HB Entertainment Releases Statement that Female CEO is Not Involved in Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun’s Impending Divorce

I sure hope a third party isn’t involved in the impending divorce between Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun since it’s always make a sad situation even worse. HB Entertainment, Ahn Jae Hyun’s long time agency and also Gu Hye Sun’s agency after she moved over this past May, has issued a statement vowing to take action against netizens spreading the gossip that HB’s female CEO is somehow involved with Ahn Jae Hyun and/or the reason for him wanting a divorce. In one of the text messages released by Gu Hye Sun, she mentioned reading the Kakao talk between Ahn Jae Hyun and the CEO where they were trash talking her. Not sure if there is anything going on but I do hope the public lays off fanning any further flames.


HB Entertainment Releases Statement that Female CEO is Not Involved in Ahn Jae Hyun and Gu Hye Sun’s Impending Divorce — 39 Comments

  1. Good grief! It may be stressful battling through broken relationship but rushing I don’t thing rushing into divorce is a good idea. I wish KHS well and to live peacefully being separated from his husband and hope both parties reflect while they are away from each other. At least 12 months being apart from each other is a good time to ensure that divorce is the best option for their relationship. Some countries have this 12-month separation rule before couples are allowed to file divorce which I think is a good idea.

  2. GHS legal representative released her statement and it’s really got the claws out for AJH. It mentions his ‘frequent and intimate calls with other women while in a state of inebriation’. Oh okay the plot thickens and she’s definitely going all out with the fact she doesn’t want to divorce but after watching her antics unfold publicly on SNS then she should do the right thing and sign the papers. Her actions are those of a desperate woman clinging to hope and using whatever means possible. Poor AHJ probably didn’t know she was this calculating and manipulative but very clever. He just got checkmate but still maintains a code of silence allowing his agency to rep him. He definitely is the better person in this ugly saga that GHS single handedly created with her SNS posts. If I was her friend I would be wary around her incase I said something and she dropped our private convo into a groupchat. Died!

    • I thought her statement was contradicting…first it states there are no external factors causing the divorce but then follows it with frequent call to women…

      I don’t necessarily think she made a smart move. Maybe calculative but not really smart. Imo, it’s not doing anything good for her image.

    • She was wrong when she post those messages on her SNS, but it sounds like she did it out of anger not thinking beforehand the consequences it may cause but who know that might be the best she could have done at that time.

      Hiring a lawyer was the right thing for her to do right now and not divorcing in a rush. They have to let the situation cool down before making such big decision.

      In divorce, both parties are at fault so judging them is so inhuman.

      • I fail to comprehend how both parties are at fault in a divorce when one party falls out of love, so is the other person responsible for the one falling out of love? Please educate me!!! This guy fell out of love in a matter of months, what woman is able to understand that? After he pursued her relentlessly, who can forget the song he played for her…’How long will I love you’, a beautiful song about loving someone FOREVER. He is FICKLE and like I said below, he’s exactly the reason why many women don’t trust men. Anyone can understand if KHS was cheating on him, was a drug addict, was abusive, or whatever, and one can somewhat understand being bored after 20 yrs, and as most of us know, true love can bypasses all of this! Experience tells me that there is ONLY one reason a man falls out of love so quickly AND wants a divorce. Time will tell.

      • @emchi Don’t use your own experience to judge others. There are many reasons why people fall out of love, one example being your other half turning out to be different from what you had thought, which is frequently expected from people who rush into marriage without spending enough time to understand each other’s characters.

    • I know you are AJH fan. But in this case, you can’t just assume like that. You are not in her shoes. So relax and chill. Time will tell.

    • @Larana -care in showing me where the proof is in the pudding that he cheated or are you on the band wagon just reading GHS posts and lawyer statement and making up your assumptions? I wrote Poor as Im feeling sorry for him because his soon to be ex wife plastered their private convo over IG so yeah definitely sucks to be him right now. I didn’t know he was a cheater thanks for the heads up. @Pham – I’m not a die hard fan of AJH but I do feel that he has been severely shafted by GHS regardless of what has happened so please do feel free to relax and chill alongside me whilst we wait for what he says. Cos GHS has let the world in on how she feels.

