Song Hye Kyo is Sultry in Sunglasses for New CF Pictorial

I’m not a fan of Song Hye Kyo‘s short bob for her character in tvN romance Encounter (Boyfriend) but it suits the personality and she manages to work it so that I think she actually looks quite pretty with such a boring look. It’s growing out in the last few months and for this latest sunglasses pictorial it’s longer enough to have that mussed up sexy vibe that she’s totally rocking behind the shades. Her Encounter character is so cold and pent up whereas sunglasses Song Hye Kyo here is all come hither but I’m fine even without you vibe. Love it, she’s such a versatile CF model.


Song Hye Kyo is Sultry in Sunglasses for New CF Pictorial — 55 Comments

  1. Love Hye Kyo so gorgeous and beautiful with anything on. A true CF model. I’ll wait for your new production if she decides to pick up a drama or film after Encounter. Good luck for the last two episodes this weekend. OMG my wish for Hyun Bin and Song Hye Kyo to get good recognize for their comeback works this year.

    • Yeah me too. Hoping for them to have a new drama. I love them as a loveteam only. Because she’s already married to my favorate actor also. Song joongki.

    • Maybe he should retire, stay home at do housework because she is making more money than him with all these CFs. Hahaha ?? I am joking ? Never treat a career woman this way please, a wife also needs her career.

    • Why does she need to be retired ? I can’t believe we are living this modern day but there are still some conservative thought like this!! Women can have a happy family but can also be successful carreer wise.

  2. So happy that Kyo is still doing what she loves and joongki is a supportive hubby. Her face makes me feel bad and good at the same time. Bad cos she’s too pretty it’s unfair. Good cos at least I get to see an angel in real life ?? Good God I really needed that ? anyways Encounter is ending this week and I’ll have another kyo post-series-depression ?? the preview of ep 15 is tearing my soul into pieces so thanks for that tvn ?

  3. Maybe i wouls also suggest that after this encounter,she should concentrate on being a wife and having a family.She is not getting any younger.Give time to pray to God fr them to have a bby soon.

  4. Hye kyo is breaking stigma that if you’re a wife you need to have a baby and be a full time housewife whatnot. As a married actress she’s also breaking stigma for playing a powerful woman empowerment role. I hope some immature minds might be able to comprehend what kyo’s trying to accomplish in Encounter series. They are breaking the girl-poor and boy-rich stigma in kdrama. And I’m proud of kyo for standing up for her age cos she doesn’t even look like her age for starters. She looks twice younger. Breaking that age chain limit is a great advantage for other married actress out there. Kyo started her career as a model and still doing what she loves after marriage proves their marriage foundation is love not responsibilities to make a family.

  5. She totally looks her age to me. But don’t worry, some women can have babies in their 40’s still. And if they can’t, there are surrogates because eggs can be preserved nowadays. If she enjoys her career, why not continues? Who says every woman has to bear babies?

  6. She looks stunning but all these photo are photoshopped she look like someone else not song hye kyo lols. She could earn enough money with just being model and her CF but as an actress her acting was suck lol, and her drama also didn’t did well in rating. My prediction rating ep.15 and 16 was 8%. Bye.

    • 1. If you watch the video cf you’ll see it’s not photoshopped.
      2. Encounter is in tvn CABLE channel meaning it’s not free not all will be able to watch the series. As a cable channel the rating is high.
      3. Clearly you haven’t comprehend the concept of the series. Kyo plays a respected CEO and a daughter of a politician. Her character was called The Ice Princess meaning she plays a sophisticated woman with COLD demeanor. Nobody see her smile nor cry. Unlike the stigma of kdrama trends where female actors always plays quirky funny character who cries out loud. Her character breaks that stigma in kdrama. But I don’t expect you to understand all that.

    • Wow! All i can say? Who the think you are,if you dont like,dont watch,we cannot please everybody to watched it. For me,she’s great and we l
      ove it. Haters is haters,move on!!!

  7. I don’t get why people who don’t like her would even go to this page just to write their insecurities. If you hate a person why would you even go here just to write comments. Just to feel good about yourselves? Kyo is most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen even all the actors who have seen her in real life vouch for her Goddess beauty. To all people claiming about her age take a look at your 37 year old self and tell me if you look this good. Stop wasting your time leaving negative comments here. You’re just showing your immature and insecure self.

