C-netizens Raise Eyebrow to Song Joong Ki’s First Post Divorce Sighting Wearing a Green Hat

I’m just happy to see Song Joong Ki out and about but I certainly also did a double take and made a flying leap connection when I saw new pictures of him this week. His sageuk drama Arthdal Chronicles is coming back next weekend for season 3 but all the promos were done earlier in the summer for the first two seasons so I don’t think either he or the cast will be regrouping for more activities. Hence seeing him “in the wild” so to speak at a group dinner is nice, and the media is noting that he looks healthy and is smiling happily in some pics. What the Chinese fans and media noticed first, though, was his bright green cap. Of all the colors and of all the items of clothing/accessory, picking a green hat is just….I don’t know. The slang/euphemism for being a man being cuckholded is “to wear a green hat” Literally, that’s the phrase. And it only applies to husband’s with a cheating wife, not the other way around. I certainly hope Song Joong Ki randomly pulled a green cap from his closet and is not trying to send a message or shade someone.


C-netizens Raise Eyebrow to Song Joong Ki’s First Post Divorce Sighting Wearing a Green Hat — 107 Comments

  1. Well…He is wearing it happily and proud…Keller it probably doesn’t hold the same meaning on Korea than in Chinese. My middle school color were green and gold, with so many Chinese as students, there was No way the promotion gown and hat will be green so we used gold color for the cap and gown…That was when I found out what green hat meant..Since all our school logo was green and it didn’t make sense for us to wear hello or fold really….lol

  2. Its a cap….he looks happy…Song Hye Kyo is glowing….just two people who are better off apart than together….good luck to both…things happen, you gotta move ahead.

    • I read on another website there’s also comment about he smoke. I wonder how do people know that from the picture? (Just in case you get the wrong idea, I’m not doubting you. I genuinely curious because none of my family members smoke).

      • Because it upis a health issue. Even once you quit you can get asthma or worse Hubby and I both have I asthma now. Some people die from smoking caused asthma. It is no joke. Some folks worry for others health. I think it is kind of them to care.

  3. This saying doesn’t exist in Korea. Unless SJK purposefully went out of his way to apply a Chinese saying, idk if this is reading wayyy too much into a simple fashion choice. He looks great in green, and I’m sure he knows it too.

  4. Who knows what happened but to me it looks like he was the one who got wronged. He looks like he went thru a bad time. Meanwhile the ex wife is glowing and living it up. She’s being very quiet and dignified because she knows she’s the one who destroyed the marriage. That’s how it looks like. I could be wrong.
    Not a fan of both and could never understand why their drama DOTS was so popular. The second leads were so much better.

    • You’re not a fan yet you talk like you know SHK well. Did you even see how she looked like since early this year? The problem had been going on for so many months before they got divorced. So what if she looks good these days. Anything wrong with SHK wanting to move on with her life?

    • And this isn’t the first time..she had two other high profile relationships but she was also quiet when they broke up.

      • Is it true she had relationships with all her costars? She’s very good at keeping it private. Kudos. I liked her in TWTWB. She played a blind character and didn’t have to emote much. Perfect role for her. It’s smart of her to pick roles where she plays repressed characters like in Encounter and TWTWB. Her acting range is very limited. She carried E . PBG was awful with his cheshire smiles. She had better chemistry with the actor who played her ex husband.

      • @Jana Having three public relationships is considered a lot for someone who’s been in the industry for over 20 years? Actors have more relationships than her but of course no one bats an eyelid coz oppas can do no wrong, right? And judging by your comment, I can see that you’re incapable of seeing things objectively because you’ve already planted a certain image of her in your mind so everything I say is useless.

        Btw, she had a few dating rumours which she and her agency already clarified. But if you choose not to believe that, then there’s nothing I can do. It’s easy to say and spread negative things when it’s not about your own fav. 🙂

        Your username looks familiar..must be the same Jana who was bashing SHK months ago. No drama comeback from your fav yet? 🙂

  5. He does not look happy at all. He also looks exhausted.

    I don’t think he didn’t know what it means in china, but it was his own decision to make.

    Just becasuse it’s over he could be still in a lot of pain. If he want to show his feelings let him be. He might needs more time to cope.

    It’s much healthier than smiling and pretend to the world that everything is fine, I’m over it.

    • Agree, his brother had studied Chinese and would have shared with him some significant Chinese idioms, practices and superstitions. Also, green is hardly a common color for caps by men, Westerners too, who tend to choose black, blue or white. If SJK had chosen khaki green instead, eyebrows wouldn’t had raised ?

