Ha Jung Woo, Lee Byung Hun, Suzy Promote Disaster Action Movie Ashfall Coming Out December 19th

This has been a busy week for the cast of upcoming disaster K-movie Ashfall (Mount Baekdu). It’s the first time Ha Jung Woo and Lee Byung Hun, top movie stars usually headlining their own movies, are working together and they are joined by actresses Suzy and Jeon Hye Jin as well as Ma Dong Seok in a supporting role. It’s a return to disasters taken seriously unlike summer blockbuster Exit that played it for family bonding and a bit of laughts, this time Mount Baekdu erupts since it’s a volcano and all and the ensuing ash causes mass destruction in both North and South Korea. The male leads form a North-South expert team to stop impending future eruptions. It was a star studded series of press conferences and movie premiere for this action flick, it’s totally my perfect watch on long plane flights kinda movie.

Trailer for Ashfall:


Ha Jung Woo, Lee Byung Hun, Suzy Promote Disaster Action Movie Ashfall Coming Out December 19th — 27 Comments

  1. Lee byung hun longevity is insane. He was doing dramas with lee young ae in 1995 then with song hye kyo in 2004 and now he has suzy opposite him in her usual flowerpot role.
    Damn literally 3 gen of actresses opppsite him. Great actor. His last drama was blockbuster and movie supertsar for 2 decades as well. For suzy i guess any role is better than nothing even if role is being the wife where men will do all the job. After her last flop movie back in 2015 she must be trying to have some movie career with her last drama flopping in korean ratings and fans fantasy international popularity ( she is never considered a draw outside korea and she is local ) and producers r not returning with sequel of vagaflop because they lost money simply.3 movies in 10 years not gonna make u movie star. Where ur onpy hit was back im 2012 where han ga in carried it ( had great 2012 with moon embracing the sun ) But only she will have a movie career if she gives a hit on her own. Not on shoulders of lee byung hun and ha jung woo. There are many 90s gen born who already in A list movie career and way ahead like Kim tae ri, kim go eun and now yoona as well. But woozie fans keep denying the truth snd say how she is ahead of everyone when she is not. Even in drama land her dramas r flopping and her next drama is lpw budhet with some C LIST ACTOR LMAO. May be cfs. Even iu has more cfs now than her and in drama land too she is behind. That arrogant suzy fan mary AND OTHERS can take a hike.

  2. Double Pass. One for Lee Byung for his scandal, I still can’t support his works after his “emotional” affairs.
    Two for Suzy mediocre acting. Her action cosplay in Vagabond is one action project too many.

  3. Movie with 30b budget, they need at least 7 million admission mark. Good luck!
    Btw I’m still bitter because JJS not get any awards from exit.

    • Yoona got popularity awards and brand awards not the best actress award . Popularity awards r not respectrd like critics awards. Jjs carried exit and everyone knows that

      • Yoona was good in exit and no! JJS not the only one that carried exit. If Yoona just get popularity awards then I felt a pity with all the cast of exit.

    • Yes she got fan voted awards. Not prestigious ones. Idol fans live on other planet. Now suzy has nthng to do in this movie but her fans will say she carried the movie lol

      • Yoona is not bad in Exit. Suzy on the other hand is only a wallpaper. Ashfall as seen in the trailor, Suzy only has 3 seconds at the most, MDS has longer screentime than her, how can Suzy “carry the movie”, this is the biggest joke!! Anyway, everyone knows Suzy fans live in delulu wonderland, this is nothing new.

      • @candycane – Suzy’s ‘acting’ career will last exactly as long as her CFs do because the only value she adds to a project is PPL.

        Unless of course, one of her projects manages to find her mythical ‘acting talent’ that hasn’t shown itself in her 9 year career….like the Loch Ness Monster.

  4. Stop with this Suzy hate, she only has a minor role here. The movie trailer clearly shows HJW and LBH since they are the leads. Lee Byung Hun is wearing a suit that’s a tad too small. He seemed like he has trouble breathing.

