Shu Qi Shares Lunar New Year Greetings and Gets Criticism from C-netizens for Her Less Than Perfectly Dyed and Coiffed Hair

Dang, aging is hard enough but aging gracefully and still getting netizen dings is just such a downer. Last weekend was lunar new year 2022 (happy year of the rabbit everyone!) and with it the obligatory greeting pictures from all over Asian stars from all the countries that celebrate it. Nothing to write about but TW-actress Shu Qi who has been not very active in recent years posted a picture with herself and also with her husband director Stephen Fung sending greetings to fans. I thought seeing the low key couple together happily sharing greetings was a lovely thing but then netizens gone ruin it by poking fun at Shu Qi’s frizzy hair that had noticeable white strands sprinkled through. You know, normal for a 46 year old and maybe she was not particularly in a rush to go to her hair stylist. Anyways, she looks great and love the casual normalcy of her confidence in sharing pictures that are not perfectly posed.

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C-ent’s Salary Cap Goes into Effect and Top Stars Zhao Wei and Shu Qi Return Majority of Paid Salary for Hit Show Chinese Restaurant

The second part of the Chinese government crack down on celebrity earnings is now in effect. The first part was investigation and self-reporting of tax evasion with the biggest scapegoat being top actress Fan Bing Bing, you fly the highest … Continue reading

Wallace Huo and Ruby Lin Tie the Knot in Romantic Bali Destination Wedding

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Taiwan and Chinese Top Actresses Aging Beautifully with Success and Happiness Under their Belts

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The Assassin Leads the Big Win at the 52nd Annual Golden Horse Awards

The glitz and glamour of big film awards didn’t just descend in Seoul this weekend for the Grand Bell Awards, down South a few hours Taipei hosted the 52nd annual Golden Horse Awards, the most prestigious film awards in Chinese-language … Continue reading