Memories of Alhambra Screenwriter Explains Story is Male Lead Centric and Didn’t Have the OTP Romance Until She Shoehorned It In

At this point two major groups of viewers watching Memories of Alhambra are hopping mad at screenwriter Song Jae Jung. That would be female lead Park Shin Hye‘s fans and also the general K-drama fan who wanted to watch a comprehensively well-written story. On the flip side male lead Hyun Bin fans are likely content with his lot in this drama albeit also wishing it weren’t so one-sided because a good drama narrative needs balance to deliver the emotional connection. Turns out Writer Song knows the audience criticism which has increased as the plot progressed and did an interview this week explaining a lot of the noticeable drama flaws  – the story was initially conceived as a male hero journey much like Odysseus, she modeled Jin Woo after Elon Musk, wanted to do a third time-travel drama to make a trilogy of sorts after W: Two Worlds to complement Nine: Nine Times Time Travel and Queen In Hyun’s Man but felt the genre was saturated and got the AR inspiration from Pokemon: Go, and after Hyun Bin Park Shin Hye was cast she added the love line so as to not waste her leads. That’s why the drama is focused on Jin Woo and Hee Joo/Emma are plot devices, and the romance so forced and awkward. Apparently Writer Song apologized to Park Shin Hye already for the lacking in her character.


Memories of Alhambra Screenwriter Explains Story is Male Lead Centric and Didn’t Have the OTP Romance Until She Shoehorned It In — 77 Comments

  1. Honestly, I have no issues with PSH being a plot device. I was invested due to the AR aspect and Hyun Bin playing the crap out of his character. The loveline is very minute at this point of the game.

  2. so PSH really did it for the money ig. I really doubt she accepted cos of HB? But who knows,eh? Good on her if she did. IK her acting is lacking but this was just a plain waste.

    • I think she really wanted to work with Hyun Bin. Remember, they both signed on for Fox Star Bride (FSB)/Where The Stars Land first and then when the FSB writer changed the plot they (HB & PSH) both dropped FSB.

  3. I don’t see any issue with this. I like the story and take the love story as a bonus. The AR game is so main point with the hero and Hyun Bin is great in this role. He acts very well the action scenes and the emotional ones.

    I think the big mistake was to cast Park Shin Hye because it made everybody to have expectations for her role. I’m not sure to understand her reasons to take this role. Learning spanish and guitar must have been interesting, as well to go in Spain or to act with Hyun Bin, but as an actress and character development, there is nothing to show… She is a pretty actress but for me there are more beautiful actress to play the part of Emma in the game (who just has to be seated and beautiful).

  4. This is the fourth drama I’ve watched from this writer and probably my least favorite though I can’t totally judge as I’m on episode 11. PSH has been in the business for a while so I can’t imagine she didn’t read at least an episode or two of the script and have a discussion with the writer. I am curious if the writer felt pressure to include romance because it is very clear it was indeed “shoehorned in” and, by that, I mean pressure by the airing station and production company (because Netflix could not care less). I mean someone went and got PSH knowing the original concept wasn’t so much about her character.

    This drama would have worked way better just doing as the writer wanted to do in the first place, but I’m also not under the delusion that is the only issue with the drama. I like this drama but there are always – in every one of her shows- holes in her world-building but still, I appreciate she tries to do different things even if I don’t think she always pulls it off.

    • They started shooting in April or may and just ended last December. It’s almost 1 year so I doubt psh know that her character was pointless by the time she accepted the offer.

      I really think that the TV production or whoever responsible for casting leads didn’t give psh much insight about her role and she accepted because she thought Emma would play important role. But alas, it’s just my assumption.

      Btw, she wanted to work with the writer not just hb.

  5. Simply they should have just gone for male-centric and cast a lesser known actress (who might act better than PSY for all you know) – I still stand by my view that even in a lesser role you can shine and my impatience with her is not the role , it’s how she acted the role.

