Ahn Hyo Seob and Park Bo Young Battle Evil Forces and Resurrection Hijinks in Long Preview for tvN Drama Abyss

The mysterious resurrecting Abyss is coming this Saturday and there is plenty of reasons to check it out. First being leads Park Bo Young and Ahn Hyo Seob who together quadruple the cute charm factor with their similar vibe charisma. Then there is the cameo by Jung So Min and Seo In Guk who are nothing like their roles in the dark dark Hundred Million Stars Falling From the Sky, and guest starring roles with Kim Sa Rang and Ahn Se Ha as the pre-Abyssian resurrected versions of the leads. There’s also a murder mystery and continuous danger the leads have to overcome so the thriller element will definitely fill out the plot beyond just two people living in different bodies now. Ahn Hyo Seob and Park Bo Young were such a visual complement at the press conference, him all tall and boyish in all black while she was a petite confection in all white. So excited to have another drama to watch on weekends!

Long 6-minute preview for Abyss:


Ahn Hyo Seob and Park Bo Young Battle Evil Forces and Resurrection Hijinks in Long Preview for tvN Drama Abyss — 4 Comments

  1. Check out the heels PBY is wearing to give her more height against AHS cos if she has to remove them she’ll be up to his hip. Ok I’m just joking but they do look cute together. Not overly fussed or keen to watch Abyss but will follow any posts for updates. Another ubiquitous white boring dress worn by PBY. I can’t recall her in any other colour.

  2. I am also really excited about this show, it looks very promising. However it’s slated for the Monday-Tuesday slot so you will have to wait 3 more days for the premier 😛 If anyone need a weekend drama to follow I strongly recommend Beautiful World, it’s my one true kdrama crack atm. It’s an amazing show, so dark and painful and yet beautiful. It’s filled with intriguing and flawed characters that literally depicts the best and worst of humanity and doesn’t shy away, it tackles a difficult subject like Sky Castle but is more low key and introspective than that show and actually has more of a My Ahjusshi vibe. Almost every episode has left me in tears and it’s a show that really moves the viewer and I think a lot about it when waiting for new episode. It’s my favorite drama of this year for sure and or at the very least it will definitely be among the top 3.

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