    • Yes, that’s what made me think he got wronged. He looks like he’s been in pain while SHK looks like her marriage and divorce never happened. It makes her look so cold and hard.

      • What an interesting way of judging people you have there. In case you don’t know..once a relationship is over for SHK, it’s over. No turning back. No dwelling on the past. She’s moved on. Since Feb, she’d been talking about focusing on herself. Even moved out of her own house early this year. But of course you don’t know any of those coz you’re not a fan.

        And why would she feel sad over the end of an unhappy marriage? Why would she feel sad over someone who decided to bypass her when they mutually agreed to get a divorce? Just because she looks happy and glowing these days doesn’t mean she wasn’t sad a few months ago. Different people, different ways of coping with problems or difficulties. Never assume we are all the same.

      • Sunshine you’re everywhere defending SHK are you her lawyer? Or are you the real SHK? LOL.

      • LOL…seriously…did you expect SHK to look horrible in public appearance just because she got divorce….she is not someone who like to gain sympathy like certain someone and claimed being hurt to public…she kept it herself like she did in past…

  6. He clearly suffered from the divorce. Oh how I wish SHK getting outed having affair while still married, I bet she will never recovered from the scandals , and she will never able to do another romatic roles without getting backlash. But knowing how much power she had thanks to her powerful sponsors, her affairs will never be in the news. Just like her other relationship except 2 public relationship that she allowed to be outed. Every body knew she dated Kang Dong Won and Rain and some of her other co stars as well.

    • you really know a lot about her…hmmm…if you are right about her dating all her co star…she must be damn gorgeous…
      and talking about her having sponsor…wow…you are superb…but if she really has sponsor she might can’t date anyone aside of her ‘sponsor’…right? I am confused…your words about her seems twisted, purposely negative, copying stupid rumors online..ahahaha…
      I know you are angry that your “OPPA” being hurt…but there are also rumors about him cheating too…so what made you assured that she is the one who cheated…

  7. Shk is powerful? That is very funny in fact i think media bullied her so much. She is a victim of bad press always twisting her interviews spinning the whole thing to fit their narrative and make her look bad.

    • No, she is very powerful, thats the fact for those who knows K-ent inside well. Media? K-netz? Hold no power over her esp these days.

      • Are you blind or what if she is that powerful how come she was bullied by media during divorce. Writing articles about youtubers and twisting her interviews. As their dovorce progress Media and knetz find out that they are living separately for so long and she even moved out early this year in hèr own house. They are now convince he was cosplaying as a victim filing like his divorcing alone when they mutually agree to get a divorce. Their divorce took five minutes to settle because their only difference is their property. Im so happy they didn’t divide because im sure she earn higher than him given she had a lot of cf’s and property compare to him.

      • Only stating fact. How was the “media-bullying” affect her, her career, and her status in the industry? It does almost nothing to her. Plus she can always sue those medias for defamation in case they really affect her. She is a very strong woman in a sense.

        As for him, glad that he has new projects, hope it goes well. The wound will heal one day, just stay strong till then. Wish for him to choose more diverse roles, in films preferably.

      • Agree, if the rumors about sponsor, tax scandal didn’t affect her, how would divorce affect her status? Netizen will get over it after they both will move on with next partner.

      • The thing here is shk is hallyu star she is not a nugu starlet. She have a big fandom not only in sk but in other asian country. That are very loud in supporting her specially in social media. Campaigning for her in instagram/ Twitter, voicing their support when you have that demand from fans producer will seek you.

      • I agree again @stacey i remember after the divorce announcement there is this news about model replacement. And then shk fans went into social media acct of her brand endorsment. And live comments of support and msg like if not for shk i will never know this brand or the only reason i buy this is because of her. Her brand endorsment responded that they wont replace her. That’s the power of having a fandom.

      • And thats power, right? Plus she is a senior in the industry, in a country which seniority is very much being upheld. K-ent is ruthless and prefer clean image for the artists, history of dating and divorce included. If one can go thru those and career is still fine, means that the person is powerful. Those “media bullying” doesnt really have impacts like some feared. Esp when one of the biggest “gossip/news revealer” among them a.k.a Dispatch mostly stay mum regarding the divorce.

      • @itsmepeg – was the brand account they went into, the one for Sulwhasoo?