    Regardless I’m not surprised by this admission
    It was very obviously clear that the romance was not the focus. In fact the first 3/4 of the drama was the stronger than the last 2 episodes with the lack of romance. Overall I think she did a ok job to weave it in despite her reluctance. I said it before : jin woo would have lean to anyone – it needn’t be Hee Joo, she was conveniently available and there. I would buy him going back to any of his ex wifes if they acted logically (but of course they didn’t) and I never really saw real passion from Jin woo for romance – he was a guy going insane and fighting for his life every day – he just needed a hug and perhaps 2 kisses. But I don’t think it majorly made a difference even if it didn’t happen. So there’s that. At least they had chemistry so it was still all in all acceptable.

    Lucky for me – I like that she says she will resolve Jin woo complicated relationships and debt to Hs. That’s the core of story I would think
    But I do think network money will win and we will see some crap of an ending where both leads will smile at each other and have a HE or an ambiguous one.
    I hope I’m proven wrong because if she has the balls to come out and say this – let’s see the courage to standby her original story. She has always been candid – I still have PTSD on W and the unanswered questions – and how she just disregard them in the interview. Quite a character and despite everything – you cant deny she has great ideas, great premise – but just can’t seem to feeel motivated enough to finish them well.

    • He didn’t need just hug or two kisses. Dude has been in celibacy for a year. He must have suffered from blue balls so he needed someone to empty his (emotional and physical) load into. Preferably an innocent girlie so she doesn’t end up being a cheating, gold digging bitch. Clearly that’s how Song Jae Jung sees the female characters. Not even one game developer, engineer or marketer as I read somewhere. Is there excuse for that? You’d think that in an era of Time’s Up that you would start writing female characters that did more than revolve around protagonist’s dick and only exist to develop the male lead. That’s what SJJ said straight forward.

    • It’s not just a hug and 2 kisses that he needed. The guy’s been in celibacy for a year, you’d think he’s been suffering from blue balls. So he more likely needed someone to empty his (emotional and physical) load into à la American style action hero. Song Jae Jung even openly admitted it, all the female characters exist there to teach and develop the male lead. I can’t imagine any more misogynistic statement than that. It’s 2019, in the era of Time’s Up, there is absolutely zero excuses to reduce female characters into plot devices, make them revolve around one dick and then say that the female characters only exist to develop the male lead and anything else would’ve ruined the plot.

      • I’m surprised that it never occurred to her to make the developer of the game female and played by PSH. Then she wouldn’t just be a plot device or have shoe horned in romance. The writer could very valid reason for them being together in the game and a reason for the hero to save her outside the game. But I guess it’s impossible for people to see women as game developer!!! Sigh!

      • @Achaari yes there were no female game developers, engineers or marketing managers as someone pointed out. Every single professional was a man and it didn’t help that the first ex-wife had a white doctors coat on. None of the female characters, that had even some significance, were persons of their own

  6. I doubt PSH is that dumb. She probably thought Emma had a bigger role, not just appear as the saviour for the last two episodes. Oh well its still a hit for her so it didn’t do much damage to her career.

    Anyway this drama is just a snoozefest right now and I am glad it is ending soon. W had a lackluster second half but still feels way more action packed and fast paced than this. Even as a HB fan, I can’t fully enjoy this because it feels like a drag at times. Still, I appreciate the good use of their Spain shooting and the unique concept.

  7. I appreciate writer SJJ dearing works and all the casting involves. This is still the best drama of the years. After reading all the commenters I think it’s all pointless and unreasonable. I don’t see how one can be so outraging about how writer SJJ choose to write her story. Park Shin Hye and Hyun Bin both have the equal amount of times to review the script before taking this drama. So why putting all the pressure on the writer when Park Shin Hye can easy reject the offer. The drama has been doing fine until her fans started complaining about why her role is so pointless.
    Nah I won’t waste my times to reason out anything… I enjoy Memories of Alhambra and love Hyun Bin performances so much. I recalled when the drama was first announced Hyun Bin was just a name and people all doubting him while raving about Park Shin Hye and Chanyeol. ?

    • I don’t think scripts are 100% completely written when actors/actresses are reviewing offers…I think they only get a few episodes worth of script and usually the writer will edit/revise scripts as they begin shooting.

