The Tale of Nokdu Delivers Winning OST Along with Delightfully Hallyu Story and OTP Chemistry

The hit Hallyu dramas always has addicting OST, it’s almost a given that a drama can’t hit the all-kill unless the music was good enough the augment a well written story and great acting and chemistry. The throwback satisfaction of currently airing sageuk romance The Tale of Nokdu also comes with a boppy OST with great hooks and deft placement in the drama scenes. The OST covers also highlight how colorful this drama looks, the primary and soft color palettes are less historically accurate but in the context of a drama with a cross-dressing male lead and royal birth secrets feels fitting. I love love the look male lead Jang Dong Yoon sports in the latest release of OST Part 6, it’s time to get him away from the pinks, peaches, and purples and let him be a man’s man now that he’s in the palace and finally understands how big his birth secret really is.


The Tale of Nokdu Delivers Winning OST Along with Delightfully Hallyu Story and OTP Chemistry — 22 Comments

  1. He’s going places, it was just announced his next project is a small budgeted film but no other details released yet. I’m definitely following his career now after this life-changing role!

    The soundtrack is indeed beautiful and accompany the drama well.

  2. The OST is amazing and fits the drama perfectly! I haven’t heard such an amazing OST compilation in forever! Younha should perform her song live during the end of the year ceremonies!

  3. I’m happy for Jang Dong Yoon has finally gaining popularity. My First impression of him were Just Dance, though I already watching him In “If I Were Season”. He is impressive in Both drama, And since then following his career. One of the reason I Watch Tale Of Nokdu.

    So glad he starred in a movie soon. Hopefully I can watch it with subs.

      • Yes! Him, Seo Ji Hoon, all those kids…I was shocked to learn JDY only debuted that year and was already that good. Also that he had completed his military service! (which means he doesn’t have to enlist in the future)

  4. I’m so proud of Kim Sohyun. She picked great projects this year and proved once again how versatile she is. Her already great acting has grown by leaps and bounds. The chemistry is off the charts both on and off screen. Her consistent hardwork is bearing fruits. A great way to end the decade.

    • Any other agency would have media played the hell out of it. Her dramas were not only extremely popular but they also boosted the viewership of the original webtoon. The demand for the love alarm webtoon was especially so high they had to release it in English. Her agency is being super quiet and humble about it but her achievements this year are a big deal.

    • She’s such a talented actress, I’m glad she’s getting better dramas now that she’s under new representation.

      In the past, I’ve sometimes thought she didn’t look very comfortable with romantic roles, probably due to her extremely young age – but entering her 20s has done wonders because her chemistry with JDY is 🔥 and everyone loves it. I love how much love this drama is getting online, it’s always cool to see an unexpected hit.

  5. I watch this drama but I can’t remember any OST, it’s weird because I really love OST usually. I should take more attention the next episodes.

    I like this drama but I don’t know if it’s because they already had different fusion dramas this year, but it’s the kind I watch the raw or rewatch a lot of parts.

    • I have already rewatched many parts and amazed at JDY’s beauty both as a woman and a shirtless dude. His officer outfit is also great. I wish there are two episodes every day instead of every week. 😅

  6. I started watching Nokdu thinking ‘oh, yet another crossdressing webtoon-based drama’ but seriously it’s so charming and the leads’ acting and chemistry is incredible! Jang Dong Yoon is an actor I’ve had my eye on since Solomon’s Perjury, he was so good even as a rookie but he knocks it right out of the park in his first full-length leading role (he was also really good in If We Were A Season, a short drama) and same for Kim So Hyun. This is the best chemistry I’ve ever seen between her and a male lead in a drama, I enjoy all their scenes together so much, best OTP chemistry of 2019 😍

    It’s nice to see a deserving drama doing well, it’s getting a lot of online buzz in Korea too and so are the leads. They deserve it!

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