        Song Hye Kyo has been working with Amorepacific (Sulwhasoo’s parent company, they also own her previous cf brands Laneige, Innisfree and Etude House) for 18 years now. They stuck with her through the tax scandal, why would they dump her over a divorce?

      • @sunshine – yeah I think she was the first model for that hair dryer they developed?

        It’s an amazing hair dryer (I tested out one in the UK, it’s not heavy to hold and dries hair much faster than my old ones without the heat damage) but so expensive omg…£300! I can see why it sells well though.

      • @Royal We I’m not sure about her being the first model but SHK’s signed a deal to promote Dyson in 4 countries.

  8. I also doubt sjk knows the chinese meaning of wearing a green hat. I see many married korean men wearing one. I recently saw a picture of Ji Jin-Hee wearing a green cap at a golf activity which coincidentally includes song joong ki last June. So does that mean he was cuckholded by his wife too?

  9. He’s starting to look like ajusshi. Not that it is bad. He’s just getting there. SHK is a fine lady. Anyone who gets treated by a husband on a divorce like she did, but remained silent, is a fine lady. Glad she moved on. She didn’t have to share her obviously larger networth on the divorce so that says a lot. The other party had no reason to demand payment for sufferings or whatnot. They just didn’t like each other anymore. Haters gonna hate.

  10. So if I see a Chinese man wearing a green cap/hat is that the connotation that he is ‘cuckold’? (That’s extremely unfair to SHK) and it is such a whack assumption as well. Maybe the wearer is just celebrating St Patrick’s day? Or they support the Boston Celtics. SJK May have been feeling ‘green around the gills’ being newly divorced so wore a green cap to symbolise his Singledom status and to cheer himself up and that green is his favourite colour. Either way he’s looking healthy and extremely good looking so I want to know what the emblem on his cap reads…any ideas?

    • Typically, Chinese men avoid wearing green hat/cap due to age-old cultural taboo – apart from cuckold disgrace, history was that a Chinese emperor had punished men, who visited brothels, by putting green hats on them for public humiliation.

      BTW, am not Chinese but had studied the language and been exposed to the culture.

    • You will never see a Chinese man wear a green hat. If he does, he will be ridiculed to no end and it pits a very bad light on his significant other as Cheating in Chinese culture , especially if the women is cheating is very very bad.

    • @Peace and @Jkfan THANK YOU for your explanations just puts everything into perspective with a green cap and the significance of wearing one.

  11. @sunshine
    I have never seen SHK look this good. She looks so healthy and glowing . She looks so glamorous and I love her new sexy style. Before she would look prim and pretty. Now she looks hot. She’s put on a bit of weight which suits her. Makes her look womanly instead of like a little girl. Whoever is her stylist and make up/hair person is doing a great job. In contrast, her ex husband looks demolished and haggard. That’s what made me think maybe this break up was harder on him. She clearly seems to have moved and looks like she’s thriving. Looks like she’s in love and has a secret lover. Nothing wrong with it. It’s her life. Why should men have all the fun? She looks empowered . It’s nice to see a woman of her age at the top of her game.

      • Yes, actually I remember thinking SJK is not aging well. Maybe marriage problems had started already.

    • Or maybe she’s thriving because she finally got out of her unhappy marriage. It doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with finding a new love again.

      • But her glow says very “in love’ and ‘ amazing sex life’ . She actually looks younger and more “moisturized” .

      • At @Jana how can you tell base on pictures? She prolly crying when she was alone and showing she is strong outside. You are very judgemental.

      • You’re so sure about her having a secret lover so I expect you to at least know his name. Mind sharing? I’d love to know as well. 🙂

      • @sunshine his complete name starts with a P and ends with an M, duh

        But you already know that 🙂

      • @sunshines If I did, I wouldn’t have asked Kiss. P, M…can you spell his name properly? I’m not good at guessing names. ?

  12. Thinking about this again, why I felt like this is some kind of media play for arthdal? I hope Its not.
    sjk pretty active promoted himself in China before so Im sure he know what the meaning of that hat (he is smart guy). The question is did shk really cheated on him?

  13. @Jana, I agree with most of how you described SHK. While agreeing that she’s a beautiful woman, I don’t and will never get her fan pull, her acting does nothing for me. I LOVED TWTWB, but because of Jo In Sung, EunJi, Kim Bum, the incredible sound track, etc. I will never watch something b/c of her, but won’t NOT watch something bc she’s in it, so I watched DOTS b/c of all the hype etc, but couldn’t get ep 4, i really liked the second lead’s story and acting far better than the mains as well, I also tried watching it again a couple times and just couldn’t. I like SJK, not in the way that I like Lee Joon Ki or Seung Gi or Jo In Sung/Jo si Jub etc, but I think he’s a better actor than SHK, my opinion. and yes, she has swiftly moved on and looks fabuous.
    We don’t know what went down unless these two tell us, however what could be the reason for a man filing for divorce without his wife knowing?? There’s nothing to ponder, IMHO. His green hat says it all.