      Also, I think PSH probably accepted the offer thinking there would be more to her character, but it didn’t turn out that way. I assumed that’s why the writer apologized to PSH. This writer has always done a horrible job with her female characters, but damn, Hee-Joo is probably the worst female character she’s written. Like, do you have to make her cry in every damn scene? So annoying. Lol.

      And I think Hyun Bin was probably the biggest name attached to this drama to begin with because it’s his first drama in years. So there were a lot of anticipation for his return to dramaland. Sure, PSH and Chanyeol received positive reviews too, but ultimately, I think Hyun Bin’s name attached to this drama created the most buzz.

      • I apologize if I misunderstand some points but thanks for correcting. I didn’t fully read the writers interview and seen her works before. As for Hyun Bin so far I’ve seen people criticized him as a flopper and some even complained he’s only using Park Shin Hye star power to get back on track. As a drama and movie viewer I find that to be a great facepalm for Park Shin Hye and her fans. Still I think its pointless to argue about the writer at this point. Just be glad the drama is ending soon.

  8. I read the writer’s interview and I don’t know why she don’t just write movies lol, since she said she enjoys movies more.

  9. I stay watching MOA for the AR gaming so I am satisfied with the story development. Agree with @Stardust that JW would team up with anyone who is willing to help him in the fighting and it is obvious that HJ follows him, phones him, searches for him like a crazy fan girl. I never find PSH a charismatic actress and it totally shows in this drama, she is just bland as hell. Her fans can blame the writer but all in all she appears always as PSH the CF star, not as much the characters intended for drama. I don’t have high hopes for the ending on romance, it simply don’t care who JW ends up with. I just want to see more of JW, Se Joo, Min Joo, and less of HJ with her annoying crying.

    • No actress can sell a character that’s only purpose is to cry all the time and run around and call after a dick. promising actresses like Park So Dam who did well in The Priest sucked big time in dramas because her character there was the typical annoying kdrama FL.

      • A drama character is a drama character. Even second male lead Mr Zombie sells his character quite well without any dialogue. First ex-wife cries too and her drama character as an ex-wife sells. PSH’s acting is very poor in MOA which is the main reason her characters do not sell to the main audience.

      • First ex-wife screaming acting is bad. Second ex-wife haughty act is bad too. Mr Zombie character is very sympathetic and touching but his acting isn’t that special either. Hyun Bin is the only one who outdid himself but that’s because he has a lot of material to work with, his character is multifaceted and his character has character development, which none of the other characters have. PSH is bland in MoA but at least 60 % of that is directly the fault of the characterisation. She serves no purpose there except being a random love interest and cry all the time. That would annoy no matter who the main actress were. I had the same problem with KGE cringe acting in Goblin. It really is more on the character albeit PSH bores me as an actress. She is image conscious and seems to have lost her remaining passion for acting if there was ever that. She just isn’t a chameleon and can’t immerse herself into her character 100 %. But this writing is certainly not helping her too much…

  10. I’m still in the ride for the drama and Hyun Bin mesmerizing performances. Finally it’s really ending this weekend. I’ll be sadden because I won’t have nothing to watch for Saturday and Sunday. Hee Ju role could be given to anyone and still shine if the actress is able to bring her to life though she is not as significant in the game. Park Shin Hye still failed to deliver the character so why questioning the writer and calling her a lack of respect to women. More like fans have too much expectations thinking that if it’s Park Shin Hye than the character role giving shouldn’t be disappointed at all. I’m not trying to be rude but Hee Ju role is to cry only and Park Shin Hye still fail so shouldn’t be so rude to the writer.

    • There is no way anyone can deliver such a bland character. Imagine if Jun Ji Hyun or Song Hye Kyo had roles like that, they’d only cry and call and run after the protagonist. No one would’ve tolerated that, no matter how pretty these actresses are when they cry. If you have no problem with the line ’’All the female characters have been created to develop the protagonist’’, and you happen to be a woman, then we have a long way to go to rid this world of sexism. PSH is by no means a brilliant thespian but she’s had decent to pretty good performances too because she’s had a better director and characters with more meat than running and crying after a dick.

