Joo Jin Mo Among 10 Stars Blackmailed by Hacker Accessing Their Samsung Galaxy Phone Data

Well this is certainly a terrible way to start off 2020 for 10 K-stars. Actor Joo Jin Mo is the first and only so far to go public after reporting a blackmail attempt to the police after a hacker contacted him demanding money otherwise his information would be released. Police have now revealed that 10 stars from actors to idols to even a celebrity chef have been contacted in the same way by a hacker with all 10 using Samsung Galaxy phones. I guess there’s less stigma and blow back nowadays with dirty laundry being aired even in K-ent so celebs are less likely to pay hush money as evidenced by Joo Jin Mo going public, though an idol part of this group reportedly did pay the ransom to keep his info from being released. Police are investigating but this hack could be from outside of Korea because the blackmail texts are with poor grammar so that will make it harder to apprehend the culprits.



Joo Jin Mo Among 10 Stars Blackmailed by Hacker Accessing Their Samsung Galaxy Phone Data — 10 Comments

  1. This is not good. Joo Jin Mo has many celebrity friends esp. his golfing buddies. While he himself may not have any skeletons in the closet as he is happily married, the hacker may look for his famous friends that have secret relationships. I wonder whether this is related to the Hyun Bin marriage rumours that sprang up a few days ago reported in allkpop and kdrama stars websites that he will marry a co-star after Crash Landing ends. So far, Son Ye Jin’s agency has come forward to deny the marriage rumours. Imagine the horror if the hacker got real info on HB as he is a close friend of Joo Jin Mo. Wonder who are the other stars’ whose phones are also hacked. Incidentally, this may or may not be related to the hacking scandal but Ha Ji Won dropped hints that she has/had a boyfriend in an interview with a Chinese/TW channel called Friday. She spoke in Korean with only Chinese subtitles available in the video available in Youtube but a Chinese speaking fan translated it into English. The question asked by the interviewer at minute 3.01 is “If you like chocolate so much, will you be interested in using chocolate to make dishes in the future? Ha Ji Won replied “During a past Valentine Day, I made it for my boyfriend.” Not sure if she was referring to the past or now. Either way, the scandal is going to make the ten celebs very nervous or just come clean with some hidden relationships.

    • Can someone who is fluent in reading Mandarin (traditional form) and Korean analysed the video for me, please? I watched it many times myself and I want to make sure my understanding is correct as I can read Mandarin in original form. The Mandarin subtitle said “Ching ren jie te se hoe, je jian wo yiu chou kei nan peng you gou.” Sorry i don’t know how to type actual Mandarin words in here. I need a Korean speaker to verify HJW’s speech. Type in Ha Ji Won Friday Interview 2020 in YouTube and you can find the part at minute 2.56 to 3.06. Thank you, I don’t want to be fooled if the video is edited to spread false news. Thank you.

      • The question that was asked about making chocolate pertains to if she would do in the future. That’s what I thought she answered, she would I for someone she loves on Valentine’s Day

  2. Oh please don’t drag ha ji won’s name from this hyun bin and son ye jin songsong couple strategy. Please spare HJW from being attacked by their shippers just what happened to HJM before 🙁

    • Apologies, I got carried away from some commentators’ speculations and conjectures. The scandal is still unfolding so I will not comment on any connection again between those celebs that I mentioned.

    • I was looking forward to the next episode of CROY but now….the thought if watching Bin looking all coy and sweet,make me want to throw up…I’m not watching any further episodes Wander if all Korean men are sleezey!!!!

      • Same here, I am no longer going to watch his CROY…I cant bear to look at his face any more….feel like puking…
        Is he a creep and a sleaze?
        Are there any decent Korean guy out there?

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