Crash Landing on You Returns From 2 Week Break with New Ratings High 9.394% in Episode 7

The two week break between new episodes for hit tvN weekend drama Crash Landing on You didn’t reverse its momentum but perhaps did slow down it’s ratings surge. This Saturday’s episode 7 brought in a new drama high of 9.374% which wasn’t a big jump from episode 6 and there was even another kiss thrown our way like an obvious treat to drama fans. The plot development remains nicely done, even the stereotypical elements are packaged in appealing ways and delivered with such lovely calmness by leads Son Ye Jin and Hyun Bin. Their interactions are so cute to watch and it’s starting to get all angtsy watching each sacrifice for the other especially with so much danger around them and more coming their way. This episode also delivered an epilogue that tied in Jung Hyuk’s piano playing days in Switzerland with Se Ri’s euthanasia death wish and further ties together their prior important yet fleeting encounters.


Crash Landing on You Returns From 2 Week Break with New Ratings High 9.394% in Episode 7 — 13 Comments

  1. I’m afraid Hyun Bin won’t featured until the very last episode. Hacker, please hold up your next pandora box until the drama is over.

  2. I concur. Lol. Loving last nights ep, though must admit to feeling a bit disturbed by Hyun Bin association with that two sleazebags. Son Ye Jin is an incredible actress. Her eyes does do most of the acting. I can now understand what gong hyo jin meant by whenever they are up against each other in award ceremonies she can never win. Shes quite a chameleon. Deadpan in the comedic scenes and absolutely heart breaking in the sad ones. The script is also holding up nicely. Many laugh out loud moments and reach out fpr kleenex ones as well. Thoroughly entertaining. Ita been a while really…

  3. Jeez people need to chill. Most people have private chats where they discuss about other gender or same gender and make sexual jokes and he is a single man. He didn’t commit a crime. Ratings average is so far 8% for 7 episodes and can end up over 10 % after season is over. I bet it wouldve crossed 10% if it had aired last week. Highest rated average rating belongs to mr sunshine with nearly 13% ,. so show is a win win so far and also huge overseas

  4. About the others comments, don’t spread fake news. Hyun Bin isn’t involved in the scandal. He was only mentioned in the chat by JDG regarding playing golf with him. If you research Hyun Bin, you will see that one of his hobbies is play golf. Nothing to be ashamed of.
    People need to stop including Hyun Bin in the middle of this mess for nothing. There is no chat conversation revelead so far that shows he is a jerk like the others.

    I hope the rating gets higher with each episode, they deserve it.

  5. Not sure why my comment somehow not reflected

    I’m here just after watching ep 8 and damn this drama is now very very good. To be honest, a little concerned and put off as there’s this risk Hyun bin will be afflicted by the scandal , but once he comes on air, all these went away like the wind. This is his best work – and I don’t care abt his personal life whatever he’s single and he can be a player or worse … as Long as there’s nothing criminal, no rape no violence, damn his career will survive. Because once he is on screen … it’s like fire! What a way to end episode 8! Bravo to the team, it was like mini movie – I love it

    • Daebak, i just so it… ??? Can’t wait for next weeks episodes. Hoping they set new record. Nevertheless, this show is already a success.

  6. I miss the good old days when K Dramas were more or less an hour long. This one STARTED at 77 minutes and every single episode has been longer than the one before so it’s now up to a stupidly long EIGHTY-SIX minutes and only halfway through. SO MUCH pointless passing and filler. Why do K Dramas hate editors so much?

  7. This Drama makes me miss the good old days when K Dramas were more or less an hour long. This one STARTED at 77 minutes and each episode keeps getting longer so now it’s up to an insane EIGHT-SIX minutes and only halfway done! Keep this up and the final episodes will be 2-3 hours long, like the awful Misaeng or Reply 1988. SO MUCH pointless padding and filler, why do K Dramas hate editors so much?

  8. When i thought i wouldn’t love the show more than i did, i was wrong… I love everything about it. Hope general dad helps se-ri return back and pls ceo dad, look for se-ri again will u?

    Hyun Bin is ? ? ?. Hope ratings gets higher and higher ?

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