Ha Suk Jin to Cameo in tvN Drama Crash Landing on You as Hyun Bin’s Older Brother

I’m not surprised high profile K-drama Crash Landing on You will have big name cameos considering the cast and production team. The first announced cameo guest appearance is K-actor Ha Suk Jin who will be playing male lead Hyun Bin‘s older brother. He doesn’t look older than Binnie and based on the context my guess is the Binnie will have hyung issues from something happening to big bro when they were younger. Ha Suk Jin as the older brother willingly joins the North Korean army in lieu of is younger brother as their general father demands one son to become a military officer and Binnie’s younger brother has massive musical talent so hyung sacrifices himself so baby bro can pursue his dreams. Clearly that didn’t work out because years last Binnie’s character is now a high ranking North Korean military man. Oh wells, at least we get to see manly Ha Suk Jin do justice to his cheekbones as an army officer.


Ha Suk Jin to Cameo in tvN Drama Crash Landing on You as Hyun Bin’s Older Brother — 9 Comments

  1. Excited for HSJ. He’s been my fave for I dont know how long and I miss him on small screen. I hope after this he’ll have something line up. Also, he actually looks younger than Binnie. But no matter. So glad for both of them.

  2. The teaser looks promising. I don’t like most of leads’ dramas. For SHJ, I only liked her Personal Taste and HBs Kim Sam Soon and Jekyll and Hyde- but looks like I am going to like this drama.

    It’s possible for any South Korean to crash land in North Korea, after all NK is only 2km from the border or 4km if you exclude the DMZ. It’s an a fresh and interesting premise. And I’m excited to hear HB NK accent. Let’s see how’s his delivery with that.

  3. This drama and the cast is the most hyped up and promoted drama so I’ll also give it a shot although I’m not a fan of anyone of them.

    • hahaha… 50 y.o.? SYJ is OLDER than HB by the month FYI. I think SYJ looks older than HB imho. She looks over 40 although some aunties may disagree.

      • You and the commenters are both so insecure little girl. These two actors are at a right age and they are well complimented in look. No other actors or actresses matched them more than having both of them together. They are now South Korean top visual couple. I’m being a long time Hyun Bin fan who never ship him with anyone but now ship him with her. Her beauty is unbeatable and his visual is top on the list. Like them, watch the drama. If not stop yelping about them.

      • Auntie@Ramdomlee – you can disagree but there is no reason to call me “insecure”. shippers are most unreal, and your comment sounds the most immature amongst all. lol.

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