Jeon Ji Hyun Models Red Lips for Hera in Latest Makeup CF

While I have never ever wanted to go eat a Subway after watching it shilled on countless K-dramas, and in fact now actively dislike the brand for ruining scenes, I confess to having bought specific lipstick brand+color after seeing it on a drama leading lady. The most obvious being Jeon Ji Hyun from You From Another Star and buying that totally unsuitable for my coloring YSL Rosy Coral, but recently I went gaga for Song Hye Kyo using Sulhwasoo Essential Serum No. 4 Rose Red. It’s more rose than red but I love the hydration and tint on me so thanks Encounter for that, but I’m looking now for true red and am tempted to go for Jeon Ji Hyun’s latest CF shill for Hera Sensual Tint. Love the color, both on her and the blue-red undertones, but the glossy/stain texture isn’t my bae. Otherwise Jeon Ji Hyun is rocking and rolling all ready for Valentine’s Day.


Jeon Ji Hyun Models Red Lips for Hera in Latest Makeup CF — 8 Comments

  1. I’ve been trying cosmetics featured in dramas for a while now. Skin care products have all been wins but the lipsticks can be hit or miss with my coloring. BUT….i’m gonna try one of these (probably Velvet) or one of the glossy reds. That’s totally my thing. Wish me luck!

  2. CF Queen and Legend ❤️ I’ve always liked her range of characters and genres chosen for film and dramas. Waiting patiently for her return.

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