Lee Seung Gi Shares New BTS Stills from SBS Fall 2019 Drama Vagabond

The wandering Vagabond will have to wait a few more months before coming home to the viewers on the small screen. SBS delayed the May 2019 premiere of the thriller action drama so that it could simulcast on Netflix which had scheduled it for the fall. The pre-produced drama has finished all filming but a few months couldn’t hurt to get the post-production work top notch. I still remember the embarrassing CGI snafus in Lee Seung Gi‘s past drama Hwayugi (A Korean Odyssey). This time he can rest easy and just wait and see if audiences flock to the drama as he hoped they would when he picked the project. I think they will, he’s grown so much as an actor and continues to challenge himself, this role of an action stunt actor working to unearth the conspiracy around a plane crash that kills his beloved family member. I’m already rooting for him to kick all the baddies six ways to Sunday, who dares to my baby boy Seung Gi and make him angsty.


Lee Seung Gi Shares New BTS Stills from SBS Fall 2019 Drama Vagabond — 4 Comments

  1. I thought it was lee jun ki from side profile. lmao
    I dunno anything about this drama but i’ll be looking forward to it.

  2. Looking at how hardworking he is, and all the passion that he put into this drama, it becomes the main reason why I choose to watch this drama.

  3. I read filming will end at the end of May. Vagabond is taking its own sweet time to film. It better be good. Good and epic!

    I’ll tune in. I wanna see the end product of a nearly 1 year filming process. And also there’s SSR. Tuning in mainly for him at first. Hahaha

  4. Seung Gi looks hot and very authentic in these stills. If these stills are anything to go by then I’m looking forward to watching this drama. I can’t wait!!!

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