Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won Bring Quiet Tears and Romance in New Teaser for jTBC Drama Chocolate

The quiet sadness of a Lee Kyung Hee penned melodrama is one her most consistent and defining styles. It’s hard to create that aura since sad stuff happening usually comes across way more intense but her dramas manage to have super sad stuff that happens to the leads but lets us watch their quiet inner struggles. There will be tears aplenty in her upcoming jTBC drama Chocolate and both leads Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won can cry beautifully and do so here. The second drama poster is as dreamy and romantic as the first and really sets the mood for the countryside locale of this drama and the emotional connection of the leads.

Trailer for Chocolate:


Yoon Kye Sang and Ha Ji Won Bring Quiet Tears and Romance in New Teaser for jTBC Drama Chocolate — 6 Comments

  1. feels like a japanese drama. the feel, vibe, scenery, how the shoots take, low key and directing. if only hyun bin in it or so yen jin together. but this drama is going to be a hit.

    • My dear, Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin already have their own romantic drama called Crash Landing on You. Let Ha Ji Won have a chance too to do her own drama. I don’t mind HB acting opposite HJW in Chocolate but I’m not sure melodrama is HB’s strong suit. Anyways, let’s hope this drama will become a hit like you said. Cheers.

      • im not their fan nor im secret garden watcher. i just think that Hyun Bin can do melo (his drama snow queen) and Alhambra event though the critic recieved is heartbreaking and heart-tugging

  2. Loving its vibes, with no overhyping but just exuding its deeper emotion and its up to you how it will gonna tug your heart. The writer plus ha ji won and yoon kye sang it is like i an having the vibe of ‘on the way to the airport’ drama very lowkey but hits you very hard. Though you dont have the same experience with the characters but you can still relate how does it feel if you are in such situation.

    Give us a drama that we deserve ‘Chocolate’

  3. The poster reminds me a lot of DOTS for some reason. The coloring is very pretty. I love dramas that film abroad it adds mor scenary than the usual over used sets.

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