Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in Talks for K-drama with Scriptwriter of You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea

Talk about a smart casting choice from two different angles. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are reportedly in talks to reunite for the next K-drama penned by the screenwriter Park Ji Eun of You From Another Star, Producers, and Legend of the Blue Sea. Binnie and Son Ye Jin are both seasoned big name stars so their casting is smart from a well-matched angle. But it’s also smart from a tabloid angle as the two were caught up in dating rumors earlier this year after working together on the thriller movie The Negotiation last year. They were even captured shopping at a grocery store in LA together but both denied the dating and claimed they merely met up with other friends while being overseas in LA at the same time coincidentally. So casting them together will clearly ride the waves of their onscreen and maybe offscreen pairing.


Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin in Talks for K-drama with Scriptwriter of You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea — 64 Comments

    • Same here. I kinda wished there was a romantic angle on the movie, though i know it would not make sense at all.

  1. Too cute and what a great pairing visuals and talent ❤️ Hope the script is good and storyline as well and everything should fall into place. HB and SYJ in a drama something to look forward too this year and I bet it will premiere in September….

  2. I like the both actors and if they’re in couple, I’m happy for them. But in this case, I don’t want to see them in a drama together. Private and professional life should be separated and I don’t want all the discussions about this drama to be about them like it was for Park Min Yong and Park Seo Joon. It’s kind of tiring at the end.

    • I doubt they will work together in this drama if they are really dating already. Couple usually keep their private and professional lives separate.
      Also isn’t it too quick a reunion? They were leads in a movie last year.

      • They will use that to sell the drama so the possibility of syj accepting is high,hb i think is sure to accept, ifans like to watch dramas where they can ship the lead, knets will go with the story, i wonder what it is dis time,writer’s character from alien to mermaid, maybe ywcfs3,

    • In this case the whole nation wants them to date so the drama will be like a little treat to their fans before they come out officially. Once they reveal their relationship they can never act together again even if they want to so they might think this is a good alternative. I personally would love to see their chemistry both on and off screen.

      • Whole nation plus us outside korea…i love them both great actors…and please its so obvious they look good together..just be objective and look open eyes and mind..such beautiful couple

    • I agree. It will be another LOBTS where it get high ratings because of the cast, but storyline will be boring and a rehash of the writer’s own drama. At least we have visuals to look forward to I guess.

  3. This is gold standard in PR and marketing genius strategy. There were heated discussions back in January when their dating rumours broke. Some fans were debating whether it was media play by HB’s management to distract from HB’s younger male colleague in VAST agency who was involved in a sex assault case. MOA’s ending also received heaps of criticism from devoted fans around the same time. Judging by HB’s character who is extremely private, I doubt he would mix his personal life and work together. The Song-Song romance started during/after filming DOTS. Since DOTS, Song couple have not made a drama together. Whatever it is, I love both HB and SYJ together on screen and off screen. If reel romance translates to real romance, why not? They are at the right age to get married and have lots of gorgeous babies.

  4. I think they are better off as good friends. They have different life focus such as he wants kids and she wants a carefree life. So I think maybe ok to stay as screen couple and remain as good friends in real life.
    I personally think Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye have better offscreen chemistry than these two.

    • Wacko shippers stay away. THIS is the real deal and real couple while PSH dates a prospective criminal. Don’t even try to touch SYJ her acting skills and star power are waaaay above PSH and she has won real awards. Her onscreen chemistry with co-stars is insanely good as well. PSH can never achieve even quarter of what SYJ has. HB had no chemistry with PSH in MOA and he looked completely uninterested in her. His chemistry with SYJ during negotiation promotions were crazy good and you could tell they were flirting.

      • I so agree with you…SYJ is on a different level than PSH ..She is way above her what she has proven in acting industry PSH could only dream for now…just see all her awards and i rest my case…i personally got bored watching MOA, why PSH acting same as her acting in the inheritors ( that drama i like tho) i think she havent matured in acting.

      • i’m with you! Don’t ever compare PSH to SYJ they definitely different in how they act, and obviously SYJ still the best.

  5. I think at the Negotiations moive Bin Jin on and off chemistry is not good than Bin Shin bts chemistry in MOA. So i wanna see them HB and PSH with next project(romantic melo drama)again.if syj not confirm this drama yet,i hope the writter may insert that main actress place with Psh, plz plz ? i really want to see them together in an new drama with happy ending plz plz Tvn Plz Writer Plz, just fill Fans wish ?

