Son Ye Jin Posts Switzerland BTS Picture with Hyun Bin as Celebration of Christmas Filming Crash Landing on You

A very big Merry Christmas to everyone, and a treat has arrived for fans of Crash Landing on You courtesy of female lead Son Ye Jin. She posted a BTS picture of herself and male lead Hyun Bin filming in Switzerland, the scene where their characters are watching the paragliding against the picturesque backdrop of the Swiss mountains. They look adorable and happy, especially Binnie sporting one of the widest smiles I’ve ever seen from him. The drama is not fully pre-produced so remains in production and Son Ye Jin posted this picture to tell fans that they are still filming even on Christmas Eve. Super thanks to the hardworking cast and crew, their effort is much appreciated and warmly received because the end product is just fantastic.


Son Ye Jin Posts Switzerland BTS Picture with Hyun Bin as Celebration of Christmas Filming Crash Landing on You — 34 Comments

  1. I had to tell myself to calm down when i actually saw the picture in her insta. Can’t help gushing the pair and binnie kills me everytime he smiles especially with that wide smile ???. But more importantly, its really great how they are looking so comfortable with each other. *Look at those hand.
    I’m waiting patiently every sat and sun.

    What? Today is just Wednesday?! *Sigh

  2. Success brings another level of glow on faces. SO drama is shooting with the current storyline and with the way ratings increasing, they will spend more on budget as well as required plot changes if necessary!
    Two A list stars can make really difference in the execution of story in the end. Son ye jin must be very happy considering she was always a top movie star but her drama success was less compared to her glorious movie career . So a great win for her and hyun bin must be happy too!

  3. Hyun Bin looks really happy in this drama! Just realized that Switzerland is a key to the storyline because where else can a South Korean heiress & a North Korean captain have a happy ending?

    • yess i agree. Neutral switzerland will be the key for happy reunion in the end i hope! And both are super rich in the show to live there!

    • Ah ha! Switzerland is Neutral. No wonder they chose Switzerland, because it is neutral to all other countries and they can live there without having to choose sides and change their loyalty to either S. Korea or N. Korea. So very smart of the writer.

      I thought of that when I first heard Switzerland attached to a S.Korea and N.Korea romance. I mean, certainly, they can’t live in either Korea’s peacefully. Good thinking to the writers, hopefully, this drama can bring some reconciliation thoughts to the leaders of both Korea’s to reunite the country once again.

  4. A very Merry Christmas to Ms Koala and family. Thank you for entertaining us with your blog for the past one year. Thank you too for inviting us to your playground, giving us a voice to share our K-drama journey with countless other fans from all over the world. Thank you also for not overly censoring us and controlling us too much teaching us to self-regulate and grow with you over the years. Here’s to 2020 and many more years of blogging to come. Cheerio and love from Aoteroa.

  5. I love this couple very much. They are the professional actor and actress. Thanks for the romantic drama to present to us not only in Thailand but other
    Countries to. You make me happy and lively even though I am 65 years old.

  6. This photo makes me happy and my Christmas really meanigful I am so happy I’ll be able to witness the drama and this is my fave drama of 2019

  7. This photo makes me happy and my Christmas really meanigful I am so happy Iwas able to witness the drama and this is my fave drama of 2019

  8. This photo makes me happy and my Christmas really meanigful I am so happy I was able to watch the drama and this is my fave drama of 2019

  9. Kia Ora from Rotorua, Aotearoa (New New Zealand) and Meri Kirihimete to the cast of Crash Landing On You … just as well I’m occupied In between watching one new series after another. It sometimes helps to do an overhaul of each, making sure I haven’t missed reading the subtitles. Im also a big fan with K-Drama. Such amazing stories that are surreal! I take my hat off to all Writers and Producers everytime! #Saringi

    • Publicity stunt or a Christmas love confession? Like Min Sung in Chocolate or that card scene in Love Actually. It must be the merry festive season that makes people feel all lovey-dovey, eh? This is like watching a mini-drama within a big drama. Either way I am wildly entertained.

      • Why would HB want to have a life partner who is his noona when he can choose a much younger and prettier woman for his gf/wife. HB in a drama is different from HB in real life. Why would people want to life pair HB with an ahjumma, I really don’t understand. He deserves a better person for his life.

      • They are good friends in real life. No need to put SYJ down as an ahjumma. Both born same year, she’s just 9 months older. Binnie may be hurt to hear fans talking about SYJ in this way. Anyways, we are just kidding around here concerning the photo. Cheer up. It’s not the end of the world.

