Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun Have Different Views on the Impending Divorce

From someone who has lived through this, I would advise Gu Hye Sun to do everything she can to make the impending divorce with husband Ahn Jae Hyun as non-contentious as possible rather than fighting against the tide. This is why divorces in most countries are no-fault because once someone doesn’t want to be married there is no way to keep that person in a personal relationship. Gu Hye Sun announced to the world yesterday that Ahn Jae Hyun wants a divorce and she wants to keep the marriage together, and that’s where the water is already splashed out the front door and there is no way to retrieve all the droplets to put back into the bucket as the Chinese saying goings.

Once personal lives are revealed to outsiders, whether family and friends or for celebs made public, then it makes any reconciliation exponentially harder already. I get Gu Hye Sun not wanting a divorce, though their mutual agency says her side has drawn up papers but she counters that she drew up papers because she was angry at Ahn Jae Hyun bad mouthing her but she doesn’t agree to the divorce (yet) and nothing has been signed. She moved agencies only three months ago to join his agency BH Entertainment and now word is the agency wants to dump her/she wants to quit and their marriage deteriorated fast after she joined the same agency. So sad for these two, sigh.


Gu Hye Sun and Ahn Jae Hyun Have Different Views on the Impending Divorce — 31 Comments

  1. Whatever the real reason for the divorce, be it boredom like Gu Hye Sun says or some other factor, I don’t get why she had to air their dirty laundry in public. I’m sure she’s hurt and feels betrayed, but posting private text messages seems petty. I guess she is trying to get public sympathy on her side.

    • I had a friend and neighbor go through something very similar a few years ago. The devastation is real and the only thing that kept her taking the high road was her children. GHS is devastated, angry, resentful and stressed about her mom. Yeah, I think she doesn’t want him to pull the “mutually agree to divorce” card and is making the mistake of doing a bit of scorched earth. My neighbor would still break down in tears 18 months post-separation. Not everyone can pull off Coldplay/Paltrow uncoupling schtick.

    • It’s not petty. It’s strategic since she needed to protect herself knowing that agency fully supports Ahn Jae Hyun. South Korea is harsher on women than on men

      • I hope the Agency lets her go and they proceed with a more amicable divorce. Dating is definitely going to be more difficult for her now. Idc if you are a family member, as soon as you post screen shots of a private message online I’ll be very reluctant to text you. Even if the message you screen shot aren’t mine.

      • This is exactly how I took it. She wasn’t nasty or petty, just honest. I think she just wanted to speak her truth and protect herself before all the vultures swarmed in. I don’t fault her. I don’t even see it as her making things hard. Looks like she’s going to give him the divorce because he doesn’t want to stay, but she just wanted to “clear her throat” as they say.

  2. I find it so odd that she would move to his agency if she knew they were having marital troubles to this level. I hope she has a friend or two to have her back since her guy is out the door and her mom is ill. But, yeah, once you’ve spilled tea like this it’s hard to fix what was already fractured.

    Having said that whatever happened to that director having the affair with the actress and whose wife refuses to divorce him? I mean obviously, he hasn’t been successful in getting his divorce. Just curious.

  3. I feel for her big time, rejection hurts especially when it is coming from someone whom you thought you would spend the rest of your life with

  4. She had to since the agency is siding with Ahn Jae Hyun (the CEO that her husband complaints to about GHS, mind you, is a woman) It’s obvious that Goo Hye Sun was being forced to agree on something she doesn’t want to agree to. Now that she doesn’t have an agency to support her, she needs to rely on other ways. Considering Ahn Jae Hyun doesn’t even have the guts to talk to her parents, he most likely has done something grave to not be able to face them. This is very important for Asians. In many people’s eyes, he’s hiding behind his agency and he’s not acting like a respectable man.

  5. I feel sorry for her. She wants to give the marriage a chance but AJH obviously already have both feet out the door.

    Even then, I still don’t agree with her making a spectacle out of their divorce. The one who is going to hurt more out of this is her. And making this public in no way is protecting her mom, in fact making it more hurtful for her.

