Jeon Ji Hyun Floats Like a Goddess at Rouge et Lounge Event in Seoul

I serious have FOMO whenever I see Jeon Ji Hyun at an event. I rarely want to see a star in person, a long time blogging quirk that sets in when fangirling becomes a staple like sleeping, showering, and eating. But K-actress Jeon Ji Hyun still evokes the wonder in me, I am legit impressed with how she’s managed a top career in ratings, box office, and visuals for two decades (!!!) and still going strong. I want to see her in person and see for myself if she looks as amazing in real life close up as she does in pictures. She was at the Rouge et Lounge event in Seoul last week and her outfit was IMPECCABLE. The navy long dress coat with one button emphasizing her tiny waist and a chic white shift dress peeking out underneath. The brown with black trim pumps are toe die for as well. She and/or her coordi needs to give free lessons to other K-actresses for event dressing.


Jeon Ji Hyun Floats Like a Goddess at Rouge et Lounge Event in Seoul — 50 Comments

  1. I honestly feel she is super overhyped and mediocre as an actress but her SHK and KTH have done a fab job of building their career for over 2 decades through good and bad. TaeJiHye remains the undefeated goddesses of the industry for both looks, cfs and salaries. Who says women in their late 30s can’t rule the industry

    • I honestly think Kim tae hee has not done enough to be on that list

      She’s had about three hit dramas and no hit movie .

      Her accomplishments are sketchy when compared to that SHK and JJH .

      The third person should be Ha ji won , whom until recently has never delivered a flop .

      • It’s not like TaeHyeJi are at the top because they are the best in acting. They are at the top because they are deemed as the most beautiful actresses on top of other reasons.
        Ha Jiwon is not deemed as “goddess level” when it comes to visual. Imo Son Yejin should replace Kim Taehee since she’s also a top beauty and has multiple hit projects in both tv and film.

      • The top trio list has absolutely nothing to do with talent or hits. The list is about beauty and popularity. Kim Tae Hee is literally the reason the top 3 started out in the first place. Her beauty remains the talk of the town even today. Son Ye Jin is a league of her own and even though almost all her dramas have flopped and many of her movies she is still considered one of the best actresses in Korea but her beauty is considered inferior not be at the same goddess like level of the others.

      • KTH’s accomplishment is in her education and she is known for her brains. Her acting is ok (not worse than SHK imo). And she was top CF Queen for many years until she got married. So I think KTH deserves to be on the list if K-netizens are still voting for her. We ifans will never understand the Korean culture of respecting scholars so we are not in the position to comment on others achievements just merely from watching Kdramas. Icons are difficult to replace because their places are cemented in history. HJW is nowhere near TaeHyeJi’s visuals although looks are subjective.

      • @candycane alright TaeHyeJi is TaeHyeJi while I think son ye jin and ha jiwon so as gong hyo jin are a league of their own.

    • Have you watched my love from the stars and the legend of the blue sea? If you have not try it out they are the best

    • There is no way on earth she overhyped. She is soo natural in acting, very beautiful, her advertisements are always on points, lol she’s one of the highest paid actresses if not the most, she is soo hardworking and still able to keep it lowkey damn she is a wonderwoman and there is no way she is overhyped

      • She is top imo. She is even better than SHK in terms of acting and visuals.
        Then next is SHK followed by KTH

    • If anything her acting is underrated because her beauty and popularity are the first thing people talk about when it comes to her.

      TaeHyeJi are considered the representative icons of their generation of actresses not because of their talent but because of their good looks/status. Son Ye Jin is the one considered a true icon for her acting talent. But out of TaeHyeJi, JJH actually has the widest range of abilities as an actress (can do both comic and serious roles), several hit acting projects across drama and Chungmuro (My Sassy Girl, Berlin File, The Thieves, My Love From the Star, Assassination, even Legend of the Blue Sea despite LOBS not getting to be a pop culture phenomenon like My Love From the Star), and has two movies that had 10 million+ ticket sales, including one where she is the main lead.