      • Never know. Hes tried younger after Song Hye Gyo. Barely lasted a year. Son Ye Jin is strong, funny, talented and holds her own whether in conversations, financially or her position as a top actress. Look at Jun Ji Hyun and her same age husband. Compatibility to a T. Young and airy fairy with just looks and a body Hyun Bin can have any day and probably played with a ton of those. Soul mates – they don’t come by every day. Sex only can do that much. For the commentator that called her an ahjumma, good luck in using ONLY youth and beauty to hold your man. When he’s tired, he will just trade you in for an even younger model. Go by the sword, die by the sword. #values

  10. @lisahoward so hyun bin is not ahjussi??? Not all syj’s fans ship her with him, better show some respect. I can’t forget how some HB fans put down han ji min and now syj too. Don’t be so arrogant

    • Sorry but he is too good for both of them. HJM and SYJ both are very bland in visual and performance. SYJ is more meh than HJM. Oh don’t attack Hyun Bin fans when SYJ fans are as rude too.

      • I said some not all HB fans. Its okay you can keep him . Hope these ‘bland’ actresses continue kicking some ass in movieland and not get married soon especially with famous oppa

      • Son Ye Jin is one of the most beautiful and talented actress I have ever seen. I also like her personality very much. I love Crash landing on you but I don’t ship her with Huyn Bin. It is not my business anyway. If they were a real couple, I would be happy for her, if they were not, I would not loose any sleep over it. I just hope she will find someone who really loves her, understand her and brings her the happiness she deserves.
        Happy New Year everyone!

      • LisaHoward=Ling?

        Anyway whatever. Keep hating. She’s the one with him on set 24/7 anyways. If they do announce a wedding after, you can go chew on your fist or something.

        Yay to Ep 5… so excited to watch it ^^

      • Lol i dont ever recalled Han Ji Min lay an eyes on Hyun Bin other than being coworker so quit hating. Like someone mentioned below she and Hyun Bin are not acquaintances. They don’t acknowledge each other. Baeksang award she didn’t even bother to greet him like how she greeted all her past costars. So Hyun Bin fans need to stop be delusional hypocrisy hating on another woman. Especially one that dont have any interest on him. She is know to be the kindest and well up bringing person with no scandals since her debut. Have some respect for others and your own oppa. Continue to support your charming man and whomever he works with rather than keep being insecure delusional about an actress that give no craps about him. He and Son Ye Jin make a wonderful couple. They have good chemistry and is well compliment. Crash Landing On You is alright light hearted drama.

  11. This drama reminds me of how much I love Hyun Bin in My Name is Kim Sam Soon. I love him in Jekyll and Hyde. He had great chemistry witn Kim Sun Ah and Han Ji min. Many years on, I marathoned these dramas again during the holidays and fall in love with him all over again. And now, it’s a torture waiting for the next episode of Crash Landing. He is so swoon worthy in this drama.

  12. Why can’t these Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin fans go a day without dragging Han Ji Min in. She has no interest in your oppa, so stop crying about her. For those Hyun Bin haters, don’t y’all see during the Baeksang Art Award she don’t even give a crap about him. She walk past hom like he don’t exist. While other actors and actresses are greeting him. Always calling her disgusting name that their oppa fail because of her. Y’all stupid as hell. The woman is doing so good on her own. She’s getting recognized for very low budget productions unlike your oppa.

    Your oppa and unnie both are hitting the jackpot with CLOY so celebrate instead of complaining everyday. I might be the only one who is not going head over heels for Crash Landing On You. This drama is too cheesy and fluffy lovey-dovey for my like. If I were to wow about Hyun Bins work, it would be Memories of the Alhambra, The Snow Queen, and Friends our Legend. He really act and is his best performance. In here it’s easy to watch because both leads are so gorgeously romantic and looking so beautiful. I’m dropping the drama already but glad to see everyone enjoying it.

  13. Damn. I don’t believe that not all son yejin fans are shipping or approving her with hyun bin. It is a dream come true for them that syj finally landed a jackpot namja.

    • Her Japanese and Chinese fans never ship her to anyone though . And how did you know she finally landed a jackpot namja? What kind of boyfriend she date before?

  14. Episode 6 reached 9.2% which surpasses Hotel Del Luna and The Crowned Clown as the highest rated cable drama to reach 9% in just 3 weeks or 6 episodes. The latest 10 minutes in the latest episode is just completely daebak. It just reinforces my shipping of Binnie as an action actor. So much twist and suspense. My heart has gone all haywire. Simply amazing quality like watching a movie. Well done writer, director, cast and crew.

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