Penultimate Episode 15 of Memories of Alhambra Teases Game and Male Lead Life Reboot Type Ending

Sat-Sun tvN drama Memories of Alhambra entered its final weekend of airing with a sense of thank goodness it’s almost over and wistfulness of what could have been has the writer picked a path and stuck to it. The bibimbap-ing of Jin Woo’s game quest with Hee Joo’s worry for her missing brother and then smushing their two concerns into a forced romance created glaring narrative flow problems much like the AR game glitches. Too big not to notice even if I wanted to love this drama and was partial to giving it passes.

Nevertheless the drama is wrapping up with one big problem left which is how to reboot the game and end Jin Woo’s forever fighting real life, and that may involve killing him in the game as NPC Emma tried to do with the knife hidden in the key because Jin Woo is the “bug”. It’s really the Master that is the bug and with Jin Woo finishing his quest and becoming the new Master, Se Joo is released and Jin Woo takes on the brunt of it all. Honestly has there been a male lead with a shittier lot in life in recent memory? I think Jin Woo needs a forever vacation after this is all done and if he wants to take Hee Joo I’m all for it.


Penultimate Episode 15 of Memories of Alhambra Teases Game and Male Lead Life Reboot Type Ending — 20 Comments

  1. I think Emma is the bug who “glitches”. She short-circuited and let Marco died. She stabbed JW while being the so-called “peace keeper” of the game? SJ should erase Emma for goodness sake ?

  2. I felt like I wasted 9 hours watching this drama. Episodes 1-6 was so beautifully shot and the story flowed so well, it had major potential (minus crying scene of Hee Joo @ train station of course!). I’m ready to ditch this and not waste another hour of my time. Don’t care if it’s the finale. Nine Times Travel was the best work of this writer. I loved it so much I decided to watch W and MoA. So disappointed. Not gonna watch another of her shows unless it finishes airing with good reviews. I was sucked into this by Hyun Bin. Dang it!

  3. Episode 16 finally.I’m of mixed emotions I don’t know with a lot happening and more questions hanging around it’s really done my head in. I think I want to go and watch The Matrix again. This drama has mentally exhausted me and yeah I’m going to exercise caution next time around with K sci fi genres when it calls for gaming nous. Thank you Mz Koala for persevering with MOA and keeping us informed cos I know it wasn’t exactly a easy watch dare I mention any names. Cheers for your updates.

  4. This is so bad I haven’t watched the whole of episode 15 yet. Nothing makes sense. Even HB good acting and being a fan of PSH can’t keep me watching. I actually decided to watch Ashes of Love on Netflix which is 60+ episodes drama that I would usually omit, due to time constraints and actually want to finish it. I do wonder much did Netflix pay for this filler drama MOA?

  5. I thought the storyline held quite well till the end (without the finale tonight obviously) – I could do with less (or no) crying by Hee Joo etc but we are all past that.

    I didn’t expect Emma to want to eliminate Jin woo and see him as a bug
    Poor Jin woo he had such a shock and actually what did he ever do to deserve this whole journey – I mean he was a jerk in the beginning and I was all for his redemption but this is getting a little sadistic.
    Guy can’t catch a break at all!

    • I surprised a meek character like Sejoo wrote such an extreme ‘delete bug’ protocol where it actually kills the master. Somehow that doesn’t make sense.

      • They didn’t even explain why Yoo is a bug. How did Se Ju escape the same fate I do not know.. After all he also sees Marco dead NPC everywhere…They don’t even have the decency to give screen time to HB and HJ. Sigh…

  6. Why only after he finishes the quest that emma thinks he’s a bug? More and more things do not make sense in this drama.

    MOA had great potential in the beginning but i couldnt even finish watching episode 15 because i was so annoyed at so many things

  7. Love this drama so much and the couple thoug they have so little parts together. The best drama for me. I knew it from the beginning Emma is the last enemy. But dam Hyun Bin acting and performances is off the charts. He nailed every scenes he’s portraying as Jin Woo. I have never been so immersed by a drama actor and their performance like his. Park Shin is good too. Hopefully getting to see both in another collaboration together.

    OMG it’s really ending today, what will I watch next? ?

  8. i think this drama ending is kinda similar with Nine. I really hate that ending too..lets hope that Netflix will bring season 2 with that open ending.

  9. If there is a season 2, ditch HJ character. The drama should make MJ the female lead, a sassy gamer, to team up with HB. Ep 16 is a total waste of time! SJ is useless, HJ is annoying ?

    • Hey candycane I’m lost for words episode 16 was supposed to be the tidy up but wth? Done right now going to go look for old K drama classics. However HB deserves a pat on the back for his hard work and perseverance in this. Also MOA should be made into a movie if they are going to continue and totally agree bring lil sis MJ in as the gamer makes more sense to the story.

  10. OMG i’m disappointed in the final episode. The whole drama is not so bad because I understand the concept and like the ending. Just disappointed that they should have ended the whole thing in Granada instead of Seoul. ???? Should have not spent so much times on Hee Ju and her family because all those times can be used to explain the whole game situation to those who watch this drama with not so much game background. Hyun Bin I applaud you for your fantastic performance. This drama started with great potential but drag later on. If it weren’t for Hyun Bin and his fantastic performances this drama wouldn’t be so good. Hyun Bin I don’t care how much people dish him, they can’t change the fact that he is the best.

  11. Hyun Bin is all I can think of now, his performance is everything. Agreed should have ended the drama in Granada because this doesn’t make sense. Hopefully this drama get good reviews for his comeback. He also Ace all his part.

  12. I love the final episode because that’s how it should end. Same here just disappointed that they should have ended the story in Granada Alhambra. My love Hyun Bin.

  13. Talking about being upset, I was still rooting for both of them took the end! I thought as usually did with kdrama, nothing was impossible. Even if Hee Jo found him, Jin Woo has become like a game character! I know this drama has become the Pioneer of everything that’s different and the focus with MOA is not on the romance but come on, even in games, the hero gets a happy ending!!!

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