Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Ready for Action in New Still and Preview from SBS Drama Vagabond

I’m so ready to go on an adventure with Lee Seung Gi as the titular SBS drama lead in Vagabond. Wherever he’s headed it looks gorgeously picturesque such as the latest stills from the overseas location shoot in Morocco. He’s got the seasoned and weathered angry look down pat as a stuntman searching for answers in a plane crash that takes the life of his beloved niece. Similarly leading lady Suzy looks properly attired as the traveling government agent that ends up helping him, yes she’s still too pretty and young but at least I see glimmers of liveliness in her eyes and that’s probably due to reuniting with Lee Seung Gi from Gu Family Book days and their comfort level working together.

New preview:


Suzy and Lee Seung Gi Ready for Action in New Still and Preview from SBS Drama Vagabond — 45 Comments

  1. That teaser looks amazing. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a fan Suzy’s acting but she picks great projects. There is diversity in genre and character which is impressive. I have deep respect for IU and Suzy for making great career choices and working tirelessly because talent only gets you so far. As artists I like them more than any of their peers and its great to see them dominate over everyone. I’m excited for this drama and the chemistry looks great.

  2. SOOP hit jackpot when they got Suzy but now I need a drama with her and Gong Yoo! Vagabond looks amazing and even if doesn’t kill the ratings it deserves full marks for effort! That is best kdrama trailer I’ve seen in years!

  3. My love for LSG quadrupled after his comment about trusting your partner in whatever they do and Suzy is always beautiful and amazing so this is a must watch for me!!

    • I really agree with you. We have to see the real fact nowdays, world has change. And 1 don’t understand why people said suzy’ acting bad than state that she never see her drama. I saw gu family book by coincident and i get suprise

  4. Yoona iu suzy might be getting gud projects bcoz of their names but they will never match true actresses.. Idols will never dominate acting . They are just benefitting from lack of iconic actresses from 90s. But new actresses are emerging and will replace these bad idol actresses because they are replaceable.

    Fact is these bad idol actresses werent able to replace 80s iconic actresses like jjh and shk. JUn ji hyun cf salary is way more than these girls and even at their ages she earned more!They cant be replaced by these idol actresses but these girls will be replaced when new young girls emerge..

    Suzy iu yoona hyeri all are bad actresses and got projects bcoz of their companies but they cant act and their delusional fans can argue all dayand say they are awesome when they are not.. Just wait for few years and these bad idols will be replace by true next gen actresses. Actresses has aura , these girls dont have that! Can u compare them to iconic tae hye ji and take ir even more back like classic beauties lee young ae, kim hee sun, go hyun young? No! That is difference between idols and real actresses!

    • I didn’t want to get into this argument but what are you talking about? All the names you’ve mentioned have been around for almost a decade if not more. New actresses have come and gone in that time but their power continues. Don’t put down the hardwork of idol actresses just because someone fed you a lie that only actress can act and taejihye is especially a bad example since none of them are known for their acting prowess they only represent beauty standards. This article is about Vagabond why did you drag in their names anyways?

      • @parrot jjh and shk are known for acting as well as visual. Putting real good actresses for these bad idol actresses? sorry nothing to debate and dont worry late 90s actresses r rising plus early 90s actresses like park bo young, kim tae ri , kim ji won are popular too. These idol actresses will be hasbeen in mid to late 30s when new actual good actresses replace them. Yoona suzy are your standard of acting? ok then lol

      • @Parrot Lol, exactly. For years they’ve said that Suzy is just an It Girl and will get replaced. How many “Second Suzy’s” have there been since her debut? Nine years later, she remains as one of the biggest names in Korea, dominating among her generation. Suzy has youth, beauty, good work ethics, and a likable personality. She’s only going to expand her popularity and success as she matures. But sure, people can keep convincing themselves that she’ll disappear once someone new comes along. Now watch me get bombarded with replies about how horrible of an actress she is, even though nowhere in my post did I mention about her acting being superior.