    • “don’t like” does NOT mean “hate”. Nowadays, a 37 yo woman with regular facials, good skincare products, and makeup does look like this. She definitely does not look under 30 for sure. No offense, looking like 37 does not mean negativity. Why are you so sensitive about her being 37 years old? Can you not accept that she is 37 already? If you think she looks under 30, you better visit a college and see how fresh we look. It is not that difficult to spot a woman over 30 versus under 30. And to you who think everyone is over 37, you are wrong. I believe you are also getting very forgetful with aging, because your username used to be @Jules and @Ann

      • @candycane beauty is in the eye of the the beholder if some people think she look young why do you have to argue with them if you think she look her age then fine i respect that but cant you respect people who see her in a different way. Whenever someone is saying she look like this you always comment that no she look like this.

        Anyways like i said multiple times i already saw her in person her ads is nothing in real life she’s gorgeous.

      • Lol, @Jules @Ann @RN must feel insecure about her goddess’s beauty to use multiple usernames to praise her. IMO, SHK looks her age, there’s no way she could pass for someone under 35.

      • @Faith – can’t you tell the same person is arguing with everyone using different usernames? This type of person without guts does not deserve any respect from me. If you stand on her side, I cannot ignore but to treat you the same.

    • “If you think she look under 30 you better visit a college to see how fresh we look.”
      Lol @candycane if people think she look under 30 then why dont you let them be.
      Do you really have to police every people who thinks she look young.

      • Only one person is talking under multiple usernames. Yes I have to point this person out because what she is doing is wrong.

    • @candycane what she did is wrong using multiple names im not siding her for that. But for us who think she look young are we wrong for that? What can you do if in our eyes she look young do we need to visit your college to see how fresh you guys look? What if i dont find you guys fresh because beauty is in the eye of beholder then im wrong? Yes for you she look her age but to us she look young no need to tell people to visit your college.

      • I NEVER said it is wrong for anyone to think she looks young. I never use the word “WRONG” when I say she looks her age. WHEN did I ever say that was wrong? Where did you read it? WHERE?? WHERE WHERE WHERE??? People like you who twist the words of others is the most annoying. Read again before you bark. Do not accuse others because of your deficiency in reading comprehension.

      • and just in case you do not understand, I said @RN @Jules @Ann is wrong to think everyone is over 37. I did not say it is wrong to think she looks young. Do you need to go to college to refresh your English (you don’t have to visit my college, any school who can correct your reading skill should be ok).

      • People like you who twist the words of others lol i think that is you specialty. Just look at your comments the fan just praising her and she think she look young and you go all the way like to me she look her age. if you think she’s under 30 you better visit our college to see how fresh we look. You are so triggered with comments by other people who think she look young and you feel the need to low key argue with it. Thats how i see it.

      • I think you are more triggered by my words here. LOL. How are you any different from me?

  8. As a fan, I really don’t mind people saying SHK looks her age. There’s nothing wrong with that. To be 37 yo and still look that pretty..that means she ages gracefully. Even when she was younger, she already had this matured and elegant look. And that’s what I love about her.

  9. I like lee hyori even more. She looks just a good without make up. She aging naturally even her wrinkles are pretty. Her face will ruined if she get botox or fillers. If you pretty and confident you don’t need to get photoshopped in every CF photos.

  10. She is showing more feelings for the sunglasses than for her young bf in Encounter. Looks like she shows more feelings in CFS.

    • Encounter’s ending tomorrow so SHK won’t bother you with her expressions anymore. Time for you to start shifting your focus from her to your fav. She’s making her drama comeback this month, isn’t she?

    • Stop criticising other people. Stop using social media and a freedom of speech in a negative way. Live your life positively.

  11. OMG…hye kyo definitely looked gorgeous in those cf pictures..I am not surprise if some people say she look really young..I show her in Encounter to my mom and asked her to guest her mom said she might be 25 to 30..maximum 31or 32..and she said shk is very pretty too..I show her pic with long hair..and she pretty..

  12. People on here are so pressed is she the only actress that uses Photoshop in their cf jjh sjy kth and lot of other actress in their thirties and even younger actresses too but I don’t see y’all hating on them

    • That makes me realize that they are just feeling insecured by kyo’s popularity and beauty as well..why oh why? They should just continue cherish their bias without bringing down others.

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