    • I can’t say otherwise. I don’t think that it’s possible now. Industry don’t give enough time for actors or actresses to build this kind of career. See Hollywood, i doubt that there will be in the future , longtime careers a la Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman,DiCaprio,Brad pitt,…

  2. She looks amazing! I too like and admire her and she actually is the one who started me on S.Korean film with My Sassy Girl and because I liked her so much I watched Il Mare and that was it (Lee Jung Jae definitely trumped over CTH)

    • Have you watched my love from the stars and the legend of the blue sea? If you have not try it out they are the best

  3. She, Song Hye Kyo, Lee Na Young, and Lee Bo Young are women who are fantastic actresses and have managed to navigate that and get married/have children and balance the two well. I respect that a lot, because it seems that sometimes people think it’s an either-or situation, you can either be career only, or you can focus on other aspects of your life. I find them all strong and intelligent women, and wish there were more opportunities for strong actresses as they get older. (Not trying to leave anyone else out, by the way, I’m sure there are others, too, who fit this description.)

    Anyway, JJH looks great.

  4. Song Hye Kyo, Jun Ji Hyun, Son Ye Jin are all aging beautifully and stacking up solid careers. They aren’t always the best actresses but good acting is overstated so I don’t care about their acting abilities too much. Lee Bo Young and Kim Tae Hee are amazing as well and have the most devoted love-struck husbands. I’m happy for all of them doing well in their personal and professional lives and looking like queens.

  5. I don’t find her so special. I always thought she was older than her real age. She’s pretty and a great body but I don’t find stunning. I liked her in You From Another Star, but I couldn’t finish Legend of Blue Sea.

  6. Simple yet elegant JJH doesn’t have to try hard she just manages to coordinate her clothes beautifully. Married with kids still working goes to show you can live life and have your cake and eat it too. Articles on JJH always brighten up my day. Too bad she’s not in the running for the drama with Hyun Bin. Mermaid, Alien ummm I guess Ghost will be the next character in line.

    • She has very classic/constant style but never looks boring, I guess that’s the power of her aura.

      She certainly leads a charmed life but it looks like she works insanely hard to keep it that way, she seems to work out and be very careful with her diet as a way of life. Not unlike Victoria Beckham (another very chic lady with a handsome husband and pack of adorable kids).

    • I don’t think its true that she doesn’t work hard to coordinate her clothes and her looks. All celebs have stylists to ensure their outfits are suitable to them at all times.

      • Yes she may have stylists that help her select clothes but she makes the overall decision because if she didn’t we would be yelling to sack her stylists like we do with other celebs. JJH knows what and how to wear clothes with class and poise.

  7. She’s not the greatest actor but not bad either. What she has is classic natural beauty and great screen presence. She’s a mega star . I will always feel sentimental about her because she is Asia’s Sassy Girl and was the first Hallyu star. I read somewhere that she’s a billionaire because she made very smart real estate investments. She looks very good for someone who is 37 1/2 .

  8. No offense but I don’t see any of these Korean actresses being goddess or suburp in acting. All the big names from SHK, JJH, SYJ, HJW, KTH, or SJH. They’re all mediocre in acting and are agaverag visual appearance.
    In terms of performance they’re no compares to KGE. She can be really pretty and her acting is outstanding.

    • No offense but I don’t see any outstanding performance of KGE in Goblin. She is just as mediocre as all the others you have mentioned in selected dramas. Visual is also a subjective matter.

      • KGE is mediocre at acting and average-looking. There is no way she is better than JJH, SYJ and HJW. She gets overpraised because of Eunkyo which is her only memorable performance to date. Esom, Park So Dam and Han Yeri from Chungmuro are far superior actors.

      • Agree. KGE is average looking and an average actor. I have watched only her dramas CITT and a bit of G….Not hating on her but she makes me depressed.

    • No offense but KGE is not even in the same league as them. Visually she doesn’t meet the standards but her acting is also limited depending on the kind of role she plays. SYJ and HJW easily outclass KGE in acting and visuals and have the track record to prove it.

  9. I somewhat agree with @taia about all the big names actresses. The most cringeworthy thing is to watch Korean actresses played action scenes. From HJW, SYJ, and JJH to KTH are all hard to watch. I much prefer them to play lovely roles like SHK and the other actresses. To me Korean actresses still need lots of practice. KGE herself is no different from the others. I enjoy watching Korean drama but non of the actresses are attractive to me because they all look very alike. Well I’m glad KGE look different from the rest so make her stand out a bit more.