  6. Pls don’t comfirm this drama oppa.Son ye jin is not the perfect partner for you not only on secreen but also in real life too. Pls don’t comfirm, you deserve better than this. Pls don’t make us disoppinted. Pls this is our last request to you…Do another romantic drama with Park Shin Hye. She is the most suitable for you.Your chemistry with park shin hye is beyond words. She is really match with you.Pls brother think deeply…

  7. Hyun Bin has no chemistry with Son Yejin or Park Shinhye so no to the bullshit comments above.
    He has the best chemistry with Ha Jiwon thats why Secret Garden was his most successful drama. This is the best chance for them to reunite!

    • I agree that they should consider Hyun Bin and Ha Ji Won to collaborate once again. It has been almost 10 years since and I bet there will be sparks again. Of course, if they are already in a certain level of relationship where they avoid acting together, that will be fine with us. I really wish there is some sort of indication of their relationship status. At their age now, there really is not reason not to be open with whomever they are dating. That will give us a closure, really.

  8. I ship both Hyun Bin and Park Shin Hye after MOTA. Their incredible silent chemistry would put other otps to shame. With just few scenes together, they nanage to grip many of our hearts from the time it started, ended and until now. Imagine giving HB/PSH another chance of real romance drama, the chemistry will surely hit the roofs. Their global popularity alone will ensure high ratings and awards. As producers, that would be the ultimate goal. Partnering SYJ with HB is foolish. Having a rumour beforehand is not good for the success of the drama. SYJ looks very old and not compatible with the ever ageless looking HB. Iwould suggest PSH or any other younger actress. Peace…

    • Agree..HB and PSH are best couple compare SYJ..
      Regards recent news release couple HB and SYJ will be acting together..what a sad new to me..
      Why not choose PSH.
      Does the writer listen the instructions from HB as HB to keep his promise to act again with SYJ?
      I will think positive view..
      The more important HB has private relationship with PSH..
      I do belief..PSH be ok as they are in same industries.

  9. Recently I watched some promotional videos and the behind-scenes videos of both The Negotiation and The Memories of Alhambra. Being a Hyun Bin fan, I like to observe his expresions and body language towards both female leads.
    Well, I could not help oberving that Hyun Bin is more concerned and caring towards Park Shin Hye (sorry to say, Choi Tae Joon, meaning no offence) than he is towards Son Ye Jin. I found this interesting and asked the opinion of my friends, who are non-kdrama enthusiasists. They merely say, “Yup, that guy is more caring towards the very long-haired girl(meaning Park Shin Hye). As for his attitude towards the other lady (meaning Son Ye Jin), it is like they are good friends.
    Meaning no respect and not a shipper, just voicing my opinion.
    By the way, there are bound to be shippers even on Son Ye Jin group, I supposed. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. It is after all free world.

    • *LOL* I’m also HB long time friend and I’m can’t help but laughing after seeing your comment. It all depends on what you showed to your friends though. If you showed them a clip from the movie or a bts love line scene then they can say that. Personally I never ship him with any actress as there is not enough evidence (except for SHK which he confirmed).But I noticed he clearly has something for SYJ if you see their press conferences or stage greetings. Anw, time will give you the best answer.

  10. As far as I remember, these two have a different interest in life. I don’t think if they are dating, it’s just a rumor. I prefer So Ji Sub for Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin to Park Shin Hye.

    • I agree with you on that. So Ji Hub and Son Ye Jin look matchable and make a lovely couple. Park Shin Hye on the other hand has to be with Hyun Bin. Their personality suits each other well. Both love kids, both love to cook, both have similar facial expression and mannerism. And their stars are compatible Libra and Aquarius.

  11. Unbelievable shippers here! They are professionals actors, isn’t it their job to act? I cannot see any chemistry in MOA and this nightmare pairing should not be repeated. This is my opinion and “Everyone is entitled to their opinion” a shipper has said. I don’t care if HB is dating or not. I just want to watch good dramas with capable leads (and PSH is certainly not one).

