Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Confirmed for You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea Writer’s Next Romance Drama

It’s time to rejoice or say meh depending on how you view this pairing. Top stars Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin are confirmed for the upcoming romance drama by screenwriter Park Ji Eun who wrote You From Another Star, The Producers, and Legend of the Blue Sea. The drama will film overseas on the United States as well as in South Korea, and is slated for a late second half of 2019 airing. Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin were in the news a lot the last six months after starring in thriller movie The Negotiation together and then getting swept up in multiple dating rumors including shopping for groceries together in the US. Maybe this new drama is intended for them to go public afterwards, if they are dating, and if not then a great publicity vehicle for two very charismatic people to work together again.


Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin Confirmed for You From Another Star and Legend of the Blue Sea Writer’s Next Romance Drama — 55 Comments

  1. For sure we need to rejoice! They look soooo good just standing next to each other! Chemistry is headed our way finally!

  2. I don’t trust this writer one bit still I’m in for the ride. We all know this is just so they can announce their wedding later. The wedding watch begins.

  3. SYJ finally decided to do a romcom after a long time they look great together. At this point all the knetz just want them to get married so even if this is a publicity vehicle it is probably their best career move till date.

  4. This is what a casting should look like. They found the right pair this time and can leave behind both their horrendous previous dramas.

    • Seriously I don’t even know why she is considered a star writer. Still KES has redeemed herself with Mr Sunshine so who knows this sound be her redemption drama. Most people will only be watching this for the real life chemistry between the leads.

  5. Blessed to have this casting but now I like everyone else can’t wait for the wedding announcement as well! ๐Ÿ˜€

    • HB is definitely better than that of her last drama. Better script? Have you read it yet?? This drama is not even filmed! LOL.

      • Lol you must be joking here right? He’s ugly and full of plastic surgery while she is natural. She should consider finding a natural good looking actor. Sadly pretty girl always have bad taste.

    • We don’t even know what the plot is or the name of the drama? What insider info are you getting fed do share. They both compliment each other in terms of visual and acting power.

    • Lol why so bothered about Hyun Bin looks. His ex Song Hye Kyo is way better looking and is more popular than Son Ye Jin but her fans didn’t have problems. To be honest he can do better too…so why are you so shallow. I’m not from any shipper but love him and his acting. He is by far one of the best I see except in The Negotiation with her. He failed to bring his character to life and so was Son Ye Jin. The movie is very generic and slow. I also don’t ship him with Son Ye Jin because I never like her acting. She’s very plain when delivering her performances. I don’t find her that attractive but just cute. Be more wiser please.

      • Can’t agree more. I don’t like Son Ye Jin too but love Hyun Bin and his work. I always fall asleep halfway through her dramas and films. I don’t ship them either but if he likes her than support him. Lol calling him ugly when she is not that pretty too. She only look good when there’s alot of lightning on her. I even think his co-stars Han Ji Min is way prettier than Son Ye Jin. But different people, different preference.

      • The Negotiations is a failed movie in my opinion. I don’t like the storyline and the performance from both actors. I always enjoyed Hyun Bin works but not in this film. He did no justice to his character and is very hard to watch. The film also got very bad reviews from film critics. Hope he chooses his next drama and movies wisely.

    • Wow I don’t find Son Ye Jin to be a super gorgeous woman but just pretty like every other actresses out there so why so rude? I too have never been so fond of her acting or any productions she was in. Yes true everyone has their own preference and reason to downgrade someone. I don’t ship Hyun Bin with her too but would love to see Hyun Bin again on the small screen. Love his acting and his charisma.

      • @Larana Chill girl, just saying because lately I’ve seen Son Ye Jin fan’s disrespecting other actresses in this blog about how mediocre they are in comparison to Son Ye Jin and her beauty. Now shitting on Hyun Bin too. A reminder not everyone find her a top notch and beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. It’s not a crime to state one’s opinion when Son Ye Jin fans are also rude about others acting.

  6. Song-Song started off a trend and A-listers seem eager to follow through. Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin waiting to announce their official wedding date after the drama. Next will be Gong Yoo and Jung Yumi after their 3rd movie together? We might expect two high profile weddings next year. All for it.

  7. I watched “The Negotiation” recently and very impressed by both of their performances. I don’t really like this writer’s works but the acting for sure is top notch coming from these two. Let’s see how the drama will play out. The recent two romcoms “Touch Your Heart” and “Her Private Life” were horrible.

    • Her Private Life is not so bad. PMY and KJW have excellent chemistry. Touch Your Heart was very boring. I also hope the story for SYJ and HBโ€™s drama is well written.

      • I guess it’s down to personal taste. I did give it a try because so far, I always enjoy PD Hong Jong Chan’s works. Sadly, I totally couldn’t stomach Her Private Life. Despite how much I like KJW, I must admit his acting is terrible and so as PMY. Veey caricature-like. I cringed the entire time, so I decided to drop the drama.

        It’s good that you like it though.

    • I found the negotiation meh. And I didn’t see any spark between the two leads unlike many others seem to see. I didn’t even symphatize with HyunBin’s character, when his backstory was revealed.

      I only watch YWCFTS, I stayed for the villain, without him the drama would be a snoozefest to me.

      • They didn’t share much scene together except for the last moment before he was shot dead, so can’t say much about the chemistry. The movie isn’t that good but their performances were great.

      • Same here Hyun Bin character in The Negotiations and the whole film is very bland and boring. I can’t connect to his performance to his character. This is the very first time I am disappointed in his performance.