    • I find the Kpop idols look alike ….but not the Chungmuro actors.
      Have you seen Kim Ok Bin in The Villainess ? She is terrific as a deadly assassin. The action scenes are amazing.

      • Do you watch Korean movies?….I think you can find more actors in movies than in dramas.

  10. JJH has the perfect model’s body. Tall, lean and lithe. I think that’s why she stands out the most. As for talent and acting, they are incredibly subjective topics. My husband who is a Caucasian and non K-drama fan just hated JJH in My Love From The Star when I was watching it. He happened to pass by the TV in the living room and JJH’s constant crying in the last few episodes annoyed him tremendously. HJW is top in terms of star power overseas. Example, she was invited to A-List charity dinner AmFAR in HK taking photos with Michelle Yeoh, action legend. HJW left fans star struck when she attended the K-WAVE and Halal Show in Malaysia last month. Even President Moon of South Korea and the First Lady of South Korea could not resist taking selfies with HJW and told her they are fans of Damo and SG. HJW is so popular that she was invited to the state banquet held in the palace of the King of Malaysia (photos available in HJW’s twitter account in case people think I made this up). She emceed the K-WAVE event celebrating Korea-Malaysia economic ties. HJW was acting as the cultural ambassador for her country along with NCT Dream. The NZ Embassy also appointed HJW as the cultural ambassador to promote New Zealand in Korea. All her fans who met her in person for the fan sign event and non-fans who turned up at the shopping mall raved about her beauty. HJW’s talent was acknowledged by John Woo, an internationally renowned director who compared HJW to a female Chow Yun Fat who exuded grace while playing an assassin in Manhunt. The movie was screened in Venice Film Festival. I have yet to hear a famous Hollywood or Hong Kong director praising JJH, KTH or SHK in terms of acting or they are invited to a King’s state banquet or President of Korea taking selfie with JJH, SYJ, KTH. Thus each actress is special and top of her league in different fields be they acting, CFs or popularity.

    • Shk have lol, a famous hk director, he even sent a beautiful gift to her,and she work with her too, wedding, and shk was in china with pres moon and 3members of exo, she actually attend a banquet with the chinese pres, pres moon invite her when he is trying to talk about hallyu ban, cant post pic here but if im not mistaken koala write something abount that last yr. Backtrack so that u will know,

      • Dear ma.llyanne, I’m sorry for my excessive comments about HJW. Yes, you are right, other actresses like SHK is just as popular, successful and they deserve to be praised, achievements celebrated. Thank you for pointing this out and keeping me humble. Cheers.

    • You seem so proud of your fav’s achievements..good for you but is it really necessary to compare her to other actresses?

      I’m not really the type to brag about my fav..but now that you mentioned it, she was invited to the opening ceremony of Korea-China Economic and Trade Partnership Forum with the President in Beijing. She was seen at events with Michelle Yeoh a few times before and it also seems like she still keeps in touch with John Woo. When she got married, she sent her an extravagant wedding gift. 🙂

      • The 1 who give her wedding gift was wong karwai , the dirctor of the grandmaster, john woo directed the crossing,

      • Dear Sunshine, thanks for calling out my bragging comments. Yes, you are right, I should not have done that. I should respect all actresses, their achievements and be mindful of their fans’ feelings. I apologise to you and all other fans for my immaturity in my opinion. Thank you for keeping me humble. Cheers.

    • Lol @Kimchi Ahjumma yep you’re so right and don’t forget that HJW mentioned that she was asked to leave the English language school in NZ because she disrupted lessons due to over eager fans turning up to see her. I’m hanging out for her drama ‘Chocolate’ so I hope it airs this year. I fully converted to becoming a HJW fan after Secret Garden and have been on my HJW drama journey ever since and I haven’t regretted it since. I love her range of genres and characters chosen from rom com to horror to sageuk so I have no complaints whatsoever. That’s her job as an actor and she has succeeded on every level. HJW ❤️

      • Dear Ginger Crunch, thank you for your comment but I was wrong in elevating HJW above other actresses. I should not have done that. Each actress and their fans should be respected. Their achievements, success & popularity should be celebrated equally and respectfully. I should also be mindful and read through what I wrote many times before I post in haste. Cheers and have a good day.

      • No need to apologise I appreciate your write up on HJW and I’m sure others would enjoy the read too as you learn something new every day.

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