      • I don’t like PSH’s acting either but I really can’t believe people don’t have the issue with how the writer worded her statement about female characters. She also didn’t have the best record for writing good female characters in her past dramas, even though Heejoo is her worst written female lead.

      • @prettyautumn

        YUP! I agree with you! You totally hit the nail on the spot. Park Shin Hye is getting unnecessary flack for just appearing and crying in every scene. Trust me, I have liked some of PSH’s previous works before (she’s a decent actress), but damn, if ANY actress was given the same role (Hee-Joo), I would have eye rolled the whole damn time too. I don’t think anybody could have done justice to such a poorly written character where her only screen time was to appear and cry in every scene. LOL.

      • I don’t know if you are a fan of Park Shinhye or not but your criticism of her seems to be the most unbiased from what I read here. Others are either blaming it all on her or shielding her from all faults.

    • Couldn’t agree more that Park Shin Hye is in the industry for so long and she still failed to pull the character Hee Ju off. When fans all know the writer is a Male centric person only, shouldn’t they know what they’ll be watching even if Park Shin Hye was casting. All these blaming the writer and siding Shin Hye is unexceptional. The first ex-wife has no character development except to stand there and cry as well. She has even lesser screen time but still can pull her character off and isn’t bad like Shin Hye. All the saying of the writer doing Shin Hye dirty are shallow of her fans.

    • @Jestina I’m not a fan of anyone here. I watched drama and movie criticizing what I see that is exceptional or not. Especially when it’s big names actors and actresses people seem to go cross the border with such high expectations for their biases. I’m pretty sure if the role is switch around with Jin Woo being a weakling character, Hyun Bin will still be able to pull it off. I don’t see the need to throw tantrum at the writer when people already know her style of male centric story. If Park Shin Hye fail such a character like Hee Ju then just accept it. As long as the drama is good and fans still watch it till now then the writer shouldn’t be a big problem so stop the complaining. I know I’m still in the ride for Memories of Alhambra because I take Hee Ju as a person who’s the light to Jin Woo misery life. Park Shin Hye performance is bad but at least she had chemistry with Hyun Bin then it work.

  11. The questions I keep asking are:
    – why can’t Hee Joo and Emma have polar personalities? That’s what most writers do if they have identical twins in their dramas
    – why can’t HJ join JW in the game earlier? His secretary did so why not bring her into the game earlier and shoot or kill NPC too? This writer is almost saying gaming world are only for males???

    • They do have different personalities though.
      Heejoo is emotional crybaby, while Emma is calm.
      I agree with you about the gaming part. Why no female players? All the gamers (including the testers) are all males.

      • That’s why it’s annoying. HJ has grown up bringing two young siblings up, if she was a crybaby how can she do this for years? She would have broken down in despair ages ago. This writer just couldn’t cope with writing more than one main character. A story with so many characters needs lots of attention but she was lazy to think deeper.

  12. All I gotta say is, I am still loving this drama. I had a lot of expectations going into this drama and although some of those expectations were not met, I feel like it gave me enough to keep me engaged and wanting more each week. I loved the AR theme and thought that it was refreshing and very interesting.

    I would have been okay with it being a male-centric drama. I don’t know why the writer decide to string along a basically nonexistent romance storyline. It was just awkward to watch. She could have made PSH a friend/ally to Jin-Woo without the romance aspect and I would have been okay with it. The romance just didn’t really sell for me at all.

    Anyway, I’m looking forward to finishing up this series and seeing how everyone’s chapter is going to end. 😀

  13. All of the writer’s shows have the hero’s journey as the main theme, or one of the main themes, IMO. None of her heroines experience anywhere close to the growth that the heroes do. In QIHM and W the heroines at least were more significant characters, but in Nine her involvement was even less than in MOA. Only in W does the heroine become more fully integrated into the hero’s world and quest. I walk into this writer’s shows recognizing that it will likely be this way. I’m watching for the way out concepts and the twists, knowing that by the end she may not fully deliver on the potential but that it will be an interesting and unusual story.

