C-netizens Deem Top Actress Shu Qi Frumpy in Her Two Outfits at the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival

It’s a rare miss for top TW-actress Shu Qi, or is it? I’m curious what my fellow fans here think, but the C-netizens are having none of what Shu Qi is wearing at this weekend’s 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival red carpets. She donned a pants suit with a far out leather and beaded 80’s style cropped members jacket, pleated pants with a short hem, and ankle top Doc Martens. Her second outfit was a dress but it was a pink glittery frock with a flouncy tulip sleeve and two layer skirt with a belt. I…..like the color of the dress? The dusty rose is lovely though it doesn’t go well with the reddish-orange red carpet and backdrop is all. I don’t think she looks frumpy because which Chinese Da Ma (auntie) would even think to wear either outfit, but it definitely nets her more buzz and coverage on the red carpet.


C-netizens Deem Top Actress Shu Qi Frumpy in Her Two Outfits at the 2019 Shanghai International Film Festival — 10 Comments

  1. I love her pink dress outfit. It goes well with her hairstyle too. But the pants outfit is fugly as heck n her hairstyle just made it worse.

  2. The second pink dress was ok. Too girly for her but still ok. But the pants and the boots… Made her look like a mash up version of a clown and a witch. And yes, she is in badly need of a haircut.

    Guess some stars are too over confident with their appearance that they forget to check their looks in the mirror before stepping out the door.

  3. Nah she is intentionally trying to do the retro 90’s styling. While both outfits are a no for me, I don’t think they are frumpy. Still, I think she looks fabulous – I like her hair. It is nice to see some C-ent actress dress uniquely instead of the typical looks. So SQ!

  4. Plus points for Shu Qi wearing flat boots at the red carpet event. As to the styling, I don’t think she cares too much at her age and stage of career. She seems less thin which is good and what a shame she and Zhao Wei isn’t participating in this year’s Chinese Restaurant.

  5. The Pink is awful. Fussy, Frilly, and Disney Princess.

    Not in love with the Black outfit, but it’s more interesting and funky. Yes to Dr Marts with it.

  6. Neither outfit is conventionally pretty but for some reason I think she’s quirky and confident enough to pull them off.

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