Park Shin Hye Debuts Fresh Look Cutting Off Long Locks Post Memories of Alhambra

It’s a testament to K-actress Park Shin Hye‘s incredible popularity that a haircut would get written up by every singe major K-ent publication. Her every move is scrutinized and she’s done an amazing job of growing up in the public eye through success and even less than successful acting roles over nearly two decades. Her most recent tvN drama Memories of Alhambra is happily now just a memory (har har) and what better way for a girl to move on than to change up her look from that role. Park Shin Hye cut her looooooong locks off this week and posted the new look via teasers of her filming a new makeup CF. It’s a short messy bob that harkens back to her Heatstrings (You’ve Fallen For Me) days. I love this look on her which with the help of stylists can be quite versatile and super fresh heading into spring.


Park Shin Hye Debuts Fresh Look Cutting Off Long Locks Post Memories of Alhambra — 49 Comments

  1. Thank goodness I found Hyun Bin in MOA which led me to his previous dramas and I’m thoroughly enjoying-immensely. As for PSH glad she is doing well in all her CF gigs because frankly I’ll never watch any film/drama attached with her name to it because it will be the same old style of one dimensional acting that 20 other K actresses could manage effortlessly and blind folded.

    • Lmao yes that’s what people said all the time and still run to watch her new dramas when it come out.
      That’s why her dramas always have good rating and international popularity.
      Your hot oppa can’t even have that all the time

      • So? At least he’s not crying at the drop of a hat doesn’t matter at all because popularity and fame doesn’t translate well into great acting.

      • @ginger crush: because you are a acting critics and decide who has great acting. I remember people here as well as Koala dragged HB’s previous costar- HJM. She got best actress for her movie when he didn’t

        But you are all critics here and act like your opinion matter. NOT

      • @haha I have an opinion that’s it and you’re right it doesn’t matter but somehow those who disagreed with me we’re just as vocal and were adamant that I had no right to voice it here.

    • What do u mean old styles? She’s doing different character lately, how can a baddass Hyejung be forgotten, anyway she’s doing good in terms of acting she is better than any other actresses 20’s cab do any genre romcom, baddass, heavy drama

      • Disagree. Kim Tae Ri (28), Seo Ye Ji (28) and Lee Se Young (26) are also very versatile in dramas of different genres. And they are way better actresses imho.

      • @candycane: One to each all. But aside from KTR, PSH is above the one you named. And isn’t you are YEH’s fan? How did her romcom do?

      • No I am not. I dropped that rom-com drama halfway. I am not a fan of any actress. Seo Ye Ji did a very good job in Save Me, and I don’t recall PSH has ever been in such genre.

    • It is funny that people like you always come to her articles and keep saying same old stuff we won’t watch her fine just keep your words and also don’t bother yourself to read about her articles and comment guys grow up ignore what you don’t like and just stick to what you adore.

      • And you’re telling me to grow up and ignore reading articles? Excuse me it’s a free world to read to my hearts content.

      • Seriously are you living in a bubble? Criticism and bashing? Big difference but you can’t differentiate the two. When someone says they ain’t watching a particular actress cos of their acting how is that bashing? And yes I gave a criticism but all the replies responded with a bashing of me so learn to read the posts and see.

    • You seem to be a hater! What the neck! Even this writer ockoala sounds like a yuckkie whiner. Hey, you are riding on her popularity so be thankful to Park Shin Hye for giving life to KDrama & jobs to lots of crew, actors, writers & directors.

    • You don’t even need to be stressed, its going to cause an imbalance in your hormones if it is not already that imbalanced! Lol!

    • What are you try to justify here @Ginger Crunch? Hyun Bin has nothing to do with this topic of Park Shin Hye. Don’t tell me you felt jealous that fans are loving Park Shin Hye with Hyun Bin so much more than your OTP. I read your other comments and pretty you much felt insecure about Park Shin Hye getting all the love from Hyun Bin. You’re so immature. Just go back to your bias and talk with your own shipper group. They’re one crazy fan base so you should have tons of fun talking to them. Park Shin Hye did what she is directed to by the writers so a big hand clapping to her.

    • Yep to you all keep going you don’t own this site and all your replies are warranted good to know there is healthy debate but learn the difference between being opinionated and hating. Your rhetoric has much right to be here as much as mine. I’m allowed to say how I feel and I’ve done so in a manner that is neither rude or condescending. It’s tiresome reading replies when they don’t even attempt to try and sway opinion but merely get personal because hey what else can you do? You really can’t articulate or substantiate a comeback whereby you are able to document favourable comments except what you have all wrote is very childish and lacks thought. Keep posting Mz Koala loves the site traffic. Geez fancy that telling someone to shut up and get lost? It that necessary? You really can’t hold your own in a conversation. My hormones are perfectly fine thanks for asking. And sorry I don’t belong to any shipper group dont need to as this forum has enough commentary to keep me interested apart from the replies that lack thought and are simply…simple. Good day all don’t stress too hard over this.

