Joo Jin Mo Marries Celebrity Doctor Fiancee in Seoul Wedding

June 2019 kicks off in K-ent with a wedding of a top actor, with leading man Joo Jin Mo tying the knot at the age of 44 years old. He married a celebrity doctor Min Hye Yeon who is ten years younger and famous in her own right for being considered very pretty for a real life medical doctor and also been on medical programs as a commentator. The two have been publicly dating since confirming their relationship last year and clearly they wouldn’t have gone public if it wasn’t serious. Joo Jin Mo is nearly twenty years in the industry with an establishing acting portfolio under his belt but IMO not yet one truly defining role. Wishing this couple a happy marriage and hopefully greater success in the professional lives with each other as support.


Joo Jin Mo Marries Celebrity Doctor Fiancee in Seoul Wedding — 10 Comments

  1. Famous for being pretty for a doctor…After all that grueling work she did to become a doctor, she’s known for being attractive, well there you go.

    Congrats to them, I’ve always liked JJM, he seems down to earth and sensible and looks like he took his time to find the right woman.

  2. LOL : Famous for being pretty for a doctor”

    Somehow, somewhere … 1) he reminds me of Andy Lay Tak-wah + 2) I had always thought Joo Jin-mo to be gay. And this was before A Frozen Flower.

  3. Im very happy for both of them and wish them lots of luck and happiness. I saw the wedding pictures and they looked so Beautiful and happy ❤️

  4. Jo jin mo is my favorite Korean actor. I just can’t get enough of his movies and tv series. Wow,they look good together. Hopefully they will soon have kids.
    Wishing you both the best. From Los Angeles California

  5. He is my favorite actor period, Congratuluation JJM and his wife. I love him in Empress Ki made me feel like he is a real person in that character and since then watched all his movie except A love could not find anywhere. They do have the same nose. He is perfect in acting, look, charismatic, voice and body.

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