    • @M I reckon and I agree as she literally has minimal screen time as Ha Jung Woo’s pregnant wife and then all of a sudden is catapulted to public enemy # 1. Seriously If you don’t like her or her acting true story move on but gosh she’s not central to the film neither is her character gonna make or break a scene but please stop the distraction and the anti sentiment. Actually she’s dressing better too for the press con; dress looks quite stylish and chic. Previous article she made a donation and only garnered 3 comments however here she’s getting lambasted for a minuscule role. The girl can’t cut a break on this blog.

      • Amen to that!! I peeped that too. Some haters are just some under cover fans because spending so much time on posts of someone you claim to not like…you would have to be a fan.

      • Donating is a nice thing to do but how is it relevant to her acting skills? Did it make her a better actress somehow?

        No one has ever cast aspersions on her character, only pointed put that she is bad at her supposed job (ie acting) and has never had to earn any opportunities by her skill.

      • Why does she need to be a better actress? Did KTH ever become a good actress I don’t think so. She even lost most of her cfs but still remains the most in demand and one of the highest paid actress. Suzy hasn’t lost a single cf in her 11 year career and she even met the President of Korea today so no her popularity can never fade and she’ll remain superior to all other actresses especially in her generation.

      • “Superior to other actresses” with those skills and those underwhelming/flop dramas? Do you people really think actresses are just product models and nothing else, what a joke.

        At least Kim Tae Hee had multiple hit dramas spread throughout the first decade of her career.

      • @Jeg – KTH has actually become a better actress, just watch Jang ok jung, I don’t think Suzy can head a saguek with her character name in the title. As you have said, Suzy does not need to be a better actress because she truly cannot act, everyone should give hope after 11 years. Her fans have such low expectation for a wallpaper is absolutely amazing. Lol.

    • I agree, I’m not even her fan but I get annoyed at certain someone keep dragging her like almost every article even that isn’t related to her, I don’t know what’s in that person’s mind but it’s clearly not healthy. Praising your bias all you want but keep bashing the girl is just so wrong.

      • Oh woozie fans keep your moral policing to urself. Woozie sucks n i domt like her as an actress. Its woozie fans who keep saying she is best. Just showing them reality. She has nothing to do. Deal with it woozie fans

    • she sucks an an actress i will say it. Her drama flopped with such high budget. Poor producers not even thinking of sequel . She cant bring ratings n now is D list in movie with her last movie flopping and now with useless role. Her next drama is with c list actor
      Her forte was cfs. But korean advertising agency named top cf stars and she isnt even ranked in top 10 anymore
      Whereas jjh on hiatus is ranked in top 10. Woozie will be finished when she enter her 30s

  5. lol Suzy fans and their victim complex as usual, they think literally every single criticism she gets for her shit acting is “hate”.

    It’s not 2012 anymore, she’s no longer an idol, a rookie or being forced into acting by her agency. The excuses are running out (and don’t think I don’t notice how her fans love to shit on other young actresses whose recent projects were more successful than hers).

    • @royal korean advertising agency official body, KOBACO Declared top models for 2019 yesterday Which included queens jun ji hyun plus song hye kyo. Iu also made top 10. Suzy used to be ranked but not this year. She has lost her only ability – that is cfs. She is no more top cf model too. Others hss overtaken too. I mean in movies likes of kim tae ri , kim go eun ( has won many movie awards and many hits) , yoona are way ahead. In drama iu has overtaken her and kim go eun has biggest show next year. Even kim tae ri has blockbuster drama. Suzy next drama is with a little known actor after vagabond flopped with no sequel. I m mocking woozie bcoz her fans used to mock others n say she is top most. I mean where she is at top? In movie industry she is noone. Drama world she has been overtaken and her only title was cf queen which she is not anymore..she will be in second tier in her 30s. She has no acting chops to survive in 30s. She cant bring ratings nor sell tickets. Arrogant suzy fans need to get out of delusion world

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