  14. No one seems to be speaking for the actress who plays the first ex-wife who cries all the time and has little screentime. Is it just because she is a no-namer? No one seems to be speaking for the actress who plays the second ex-wife whose role is a total bitch. Is it just because she is not a CF star? Both ex-wives are written to “develop” the male lead and no one seems to care who plays them. Why defend for PSH when her character cries similar to the first ex-wife? and is written to “develop” the male lead same as both ex-wives. Didn’t PSH read the original script before accepting the role, especially when it was not written with any romance to begin with??

    • Oops, PSH fans exposed for their ‘concern’ about sexism when it was all about unnie getting sidelined.

      Not watched MoA, will binge when the show has ended. But the talk about PSH’s blandness in the drama gels with my impression of her as a boring,pretty face. Can’t fathom why she is so popular but to each his/her own.

      • Yes she is very boring. And not that pretty imo, lots of much prettier and younger K-actresses around, I can name at least 4 younger ones who can also act well.

      • It was her IG following + popularity coupled with CF sponsorship deals that secured her place cos her look and acting didn’t matter as it shows in MOA even Emma looked ghostly with bluey tinged contact lenses wow at least she got to wear pretty dresses and pick the guitar. I was keen on her movie Call but not anymore. Can’t act to save herself always playing it safe yeah keep with the commercials better suited there leave the serious acting projects to the real K actresses with grunt.

  15. This drama is basicly only about jin woo trying to higher and higher his level, its becomes boring after a few episode, because its repetitive, no suspense at all coz we know he will never die before ep 16, he is the hero after all, i doubt they can get 10 percent rating without the romance, and tvn sell the romance a lot in their promotion, the idea is fresh but it is really nothing happen after ep 8, just more and more flashback, the progress of the story just happen in 5 minutes left in every ep so the audience will tune in for next ep, psh doing her best with hee joo character but this writer does not give her much, i hope in her next project she can meet writer and director who know her potential and does not afraid to make woman character shine.

  16. I am a huge fan of Hyun Bin but MOA has been a terrible disappointment for me. I know HB tried so hard to lift the drama but it has been incredibly slow and boring. The editing really sucks. What a monumental waste of money. I had high hopes after seeing the filming locations in Spain, Budapest, Hungary. I don’t really care much if there is romance or not but it looks forced to me. And worst of all, why do the writer have to name Jin Woo’s investment company J One Holdings? It is exactly the same spelling and phrasing as J One cosmetics brand founded by Ha Ji Won. All the HJW haters will hate the actress and the writer even more now. Product placement to promote HJW’s business? I didn’t know this until a friend who is into Korean skincare products pointed out to me. Will not be watching MOA anymore.

    • Lol maybe Hyun Bin suggested to the writer because he’s secretly dating Ha Jiwon? *cues all the sega shippers their ship is revived* lmao

      • OMG please y’all need to go to Vast Entertainment IG account to petition for Hyun Bin to marry Ha Ji Won right now. So other fans can actually enjoy a project of him in piece. Seriously too much attention seeker.

      • Going to Ha Jiwon’s IG acc would be better. VAST would probably delete the comments and sue you.

    • Why did Ha Ji Won fans always find a way to bring her up in every Hyun Bin post. Y’all really want attention for her right? Since no one care to bother but you want to point it out. To make it seem like everyone hated Ha Ji Won. Lol some attention seeker always want to start fan wars. People won’t be so annoyed by hearing Ha Ji Won Name if her fans learn to stop bringing her up in unnecessary post that she’s not a part of.

      My gosh Hyun Bin really need to pair up with Ha Ji Won again this or even marrying her so we won’t have to always see stupid related stuff about Sega. So old and boring.

    • Hello admin/miss ockoala, please delete my earlier comment. Sincere apologies for my opinions which are not related to this post. Thank you.

    • Lol I don’t know what you’re trying to point out here but it’s pretty stupid. No one care if you’re watching MOA or not. I guess we’ll always have to hear about Ha Ji Won everytime we click on a Hyun Bin post. HA HA HA I think every Hyun Bin post should have a hashtag of Ha Ji Won name on it even if she is not a part of whatever the article is about so her fans don’t have to always remind people that Hyun Bin belongs to her.