  3. I am a woman and 100% behind KHS. I remember defending her choice of AJH on dramafever back in 2015/2016, I deeply regret it now. KHS took this guy and helped him become an ok actor (he himself said this), even though he’s NOT an actor that I would have seeked out and most definitely not NOW. Many foreigners making comments about what she said to him in the texts regarding her mom don’t understand the korean/asian culture regarding marriage and committment.
    But more than that, you are seeing the actions of someone who is blindsided by the actions of her husband AND deeply hurt!! NO-ONE knows how they will react to any situation until they go through it. He started getting more famous and pulled a Robin Thicke on KHS. AJH is exactly the kind of guy that have made women distrust men!!! I ONLY paid AJH any mind BECAUSE of KHS. I, for one, hope that she gives him what he wants, signs the papers and meet someone better and more worthy of her. While we public people DON’T know what went down yet, I have NO reason to ever believe that KHS will lie. To those saying that he’s quiet, it’s because he cannot deny what he has done. I will pray for KHS that she gets over this. I don’t care one crap about AJH.

  4. Now that she has representation, she probably has wisely realized the marriage is really kaput and it’s just about coming up with a settlement she can live with. No one knows what goes on in someone marriage. I don’t know these people so I don’t know if she’s a sweetie pie, a vindictive diva or just a woman in pain.

    I will say that the icky part of this for me is that she allegedly went to his agency in May and within a relatively short time she’s advised that the spark has died and he wants out. People are talking about her being calculating, but this to me sounds like the agency knew when they took her on what was going to go down and they were going to try to mediate it as an amicable divorce. If it is true that someone at the agency gave GHS a heads up about her getting thrown under the bus, it explains her lashing out. If she had stayed at her other agency she would have at least felt they had her back and perhaps could have handled it better though I am always a fan of agencies staying out of this stuff.

    I don’t have an issue with the lawyer’s letter. They are doing what they do. They are throwing a little meat out there since GHS already vomited a lot out on social media, and hinting with the drinking/flirting thing that they will bring a wrecking ball. She wants the house, and I think she’s gonna get it.

  5. KHS is a smart girl, i can even say she has a brilliant mind observing all her artworks, movies directed, songs composed and books written. She has always been a VERY private person. She must have endured her sufferings alone for months. All I can say is, AJH must have been complacent thinking that he had everything under control. KHS made the first strike and he never saw it coming. Oh, she will let him go never doubt about it but under her terms.

    • I too believe she will want to do this under her terms. She has allowed this man to break her heart in such short marriage and messed up her emotions. Her actions now are understandable.

  6. The hypocrisy amuses me. Both GHS and SJK put out their divorce news first, yet SJK got trashed by i-fans while GHS’s words are all lapped up as absolute truth.

    • @Lilith – to be honest, in both cases, I read it’s the man who pursued the woman first and it’s the man who wanted to get married. Both men got married as what they have wished and now they want divorce. So what do you think? I believe both women would do well in career if still being single. Just my opinion. Don’t bash me, just my observation.

      • I try to look from both sides of things. What both men have in common is that they fell in love with the woman based on looks and got married very fast. SJK had said before he’s a fan of SHK for a long time and AJH had mentioned he found GHS to be so pretty when he first saw her.

        When you fall in love with someone, you will go through an infatuation phase first and will be “blinded” and not see their faults until that phase passed. Both men married very fast while still in that infatuation phase and probably give in to whatever the women wants. So my guess is that after marriage, the women continue behaving the same as they were before, but as the infatuation subsides, the men lost their patience and tolerance and that leads to arguments.

        It’s sad, but that’s reality. So girls, just because a guy treats you very well now, don’t take it for granted. A relationship is maintained by both parties. And spend more time to know your other half more before entering marriage life.

    • Ghs put a screen shot of her conversation with her husband acting like a jerk refusing to see his mom. While sjk filed and announce the divorce that mutually agree while shk is out of the country and claim the reason is private. Its different situation here.
      Anyways whatever it is i hate it when celebs wants public sympathy for their private matters. I hope ghs will just live everything to her lawyer and wont post on her sns.

      • From the translation I read on soompi, AJH’s words seemed formal and calm whereas GHS appeared to be very emotional. Tbh I can understand why AJH preferred to speak with her mom over the phone instead as he did break his promise of looking after her daughter for life so he feels awkward meeting face to face. Cowardly yes, but it’s human nature. A large part of people will also choose to avoid confrontations if they were in his shoes.

        GHS revealed their texts to the whole world and paints AJH in a bad light claiming that she did this because AJH’s side is going to make her out to be the bad person the next day. She also insinuated that AJH is fickle and a cheater. But these are just her words only, she didn’t provide any evidence of it so far. The netizen comments about AJH and JJY being good friends is also an assumption. Meanwhile, AJH’s side has not said anything bad about her even until now.

      • To further elaborate on the part about AJH and JJY. What I meant is that people assumed AJH does dirty things like JJY just because he had said they were friends on NJTTW before. There is no evidence of any chatrooms with AJH in it, yet people are now making up all sorts of assumptions. By that logic, is Kyuhyun also a bad person since they are friends?

