Yeo Jin Gu, IU, and P.O. Welcome the Undead in 3rd Teaser for Hotel Del Luna

Summer is travel season and also the 7th month of the year is known as ghost month in certain Asian cultures so the arrival of tvN supernatural drama Hotel Del Luna feels especially timely. It takes over from the first season of Arthdal Chronicles in a few weeks and the production released a third teaser today that’s so perfectly moody. Hotel management IU, Yeo Jin Gu, and even bellboy P.O. welcome their ghostly and ghastly guests to the titular hotel for the spirits and the mood is very Haunted Mansion crossed with TWICE‘s “TT” video, but with enough tweaks to make it feel different. Love it!

3rd teaser for Hotel Del Luna:


Yeo Jin Gu, IU, and P.O. Welcome the Undead in 3rd Teaser for Hotel Del Luna — 47 Comments

  1. IU is beautiful in these teasers but YJG in office worker attire is major suspension of disbelief. They should have had Joo Won for the lead here.

    • I don’t understand why he doesn’t stick to playing characters his own age. These roles don’t suit him and he doesn’t have the ability to overcome bad writing nor can he create any chemistry. If they wanted a younger actor then NJH or JKY are excellent choices.

  2. I don’t understand why anyone would doubt Yeo Jin Goo. Yes, he is young but the boy is supremely talented. Not undermining IU’s talent but she only redeemed herself thru My Ajusshi. She can act if directed well. But YJG is a seasoned actor. His experience way surpassed IU’s. I am sure he will do well. It’s just a matter if the writing will do him justice and ofc, the chemistry between the leads.

    • IU did very well in her recent short film series Netflix ‘Persona’ as well. She played several different roles there and pulled them off wonderfully. I think she’s found her mojo/has gained a lot more confidence in herself that she lacked prior to My Mister, and I’m here for it!

      I also don’t know why some people are worried about YJG. He’s been acting for like 15 years lol and has proven himself many times. Maybe his young age? For me he looks years older, so I don’t see the problem.

    • Just because he has been acting for 15 years doesn’t automatically make him more experienced than IU. She is better at playing complex adult characters he not so much. His romance acting is especially bad and had been for the last many dramas. The only time he acts well is when he does historical dramas but his acting in modern romance dramas has been especially poor and his kissing skills have also been very bad. IU excels more than him in acting and chemistry so if anyone can save this drama it will be IU.

      • OMG, I can’t believe what I’m seeing. Just because you stan IU doesn’t mean that it’s ok to walk all over Yeo Jin Gu. Yes, acting for 15 years does make him more experienced than IU, period. I think you meant it doesn’t make him a better actor. This I also don’t agree with. I know he is a consistent actor, she not so much – I’m still waiting for her to impress me because if I see her with other, more exoerienced actors, all I worry about is that she will stick out to much in terms of skill and ruin the scene.

        All I can say is that YJG is probably better suited for film than modern drama and yes, he’s very good at playing complex adult characters. If the criteria for good actor is kissing skills then I guess I know why so many poor actors in Korea can still find a job. It’s a shame that being young limits the projects he can participate in but I;m anticipating this drama.

    • I would doubt him too. His actions is very immature as if he is still doing child actor roles. He hasn’t transitioned at all into playing older characters and he keeps choosing the wrong roles. His acting is starting to stagnant. He would stay away from rom-coms because he doesn’t have the skills to make chemistry with his female lead nor does her have any star power. The ratings for AB just hit 1% which is very very poor.

      • Oh yeah… Just to remind you “Pretty Man” also did very poorly in rating and guess who’s the lead actress?

        It’s fine if you wish to stan IU but there is no need to undermine YJG when his acting talent is proven.

      • @ Alexa: it’s nice to know that I’m not the only one with this kind of logic on this site anymore. It was a little scary here for a second.

      • Alexa and Smogie you both are mistaken. His talent is proven only as a child actor but adult roles are a completely different ball game. He hasn’t been able to prove himself over there despite all the dramas he’s done as an adult.

      • @MistyEye – have you watched The Crowned Clown? I don’t think those two roles that he was in were meant to be for “child actors”. DUH!! SMH on how delulu you are.