    But then, I can understand why she did this. The agency is siding her ex, so her only means to not suffer the loss alone is to bring him down thru the only medium she knows possible – social media and let the public judge him as well.

    Really heartbreaking that their split could turn to be this ugly.

  6. She still doesn’t want to sign the paper but trashed him in the internet?

    She sounds like hong sang soo’s wife.

    I have this weird feeling when one side is suddenly attacking and control the narrative before the other party said their statement.

  7. I think her action was very strange. She doesnt want a divorce but trashtalked him on sns ?? For whatever reason that wont help her as someone who want to save her marriage. This was petty move
    And, girl if he doesnt love you anymore just leave him. It will hurt you for a while but everything will be ok. Dragging this out will hurt you more.

    • Again, not petty. Her agency and AHJ are in cahoots to leave her with nothing. Without an agency to support her, she has to protect herself and air her side. She has not agreed to their terms but the agency wants it done their way more for AHJ career than hers. This something any adult who has dealt with business politics will understand.

      • any adult use lawyer to settle down problem like that. not sns. look at SHK, those netizen maybe hate her but her career still intact after divorce. SJK, not so much. Babbling about private matter on public, never a good thing. You may win public opinion for a while but thats it.

  8. Her problem is not the divorce but agency….AJH and her agency CEO were trying to screw her over….somebody from inside told her that….she panicked and made a scene over SNS which was not the smartest way to deal with it…I can’t blame her….women get more hate for divorce compared to men and her agency pretty much has decided to kick her out as AJH is more profitable now…bottom line…don’t follow your husband’s lead to his workplace…professional life should be seperate from personal life…I hope she gets the best divorce lawyer she can find now…the guy is not worth it…he really isn’t…add to that he used to be best friends with that trash Jung Joon Young

  9. If she had an issue with her agency, she should have taken a lawyer and let her/him make a statment. But releasing personnal conversations, it’s really not a good move. Now she looks like a crazy and bitter wife…

    • damn, i’d be the most bitter i’d ever be if that happened to me. imagine living in rainbows and bunnies just 3 months ago (hence she moved to his agency) then suddenly the husband is like nope, dont love you anymore. you deal with your family, i just need you sign here (divorce paper). like the time and effort she put in to have their marriage and relationship going is nothing. i’d find the pettiest reason just to keep him from enjoying his life, im not going down alone boo. you screw me, be sure that i’d screw you over. the hell with what everyone gonna say, you had badmouthed me with your female ceo anyway. you wanna leave me with nothing? imma make sure you got nothing to go on too.

      • Relationships don’t turn sour all of a sudden, there would be gradual tell-tale signs. From what I see through Newlywed Diary, GHS seem to be the dominant side in the relationship and she may have taken things for granted, like refusing to give way most of the time and these kind of things can wear out your other half’s patience. But of course, we won’t know the exact reason for their marriage failure, AJH may just turn out to be a bad husband. All in all, i feel that they really got married too fast. A couple generally needs a couple of years to grow out of the infatuation phase and start to see each other’s true nature, only then they can determine if they are right for each other.

      • I agree with Lilith, the relationship may have had issues with balance between the two. I found it odd too that in a lot of articles I read, she would always talk about his exes or her exes and how it was so cool they could share everything about their exes…isn’t that also what her new book is about? why would she focus on their exes?! Seemed weird to me when you are in a relationship and later in a marriage that exes would be so important? She did seem to “corner” him on many issues, almost like humiliating him for past actions or other…it did seem like at first he was the one who pursued her and was so in love with her and she, in a way, did take it for granted getting away with belittling him…but who knows? Not taking his or her side, as it takes two to tango… But if it was getting toxic, it is best for them both to separate.

    • IsIsIs> But I have no problem with the fact she feels bitter about that. But now she’s only hurting herself by doing things like that. Some parts should stay private… Women always suffer more than men when it’s about the private life. She needs to protect herself. But now it’s kinda late.