      • @ Lilith, We both agree, he is a coward. That’s why hes silent or he’s playing a mind game with her. Trigger her so she would come out as crazy so he has justification. The girl won’t make a move like that if she thinks something fishy is going on and is trapped by situation.
        AJH and JJY are friends alright. They sure knows how to speak ill at someone’s back. Didn’t she post the text between the boss/ceo and AJH? same as when JJY did with his clique though content is different. I can see why some people assumed about him and JJY, he makes calls to women and talks “intimate” when drunk. They just assumed because of this bad behavior and not he is bad person. Now Kyuhyun, does he exhibit questionable behavior to lump him with JJY?

      • @LazyCumber, Soompi just updated news of AJH speaking up and GHS’s response. Sorry but her newest statement makes her seem even more unstable and somewhat calculating to me, like she even listed out wages for housework and gifts she bought for his mom. She also trespassed into his house and made recordings of his phone without his permission. Her actions were honestly frightening, and even more so if the genders were reversed.

    • @ Lilith, I both read his and her statements. She corroborated with what he said but all this as her right as wife. She decorated the apartment he lives in…. in her mind that’s still both theirs. The phone thing, I am neutral on that one. She’s clearly looking for answers and the phone might be key to clear up her suspicions. Right or not, a lot of people have used this tactic even the SK police. But all these, time will tell.
      You clearly can tell she’s hurting, even AHJ said it.

      • @LazyCumber Being his wife does not give her the right to trespass and touch his things without his permission though, just as how a husband cannot force intimacy with his wife if she says no. The police can search through your phone but only with a search warrant for crime investigations, otherwise it’s a violation of privacy.

        But yes I agree she is hurting, i hope she will calm down and take more time to think of her replies. Her current actions is only going to destroy her mind further.

      • You are right, I am hoping with you she calms down and handle her hurt in more positive way than digging on phones or apartments.

  7. Ghs just refute back about what ajh said in his instagram. What ajh said to her is awful, he used to loved her but how could he said that she has unsexy nipple. He’s a jerk ?

  8. So sad when a relationship breaks down. I guess it isn’t all roses like the romance Kdramas make it out to be. I do wish they don’t keep dishing out their laundry for everyone to see. It’s childish.

  9. The new statement that GHS gave out the public to counterattack AHJ’s statement is so deeply alarmed. Mentioning your body private part to the public is no bueno. GHS is deeply hurt and is emotionally unstable, someone needs to help her, to calm down and do not say release anything more.
    The more you feed the public, the more you will get hurt. You once love this man, so saying bad to him don’t do anything good. People will judge you, criticize you even more.

    Both of them once loves each other, dissing each other, talking bad about other don’t do anything good to their image.
    Divorce is never easy, I hope they will find peace, the less you expose to the public, the less collateral damage you will face in the future.

  10. This is too tragic especially GHS counterclaim and referencing her ‘body’ in her statement that AJH said she had. They’re both suffering from depression and are on medication GHS has won the popular vote with Knetz and practically destroyed AJH now she can step back and finalise the divorce. Game over can they please be amicable an move on with their lives. This divorce being played out publicly is the worst of its kind that I’ve ever encountered since being in K dramaland. SJK + SHK had a text book divorce where it was civil and cemented in a matter of days with no brouhaha being made public between them. Mature and professional from both fronts.

    • The Song/Song situation involved both parties not wanting mutual destruction of careers but it wasn’t going that well for SJK to release his passive/aggressive statement via the lawyer. (The subsequent she’s having an affair with X or is it Y and do you know she’s always had a sponsor was not pretty) It was done because they were not coming to an agreement behind the scenes. So it was messy but out of sight for the most part; not like GHS and AJS who are going full-on American Style Cyrus/Hemsworth all out for everyone to see style divorce.

      My guess is this situation was made worse by GHS not having her own agency to help guide her and back her up. That’s really the unfortunate aspect; if she’d had people on her side, they could have directed the situation much better one hopes.

  11. Based on all that I have read of his behaviors and issues so far, I will go out on a limb here and say he’s an alcoholic, may or may not know it. If he does not get help, he’s in for a very sad future. It’s a disease. @Lilith, yes AGAIN!, I will say experience tells me this, NOT MINE, just life experiences dealing with friends, family and the general public. If KHS can realize this, she may be less hurt and realize it’s nothing that she did at all. And I am not judging, am just going by all the words that I am reading from each of their mouths. Time will tell.

  12. This mess getting uglier everyday. KHS need a guidance. Her statement getting messier and all over the place. I think she is very angry to AJH. But girl, if you want to destroy him, destroy him with class. Use some tactic. Dont destroy yourself in the process

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