Jin Woo Figures Out the End Game in Episode 13 of Memories of Alhambra as Ratings Stay Steady in 9% Range

I feel like all that needs to be dissected about Memories of Alhambra is over and done with, the flaws and strengths remain at what it is and it’s just riding the train for the final four episodes to see how the writer resolves everything. I’ve never seen a drama where one lead has had to hard carry the entire show the way Hyun Bin as Jin Woo does but once that is digested the story makes sense within its fantasy construct of an AR game run amok. Se Joo was attacked by Marco in front of NPC Emma who is his sister and likely the game fail safe, she either short circuited or activated some weird game glitch to make game injuries become real life attacks.

Hence Se Joo killed Marco in the game and real life the way Jin Woo later did the same with Hyun Seok. Now he has to level up to 100 between dodging cops and somehow get a magical key to Emma and hope it somehow resets everything. I’m still entertained, mostly by Binnie being so riveting in this role, and clearly the audiences onboard are staying put as the ratings remain steady at 9.316%. As cool as Jin Woo was in this episode, it was mostly flash back filler redeemed by the Professor shitting his pants once he was in the game and realized everything Jin Woo has been saying is true.


Jin Woo Figures Out the End Game in Episode 13 of Memories of Alhambra as Ratings Stay Steady in 9% Range — 37 Comments

    • The writer is shitty and didn’t know what to do with a female character. Why did they cast one of the top actress of her generation to only make her cry prettily? But it’s okay. As long as horny ahjummas can see Hyun Bin’s dimples.

      • Will PSH still stay on top after her sucky performance in MOA? Now we have Kim Tae Ri who really shines in Mr S, is prettier imo, and can act.

    • She cried in every episode *rolls eyes*. The script writer didn’t seem to know what to do with the female lead except make her cry. Probably a reason why PSH was offered the role. PD thought ’’Hey, we need a female lead who’s known for crying prettily!’’ and *bam* PSH got the role.

      • I don’t find her crying “pretty”, this is annoying and I have tuned out ? Now she is just known for crying, and that’s it, blah and yikes ?

    • The thing is her crying act is so annoying.. it didnt look natural at all.. n its always the same way.. some actors can show different types of crying scenes..

      • Yeah, her crying is cringe. Always the same way. Droopy brows, hand in front of her mouth. Comes off unnatural. It’s sometimes ok but this time, maybe because she’s been doing that every episode of Memories of Alhambra, it’s so bad and exhausting. Looks fake. Also, she really needs to learn to keep her mouth closed. Her voice and intonation doesn’t always work either. It’s like she’s faking a cutesy voice all the time and talking over-animatedly. She’s even lisping he ‘S’ nowadays, it didn’t always used to be that way. She needs to learn to control her intonation because it’s the same in every drama. She can’t immerse herself 100 % into her roles. Then again, she’s one of those actresses who only want CFs and are super image conscious. Guess that limits them when it comes to acting.

  1. I find the story still very entertaining despite the flashbacks. Each episode makes me understand the game a little more, unlike W which I dropped at ep 12. HB continues to be great. 3 more episodes… there may be more twists and turns after Emma gets the key.

  2. Seeing prof cha shit his pants has to be the most gratifying ever! Love the part when he ask Jin woo how is this possible and jin woo said “this is what I ask my self EVERY day for the past year” (oh he was so kind, I’m gonna ad lib for him ( this was my life the whole last year you old man! Get a grip!)

    I’m quite ok with the end game and it is still logical and acceptable but I do think there will be a twist somewhere as Emma seems suspicious – something up the writer sleeve as I feel she approach this ending more confident then W – probably it’s pre-produced and they have more time to work with.

    He should kneel

  3. This drama would have been better if it was a 2 hour movie or with only 12 episodes. Maybe, I would have enjoyed it more if I watched the whole drama after it aired. This writer is poor, she only writes for one character and forgets the rest. I even wonder, is she female herself or is she so overwhelmed by working with HB she spent all her effort on his character? PSH has some function here, to cry and look pretty. Why did she choose this drama? To work with HB only??? What a waste.

  4. She took the opportunity to work with HB period. Whether she’s happy about her role, take a good look at her pictures taken during the wrap up party. Your guess is as good as mine.

  5. I love the drama so much to appreciate all the cast even if I’m a bit disappointed in Park Shin Hye character. The writer could have make her role a little more significant but if this is how the story’s supposed to be written revolting around Jin Woo character only it’s fine. As long as Hyun Bin is able to carry the whole show to make it worth watching. Imagine if the male lead is not good that’s when I’ll be super disappointed. I like the AR concept. I love the light bit up romance that this drama has to balance the whole depressing train wracked Yoo Jim Woo character has to go through. Love Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye together so much hoping they will pick up another drama after this one since she said she’ll love to work with him again. Two more episodes left…???

  6. Thank you Koala for keeping us upto-date, … I haven’t seen KDrama for ages and HB brought me back to the game, so I guess I just enjoy the ride! 🙂

  7. I have nothing to complain but just enjoy the drama even more. Hyun Bin is such capable actor. He is the heart of this drama no matter what people say. Please take more roles after this one end.

  8. I decided to watch this drama not because I love both lead but after reading so much criticism about Hyun Bin acting and flopping in his movies, dramas, and acting in some other drama forums. I thought it would be a good idea to see how bad he is but never thought he would blown me away with his remarkable acting performance. This man really is what I called the best actor so I’m quite confused about all the criticism people throw at him now. I’m a huge fan of yours now Mr. Hyun. So handsome, amazing, and everything. Gotta go watch all his past works. Thanks to all his anti I discovered one South Korean best actor. I can watch him alone in this drama because he’s that good.

