Park Bo Young Denies Dating Rumors with Veteran Actor Park Hee Won

Okay this is a super weird maybe dating story but it’s even funnier because this January 1, 2020 didn’t come with super shocking dating news so this may make up for it. This weekend Park Bo Young is fending off dating rumors with her and veteran actor Park Hee Won. She’s 29 and he’s 48 and genuinely old enough to be her dad, but if she likes much older men then good for whatever she likes but most folks are discounting this odd pairing. Both sides have released statements that the dating rumor is unfounded and they are just senior and junior relationship having done two movies together and the rumors stemmed from them having dinner but also another colleague was there. I guess this is much ado about nothing then.


Park Bo Young Denies Dating Rumors with Veteran Actor Park Hee Won — 11 Comments

  1. One should read PBY’s denial statement in an English language website dedicated to K-ent news. So typical of her style to be cute, kind, sweet, funny even yet firm in shutting down rumours. Don’t believe this pairing in the slightest. BTW the veteran actor’s name is KIM Hee Won not PARK Hee Won. He comes across as some sort of a fatherly mentor to PBY as she doesn’t have an agency to guide and advise her. Anyways kudos to PBY on issuing her own denial statement that is so full of her real personality and character that people believe she is sincere and genuine in her statement. Kick ass girl. Girl power with don’t mess with me for releasing CCTV footage without her consent.

      • KHW has a father or uncle look, hehehe. LBH, ewww, I would not let my PBY near that creepy guy.

  2. K ent news must be desperate to release an article on this supposed dating news which PBY handled with great aplomb. Gosh 2 friends eating out and being caught is not news at all. Speculation is rife in SK and it goes to show the tide is turning no one is really up in arms well from what I’ve read on other English sites about this mistruth. All I can say is dating news will be a thing of a past to get upset over moreso people will be supportive and just move on. I mean look at Heechul and Momo it only mustered 2 comments on the blog here.

    Disclaimer: However I will cry a river though if Jo In Sung, Jung Woo Sung, Lee Jun Ki, Kim Soo Hyun, Taecyeon, Yunho, Sehun and Suho from Exo announce they’re dating.

      • P.S. Sorry to the fans. I am actually excited to hear Lee Joon Gi and Hyun Bin to get married, oh and So Ji Sub, Chun Jung Myung, Jo In Sung, Gong Yoo and Lee Dong Wook.

        While making the list, I realised there are so many single k-actresses over 35, Kim Sun Ah, Son Ye Jin, Han Ji Min, Han Ye Sul, Gong Hyo Jin, Song Ji Hyo and the list goes on.

      • I would prefer my fave over 35 actresses not to marry those famous A-list over 35 actors. All their morbid female shippers will give these ladies hell. Stay single to enjoy your wealth, fame or marry non-celebs like Choi Ji Woo and Jun Ji Hyun. Those actors that dared to marry someone as famous as them or more famous, we all know how that ended last year June. These 2 groups should stay away from each other. Marriage should not necessarily be the end product of all our lives as portrayed brilliantly in Because This Is My First Life.

  3. Who really cares and what business is of anyone anyway.She is and adult and lovely girl. Leave her alone and worry about your own lives.

  4. Wonder why celebrities cant hang out with friends or colleagues , what a pity they are mostly misjudged…
    Come on give them some space…

  5. Those over 35 A-list actors will never pick same age or slightly older A-list actresses as their life partners. Guarantee that. Even if they do, like Jang Dong Gun, they will pick a lesser known actress/non celebrity but definitely not in the same league as them in terms of acting prowess, awards, popularity, talent & fame. If a younger actor dare to marry a superstar A-list actress, we all know what happened recently to a famous now divorced couple. More examples of over 35 actors who marry ladies below their level are Jang Hyuk, Kwon Sang Woo, Oh Ji Ho, etc. I prefer my fave over 35 actresses to marry non-celebrity guys in order to live a quiet life without anti-fans shitting on them like Jun Ji Hyun and Choi Ji Woo. Who needs the stress, hatred and constant scrutiny of morbid fangirls? I reckon a lot of the single over 35 A-list actress are staying single to enjoy their lives to the fullest. Am watching Because This Is my First Life which touches on the changing concepts of marriage, sexual harassment at work, parental expectations of older single children, cohabitation & pre-marital sex in modern day SK. Kudos to that drama for championing different lifestyles for single Koreans.

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