    • I agree with your post. Too true; opportunities are plentiful for idol actresses but to say they are better actresses then others well I guess I’m going to be here till Christmas saying otherwise. Popularity and CF/sponsorship deals yes by a country mile but acting Ah yeah that highly debatable. Keep acting separate to popularity because of course Idol actresses lead that pack. Can you see Suzy, IU, Yoona or Hyeri as Sang Mi in Save Me 1? I can’t. They wouldn’t be able to sustain the intensity needed for 16 episodes without becoming an emotional train wreck. There made my point if you beg to differ please do so but objectively. No use saying ‘You’re just jealous or don’t complain…’because that’s so lame and offers no insight.

      • @gingercrush true.. And many 90s actresses are now getting popular and getting cf queens like park bo young, kim ji won and kim tae ri. These girls can act actually. Park shin hye.. She is popular but she doesnt get much cfs, i dont know why. suzy iu yoona hyeri are bad and they wont be slaying in mid 30s and late 30s

      • Intensity is not the most difficult skill imo.. act with so much subtlety is and I believe IU can do that with ease. Still don’t get why people is still bring down IU as an actress after what she can do in my mister and now in hotel del luna with hong sister script which is hardly impressive, show good intensity in many scene. IU is skillfull and she is the most talent out of the three between IU Suzy and Yoona.

      • @missjb I’m not bringing IU down. Acting is subjective dependent on who and what you like watching. The catch cry that idol actresses are better then other actresses this is where the line is drawn. Save Me was an example that I raised because the female lead basically had to rely on her instincts to survive and there is no subtlety in the emotions she had to garner. There was really no male lead to really lean on it was her alone in a lot of scenes fighting to get through. That’s where the intensity was shown.

      • yea! Seo Ye Ji is love. I think the difference between original actress and idol actress is VIBE. Most idols actor/actress have difficulties in pulling dark energy. Who know … the more they emphasis on acting career, the more they will become true actress. In my opinion, IU can be said OK actress. She still lack something though. Uee is also OK. Don’t know about others since I didn’t watch them.

      • @ginger cruch, i don’t know why you think IU can’t do that when she has all the require skills and tools to pull off some of what Seo Ye Ji pull off in that drama. In the last episode of my mister, she basically run run run with desperation and can pull off such scene.

        Every one seems to easily bring down idol in general. most of the time is true idol in general has limitation. But IU is the exception.

        Opinion about acting is subjective is true, but it’s when the gap in skills is no longer looks big and obvious. Different opinion i guess, since it’s obvious some user just don’t want to admit IU’s capability as an actress.

        She is talent. Anyone who is not bias against her might has eyes of what she is capable of. I’m not even afan of IU’s music, but love her as an actress.

      • @missjb Like I wrote; I’m not bringing IU down I’m repeating myself again and acting is subjective so really don’t know why you want to keep driving at me to accept the validity of your statement? I’m not complaining or disagreeing with you why are you intent on changing my opinion? Obviously you want to drive home the superiority of IU’s acting over everyone else but like you said it’s subjective. What is there to admit? That’s your opinion and rightfully so I have mine.

  5. Action dramas are pretty rare, so I’m really curious about it. But Suzy never convinced me in any of her characters. She’s very pretty but she can’t give depth to her characters. The action scenes look really good and I’m happy to see Shin Sung Rok in a serious role.

    For the idol vs actresses, I don’t agree actresses aren’t necessarily better, Jin Se Yun had many lead roles and she’s still bad for me, when I liked IU in every roles. I think Yoona and Suzy are not bad, but I don’t see them as lead character, Hyeri is bad…

    • Thank you, Sayaris. I’m tired of the arguments putting down idol actresses. Some are much better than others. IU is very good and has mastered her craft. UEE’s performance varies with the script. Yoona is up and down – good in some, not so great in others. And Suzy seriously needs to do a lot of work to prove that she can do better than a typical CF role demands. Hyeri is bad and should stay away from acting. Nana is good and chooses roles that accentuates her skills. Can we evaluate ‘idol-actresses’ the way we evaluate other ones – on their skill levels instead of lumping them up into one category? People’s prejudices might be showing.