  8. So excited for this …great pairing ..been following SYJ for a long long time anything she will do i will watch she a great actress…love her. Oh and i think they are dating cheers to them..i hear wedding bells ๐Ÿ’‘

  9. Celebration time to see these top actors in a romance drama. Love their chemistry in real life and canโ€™t wait to see them in the romance drama

      • No No .. I mean poor Hyun Bin for getting to act with SYJ again, if ever it happen. Their chemistry in Negotiation was non existence. Peace.. Don’t be mad. Chill.

    • Seeing this writer’s pattern the odds are he won’t just be rich but some sort of immortal creature who is also a chaebol. My guess is either a vampire or some sort of magical wizard from folklore. It could also be a timeslip drama then he might be a yangban from joseon if not a crown prince.

  10. What a life! Date and work together hahaha.
    Same with Kim Nam Gil the last time.
    Hope it works this time with Hyun Bin.
    All the best Son Ye Jin.

  11. Story and script is what will make or break this drama as you have 2 top notch actors so nothing can go wrong. Also I hope they donโ€™t hype it up and then it fizzles out with the ratings. Iโ€™m over all the hype and excitement for dramas with leads then we as the audience are left extremely frustrated and annoyed with the outcome. Hope HB is a vampire as someone mentioned.

  12. Bof ( french meh) , as all the big projects were disapointing. I dropped DOTS, Goblin, The legend of the blue sea, Man from the stars , Memories of A.., Encounter,… So i’ll wait and see. Recently i tend to like “the outsiders” … and it’s boring to see this kind of dramas only recruiting the “top actors” .

    • What are top actors suppossed to do then? Retire? They worked harder than all those mediocre actors that you like who don’t have a single success to their credit to land these big budget projects. Anything they do will be hype. Their salaries alone will be 70% of the budget. Hard work pays off so go tell your not outstanding biases to work harder in their career.

      • Since when top actors are the best ? the others are mediocre ! So i suppose that a lot of actors who won La palme d’or de Cannes are mediocre as they aren’t POPULAR or top actors ! All the cast of Sky castle, Live, … are mediocre because they don’t work enough, but Hyun Bin and Son Ye JIN are better because they take 70% of the budget. So NORA ROBERTS or ANNA TODD are the best writers because they win a lot and DoRIS Lessing is mediocre as she ‘isn’t known and don’t publish 10 books per year and is only a winner of Nobel prize ?

      • Thanks God, Marvel didn’t think as you when they hire 10 years ago Robert Downey JR , or actors as Mark Ruffalo … They did a great job without being top stars then ! My meaning is that everyone should have the opportunity to work in great projects and not always the same .

    • I agree. I hope lesser known actors/actresses get the same opportunity. I tend to like lesser known actors who shows awesome acting skill and dominate the screen even with less screentime. I didn’t really like You Who Came From The Stars, Memories of the Alhambra. I didn’t even watch DoTS, Legend of the Blue Sea, Heirs, Encounter. I did like Goblin though.

      I think the best example of giving opportunity to less popular actors is the Reply series. The Reply series casted lesser known actors and their fame catapulted to new heights after the drama.

      • Problem is, no producer is willing to spend 20 to 40billion on them, reality bites, der are some projects that can easilly find investor just by mentioning that said actors or actresses confirm

      • You have a point @ma.llyanne, but recently some “Under projects” put down the great ones . A good exemple is Sky Castle vs Encounter or MOA . Game of thrones is a good exemple , at the beginning the actors were casi unknown…

      • Sky Castle is a good example but good scripts like it are also rare.
        Recently there is a drama thats tackling the same issue but its not doing as well as Sky Castle, even though the acting is top-notch.
        Meanwhile top actors pretty much guarantee ratings everytime they star in a new project, even though they arent the best in acting. Moa and Encounter are dramas with so-so scripts but got semi-high ratings due to the cast. Thats star power for you.

        Its people’s nature to support the underdogs, I suppose. But the market will always cater to the ones who can guarantee commercial profit.

      • @cahill the nxt impt thing for the cast of skycastle is to have another successful drama for them to be given the lead,most top actors started minor role,unlike some idol turn actors who immediately become lead, most started fr the bottom and it takes years for them to be in that situation where just der name alone can attract investors

      • i can’t say otherwise @ma.llyanne as i still remember the debut of Hyun Bin and Son Ye JIN ,is just that sometimes seeing new faces it’s refreshing.
        @Anna,you have a point but a lot of big names failed Lee JUng JAE ( TRIPLE 2009) Ha ji won ( the time we weren’t in live 2015), Song HYe Kyo and Hyun BIN ( worlds within 2008 even if perso i like this drama),…just to name a few ones… so perhaps time is up for a little change !

      • Times wont change because if its other actors than leading those dramas you mentioned, it would flop even harder. Just gotta face reality.

  13. I love the actors they are both excellent in their craft so what’s the problem people.Seeing both Superstars in one drama is a blessing specially to those who supported them

  14. I am not very familiar with the Korean entertainment industry, but why do people always want or assume the leads will get together off screen? Firstly, characters in every show need to have chemistry. That is a key skill any actor needs to have, i.e to create great chemistry in the character he or she portrays and bring out all the qualities one need to have to fit the character in any show. If the acting crew can’t even do the basics then clearly they are not talented to act.

    Why do we have to expect HB and HJW to be getting married after this production? Really, they got together just by filming in one movie? Geez, these people fall in love so easily? And to think they purposely arrange to act again in a drama so that they can announce their relationship, or better still, their wedding? What if the drama flopped and they are criticized for not having good chemistry? Then they will not announce their relationship?

    Lastly, I remember someone said SYJ is likely not interested in men?

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