Xuimin First in EXO to Enlist in Military Next Month May 2019

I still remember vividly when EXO debuted, all the excitement from SM Entertainment‘s hype machine and releasing teasers for each of the original 12 members. Since 2011 the last 8 years have been a solid ride from though, though EXO-K still has the original 6 members of this subgroup whole EXO-M lost three Chinese-born members in successive years. Now the original EXO-M is losing another member as Xiumin is headed to the military next month, enlisting quietly in May being the oldest member of the boy band. I feel like another era dawned in recent two years with the rise of BTS to the top of the K-charts but I’ll always have a soft spot for EXO and the successor to Super Junior success story. Good luck to Xiumin on his enlistment!


Xuimin First in EXO to Enlist in Military Next Month May 2019 — 17 Comments

  1. The accession of BTS to super-stardom which began in early 2017 and completely conquered kpop in 2018 shifted the old world order of kpop when the Big 3 dominated. I keep forgetting that EXO and BTS are from the same era just a year apart in debuts. The time period pre-2017 is now a complete blur. Hats off to their mammoth success even though many other kpop acts have before them have had a hand in setting things in motion. They just happened to come up at the right time and took the opportunity by the horns. Their hard-work is commendable.

    • Woah, I completely forgot as well! It really felt like they were from different eras. BTS was nugus during EXO’s rule haha. They really have risen so high.

    • I actually went back and double checked because it had slipped my mind as well but your’re right they are the same generation! The power that BTS has to completely erase that fact from our memories. Funny thing is that EXO hasn’t been promoted properly by SM since NCT debuted which must be why I kept thinking BTS and NCT were contemporaries who were rivaling EXO for top boy group spot.

      • Lol I wonder if EXO is going to be the last successful SM boy group. SM is going nowhere with NCT and its multiple subunits.

      • @Cherry – why do you say NCT is not successful? NCT is having world tour now and ticket sales are good.

      • NCT might not be huge like SM’s previous boy groups but they are already very successful in the Kpop realm. They don’t have a huge hit song like their seniors but they are doing well in terms of album sales and touring, which is what really matters for boy groups.
        If anything, JYP or YG is faring worse in the boy group department.

      • NCT isn’t considered a successful act because the sales and numbers its pulling in is mostly due to the SM loyalists. There are people who will support all SM artists without a loyalty to a specific group but instead to the company as a whole. JYP isn’t doing worse than SM because GOT7 has very strong sales and is very popular outside Korea. However, nothing truly compares to the success of BTS anymore. Not even EXO at its peak can compare to BTS who hasn’t even peaked yet. They have become a class of their own.

      • @Violet – I have to disagree with you on your NCT comment. I personally know friends who are truly NCT fans, buying concert tickets all over Japan to watch their performance and now they are touring in the US/Canada. Your “SM loyalists” theory may apply only to Korean fans but not to international fans who care nothing about whichever agency spits out these boy bands.

      • NCT is considered a failure compared to previous SM boy bands. They aren’t even a competitor to BTS or even EXO and MonstaX no matter how much SM tries to force them into the US market.

      • @V – now you are calling NCT a failure? hahaha… what are you? NCT is not meant to be a competitor to EXO. EXO is for older fans. NCT is for teenage fans. NCT still has a few more years to enjoy their fame. Obviously you belong to a different generation. Most previous SM boy bands are of military ages or even older. There is no need to compare with history, there will always be younger and newer kpop bands every year! You can hang on your memories but you cannot say the newer ones are a failure just because you don’t know or don’t like them.

      • Yup Violent and V you summarize my thoughts.
        @Melora: Yeah they are doing ok but not really successfully imo.

  2. EXO-M hasn’t operated for years lol so that’s a non-issue.
    Xiumin is my fave EXO member I’ll miss him šŸ™ Hope he has a safe and happy enlistment.

  3. It’s nice seeing news about EXO your on blog, esp. cause Xiumin is my fave member. I only got to know EXO about 1 year, so it’s kinda sad that one of them already enlist before I get the chance to see OT9 on stage. But it’s their duty to do mandatory military service and I hope he will go through it safe and well.

  4. Not into kpop but I do like BTS’ solo songs ….Serendipity expresses so well the innocence and intensity of first love. Jimin is not the greatest singer but he perfected Serendipity with sheer hard work and determination….and the amazing dance that accompanies it so passionate. Such a sexy but pure song…The song gives me the same feels of classic MJ love songs. …so much feeling. Cherub Jimin turns into a sex god when he performs the song. The mv is so beautiful too. I wish they’d do more solo songs. As an Asian , I am so proud of BTS.

  5. Iā€™m down for Exo with my favourite members being Sehun and Suho. I remember Xiumin being paired with Kim Yoo Jung a few years ago in a month video and they made such a cute couple back then. I must like Exo a lot to know all current members of my heart. Anyway good on Xiumin for being the first to enlist from the group.

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