  6. Seung gi looks hot, hopes his character has layers and manages to break our love for Lee Jae Ha. Also hoping that Vagabond is a well written/directed drama just like King 2 Heart.

  7. People can keep cribbing as much as they want but real actresses will never replace this generation of idol actresses not even the likes of kim tae ri can beat yoona in popularity and seeing the numbers yoona pulled in with one lead role in a movie imagine if she did 10 more. She’d reign as box office queen easily. Her cf deals are head and shoulders above any actress of the same age category but more importantly she has the fandom size these actresses can never have. This goes for iu and suzy as well they have massive fandoms in addition to their general mass appeal which makes them destructible. Today you talk about taejihye but in a few years the people will always mention iu,suzy and yoona as the indestructible trio. They’ve set the foundation for their long term success and they don’t have to great actors to be more powerful and popular than their peers. This notion of good acting dominates popularity is not true at all and never will be. South Korea does not care about acting skills they only care about looks and personality. These 3 will continue to earn more than any of their peers and land all the big budget projects and star writers even if they don’t deliver ratings they’ll always stay in demand.

    • @Tora Yes SK would be such a shallow country if they rate looks/personality and popularity over acting. It would be such a sad day for actors; their craft and the general public as acting rules the roost so just having a pretty face and popularity is a mere compliment. That’s how you define an actor- from their delivery of their craft.

      • @ginger crunch Idol actresses are not respected in korea. They can be famous as cf queens but not respected as real actresses. And when they hit 30s new girls replace then. Thats why real actresses can still have careers in 40s. Earning money in 40s and getting respected. Btw the person above need to be informed kim tae ri has just started her career as popular actress and she was at top of brands charts everywhere last year. In long term she will have a long career with many real actresses and many brands. Yoona types will be has beens

  8. Yoona was flopping big time so bo she will never be box office queen just bcoz she got a good script with good director and male lead who carried d mobie. She will flop like suzy if she was the one to carry it. She is no jjh and she will never be box office queen just bcoz one of hit movie where she was the last reason
    Yes 90s or late 90s actresses will catchup with time as their companies dont buy them roles.
    Yoona iu suzy will never be trio. They will always be bad idol actresses. They will never match original and original is going jo where. Jjh still earns more from her cfs alone. Lmao!

    • @edit sorry for typos guys.
      Anyways my point is its funny to see people crediting yoona for movies success when her last dramas flopped big time. She got a hit when she was yhe last one to carry it. She is not jjh or son ye or kim so hyun who r box office queens. Maybe people definition of box office queen is being carries by male lead amd do 10 bbs kovies with big movie stars. Hence the box office queen lmao! If she had to carry a movie on her shouldrrs like suzy, we all know how hard she flopped.
      Suzy yoona iu are replaceable and will be replaced in 30s. And yes if the flop in ratings in 30s, they will be has beens. They are not tae hye ji who r at top of game for 2 decades and they will always be idol actresses. Idol actresses can never match real ones. Real ones will emerge soon at top bcoz they earn it unlike these idols

    • why comparing a 37 yo with a 24 yo? Suzy’s acting sucks. But as CF models, the products they sell are different. JJH earns more from CF because she has been in the business for 20 years while Suzy was only 4. This is not a fair comparison. Not a fan for all, just don’t understand why you need to compare. Similarly, Lee Young Ae can never be replaced, her status is set in gold and I wonder why no one mentions her ever in here even though her last drama did not get good ratings. Why compare?