  17. I hope PSH know about this when she accepted the drama. She decline many role before. This is a wrong drama for her comeback tho. She even not in top 10 as buzzworthy actor list. I hope for her next drama she take it for her fans not because she want to work with the actor who became the male lead.
    I start watched this drama for PSH btw, and decide to stop because of her too. The gaming thing is boring. so yeah just stop watched it until ep 8. Netflix have more better tv series than this btw. (I end up watched The Rain, and finish it in 3 days ?)

  18. Why so many negative comments? I love MoA to death, around me, a lot of peope are crazy about it, & HB & romance of JW HJ. Best drama of the year. HB is super handsome and charmful, best acting. PSH acts well as a girl in love and worry. I am really sad not to see them after this week

  19. This writer is just like Kim Eun Sook. All her dramas are male centric, the most developed character is always the male one, Nine was all about lee jin wook, in queen in-hyun’s man yoo in ha was the typical waiting-woman and in W I had a little hope because the female character was the one traveling through the worlds, but that only last 6 episodes the writer and han hyo joo’s poor acting made me quit.

    Now I don’t think a male-centric plot is bad…but please even if the female characters are just a plot devices don’t make them ALL the same desperate, crying, sad and hysterical…at least one has to be useful

  20. What with kdrama and romance?
    Is it forbidden to have kdrama without romance in it? especially when there’s popular female actress in it (will not call here lead here)?
    What’s wrong with having one lead character and others just be supporting one?

    Oh I’m sorry, I guess I’m getting used of watching jdorama because I think we can have a good drama which only focus on one character and no romance in it.

    • To be fair to the writer, it sounds like that is what she wanted to do until PSH was hired. It was going to be about the Hyun Bin character. It sounds like she kinda got stuck having to modify her whole drama. This is not PSH’s fault but more the production company. Basically, it was a $ grab.

      • Exactly! It’s not PSH’s nor the writer’s fault, but the production company. Then again they’re not even completely at fault here because if fans will be so enrage because their beloved actress was “underappreciated” (I will say underutilized, but I guess it’s too crude).

        But then again, it’s more on “kdrama code of conduct” where you must have 4 leads (2 main and 2 secondary), where there should be romance between leads and popular star (either actor or idol) should have significant role and screen time in the story.

        Poor kdrama writer, we will never know how they actually want their story should be because there’s so many “rules” they must follow.

  21. My question is did Park Shin Hye know all this stuff before signing on or was she promised something else? If yes, then I am disappointed in her. Girl risk it once and go for a meatier role, you can pull it off if you try. If no, then to hell with the writer. They could have made PSH a kick ass gamer, because women do play AR games and enjoy them too. What a waste!! I will not even go into the technical aspect of it because there are way too many loopholes to count here starting with one developer creating the entire thing. I do love Hyun Bin here a lot. Hope to see him reuniting with Kim Sun Ah in something else in the future. She is on fire with her roles these days.

    • Usually they receive two episodes of script to review to decide if they want the role or not. For the bigger stars, I’m sure they can approach the writer and ask how the story will pan out and how their character will develop before signing on. If the writer said the story was conceived as a male hero journey then PSH should know her role will not be very meaty. Maybe there were no other high profile project offers going on and she needed to accept something to stay relevant and keep the CFs coming in.

    • From interviews I’ve seen, they have 2 to 4 episodes to read and a general synopsis of where the drama is going to go and I guess you cross fingers re: live shoot.

      I know that A-list actors can speak with PDs and writers. I recall Lee Joon Gi was hesitant about Two Weeks and the writer and PD spoke with him with the writer meeting him to convince him he was right for the part.

      If PSH took this based on just the writer without doing due diligence, that’s on her. It does sound like the writer was honest about what her plan was and was somewhat forced to switch it so I can’t really ding her too much in that way.

      It could be as simple as PSH wanting to work with her and Hyun Bin, getting a nice paycheck, a trip to Europe and she’s totally chill with it all. Netflix was involved in this production I believe from the get-go so possibly, PSH liked knowing that she would be on a platform that gets into a lot of homes that Viki etc do not. In that sense, not a bad business move.

