Increase of Over 1% Vaults Crash Landing on You to 8.499% Ratings and Bona Fide Cable Drama Hit Territory

The verdict is in both for the domestic audience and for my own viewing opinion – I LOVE THIS DRAMA! tvN romance Crash Landing on You is neither crashing nor landing anytime soon as episode 4 rose the most in ratings yet with over 1% increase to garner the drama ratings of 8.499% AGB nationwide for the cable series. It’s the fact that the ratings has steadily increased that heralds a hit, if ratings wobble up and down it’s just not ready to lock in viewers yet. Ratings that keep going up is a great sign and this drama is legit crack viewing. It’s funnier than I could have ever expected and I enjoy watching the supporting cast along with the excellent leads Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin. Those two are so in character it’s not even funny, I only see Jin Hyuk and Seri and not the two famous stars playacting. But the four soldier minions are also adorable and the North Korean wives contingent add additional flavor and sass to the surrounding coterie. I care about Seri’s daddy issues, her getting back to South Korea and ruling over her awful family, and of course getting a way to also be with the most wonderful sweetest guy in the world who is just a man asking to be loved.


Increase of Over 1% Vaults Crash Landing on You to 8.499% Ratings and Bona Fide Cable Drama Hit Territory — 18 Comments

  1. I loved this drama too. Son ye Jin as Se-Ri is so on point, now I knew why she took this role. Its so much different than her usual role. Se-Ri is tough, determined, classy but she adapted well into the village surrounding. Ep 4 & 5 is so funny and different from usual rom-com. I have absolutely no idea how she can return back to South but let her stay there long enough to bring more funny incidents.

  2. Thanks for mentioning the NK soldiers, esp the one who always lock into arguments with Se-Ri and the one obsessing over Stairway to Heaven and SK dramas. I love every scenes of them so far. I don’t enjoy the NK housewives scenes though.

    • I love the kdrama fan soldier – the scene where he chose lunch with Choi ji woo over the Prized tv was GOLD!! You got to love spunky Seri – giving out the awards with the prizes from JH’s home ! and his face when he got nothing was hilarious – I haven’t laughed so hard in a kdrama for a while. I think the hook about this drama are the lines – the writer is witty and she knows how to approach the sensitive North Korea and South Korea issues

      • Ya. Se-Ri is sassy. She knows him well enough to be confident over his choice that is dinner with Choi Ji Woo over the prized TV. My fave still the scene where she ran away from the NK soldiers to the BGM of Stairway to Heaven. While the plot may be a absurd, I agree on what you said about the writing. The comedy doesn’t feel forced at all.

  3. Yay! I love this drama! The parachute scene was so ridiculous – they could have had some wind to blow their hair at least – but it was all swoon and awesome – but you will suspend all logic because the OTP And the whole sidekicks sells all those feels! I swear this drama – is Hyun bin romancing the whole world – you just want to go over to the screen and cuddle him tight!

  4. Jeng, jeng, jeng – Son Ye Jin just posted in her IG a sweet photo of her and Hyun Bin only in Switzerland at the spot where both of them were looking at the para-gliders. The photo had both of them looking so deliriously happy, laughing with beaming smiles. Never seen HB looking that happy before. Is this a subtle hint that a New Year announcement is imminent? I can hear a thousand hearts breaking across the globe already.
    I love the soldier who is a SK-drama die-hard fan. He must heartbroken as Stairway To Heaven actress Choi Ji Woo has just announced she’s pregnant with her first baby. His future lunch date with Choi Ji Woo must be shared with her baby in tow. Lol.

    • CJW is pregnant? I have to tell my mom this good news. To Japanese fans, CJW is the hallyu princess ?, the first wave of kdramas in Japan.

      • Yes, @candycane. At 44, it’s remarkable and wonderful. Congrats to Choi Ji Woo for finding love and starting a family late in life. I first admired her in Winter Sonata, one of the earliest K-dramas I ever watched way back in 2002. Even used the drama as an example in my English class to keep my Korean students interested in the lesson. I remembered some of them giggled and groaned thinking “oh no teacher, don’t torture us with this weepy drama full of crying.” Lol. So many nostalgic memories. Lol.

  5. I have to say the PPL trick shot was so darn hilarious. Blink and you will miss it. It was the scene where Se Ri saw her beauty product being sold at the marketplace. I suddenly saw Mediheal on one of the products on the same shelf as Se Ri’s product. For those who are unaware, HB is the ambassador for Mediheal a cosmetic company. It’s way better than those blatant Subway PPL scenes in other dramas. Well done writer-nim.

  6. Love this show! It’s hysterically funny. I personally find the scenes of Seri’s family to be the funniest in the entire show. Those lines delivered by the actors who play her older brothers have me in stitches. I love the N. Korean soldiers as well, and his N. Korean fiancée’s mother is hysterical. I think a huge part of why the ratings continue to rise are the lines in the script. It takes a totally implausible and unrealistic premise and infuses it with enough humor and realism that it feels real and not a caricature at all. Can’t wait for the next episode. Son Ye Jin and Binnie are a delight to watch. It’s such a WIN from many different perspectives. I confess, I have never loved Son Ye Jin in a role as much as I like her in this one.

    • Agree Adal. Even my hubby who is a non K-drama fan finds Son Ye Jin amusing and funny in CLOY when he happened to sit next to me on the couch for a few minutes. Yoon Se Ri is a one in a million role for SYJ. This role is tailor made for her just like You From Another Star is for Jun Ji Hyun. I have a funny vibe in my K-drama bones that CLOY will be a classic hit. I have never been a fan of hers before but she won me over in The Last Princess and now CLOY. As I am not a shipper but a mature fan, I like any actress if she can make me cry, laugh and empathise with her character.

    • i second you Adal – both are a delight to watch & perfect casting i must say! i just hope these two will eventually date off cam bc they seem to be match made in heaven! agree again i love SYJ more in this drama compared to others i’ve seen of her and also HB’s role in this drama would be one of my favorites now! he cracks me when he gives that innocent look considering he’s supposed to have a high rank in the army!

  7. one of the best dramas of Son ye jin & Hyun bin – both are super stars in my opinion and this drama got me hooked and i’d give this 5 stars or more! the story itself is quite interesting & in my mind could be realistic! i just hope this drama is more than 16 episodes hoping this production will extend it to 20!! a drama this good should be longer than 16 episodes!

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