Train to Busan Sequel Peninsula Casts Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun

Zombie thriller flick Train to Busan was the highest grossing Korean movie at the box office in 2016 and for good reason. I’ve watched it multiple times and it’s still thrilling, a movie that builds the tension and keeps your attention by caring about the characters. A sequel has been in discussion which makes sense from a box office perspective and also because Train to Busan was technically a sequel to the animated zombie film Seoul Station, so a follow up movie would make it a trilogy. The Train sequel is called Peninsula, obviously referring to the Korean Peninsula of North and South Korea, so obviously the zombie infection has spread and the teaser poster above shows the devastation as the survivors wander a wasteland. Peninsula has secured top male actor Kang Dong Won and movie actress Lee Jung Hyun in the lead roles, bringing the onscreen charisma and action scene mojos to their roles. Can’t wait!

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Train to Busan Sequel Peninsula Casts Kang Dong Won and Lee Jung Hyun — 6 Comments

  1. I’m so excited for this! It’s too bad we won’t be seeing Gong Yoo in this. I hope they bring Jung Yumi back at least.

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