  9. Lee young ae is all time cf queen. Her longevity amazes me. Even when she was on hiatus for 12 years she remained top cf earner. I just didnt want to go that back bcoz i felt no need to brjng the ultimate Goddess! Because suzy and yoona fans were mocking real actresses for these idols. Thats it. Didnt feel to bring all time queen here. Difference is i dont see suzy doing it at tae hye ji age let alone lee young ae’s bcoz i dont see suzy relevant at that age. And at suzys age jjh was earning more from cfs and if i add inflation gap will look more. So suzy just dont belong with jjh group let alone lee young ae

    • I agree Suzy does not belong. But era has changed, fans are more aggressive and loud. Everything is blown out of proportions while real talents no longer equal to popularity. With all the technologies and social media, whoever is the loudest wins, you can see this worldwide. Suzy and Yoona fans are loud, they will mock regardless. LOL. IU on the other hand has real talents shown in her music in particular, and she can act too. Just my opinion.

      • But i feel these fans will move on when they will be more mature. For those real actresses, their appeal is across generations. Also iu scared me for life after watching scarlett moon. With those acting skills lol. i watched her hotel show . She is ok but its more about script. But yeah everyone has their opinion
        And i still feel they are fan of their looks bcoz expect iu who is good singer, both yoona and suzy are terrible in singing dancing and acting lol. I only found out about suzy bcoz she dated lee min ho lol. And found out she is good at nothing lol… will never understand hoe people can defend her acting skills. Lol

      • Who said idol actresses didn’t have appeal across all generations? Did you watch Hyori’s Homestay did you see the reaction IU and Yoona got from the general public for their personalities? That show was watched by people across all generations and everyone loves them you do know they are household names in Korea? I don’t even understand why this comparison is happening because nobody seems to think idol actresses are better at acting than actual actresses except people like Jin Se Yeon and Park Shin Hye who basically can’t act at all. The thing about idol actresses becoming irrelevant in their 30s I don’t agree with because the people you’re talking about have already shed their idol image. Now they are known not by their stage names but real names. They’ve already fully transformed into actors and I’ve seen interviews of directors and writers who have worked with them and you can tell how much they liked working with these people. Jo Jung Suk for example who has worked with many actresses said his best partner was Yoona and he wants to work with her again. Lee Je Hoon said multiple times he wants to work with Suzy again and IU basically everyone wants to be her and work with her. You rarely see any of the upcoming stars saying they want be like xx actor the names they mention are generally idol actors like Yoona, Suzy or IU especially IU. Suzy still has her 1st love tag and is basically everyone’s ideal type and it doesn’t look like that will ever change. The upcoming late 90s actresses may become big but what you haven’t noticed is how the entertainment world has changed over the years. Big idol agencies have completely captured markets and taken over acting agencies so that they can train their idols alongside the real actors and make them act together with the idol getting priority of course. Just look at the young upcoming stars and tell me how many are actors and how many are idols? The upcoming generation has a lot more idol actors than any of the previous generations. Drama production houses themselves have said that the bias against idol actors has started to disappear as they have proven themselves to be highly skilled.

  10. park shin hye and jin se yeon are as famous as these idol actresses from 90s gen plus new late 90s gen pue actresses are emerging fast. so yeah i dont seer these pathetic idols staying at top in their mid 30s.
    Plus even new gen talks about goddesses in korea , true actresses ike jjh shk names are mentioned first over bad idol actresses lol. Maybe bad new gen idol actors might take over their name but not over original actresses.
    And when it comes to male actors pure actors are way ahead of idos actors. From lee byung hun to other top movie stars.. From song seung heon to lee min ho. from kim soo hyun to song joong ki to jo in sung, None of 90s born idol actor is on par with them. Infact new gen pure 90s born actors are ahead of idol actors. Ony idol actor who has some respect is DO from exo but here it ends. So atleast male actors will always be ahead of bad idol actors. SUzy oiu will be over in mid 30s and new gen of pure actresses will emerge with their talents.. yoona still cant act .. nor suzy but delusional fans has no cure

    • Sorry you cant comparing Suzy and Shk, except you can see her future and know what will happened to her when She hit 30. Why not comparing her with an actress in the same age, like namjihyun or someone else.