      • agree, not a bad business move, but her performance totally gives her an F as an actress. My brothers who enjoy MOA gaming part say the female lead sucks and that’s the general opinion of international male audience who don’t know her.

    • She is not a newbie actress with no say over her choice of drama. She probably liked the idea of working with a big-name co-star in a hyped up drama that would sell well internationally.
      Its requirements are well within her acting comfort zone, easy paycheque and lots of attention. Though she probably didn’t anticipate the backlash from her fans.

      • Where are her fans now who once said she would hard carry this drama with her popularity? ???

  22. I’m glad that in the early days of MOA for those of us adding to the commentary here we were able to digress over HJ character development or rather the lack of it. I had high hopes for her character and wrote a spiel about it but alas I was far from it as it was wishful thinking and I was trying to stay positive but the writing was on the wall PSH was playing 2nd fiddle to HB and no amount of defence could shield her involvement. Simply put what a waste of a big name and her credibility as an actress has truly been compromised. The true OTP was HB and the AR game and PSH was just a third wheel in it. Better luck next time dear.

  23. HB has to battle everyday, everynite in the AR game- this is not a game anymore. It’s a nightmare! And getting wounded hurts! He couldn’t and didn’t have the luxury to sleep. Has to rely on alcohol and pills to survive for so so long! On top of that, his business partners, Prof cha etc kicked him out of the company. And they together with his ex wife crucified him as a murderer! This is too cruel!
    So it’s so nice to have a nice, loyal, trusting girlfriend who would not betray him! HB couldn’t spend time with her becos he had to use most of his time in the AR Game! So, it’s logical that PSH as the girlfriend has little screentime because HB was too busy battling,,,,

    And I don’t agree to have just a male dominated drama here. Having a female love in his life gives him a hope of happiness which eluded him all the time and it also gave him a reason to live on. Remember he was betrayed by 2 ex wives, his best friend and now his business partner/‘father’, prof cha.

    • Yes JW is busy gaming trying not to be killed, so how can he find time for romance? HJ is a friend who happens to be a girl, following him like a fan and is willing to share a kiss when JW is lonely. The romance line does not make any sense, it is more like an infatuation on the girl’s part. I’d much prefer a simple companionship rather than a kissy kissy boo boo.

  24. VIewers watch Alhambra for Hyun Bin who has been hardcarrying this drama. Park Shinhye’s fans are acting so entitled blaming the writer for poor writing is laughable. They should complain instead to PSH for accepting roles that do not challenge her, or is this the extent of her acting capabilities? She’s been in the industry for so long yet she hasn’t progressed from her roles that always have to get into romance from Heirs to Pinocchio to Doctors. Wonder why she had minimal exposure in Blackened Heart too when the role in the Chinese version was important to the story. Hopefully she learns lessons from Hyun Bin on longevity and not squander this chance working with better, not only popular, actors.

    • No but seriously how do you mess up a heros journey story. It’s literally built to add new shit ‘afterward’. The writer either dgaf or psh fans r rite and she is not v good. Like her Inspo Elon Musk. Nice when theres a pattern.

  25. I’m sorry I had to come back to fire more lazy shots. shes a hack I’m rite
    -This is hilarious pokemon go and Elon musk and AR the trifecta of memes
    -heros journey so I cant add significant side characters: 1+1=tree
    -Sorry I can only care about the one main dude hes the one that I project onto. everything i do and set up is to prop him. Which might be fine except hes inspired by eLoN mUsK
    why r tv writers like this

  26. since the start its jinwoo who keep following heejoo, fell in her hostel, and act like crazy yet he keep come at her, ask her to clear all mess he created. Begging her to stay by his side because he scared to be alone. She keep save him after all he give her such money. He learn her kind and her help that mean to him after all the mess and he sent her bucked flower at her birthday, wooing her. He tell her that he is fine now but then he leave her suddenly w/o tell her and even isnt say goodbye like he just want to disappear from her. She felt strange that its hurt her after all their nice conversation in their latest phone talk.

