Kim Woo Bin Turns 30 and Poses with Doctor

K-actor Kim Woo Bin turned 30 years old (31 in Korean age) last week on July 16th and it wasn’t a big media deal since he’s still on entertainment hiatus from medical recovery with cancer. It’s been two years since and this year has been rumors of his comeback a few times but nothing confirmed. A new picture was shared on SNS this week showing Kim Woo Bin posing with a doctor and netizens assume it’s his oncology doctor and the thumbs up a very positive confirmation that he’s all recovered. I sure hope so, I really can’t wait for this talented actor’s comeback to get his career back on track.


Kim Woo Bin Turns 30 and Poses with Doctor — 3 Comments

  1. So good to see him smiling. He is in my prayers too. He is such a gifted actor and seems like such a nice person. Look forward to seeing him in a drama when he feels up to it.

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