  14. He really looks good post his divorce. The fact he divorce her without any prior notice, he even warned her to reveal everything and her staying quiet throughout the divorce procedure except releasing symphathic mediaplay article about weight loss and pregnancy speaks volume. I hope he finds his happiness soon.

    • Stop being a delulu u know they been living separately for so long. They both agree to get a divorce only for him to file it and voluntarily announcing it to the press w/o notifying her and then claim he wants a quiet divorce. Quiet divorce my foot.

      • She knew already what he’ll do. You said it yourself that they had “mutually” agreed to separate beforehand. What he did is to divert the public attention from her, which, unfortunately didnt go so well. Their divorce in a sense is quiet and very fast, unlike the mess that happened to some other celeb couple. Take Gu Hye Sun-AJH case for example. Bear in mind that Song Song Couple was very very famous in SK and literally news buzzer even if they just breathed, so quiet divorce, as in, only court knows is kinda impossible. See for yourself how many real coverage and the length of the months of their divorce news being covered since the day its first announced. The real news was his filing for divorce and statement, her statement from agency, father statement, then divorce is finalized. Period. Finished. No other things that actually being said or stated from them or thw agencies. The rest are media who try to find anything they could write about them to gain readers.

        See with logic. Not with emotion.

      • Diverting the attention from her? How? By filing for the divorce when she was out of the country? By releasing a vague statement? Was Blossom even aware of what he did? These are real questions coz I’m trying to understand the logic here.

      • In this article the one who said its a warning is from a third party chanel A and they put up “alledged soure close to sjk” the question is did he really intend to warn her or its just the media milking their divorce. This is the downside of dragging your private matters to the press if you want a quiet divorce then filing it quietly and announcing it after its done is much better. Now if that divorce clause is implemented he will be forever known as the actor responsible for that. What a mess.

  15. Why would the man whose wife was cheating decided to wait for months before filing? Why would the man pretend like everything was okay at his drama con weeks prior to the announcement? The wife already suggested the divorce months before, kept talking about focusing on herself, even moved out of her own house, displayed the signs of an unhappy spouse.
    According to some Naver commenters, they agreed to get a divorce in Feb but decided to wait until Arthdal finishes its broadcast. There were also reports saying the mutually agreed to divorce in May. But he still bypassed her when she was out of the country, told his lawyer to spread the news to as many media outlets as possible, warned the wife not to reveal anything regarding their marriage and divorce when she didn’t even say one word to the press. He told the reporters to ask her for the reason of their divorce but later he warned her not to talk?

    Some of his fans said he’s angry and bitter coz he got cheated on..but a man can also display his bitterness and anger if the wife decides to move on and walks out of their marriage. The day before the filing, SHK was trending after a couple of pics from her CF shooting were posted online. Looking so much better than she did when she was at the events in Singapore and HK.

    Divorces happen. And they’re just two people who are better off without each other.

  16. If SJK intended to wear this green hat knowing its chinese meaning, the he is such a j@rk imo. What normal guy would want to announce to the world that he has been cuckholed?

    Its his first photo after divorce, he should be showing that he is moving on and healing and not cast another stone in a relationship that is already over. He has the rest of his life to live, he can find a new partner and move on. Why dwell on a past that you can never change? Shading his ex wife like this puts him in a new level of assh@le. Any woman should be celebrating freedom from divorcing sjk if his character is this bad. Snake indeed

    • This is not first time he is wearing green cap,he wore it previously before his marriage too. Obviously you despise him and calling him jerk based on what he wears.

      • And he looks happy in this photo celebrating his costar birthday and clicking selfie with a fan but obviously you choose to namecall him based on one fucking cap which I doubt he had any idea about. Absolutely idiotic.

      • If is the only hypothetical word whereas rest of her comments seems like she is sure that he was wearing green cap to shade her, that is what seems to me. she/he is bashing him on pretext of If. Maybe he wore green cap because it goes well in contrast with white tee.