  9. I will miss this drama and Hyun Bin amazing performances is all can think of now. Fighting Memories of Alhambra for good feedback after the drama ended next week.

  10. Does PSH have any self respect to accept a character like that? After 2 yrs of hiatus, she got a drama where she plays the second fiddle, more over a secondary character whose purpose is only to cry, act pretty and be a tool for Hyun Bin’s character to develop. No character development of her own. Does she not view her own works critically? Always the same crying and leaning away and weird expression before kissing. Does she not attend acting schools or something? Gurl, I think she was tricked to accept this drama, they promised her one thing but in the end she got so little. But who cares, as long as horny ahjummas can see Hyun bin’s dimples, right?

    • You seriously are one mad audiences. Why so aggressive? Park Shin Hye is in the industry long enough to know why she chose her drama and her reason to accept this Hee Ju role. Keep calling everyone horny ahjummas because you’re mad about Shin Hye character is so lame. Fans of all ages are watching this drama because of the game concept and both lead characters not horny Hyun Bin dimples obsessive ahjummas only. You’re mad than skip the drama and wait until Shin Hye pick a new drama.

      • Couldn’t agree more! I love watching every episode of it and I keep repeating them! Great job, Hyun Bin & Shin Hye!
        Shall wait for her new movie ‘Call’ and perhaps more dramas to come! ?❣️?

  11. PSH may be playing second fiddle, but she is killing it as two different roles, not so much as Hee Ju, but as Emma. People will remember Emma more despite Emma’s brief appearances…

    Really liked that scene when HJ and Emma met.

    • Me too! But I was hoping she could fight like Hyun Bin but I guess the writer wants to show the conservative side of heroine being demure & crybaby? I ❣️ Both PSH & HB

  12. I really like this drama. The story is original and has a lot of suspens. The story is about Jin Woo and Hyun Bin is great in this role. For Emma/hee Ju, Park Shin Hye is good too, it’s true she is not important but I don’t really care because the story doesn’t need two main characters.

  13. PSH is playing two characters. She fails to make HJ interesting with her same blank clueless expression and emotionless crying. Even the second male lead can perform way better and more convincing with his limited zombie screen time. Emma is a joke, all I can see is still the same PSH just without sound. She should watch the Crowned Clown and Are you Human too to learn how to portray two characters and to convince the audience that they are different. Very disappointed with her performance in MOA. I wonder if Kim Tae Ri or Kim Go Eun can do a better job? Just wondering ?

    • I doubt they could, given the lack of material. But moreover, they wouldn’t accept a character like that. Kim Go Eun’s acting was cringe in Goblin and Gong Yoo was the obvious star there but even so, Kim Go Eun’s character had character growth. Can’t believe I’m saying this but Kim Eun Sook writes better female characters than Song Jae Jung, and the bar is really low there.

  14. Episode 13 was one of the most satisfying to watch! So many payoffs – with Prof Cha realizing the danger and JW figuring out how to complete the mission. If flew by!

    I keep forgetting this is the same writer as Nine and QIHM – both are among my top 5 All time.

    I am glad on got on the MOA train, although I will NEVER be able to listen to that guitar piece without flinching again. Too bad as my child is a classical guitarist. LOL
    Looking forward to the last week of show.

  15. Honestly if I had a chance to work with Hyun Bin, in Spain, no less, I wouldn’t care much about my artistic integrity. Hahaha. I’m guessing this is what what was in PSH’s head when she accepted this. What’s to think about really? And the story itself on paper must have been riveting…I agree with Ms. Koala that this drama is not the best written in terms all the characters but the story is fresh and awesome…just like W. HB is really killing it and I for one am enjoying the ride. But yeah, wish PSH didn’t have to cry in every scene…lol.

    • ?? She compromised her artistic integrity for working with Hyun Bin in Spain but she’s redeeming by signing in to a new film with Jeon Jung Seo. No male actors apparently lol

      • LoL, well hopefully she will have more to do in her next project than running, crying and then crying some more. I would actually love it if she took a page out of Ha Ji Won’s book and did some action. She’s a great dancer so it’s not like she couldn’t do the physical aspect of it. She’s old enough now to play non ingenue roles! Or play someone with a darker side.

  16. Someone do a meme of Emma and the guitar please? And the writer needs to go back to creative script writing classes 101 to learn how to write better female characters. If I didn’t know SJJ was a woman I’d be inclined to think that she was a misogynist. I’m not hanging out to see PSH anymore after MOA that’s it for me even the ex wife YuRa mademore of a reaction with her character then HJ’s doormat persona. Yep 2 more eps it’s exciting times with Mr HB. To Infinity and beyond.

    • Agree. Can’t believe the annoying ex-wife actually acts better than PSH. This shows how weak PSH acting is, not character writing, it’s the actress ability to convince audience.

      • Well the stills and character synopsis in Soompi have been released for Call and Lee El and Kim Sung Ryung and newbie Jeon Jong Seo are featured with PSH and Im actually nervous now because no product placement high CF profile endorsement is going to save her in this movie when she’s got some pretty tough talent to go up against.

      • Ok this is a reach. Han Boreum is bad at acting too. It’s the writing that sucks mostly. SJJ wrote Hee Joo to be useless doormat. In movie with better writing she might be ok as she was in her previous movies. Now she needs to be pickier with dramas. Maybe drama is just a money maker lol

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