      • Hey loser kim yoojung fan get lost will ya. Your bias can’t even act to save her life and only does porno. Don’t criticize real actresses just because yours sucks.

      • Umm excuse me sorry but you’re a bit late Mz Koala is monitoring my replies so I’ll keep it short and sweet. Please refrain from bringing KYJ into the picture as Korea’s Nation sageuk fairy loved and revered by many. Keep your gutter slanderous remarks to yourself. Thank you and have a nice day Libby because your comment will be removed if you keep this up. ❤️

      • Hey loser your fairy was dethroned ages ago and she can’t act to save her life. Shin hye is a 100x better actress than your fake actress with scandals will ever be. Its only your comment with hate thats getting removes since everyone in the world loves park shin hye. Bye loser.

      • @Libby: I’m pretty sure that Crunch is not a fan of Yoojung so you don’t need to make negative comments toward YJ. I’m a fan of both PSH and KYJ, both are charming actresses. There’s no need to bring down either one of them.

      • Sorry Libby changing your email address again and user name it’s all good keep bouncing with your loser tag. Ooh did you read my comments cos obviously I wasn’t spreading hate I complained that the other user kept advocating rape and gang rape towards me which was totally unrelated to the article. Stop harping on about KYJ because you felt the need to drop her name; insecure are we. Have a nice day too breathe in love please ❤️

    • 1st you don’t have to tell us what is an opinion 2nd you are repeating this comment in every article related to shin hye or MoA so what is the new ok we know that you you won’t ever and never watch her works so what are you doing here give me something this article related to her hair cut not to her character in MoA move on she will act guys and she will continue to do her jop so give up .

      • @Nayo Thank you for your feedback but so simple however it is expected but warm hugs and kisses your way from me to you xx ❤️

  2. I found her perfect hair pretty distracting in MoA. It looked more like a model than a real character.

    I love her new hairstyle 🙂

    • I know that women tend to like long hair but i find that this hairstyle looks great on her. She looks more vibrant and confident. I also prefer Song Hye Kyo, Han Ji min and Yoon Eun Hye when they cut their hair. Long hair tends to make you look more tired, or older . But it’s my own opinion .

  3. You should post her photos and video on vlive where you can see her hair better. It was also trending in Weibo and Japan because people praised how beautiful she is and how she can pull off both long and short hair.

    These photos don’t do her new hair justice

  4. She looks so beautiful with this short hair! I heard she gets a better role in her next drama. The MOA writer needs to be slap like there’s no tomorrow lol

  5. You don’t even need to be stressed, its going to cause an imbalance in your hormones if it is not already that imbalanced! Lol!

  6. You seem to be a hater! What the neck! Even this writer ockoala sounds like a yuckkie whiner. Hey, you are riding on her popularity so be thankful to Park Shin Hye for giving life to KDrama & jobs to lots of crew, actors, writers & directors.

  7. Short hair makes a pretty face stand out more. And sporting always the same hairstyle is boring; if I were her, I’d also change hairstyles often.

  8. Park Shin Hye looking very pretty with short hairs. Thanks to Alhambra I’m a fan of her now. Would love to see her with Hyun Bin again in another project. Memories of Alhambra is my favorite fantasy drama now beside Goblin.

  9. It’s definitely a testament to Park Shinhye’s popularity that she has two crazed anti-fans typing nonsense non-stop on her article lol.

  10. After “Doctors crush” I fell for park shin hye and bought all her earlier shows:staircase to heaven/heartstrings/heirs/Pinocchio/boys over flowers……
    She is a good actress,melting into each role beautifully,as though she was made for the characters.
    Each drama is worth watching again and again
    I love heartstrings and Doctors best
    And hope that she has more shows that melt our hearts

    • Do you mean You’re Beautiful instead of Boys Over Flowers?
      I loved Heartstrings too! Even though its her least successful drama. Didn’t watch Doctors since I didn’t like the teacher-student pairing but I’ll give it a try.

  11. Damn. She looks gorgeous with the new hair! Although she sported short hair in Heartstrings, this particular hair style showcases a whole different ballpark. This haircut shows a more mature side to her. I love it!

  12. Her short hair looks so refreshing! Can not wait for CALL , very young director and hopeful that he brings exciting ideas just like he did on his first movie. Wish there is a drama for Shinhye at the end of the year with my other fav actor Kim Soo Hyun……fan dream 😉

  13. PSH look absolutely gorgeous with her new hair style. Can’t wait to see her upcoming movie CALL and hopefully she will do drama this year as well.

  14. I usually disapprove when women cut their hair short. Her new looks are actually refreshing and I really like it. She is still my dream girl.

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