  17. For you fans of shk didn’t you heard about her aborting rain baby? Her name also on list lee byung hun book secret? How strong her giant sponsor backing up in tax scandal, dating scandal, politician sponsor, and even dispatch was with her? And you still support her until now believe her was innocent? You’re crazy lols. She even sleeping with lee chang hoon, won bin, song seung hoon and all co-star in drama except jo in sung because he know her trick and reject her love. She can seducing gong too and joo ji hoo or even Kim soo hyun now.

    • Joo Ji Hoon? The one who was supposed to be her co-star in Hyena, the drama that SHK turned down twice? I’m not familiar with him, I hope I don’t mistake him for someone else.

      LCH, huh? Your source must’ve come the trash who got warned by the Ethics Committee, along with other media outlets. In case you don’t know, LCH himself already clarified the rumors years ago. You’re late..as usual.

      And enough with comments about JIS rejecting SHK or SHK sleeping with every co-star of hers..they’re predictable, repetitive and boring. Lol

    • I’m getting so tired of people throwing her (supposed) dating history around. So what? Really SO WHAT? We’re in the 21st century and I don’t care how many men shes’s dated. It’s nobody’s business. Good for her, have fun as much as you like, SHK – if these rumors are even true in the first place.
      Now, why don’t you take a look at your beloved innocent oppa who of course never dated anyone before SHK and was a shy and blushing virgin at the wedding. And if he wasn’t a virgin, then I’ll take a page out of your book and call him a sl*t, alright?
      And what proof do you have that she aborted a baby?
      The misogyny in this blog really pisses me off.

      • She name drop other actors who never had a dating rumor with her Song seung hun, Won bin and Jo in sung. The other guy Lee chang hoon said that shk is like a litte sibling. She did drama before like Hotelier, Guardian angel, sunlight pours down and did a movie w/ Yo ji tae, Cha tae hyun and a lot of chinese actors but she never had a rumor with them. So whenever i see comments like she dated all her co stars i cant help but wonder these people do they even know how to count? Lol as for the sponsor she already filed a case and won the rumor mongers were fined even the trash journalist retracted his statement cause he cant put up an evidence.

        I feel bad for a lot of actresse tbh ex my other fave lee young ae was accuse of having a sponsor just because her hubby is older than her like wth is wrong with rumor mongers? Get a life pls.

      • @Danica1991 I guessed as much, but it makes me furious how women still get viewed negatively for something (dating) the men do just as much and which shouldn’t be demonized in the first place. Especially by other women. And even more especially without any substantial proof.
        The sponsor thing baffles me too. I really don’t know why people keep sticking to a rumour that has no basis whatsoever. People, especially netizens, can be so mean, it’s really sad.

    • That’s too much information on SHK @valentinazara it’s pointless and baseless which has never been substantiated and are rumours circulating with not an ounce of truth to it. Why do you keep throwing these ridiculous SHK claims out here because they’re actually quite distressing to read. I get you’ve never liked her I understand you have vented your spleen about her but you have to realise there is a fine line is that’s its hurtful and spiteful for fans and non fans alike. It’s very mean and not nice at all. Can you please be mindful that for some of us this is the first Ive read of this and I can’t unread it.

      • I cant barely see her face in the pictures but other than that she looks pretty hot in her tube dress and her skin is glowing.

      • You yourself said you can barely see her so how come you knew she has glowing skin? Checkout her other pic without makeup. She doesn’t even look half of pretty compare to her pics where she is loaded with makeup. There are barely few actress who looks pretty without makeup. Shk clearly isn’t one of them.

      • When the pics were released, Netz were praising her bare face. But if you think she doesn’t look good without makeup, it’s fine. Beauty is subjective anyway. So what if Edmund thinks she looked hot that day. Who are you to say his/her opinion isn’t valid? Lol

  18. Lol, this world is going crazy. Crazy women have fantasy of Korean oppas.
    Post about Jeon Mi Seon actress committed suicide, nobody cares, just a few comments.

    Here some women are really nasty.

  19. I agree with those who think that SJK looks tired and worn out in his recent photos. Whether it’s the weight loss, the struggles of divorce or the hardships of filming Arthadal… All I can say is he aged dramatically since we last saw him in 2017. For a baby faced guy, who practically looked like he was 18 years old for the entire decade that he was in his 20s. The fact that he looks like 10 years older in just a matter of 2 years, says a lot about the struggles he went through. SJK may seem cool and confident, but he had always been a softie who cries a lot. All I want is for him to get back his peace of mind, happiness and passion. Active Joongki fighting!!!!

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