    • Hmmm.. Now I understand what is the meaning of shipping.
      Shipping means if you support the pairing of Hyun Bin with Park Shin Hye, but never if you support pairing of Hyun Bin with Son Ye Jin.
      Talk about double standards here. But then again, what do you expect from people with double standards? ?

      • @Just 2 cents’ worth of opinion.
        Hmmm.. Now I understand what is the meaning of delusional.
        You are delusional when you think those who do not ship HB with PSH support the pairing of HB with SYJ.
        I wrote “I DON’T CARE IF HB IS DATING OR NOT. I JUST WANT TO WATCH GOOD DRAMAS WITH CAPABLE LEADS” – Do I need to say this the THIRD TIME just in case you are so blinded with your “could not help oberving” but cannot read what others are commenting here?
        I said “CAPABLE LEADS”, not just SYJ, can be someone else. BUT NOT PSH because she is not capable in my opinion.
        I do not have double standards. I only voice my own opinion whether you like it or not!
        Tell me if you have double visions because seriously you need to have your eyes checked and your brain too.

    • Only Park Shin Hye fans believed there was some chemistry between them. Hyun Bin fans were like ‘good riddance to bad rubbish’ once the drama ended. The difference between the fandoms is hilarious. They are still begging him to act with her.

      • yes totally… hahaha… I commented before that if they want him to act with her, do a fund raising and pay for a whole movie project to hire both to work together again, but that movie will sure flop unless it is a horror movie shown on Halloween. LOL.

      • As HB fan, thank you for your comment! I feel like PSH is next to non existent in MOA as a female lead. She has no screen presence and no chemistry with him.

      • Agree @candycane fundraise if you want your bias to act again makes sense to crowdfund the drama production or ask Madam Lin from Taiwan to hook you up. She’s got a lot of money to burn and invest start with her. Horror is a great genre too.

    • Delulu fans have arrived to ruin his reputation once again. I don’t known who has the worse shipper fans HJW or PSH. Either way its most likely SYJ and HB will end up doing this project with blessings from the larger audience.

  12. The ship has sailed off into the horizon for a MOA reunion and with HB new drama I’m down with any leading lady chosen as long as the story is good and characterisations well developed then yep not fussed at all. I feel for PSH fans wanting a second chance with HB but it’s unfortunately it’s never gonna happen not in our life time I guess. Same reason why HJW fans want a HB reunion that’s never gonna happen also.

    • The synopsis is out, they will both participate in a test were they will be frozen for 24 hrs but due to conspiracy they will both wake up 20yrs later, and i think the title “let me melt”its a romcom fantsy , same fr her 2 previous work

      • Are you confusing Park Ji-eun with Baek Mi-kyung?
        Let Me Melt is supposed to be Baek Mikyung’s project I think.

      • Nope i read the news in naver, its park jieun with her picturevin the article

  13. If possible, Hyun Bin should pair with other actress in this new drama.Going to get a lot of negative feedbacks and it is not a good match. The rating of this drama will not be good coz there is no chemistry between hyun bin and son ye jin. They are not match at all.I am sorry I am not going to be watching it, not me?. I believe that there are so many people around the world who think the same as me.

    • @Jenny @Hyunshinforever – how many times you have to post under different usernames to say the SAME thing? Who cares if you don’t watch it. LOL.

      • @candycane, a couple of things to address:
        1. Delusional also applies to you.
        2. The way you comment show the level you are (which is pretty low), not to mention a hater, double standard.. Suggest that you up your level a little so as not to sully your idol Son Ye Jin’s name.??
        3. Crowdfunding for Hyun Bin-Park Shin Hye drama/movie? I have never thought of that. So I supposed the above drama in talks are actually crowdfunded by Son Ye Jin’s fans? That is a whole revelation to me! ???

      • @Justa2cents: I think she doesn’t stan Son Yejin. She stan idols like Cha Eunwoo and Ok Taecyeon. Always find her fangirling on those articles.
        Just ignore like her you ignore a cockroach LOL.

  14. Park Shin Hye shipper fasn remain the most toxic. First with MinShin then Darling Couple and now this. She looks like a despo who can’t get cast unless fans beg producers. Must be why shes friends with and dating a sexual predator.

    • I think Korean actors from now on should seriously avoid collaborating with PSH to prevent these toxic fans from ruining their reputation and chances of working with other actresses.

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