K-actress Claudia Kim Marries Head of WeWork Korea After Dating for One Year

Another actress got married recently and she’s firmly got a toehold in Hollywood as well as her home industry. South Korean actress Claudia Kim (Soo Hyun) best known still for being in Avengers: Age of Ultron, got married last week in Seoul to the head of WeWorks Korea. Everyone’s assuming he’s loaded, and he may very well be, but the couple looks happy together and goodness let adults pick their spouses without additional analytical commentary please. Her dress for the wedding was very boho and floaty peasant style, not sure how I feel that style but she looked radiant and beautiful wearing it so that’s all that matters. Congrats to the happy couple!


K-actress Claudia Kim Marries Head of WeWork Korea After Dating for One Year — 15 Comments

  1. It goes both ways. An actress get rich guy and rich guy gets a hot trophy wife out of his league looks wise. Simple. Even lee young ae married 20 years older billionaire even if she is my all time fave actress. Both happy. This is how things work. Status and looks do matter.

  2. Lee Young Ae reportedly separated from her husband back in 2018 however I stand to be corrected.

    Congratulations to the newly weds too ❤️
    Mr WWK is most likely a genuinely all round Mr nice guy with a great personality and they both clicked and liked each other regardless of riches and status so good on them.

    • Nah I just saw this headline

      Jewel In The Palace star Lee Young-ae calls it quits on her marriage
      Thursday, Sep 20, 2018

      I’m cool I don’t doubt it at all just gossip news scare mongering by a Singaporean tabloid so nope no need to read up.

  3. WeWork is in MASSIVE financial trouble, a frequent subject o articles on tech-related sites I read (one of which is a WeWork client), so he may not be super-loaded. As for Ms Kim, having never seen any of her Western films, I remember as “the Kim Soo Hyeon I actually like, the one who was effectively forced to use another name by the fame of the Kim Soo Hyeon I can’t stand”

    • He has resigned from WeWorks much earlier. He is an adopted Korean-American self-made person. It’s estimated his net worth touches Billion. So he is definitely loaded.

  4. K- Actresses mostly marry to men who has wealth but not handsome. K- Actors marrry to beautiful & young women who isnt very sharp career wise.

    • Wow. Shame on you who thinks any woman nowadays needs an allowance from a man! It is the reverse in my world where the matriarch holds the bank key. He may not be very handsome but his face looks pleasant and kind.

    • Wow even by Internet nastiness standard you’re certainly nasty.

      He is a Korean adoptee and I was actually admiring how he managed to assimilate and move back to S Korea as an adult.

      And then instead of saying congratulations since he is firmly in Korean society now we get these online idiotic comments.

      Congratulations to the couple. Luckily no one they know will hopefully read such comments.

      • I think @Pinkblack must be speaking from her own experience. What a pity!! No one in their right mind should be saying “on her back looking up at that face” ?

    • Sweetie, this kind of thing happens all the time. They are not the first couple that are different in terms of looks. Look at Michelle Yeoh and Jean Todt. Congrats to Claudia Kim and hubby. Whether it’s for money or love, who cares? As long as they are happy.

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