  3. IU is the star of this drama anyways so it doesn’t matter what nugu male actor they hire. She was offered the drama first so the plot is going to revolve around her and be hard carried by her so who cares.

    • LOL, normally I’m above this but who cares. Ok, so you like IU and for you she’s the best and whatever. And she was offered the role first, so OF COURSE she’s the star and whatever. But he is NOT a NUGU. And hopefully noone will have to hard carry anything. If you’d like to insult him to make yourself feel better then just go listen to some more kpop.

      I’m not even a big fan or anything but I just can’t understand what’s going on with all these mean comments about him.

    • @dramafan you’re so right it doesn’t matter who the lead actor is because the plot is about IU and her hotel. I’m excited to watch this drama for her we all know she will excel and win many awards. Its finally the era where male actors are less important than female actors.

  4. IU is crazy pretty! I bet almost everyone is going to watch this drama for her! All the comments from knetz are about IU! Ratings queen is coming!

  5. I know hes just there for comedic purposed but I might just end up shipping IU with PO. Same age couples are the best and hes a fanboy.

  6. Wow. what’s with all these comments praising IU to the moon and undermining YJG. Such pathetic delulus. I like IU but YJG is also excellent. Is HDL a rom-com? Will he need to kiss a GHOST? Chill. I can name a few trending actors/actresses who suck badly in kissing. LOL. You can watch this drama just for IU, but in the end, the writers control the rating – don’t forget it’s penned by the Hong sisters. I don’t have trust in them.

    • I don’t think they are undermining YJG acting as a whole, rather his weakest part only. Every actor/actress has their strong and bad point in acting. If you look at YJG whole filmography that he did good, his strong point is complex characters and historical drama( Circle,Warrior Baek Dong Soo,Moon Embrace Sun) while Rom Com is his weak spot( Orange Marmalade, Absolute Boyfriend, Reunited World).

      IU on the other hand is bad on cute and lovely character (Bel Ami, 1st half of Scarlet Heart) but good in complex and vulnerable roles (My Ahjsshi, 2nd half of Scarlet Heart, Producer). Based on the drama synopsis, i guess that is why they think IU will did better than YJG. Also, most of the kid actor seem not able to find a footing yet now except a certain few like Sae Rom and Hyang Gi. However, they is most acting in movie.

      • YJG is too young for this role. he even look like playing with his paper in that trailer. But let’s wait until this drama air

    • When it comes to adult roles IU is much better than YJG and that can’t be denied. He has a lot of flaws in doing romance dramas and should steer clear from them till he is older and more experienced. He has completely failed to create a good romance in all his dramas which revolve around that theme and yes this is a Hong Sisters drama forget about kissing a ghost there might even be a bed scene for all we know. Both of which he is incapable of doing.

      • He has kiss scenes in The CC and he did ok there. Bed scene with a Ghost will be fun. Maybe IU will be on top of him (in bed) now that everyone is still calling him a child. hahaha…

      • and for your record, IU in MA has absolutely ZERO kissing scene while everyone is praising how well she can adapt to romance dramas. Geez! Unbelievable trash talks here!! Over 18 is called an ADULT no matter you like it or not.

  7. I have to agree with most of the commenters, YJG, an extremely talented child actor, has not successfully transitioned into adult roles. His choice of roles does him little justice, his strong points are Saguek roles – so the Prince and the Clown was one post-adult work that did his acting skills a lot of justice. The other was Circle, which was more Sci-fi than rom-com and to be honest, An Woo Yeon and Kim Kang Woo did stole his thunder on that drama. Other than that, all his other adult roles have been flat and tired; and the dramas relatively mediocre. It’s unfortunate, but his reputation is taking a beating because of his recent work. IU, on the other hand shines very well in adult and complex roles, and has a good eye for projects. My Ahjusshi, The Producers, Scarlet Heart Gyeo were dramas that caught the public eye for various reasons. So it’s not surprising that the audience anticipates an intruiging performance from her and a questionable one from him.