  10. Reading the first sentence of this article made me feel so sad. I’m so sorry you went through something similar koala :/ reading about these kind of news prob brought back not so good emotions.

    Hug <

  11. I wonder if the whole now deleted IG posts and her actions are actually a perfect example of how GHS has been treating AJH, always publicizing his “dirty laundry”. Talking about finding his exes’ letters or hat or lipstick etc. in interviews or on TV…has he ever said anything negative or humiliating about her since they have been dating and then during their marriage? It sounds to me like he’s had enough hence yes, the spark died. Even up to now he has not said anything negative about her publicly. Both sides are hurting but how you handle it does show what consideration one has towards the other. They were a cute loving couple, but yes, it takes work, on both sides to make it last. Oh well, life moves on.

    • Good point. The public is always quick to jump on the side of the person who airs the dirtly laundry first. I find it hilarious that when Song Joong Ki did it, he was villified on this forum but when Goo Hye Sun did it, she’s given a free pass and forgiven. The truth is nobody really knows what happened behind the scenes for each couple, but I said this before, and I’ll say it again, how you handle life’s challenges says a lot about you character & person. So far, he hasn’t released anything about this and is keeping quiet. I’ll take it that he’s being a gentleman about it unless events prove otherwise.

  12. Gu Hye Sun is normally a very private person. Given how her agency and her husband will no longer support her, I think she felt like she had to post to IM to protect herself.

    Gu Hye Sun was more famous than him when they got married. He should man up and at least have a talk face to face with her parents. This is a very Asian thing and only Asians would understand.

    I wish Gu Hye Sun the best, and hope she doesn’t fall into depression due to this. To not only lose your husband, but your agency too in one blow, that is pretty awful, and having a sick parent to take care of.
    I can understand how she is feeling. Hoping she can take on another drama or something to keep her mind off the divorce and breakup from the agency.

    • @jkfan – I find your claim that Gu Hye Sun is a ‘ very private’ person debatable. I’m not taking anyone’s side in this divorce, just stating my observations. If she were as private as you claim, she wouldn’t star in a newlywed documentary based on her marriage, or write a book based on her life experiences. Truth is – she made a lot of money off of publicizing her relationship and has no problem revealing her version of what went wrong to the public. Not judging – but simply stating that she’s a public person who needs the public’s approval for her daily bread, so she’ll do whatever she deems necessary to survive. I hope the best for both parties but do wish in future, she can stay off SNS and resolve the rest of the disputes privately. The public often has long memories about stuff like this and can turn against any celebrity in an instant.

      • Before her husband, she didn’t come out on any of her past Boyfriends. Even though she has dated and dated an idol before.
        As for the newlywed show, it always seemed to me she didn’t want to do it, but she wanted to help her husband in his career. … Regardless, I can see why she is very upset. I hope she finds another agency soon and hope that she can recover from this.

      • The agency and her hubby did not seem to side with her. She will need to protect herself, she doesn’t have an agency to protect her. As such, I can see why she went public with the messages.

    • I’m Asian and I can tell you it’s not an Asian thing to speak to parents during divorce. Weddings yes, you seek the parents’ consent or at least meet up with the parents for them to get to know you more, but it’s not necessary during divorce.

      • Not true for all Asians. Respect for the parents and in-laws is very important. Married Asian here too.

  13. She took a really weird approach, like, unstable when she went public with that silly little note. I hope she has friends and family helping her through this time. Strangely, it doesn’t seem like it, especially if she outed them so publicly like that. I hope they both move on. Eep.

  14. @Zappy: The business politics I’m referring to is the ugly truth that AHJ is more profitable now than her. That’s why the agency plans to cast her aside and prioritize retaining AHJ’s good image. Yes, lawyer up if you have an endless means to pay lawyers, but against a powerful company who has lawyers in their payroll, you can only hope. It’s always easy for people to say what they think is the right thing to do, but the reality is not always so easy (finding a good lawyer that will accept your case is not a walk in the park either) She was driven to a corner and did not have much options. It was her Hail Mary play.

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