tvN Big Budget Sageuk Asadal Chronicles to Goes Overseas to Brunei for Location Shoot

This isn’t huge huge K-drama news but there are K-drama fans everywhere in the world and I’m sure someone will be excited to hear a big budget high profile drama is coming to their neck of the woods to film. tvN sageuk Asadal Chronicles has set out this week for an extended overseas location shoot in Brunei. Male lead Song Joong Ki has already flown there with the first production team and his other leads Jang Dong Gun, Kim Ji Won, and Kim Ok Bin will likely follow. As far as I’m aware there hasn’t been a K-drama filmed on location in Brunei, and also I don’t remember a saeguk going overseas for filming. Sageuks are set in historical Korean times so the filming is usually the countryside and also built sets. This further confirms how Asadal Chronicles is aiming to break new ground and we’ll see if the viewers tune in for this epic tale when it airs later in 2019.


tvN Big Budget Sageuk Asadal Chronicles to Goes Overseas to Brunei for Location Shoot — 15 Comments

    • This drama has same budget with mr.sunshine, but I don’t think asdal chronicle will be successful like mr.sunshine. Cause this huge budget drama only get hit with Queen of Kim Eun Sook.

      • But with PD Kim Won Suk, the drama is in good hands. The man has helmed masterpieces from Misaeng, Signal and ofc My Ajusshi.

        And the writing duo are sageuk veterans with Queen Seondeok, Tree with Deep Roots and 6FD among their credits.

        It’s sets to be promising.

  1. People already proclaiming it to be unsuccessful just base on trying new format and locations?! It is waaaay to early. At least wait for a trailer lol.
    I am looking forward to this and it is interesting that they are filming in Brunei. Maybe it is link to plot and the drama may surprise people.

  2. Well I googled where Brunei is located and it makes sense that they would want to film there with the rich lush rainforests being a great setting for the Joseon era and lucky K drama followers if you get to see the cast out filming. My bad I was thinking of Bhutan up in the Himalayas. See you learn something new every day at KP. My apologies to anyone from those countries for not knowing the location.

  3. Yeahhhhhhh im from Brunei!!!!! Welcomeeeeee!!!!! Brunei is a South East Asia country. We have Malay, Chinese, and many other people living here?

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