Ahn Hyo Seob Offered Park Bo Young’s Leading Man Role in tvN K-drama Abyss

As one of the K-ent’s fast rising young leading men, Ahn Hyo Seob made one smart choice last year by dropping the meh Clean With Passion for Now and taking on the second male lead delightfully loveable role in Thirty But Seventeen. Now he’s up for the leading man role opposite Park Bo Young in the upcoming physical looks switching drama Abyss. He will play a singularly ugly young man working as a director at a skincare company, and after he dies and is resurrected he becomes a super handsome flower boy law firm manager. Park Bo Young’s female lead is a top beauty prosecutor but after falling into a mysterious abyss changes into an ugly duckling and switches look fates with the male lead. Directing is from the PD of Oh My Ghost with a schedule May airing.


Ahn Hyo Seob Offered Park Bo Young’s Leading Man Role in tvN K-drama Abyss — 23 Comments

  1. Wow. He made the right choice of choosing That drama, and now a leading role offer to star with PBY in TVN drama. Hope he takes the role.

  2. Personaly, I really like Clean With Passion For Now and I’m happy that he didn’t take the male lead role because YKS is really good. And if AHS was cute in 30 but 17, it was very bland in Top Management and didn’t have impact as a male lead. So I’m not sure he’s ready for a main role for now.

    For PBY, her last movie was meh for me. The story was told a lot of times and the actors didn’t bring something new. She’s cute but I think she’s kind of limited in the roles she chose.

    • I guess it’s about personal choices. I loved Ahn Hyo Seob in top management! The drama was so different, funny and witty, I don’t think I have enjoyed a show about music in a while, since ‘You’re beautiful’ I think. Also my favorite character was AHS there. While all the other male idols there had stereotypical idol characteristics, only AHS’s character was different and he chose to stick to his own morals, and standards which were quite refreshing to see. I liked the carefree character too. It’s based on a webtoon, so that explains the clever storytelling. I loved his chemistry with the heroine and really looking forward to its second season. Hope it also gets made.
      And have to say, he was just brilliant as Chan in ’30 but 17′, and stole the limelight for me at least in the show, so I think that he would be able to pull off the main role. Besides, many more his age have already been doing the main lead role, like his contemporaries nam joo hyuk, [and he at least is a better actor than Nam,] so I don’t feel he doesn’t deserve it. He has slowly been building his career, and he can act well too, so I think it will come to him naturally. Let’s see hehe.

      • I think there is a difference between the character and the actor. The character was nice but the main actors were bland for me. I would have liked better this drama with other actors. But yes it’s about personal tastes.

    • Clean with Passion for Now would have been much more successful if AHS took the role. YKS and his visuals and age gap with KYJ made many people turned off with the drama. AHS is green so starting out with a rom-com wouldn’t be difficult.

      • Oh I don’t think so. Bad acting makes people leave. The ratings are not bad. They’re not like big success but they’re not bad. AHS is green and the role is not a easy one. The male lead has an issue with germs and if it makes a lot of funny moments, there are emotional ones too. The BTS show how KYJ and YKS have a great chemistry, the age gap doesn’t bother them and me :p

      • PBY prettier than KJW?????????????? In what world? But then again you actually said that Kim Taeri is prettier than legendary beauty Song Hye Kyo. So I’d suggest you get your eyes checked.

  3. Agree with @Sayaris, he is very bland in Top Management. Cha Eun Woo will fit better in the flower boy role of this drama imo, their acting skills are about the same (both stiff) so I will choose the prettier one (CEW is a known face genius). I also find AHS’ veneers very glaring.

      • You are a bit exaggerating to call CEW the worst actor, he got an award for Best New Actor. LOL. I wouldn’t say CEW deserves to win the award, but calling him “the worst” shows your ignorance!! How many dramas have you watched since you have not even watched AHS in any dramas? It is impossible for you to comment on AHS if you have not watched him before. I will ignore you this time, but next time, please be more knowledgeable before you reply to me. I don’t accept random doodles.

      • Lmfao You’re the one who exaggerating in here. I watched My id is gangnam beauty and CEW acting is so bad, and I end up stop watched it even though its from my fav webtoon ever and yeah he’s not deserved that award, (I will said again he’s the worst actor I ever seen). And I’m sorry AHS still rookie actor thats why its possible for people to still not watched his drama yet. Everyone deserved to comment in every article they want in here, especially when I plan to watch this drama. I even not judge AHS in my comment. Its oke you dont need to reply my comment, drama queen. I just dont know that it will bothering you (isnt this place full with random people btw)

      • What? AHS has done more projects than CEW! I am not defending for CEW here because I never said CEW acts well. But you are the one who replied to me first. Yes, everyone can comment on every article they want in this playground BUT YOU HAVE TO START A NEW THREAD. This is common courtesy . You don’t just barge into others comments and tell me CEW is the worst when you have not even watched AHS before. You cannot make any valid comparison when you don’t even know AHS. I disagree with you on this point. You are plain RUDE and I don’t appreciate your behaviour ? Watch where you click before you comment.

  4. I like PBY acting in thriller serious type roles like The Silenced. She can do cutesy type rom com roles blindfolded it’s a given. This drama with AHS would be fun. Last time I saw him was in Father is Strange. And I bet there is gonna be a tonne of comments on how cute their height difference is. Zzzzz Gosh she’s a grown woman yet it has to be mentioned almost like she’s a school kid.

  5. I love park bo young, waiting for this. The plot sound really interisting! I actually hoping they cast park bogum as the man lead, they look good together. Idk ahn hyosoeb btw, never watched any of his drama but he looks like nam joohyuk. This is his first main lead? Hope he got casted because his acting. Look like its easy for second lead actor to become main lead now. I remember how kang ha neul still become second lead until now. (Same with yoo seungho before his enlist)

  6. As for Kang ha neul, i heard that he rejected the offering of male lead in some dramas because he’s very picky. But he’s already been male lead in some notable movies.

  7. @Poh – Yes I agree with PBG a rom com with PBY would have worked wonders and because they both have a talent to be funny, awkward, romantic so definitely could see that duo shine in this drama. @Nay OMG yes to Kang Ha Neul I cant wait until he’s back from MS. Just a thought maybe IU is waiting to commit to her drama until she knows who the co lead is? 2019 is going to be a startling year for the return of our beloved K Actors to dramaland.

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