    • Exactly my thoughts. I’ve been reading the comments here but you aptly voiced what is true. Yes he excels in certain roles which is basically sageuk but that is because he has had an extensive experience of it for almost 15 years so he should be good at it by this point. However even within his sageuk roles his romantic acting has always been lacking which is why he has always only done serious sageuk which is his comfort zone. His choice of dramas has always been very poor and romcom doesn’t work for him yet. For this particular drama IU has all the right makings for the female lead but he has to prove he is up to her calibre because she excels at making chemistry with her male leads. He hasn’t been able to do that till date.

      • Question… Was there any mentioning that he will romance her in this drama? It seems so many of you are so concerned that YJG is not a good kisser and cannot romance.

        And apart from Lee Seon Kyun, she had zero chemistry with the rest of her male leads.

      • @alexa , iu had 0 chemistry with her male leads? Tell that stargazers who follows iu and lee jun gi till this day. Or to milky couple fans from dream high. Heck even in producers she had better chemistry with ksh than ghj! The only drama in which she lacked chemistry was bel ami.

      • @Alexa yes it was mentioned that this is a fantasy romance drama between the hotel owner and the new manager. You haven’t even read the synopsis but you pretend to know. He is not capable of romancing someone like IU when he even failed to romance Seolhyun who is almost the same age as him. He can do intense serious characters exceptionally but not romantic characters. His acting is good but extremely limited.

      • @Alexa – Kissing scenes are really the least of concerns when viewing romantic chemistry. A couple can have zero kissing scenes on screen but have this “sexual tension” or “romantic attraction” between them onscreen that will keep the viewers vested and rooting for them. Another couple will have all the kissing scenes in the world with no romantic tension. Take My Ajusshi for instance – how many kissing scenes did IU have with Lee Sun Kyun? Practically minimal, but you could feel the tension between them. Or by Woo Do Hwan and Ryu Hwayoung in Mad Dog – no kissing scenes whatsoever but their romantic attraction was smoking hot. Take another drama, like Touch Your Heart, which personally, I didn’t feel the connection between either Yoo In Na or Lee Dong Wook, but I’m sure there were kissing scenes aplenty in that drama. Romantic chemistry can be seen by one viewer as sizzling hot, and by another as quite tepid. However when a majority of viewers agree that a couple has romantic chemistry – then it’s a fact that the actor & actress are able to generate it; and when majority of viewers agree that a certain actor cannot create that romantic tension with his co-stars in multiple dramas, then there’s little room for debate in that instance.

      • @Alexa Look I know you want o defend YJG (and rightfully so since some of the comments towards him are quite harsh), but acting like IU is some terrible actress with zero chemistry between her and all her male leads apart from LSG is laughable. You’re no better than the “delulu fans” you criticizing.
        You act like Milky Couple (a supporting couple) didn’t carry the romance of that show not to mention her and Kim Soo Hyun/Lee Jun Ki still have avid drama shippers until this day. There’s a reason for that, but i guess the many who love them are all “delusional” since there’s “zero chemistry,” am I right?

    • The comment that really bugged me is how these delulu fans feel that IU will be the one hard-carrying this drama.

      And praising IU for being better in adult roles than YJG.

      Let me refresh on her track record. Other than MA and Producer, she was terrible in the rest. Not to mention how sge partly destroyed Moon Lovers. So, if you compare by ratio, she’s not any better. And tbh, she only excelled in the same roles (the quiet, haughty kind). Put her in other role (the chirpy kind for example), she fell flat. Her roles in MA and Producer are her comfort zone much like how they pointed sageuk being YJG’s comfort zone.

      And is Hotel De Luna mentioned complexity or serious kind of theme? NO. It’s more twds light-hearted as always coming from Hong Sisters and that is neither IU’s nor YJG’s comfort zone. They are on equal footing at least for now.

      • Totally agree. Hong sisters cannot not write complex dramas. Let’s wait for a preschool story with merry go round. LOL.

      • I guess you haven’t watched IU’s short movie Persona where she portrayed 4 different roles. Before this movie come out, I thought her acting is really good because she got a good director and writer, but I guess she’s really improving after I watched Persona. In that movie, she acted as 4 different person which are really different in personality and background and not near in her comfort zone, especially for “Collector” segment when she acted with Park Hae Soo. You better watched it then you can judge her acting later.

