hope to see him collaborate with Song Hye Kyo one day. Also want to see him with Han Ji Min and Gong Hyo Jin again.

  3. SJS’s acceptance speech was so endearing to me. This guy has 100% my ideal type of appearance in a man. I love him to bits ever since I have first watched MISA and saw him first with his dreadlocks then with his stupid hats.

    I don’t think he is a talented actor, nor does he have a dominant on screen presence. He does have a surprising comedic ability and he can work well with a suitable role and a director. But I don’t care. It is shallow yes but I’m not going to spend my life with him or anything, choosing his looks over his personality or abilities. I just love to watch him do stuff. I even watched that horrible Cain and Abel (probably the worst K-Drama I have finished) because I love looking at him. He looks just perfect 🙂

  4. Please make a romantic,action and humoris drama.the story tells about a woman detective who must be protect a richman which his parent murdered.the man is falling in └ºνє♡ at the first sight with her and he does anything to make she └ºνє♡ him too. The story must be happy ending.please the main role actress and actor are ha ji won and lee sang yoon .thank very much

  5. They didnt present daesang, but top excellence award.. actor Kim sang jung presented Daesangz who was the winner of Daesang last year

  6. Another K-drama for Ha Ji won and So ji sub, this time the story evolves around them. Maybe a married couple. It is about time. The last tandem was 14 years ago in What Happened in Bali.

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