KBS Sageuk The Tale of Nokdu Leads Mon-Tues Ratings and Off to Positive Netizen Reviews

I haven’t followed a Mon-Tues K-drama in months and the wait has been worth it to find a drama worth my commitment again. KBS dropped the youth sageuk The Tale of Nokdu this week and it’s as entertaining and charming as the previews suggested. Leads Jang Dong Yoon and Kim So Hyun are perfectly cast in their respective roles and also perfectly cast with each other. The last time I was so taken with a youth sageuk right off the bat was Moonlight Drawn by Clouds which went on to be a giant ratings winner. Nokdu remains in the one digit ratings with 5.6% and 7.1% in episode 1 which sadly makes it the ratings leader for the time slot since every thing else is getting less viewers. If you’re looking for a K-drama that doesn’t need a lot of critiquing because it’s sweet and silly, this is the one.


KBS Sageuk The Tale of Nokdu Leads Mon-Tues Ratings and Off to Positive Netizen Reviews — 20 Comments

  1. Episode 2 got a bump in ratings at 6.5, 8.3.

    It needs more attention. But mon/tues ratings for kdrama has been dismal for a long long time. Although the numbers are lower relatively to the past, it’s the highest in a long time for a monday/tuesday drama.

    Come on South Koreans, come out and watch this great drama! It’s a fun watch guarantee!

  2. It’s encouraging if ratings aren’t extremely low but ratings aren’t everything. One of the best dramas this year and for me, one of the most refreshing in years, Be Melodramatic, had less than 2% ratings for its final episode. Thankfully it garnered praise from netizens and there were even articles praising it despite its low end ratings.

    • More than the ratings I was interested in what the knet reaction would be. Ratings aren’t the same as they used to be and good dramas don’t always get good ratings. The feedback from the audience is more important so I’m glad for the team to have thier work appreciated.

    • Ratings aren’t everything. When shows garner a niche/cult-like fandom despite low ratings, the shows will not be forgotten. Despite it’s low ratings, Weightlifting Fairy, Age of Youth, and etc. continues to be remembered thus recommended by its fans today while other works with higher ratings are forgotten.

  3. O_O The rare instance I want it to be a Monday right this moment.

    My favorite aspect of this show is the camaraderie between the women characters and of course the fake woman Nokdu. Women supporting women! That’s a powerful anthem!

  4. Double digit ratings in kdrama seem only to be a cherished memory of the past now. With cable and huge amounts of Koream dramas and much not good allowing most Actors in Korea to work these ratings for a monday tuesday are pretty good sadly.

      • SBS has not removed the slot. SBS only put a temporary hiatus for the slot. Jang Nara and Lee Sang Yoon’s drama VIP will air on SBS Mon-Tues slot at the end of October.

  5. I hope the rating will up! I still cant see their chemistry but both actors are charming. Im suprise JDY is 92 line, he looks so young.

  6. The drama landscape has changed and so has the ratings landscape. There is more and more online streaming compared to a few years ago. If you see ratings as a measure for success then we have to see the context in which they happen and in the current environment these ratings are positive. Even cable isn’t averaging the same ratings it did 2 years ago which means overall things have changed for television viewers. Equal attention should also be given to viewer comments and popularity charts or buzz charts instead of just ratings.

  7. I like this drama! It’s really fun. For the ratings, they don’t have competition on main channels, so they only can be good. In JTBC, there is a fusion sageuk too.

  8. This drama won’t have any competition from other terrestrial channels. The ratings could possibly spike and reach new highs.

    • It may not happen there is a lot of competition because SBS and MBC are airing re-runs of their most popular variety shows and korea loves variety more than drama. Even the previous drama didn’t have any competition on terrestrial except variety shows but wasn’t able to pull ratings. Even Rain’s drama didn’t have any competition but still wasn’t able to go past 6% same for Han Jimin her drama had no competition on terrestrial but still didn’t break 10%. It doesn’t matter what the competition is people just don’t watch dramas live anymore so there is no guarantee about ratings.

  9. This drama is so cute! I’m enjoying ever minute of it but I hate having to wait a whole week for new episodes! Nokdu and Dongju are such cuties and their chemistry is the best!!

  10. Its a light, cute and fun drama which is refreshing in many ways. I wish it best for ratings but wouldn’t judge it by that factor. I’m watching this for the plot and acting which I’m fully satisfied with. The cast is doing a great job with their characters and both KSH -JDY shine in their roles and with each other.

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