      • She only did terrible in Bel Ami and the 1st half of Scarlet Heart. That is the only drama she receive criticism. She did ok in Lee Soon Shin, great in Dream High, Producer,2nd half of Scarlet Heart, My Ahjusshi and Persona. So based on ratio, she is only terrible in 1 1/2 drama only. A great track record.

        It is light hearted fantasy ROMANCE drama which is YJG weakness. IU so far excel all her romance story except Bel Ami.

  8. Can y’all chill. Both YJG and IU are great, and it’s not them we should be worried about. Let’s hope the Hong Sisters got a bit of their mojo back because their last two dramas were a hot mess.

  9. You’re all basically saying the same thing about the hong sisters they have the worst scripts so the acting of the leads is what will set the tone of the drama not the plot. The fact that these 2 people are not matched in for creating good chemistry is the problem. They will act their individual characters well with iu being better to act adult roles than jingu but together there won’t be able to make chemistry romantic or otherwise because he is too young with zero romance experience and she can’t generate chemistry on her own. I don’t see any sexual tension from them with or without kiss scenes which means the only reason to watch the drama is visuals.

    • didn’t people say the same about NJH and HJM before Dazzling was aired? Look at what happened after… Disagree with you that “the acting set the tone of the drama not the plot”. Take Hwayugi as an example, it was a big mess with less than 6% rating overall. Acting could not save anything. What tone in Hwayugi did you see?

  10. I feel like you just proved OP point. Hwayugi the leads were mismatched and had bad chemistry which was not helped by the extremely poor writing which explains the poor ratings for the drama. Dazzling had brilliant writing which helped develop the plot which developed the chemistry between the leads despite their age gap. When the writing is poor and the leads have no romantic chemistry then the drama will be a flop which will be the case here because we all know how bad the hong sisters are and how bad yeo jingoo is at chemistry. The only reason people will tune in initially is for iu after that it will depend on chemistry not acting.

  11. Hong sisters can’t write and the little boy pretending to be a man doesn’t know romance so what romcom can he do. They needed to cast someone older more suitable for IU.

  12. Whoa! You guys… why should it be HIM vs HER??? Aren’t they in the same drama?? I am sooo looking forward to HDL and i was actually reserving all my (good)comments after it starts airing.. and now i see comments like ‘it needs saving’ and that ‘this person will have to save it’… if i may, i trust these actors enough to expect a nice outcome that doesn’t need saving. I totally agree, JinGoo’s acting experience cannot be undermined. Afterall, experience is indeed the best teacher. If he isn’t as good in romantic roles yet, well he’s doing the right thing isn’t he? He’s an actor so he has to try different roles, if he didn’t then people might start complaining that he has to go try other roles.. IU, on the otherhand, has found footing in this side of the industry and shouldn’t be taken lightly as well. I believe both actors have proven themselves one way or another.. who says they should compete with each other just because they’re working together? I suggest let’s start supporting them both than being so negative about everything.. if u support one, then give her/him all the praises without shortchanging the other one. What’s the point of arguing over something that is completely unnecessary? It’s not like you’re earning something out of badmouthing one of them right?

    • Nothing you say changes the fact that he isn’t fit to be cast in this drama and potentially will ruin the drama for everyone who actually wants to watch it. Make a statement about miscasting is completely valid since the trailers are proving how young and inexperience he looks. There were better actors to cast who would actually match IU but they went with the worst option who is not a visual fit for her at all. She looks like she owns her character he looks like he is cos playing in his dad’s clothes.

      • You know what.. NOTHING that ANYONE will and can say will ever convince you otherwise because you have clearly closed your mind to one thing, and that’s fine. But whatever and no matter how long our discussions may go it also changes nothing about the casting, right? It’ll stay the same.. they will go on filming and you may hate it all you want and pour all the your bitterness here but guess what? They’re (STILL) all going to be doing what they do best.. and that’s to deliver HDL to us who are eagerly waiting?? so it’s up to you, watch IU parts i guess, then change channels when Jingoo’s face is on, maybe? That’ll be tiring, though.. cover one part of the screen? ? just remember, hating on someone this much, it’s like drinking your own poison and hoping the other person dies..

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