Chinese Authorities Clamp Down Further on Period C-dramas, Orders All Off Screen Through June

If you’re in the middle of watching a period C-drama, whether historical, palace intrigue, fantasy, supernatural, or just any period real or made up that happens to look vaguely of the past, get ready for immediate watching blue balls. Chinese broadcast authorities have leveled up on it’s earlier in the year edict spurred on by the runaway success of Story of Yanxi Palace that court intrigue dramas cannot feature “plotting” or sensationalize real life historical figures and time periods in a way that features extravagance (glorifying a luxury lifestyle) which was considered incompatible with the core ideas of communism and socialism. That was back in early February and now a mere one month later the powers that be have decided to tighten the restrictions, ordering immediately that any and all period C-dramas be removed from television broadcast and/or online streaming. This covers even stuff that’s fantasy and made up, as long as it’s a period setting then it’s donzo for the time period. It’s supposed to last through June but who knows. Glad I’m not on that train, sucks to have a drama disappear midway.


Chinese Authorities Clamp Down Further on Period C-dramas, Orders All Off Screen Through June — 26 Comments

  1. Seriously. I couldn’t understand the rationale behind this extreme measure? As far as I am concerned, the periods C-dramas always faring so much better than the modern one. But again, whatever. Except for “Goodbye My Princess”, I have nothing else that pique my interest.

    • Omg Goodbye My Princess is so good. I am totally obsessed with it and sad now that it has ended.
      I heard that The Legends is also quite good.

      • I read that The Legend is an adaptation of K-drama which was headlined by BYJ. No idea how good it is.

        I wonder if Yang Mi and Wallace Huo’s new drama “The Great Craftsman” will be affected? It is set in the early 1900’s in Shanghai. This is the one I look forward to the most despite not liking both leads.

      • The Legend is not a remake. It is an adaptation from a Chinesw Novel. The Legend is really good, I really liked it even though I never heaed of or watche the actors/actress from other fimllms/dramas before.

        Who is BYJ?

      • @Alexa: Nope its a xianxia drama adapted from a novel.
        @jkfan: BYJ is Bae Yongjoon.

        Nope. The Great Craftsman i set in the republic setting and is said to be one of the dramas set to celebrate the prc 70th anniversary, so it will definitely air this year.

      • @jkfan: who is BYJ? Lol.. I feel old already, I can see the age gap here 🙂

      • @jkfan @Yura

        Thanks for the clarification. Don’t know but I read somewhere about it being a remake or probably the similar title led to confusion.

        BTW, The Legend was headlined by Xu Kai and he is the swoon-worthy “Fuheng” (though I prefer the Emperor) in Story of Yanxi Palace.

        Ok, glad that The Great Craftsman is not affected.

    • Read this post and thought “thank goodness Goodbye My Princess just ended so I don’t have to worry about not getting my drama fix” hahaha

  2. Guess the only C-drama i can look forward to now is live action version of The King’s Avatar, despite my doubts on the casting.

    China is digging their own tv industry’s grave, period and fantasy C-dramas are their most popular drama genres. Most of their hit dramas are period dramas.

  3. It’s a good idea because there is too many period/fantasy dramas after the success of Story of Yanxi and Ashes of Love. They need a break from it before ZZY and Tang Wei’s period dramas come out.

  4. My problem is the 50 plus episodes and trying to get through them all. However when I watched up to 10 episodes of Story of Yanxi Palace I have to admit the scriptwriting is phenomenal and I write this because each episode had the right elements of conflict, tension and semi resolution and it flowed. That said it’s sad because C dramas do have a fine reputation for storytelling and their execution of dramas is perfect. Sorry that Government interference will marr this. And just read SUZY is leaving JYP and taking an exclusive offer up with SOOP management which means Gong Yoo and Kim Jae Wook get ready your new leading lady is waiting in the wings. ?

    • Wonder what the big deal about Suzy’s leaving JYP is? She’ll get more work to be sure, but it isn’t going to make her a less mediocre or more talented actress. Some people have “IT” and improve with each successive project and some just don’t. Unfortunately, Suzy fits into the latter category. I don’t dislike her, she’s a lovely person and quite pretty. I just am not looking forward to watching any more dramas that she headlines. Maybe now that she’s ‘focused’ on acting, she can start taking on smaller roles? Like Shinee’s Minho or Go Sung Hee? They both started with lead roles, realized they sucked in acting and started taking on smaller roles to build up their acting cred.

      • I reckon Suzy and her team have been reading our posts here on KP and decided she needed to upgrade her acting skills so best be moving to another agency to do so. I’m with you @Adal she is pretty but pretty ain’t gonna cut it in the cut throat acting industry. She has popularity but lacks acting integrity. VB can prove me wrong if not it will be back to the drawing board for her. This time at least she has respected seniors to help her along the way.

    • Suzy has already acted with Gong Yoo–although not as lead. They were also the models for Domino’s Pizza before Song Joong Ki and Park Bo Gum became the models. It’s rare for drama couples to be repeated, but it’s possible Gong Yoo and Suzy can do a movie together for their second time pairing up.

    • @Ginger Crunch I doubt she’ll be acting with Gong Yoo and PBG in their movie. Unless the PD is going to wait another year for her, which would mean risking Gong Yoo and PBG’s involvement. It was never officially confirmed, but it’s pretty likely Suzy will already be in Mount Baekdu. So she’s packed for the rest of this year with Vagabond and that film.

  5. I guess this is to may way for the dramas to air in celebrating of the 70th anniversary or something (?). Its not till June I heard, but for six months all the way until October with some exceptions. Its impossible to ban historical/ancient dramas entirely. Every other day there is a new ancient drama starting production. Their hit dramas are 70% historical as well.

      • The restrictions are pretty tame compared to the rumored all-out ban earlier on. They just aren’t allowed to air more period dramas than modern dramas, and cannot promote before they have a broadcast date secured.

  6. I would think the reasons given are just covered up. I believed these mega projects hiding black money laundering or something. Everything happens in China always had to do with money. These people choose ancient dramas because the spending can be enormous. Don’t forget they just did the tax checked on megastars.

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