      • LETS TAKE ONE REAL ACTRESS from 90s born. Park bo young. Park bo young is popular since her first movie in 2008, earned lots of cf deals from that year onwards and is also high on endorsement. She has given hit movies and dramas. Unlike suzy who flopped with last movie when no big male lead to save her. Suzy all dramas r with top male stars and her company who bought her roles. Suzy cant act unlike park bo young. Park bo young is one of cf queens from 90s born and can act and will have a better career in late 30s bcoz she can carry any role. Suzy wont. She is just visuals and lee min ho ex. Nothing else.
        I dont know how people can stan bad actress like her who also gots of plastic surgery done. Can suzy give a hit in her own? She and yoona needs male leads to fet some hits. Yoona after so maby glops ginally got a hit bcoz of director script amd male lead

      • Sorry you can’t compare PBY to Suzy. PBY has no popularity compared to Suzy and her recent drama was a complete flop. PBY isn’t versatile either shes done the same exact roles her entire career while Suzy has been more experimental. Idol male actors dominate the acting circle as well not just DO but SKJ and YSJ are extremely popular and ranked above many actors. Model actors NJH and JKY can be considered in the same category as idol actors and have proven to be more popular than pure actors. You seriously think Yoona will lose popularity in her 30s? She’s already 30 and her peak hasn’t even been reached yet her popularity is going from strength to strength but PBY and PSH have already faded out. The Korean media itself has claimed that there are no real actresses in the 20s and all the relevant actresses are idol actresses and their demand is huge.

  11. Those who insist on distinguishing between “real actors” and “idol actors” are delusional. Acting skill is not correlated with whether or not an actor has been/is an idol. To say that all actors with idol backgrounds are poor actors is like saying all actors who prefer chocolate ice cream are great actors. LOL! adyjunjihyun’s rants, in particular, are hilarious and say a lot more about him/her than about the talent of actors who happen to be idols, too. Yoona, in particular, has the talent, beauty, charisma, and intelligence to sustain a lifelong career in acting at the highest levels. The same goes for Suzy and IU. These three (and many others!) have proven themselves in a wide variety of roles over many years. Again, they’re actors who just happen to be idols, too.

    • U r the one who is cmng as delusional idol actresses fan who cant see the difference in pathetic acting of these idols vs real actresses.
      Yoona was flopping dor years finally got a hit bcoz of script director and co-star. Suzy always banked on male leads.and flopped big time with her last movie
      Iu only hit before my mister was producers and it had three actors who r way ahead of her in success. She flopped scarlett koon. My mister was hit bcoz of cast
      Hotel bcoz of writers clothes n ost. Good script.
      They jad done roles that doesnt kean they justifed them. They have ruined it with terrible acting.
      They will be reolaced by other set of idol actresses when they hit mid 30s. And real actresses will last like jjh shk kth hanji mim son ye jin etc.
      U r the one who is cmng as delusional

  12. @onda pby is cf queen since 2008 when your suzy didnt exist lol..and 90s has yet to produce iconic actress that doesnt mean suzy yoona iu are some great ones. U r one of those who will label them better than real actress like jjh shk lya etc..LAte 90s girls r emerging now and also park shin hye signed her 2nd global brand deal. Suzy n yoona will never get those brands. Also kim tae ri started late and since mr sunshine she is top of brands.. Yoona was flopping for years finally got a hit movie bcoz of director, male lead and script. suzy solo movie where no male lead to help her flopped and she was panned…
    Third male idols actors r nowhere near real ones. DO the most famous idol actor is nowhere park bo gum as they are of same age. The others u mentioned r not in this league. MAle actore llike lmh ksh sjk pbg psj and many new gen r there over male idols. Park seo jeon since last year is top of brands. New pure actors keep rising. Male idols wont touch them

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