    But after one year he come at her again and then finally spell the truth about how he fooling her that actually her bro is lost from nowhere. She felt sad , regret that she believe his kind and fucking mad at him

    He show the investigation that he put on special team to search her bro, and she thanks him but she already mad at him. She doesnt want to do nothing so she plan to go to granada to search her bro but jinwoo isnt let her and telling her that he has prove.
    But in the end he cant because the quest isnt open yet. She fucking desperate that he keep fooling her but she cant to not believe him since he already put so much investigation.

    He told her to learn the game that her bro actually made. and she finally know how her bro game is dengerous, even secretary seo died after go game playing together w/ jinwoo. Now jinwoo alone is alive and she doesnt want someone to go risky to found her bro anymore and she call help to found jinwoo. But jinwoo isnt want to stop and go crazy at the company to turn on server.
    He learn ppl around him start to leave him and didnt believe him. And there heejoo to help him. But all he do is he need to kiss her to his desperate feel after all ppl leave him. He start act as boyfriend asking her to go date w/ him and wooing her w/ how sincerely he caring for her and all her family.

    With heejoo knowing all dangerous game that her bro make of course she worried w/ him. She doesnt need to see ppl that start close w/ her is risking their live especially after in official r/s w/ jinwoo.

    The drama is already tragic since start, the romance is selling that how we can see jinwoo start being gentle and care

    • since the start JW went to HJ hostel because her brother SJ told him to. JW did not like the hostel because it is dirty but he stayed because he wanted to meet SJ. SJ is a minor so JW has to befriend HJ (SJ guardian) and buy the hostel in order not to lose out on the game deal he wanted to acquire. He bought HJ flowers as a nice gesture because he is rich. HJ searched for JW photos on her phone while at the guitar shop because JW is handsome. Later JW returned to ask HJ to help find SJ to avoid getting killed in the game. HJ is stupid to fall into her own infatuation with JW while all along JW was looking for SJ. There is no romance. JW cared for MJ coz he pities MJ being home alone when HJ was visiting grandma in hospital. The kiss is to proof HJ believes JW, and since JW is so lonely, why not ask for a warm kiss in the rain? JW always asks HJ why she misses him after knowing him for two days and why she cries for him…. JW wants to end the game because he does not want to die and the only way is to find SJ, he needs Emma’s help not HJ’s romance but since it comes freely, why not? Get it??

      • Why so pain in the ass at female char. JW bought HJ a big bucket flower after he know thro MJ that how he asking HJ to keep by his side for whole night because he scared to be alone. He is the one who ask her. But yeah she is pity toward him and stay for him since he fell in her hostel and act like crazy after the accident.

        HJ search his name throu phone since she need to know the information about person who want to buy her ugly hostel w/ such big money. Whats wrong with that? End she even searcb when she thou he already leave to Barcelona after deal w/ the contract. She even didnt thou that he ever come back to granada and come to her shop. Lmao u clearly show off ur negativity here.

        And since he already ask HJ date of course clearly that he interest on HJ. And no wonder he care toward his girlfriend family. Knowing her gf family in need help he go help even w/o knowing HJ. As u see HJ surprised to see that JW come.

        About kiss, did HJ want to kiss at first? And even the idea that kind relationship is come from JW first, and then HJ ask ‘did we need to be in r/s so you can celebrate and come to eat w/ me?

        Yes, he doesnt want to die, but he keep act like lose his sane and almost giving up his life, lost her appetite to eat, but there HJ come to help since after knowing he become like that because her bro game. She need to take responsibilty since she is SJ sister and already sign at the contract.

  27. HB who’s been betrayed and battling not to get killed and where the world is seen as a cruel world, He would want to have a girl to love him and to be his gentle companion for life.
    I think this drama brings back the balance from cruelty and betrayal to gentle hope in love and life! I’m satisfied and happy that the love element is added in.
    I’m the type that wants to be entertained with happy ending!
    There’s already too much of sadness in real life! I don’t want to stress myself during my entertainment leisure of watching sad ending dramas

  28. Say what you will about the drama and PSH role….. it’s like a box of chocolates , you never know what you’re gonna get 😉 it’s unlike any other drama when we are on it’s last episode and we still don’t know the end game!

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