Ji Chang Wook Lines Up Next drama LUCA After the Bafflingly Bad Melting Me Softly

This past weekend was the finale of tvN drama Melting Me Softly and it ended as stupidly as it began. It was just a bad K-drama all around, not one particular element stood out as being the deal breaker much like the screenplay for Vagabond is 100% to blame. Male lead Ji Chang Wook picked it as his comeback drama after two years in the military but the misfire will likely end up being a footnote in his resume as he’s in talks for a 2020 K-drama already called LUCA. It stands for Last Universal Common Ancestor and deals with genetics and genealogy studies which is a first. Of course cryogenics was a first too for K-dramas and look where that went. I don’t know what compelled me to keep watching Melting other than sheer boredom on weekends I guess but it’s like half baked in everything it tried to do. Hopefully LUCA is better thought out coming from the PD of Voice and The Guest with the screenwriter of Chuno and The Package.


Ji Chang Wook Lines Up Next drama LUCA After the Bafflingly Bad Melting Me Softly — 20 Comments

  1. The good point is he can’t do worse than Melting Me Soflty. So I hope he will choose his next project by reading the script and not just follow an writter who had good ratings with a bad story…

  2. Still handsome and a talented actor but sorry your last drama went wonky but hey work is still rolling in for you so yes I’m a pro OCN advocate hopefully you’ll score a drama there sometime soon.

  3. Voice season 1 and the guest is my favorite thriller drama,and i think ji chang wook like kim jae wook,both of them better play in thriller,action Or mystery drama than Romcom.

    • @Asta Kim Jae Wook has been offered lead in an OCN drama ‘Train’ so I hope he accepts. No news as to the FL though. However still no update on season 2 of the Guest. Accolades are flowing for KJW over in Soompi about the possible casting.

  4. Well, I agree that he probably can’t do worse than Melting Me Softly. That said, he doesn’t really have the best of reputation at the moment so who knows.

    • i love JCW in healer and suspicious partner. i loved his chemistry with the female leads. i got confused woth the storyline of MMS thats why i dropped watching the drama after episeode 3

  5. I think I’m the only one rejoicing that vagabond isn’t good. I’ve already crossed out watching one Lee seung gi drama because of Suzy, then he had to go and do ANOTHER drama with the girl ?! *smh* thank God I havent missed anything. Hopefully oppa picks a good drama next time with a worthy actress whom I can digest

    • If u didn’t watch the whole series then you have no right to say that it is bad. There’s a lot of us who likes it and hoping for season 2. And that girl Suzy received a lot of offers lately,she doesn’t need you liking her. FYI vagabond’s ratings at higher than your MMS. 🙂 🙂

  6. I have always love this guy since Empress Ki really showcased his talents. Maybe a saguek like Chuno would not be too bad for him. I don’t even mind if Wookie plays a chaebol heir with his hair swept up instead of floppy over his forehead. Putting him opposite Jun Ji Hyun in a rom-com with a bit of action like Fugitive Plan B would be a dream casting for me. A bit sceptical about another science fiction drama. They tend to flop.

    • Again you nailed it Ms Kimchi Ajumma dream casting JJH and JCW definitely. I’m keen for a cheesey as rom com with those 2 or a sageuk. Gosh what a waste of talent he was in MMS.

    • Yes, JCW tends to do well if he is paired with an experienced actress but flop if paired with someone inexperienced/poor acting skills. Example, he was terrific in Empress Ki with Ha Ji Won, Healer with Park Min Young, ok or average with Nam Ji Hyun in Suspicious Partner. However, he flopped with Yoona in K2, instead he has more sizzling chemistry with the older evil stepmother in the car crash and water sprinkler umbrella scenes. He flopped big time with Won Jin Ah in MMS. That’s why only someone like Jun Ji Hyun can pull him up from the doldrums.

  7. Melting Me Softly is not actually the first to tackle cryogenics. That would probably be 그녀는 돌아왔다 (She’s Back/Ice Girl), a 2005 KBS drama in which the father and the son fought over the father’s girlfriend who becomes frozen.

  8. Poor Ji Chang Wook.. he is a good actor.. the healer and Empress Ki still his best drama .. and he has good chemistry with Park Min Young and Ha Ji Won..

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