K-actress Choi Ji Woo Pregnant with First Child Due Spring 2020

A big and exciting congrats to one of the first Hallyu top actresses Choi Ji Woo, her agency announced that she’s pregnant with her first child. She’s 44-years old so is definitely a higher risk pregnancy but I’m sure she’s getting the best care possible. She’s been married for over a year to a non-entertainment industry husband who is 9 years younger so she got a lot of attention for reversing the gender gap. All I think is that if the couple is happy together then that’s fantastic for them and everyone else can go live their own lives. This is great news to close out 2019 with!


K-actress Choi Ji Woo Pregnant with First Child Due Spring 2020 — 12 Comments

    • Yes, I am about to saying the same thing. I thought she was marry with a guy that younger than her and not older. Ms. Koala, I think you need revise your information. Anyway, happy for them.

  1. Wishing her well…Thats a big decision and will require lots of energy having a baby that late in life. I Commend her eat well exercise as you will need lots of vitality and energy for the coming years when most are slowing down…Acting will be hard.

  2. So happy to see her happy and having a baby. She was one of the first actresses that got me into kdrama. I shipped her so hard with the male lead in Stairway to Heaven. Now both are happily married and have their own families!

  3. Congrats Choi Ji Woo. Wishing you a safe pregnancy and delivery. Winter Sonata is one my earliest faves. So Many nostalgic memories.

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