Shin Mina is a Colorful Vibrant Doll for Marie Claire Korea

Shin Mina has one of the most distinctive faces among her fellow K-actresses, the wide-set eyes, deep dimples, and round smile. I love her twenty year career trajectory as a rookie getting her start thanks to her pretty face and improving as an actress to the point the early days criticism are long in the rear view mirror. She’s also gotten prettier with age and is also personally found her special someone, dating fellow actor Kim Woo Bin for the past three plus years. They are an adorable couple and I’m hoping with his full health recovery there is some additional good news on the commitment front for these two. For now, Shin Mina is in the pages of Marie Claire Korea in a striking and vivid photo spread perfectly for the holiday season.


Shin Mina is a Colorful Vibrant Doll for Marie Claire Korea — 3 Comments

  1. Beautiful as always . She’s one of the actresses that is beautiful in the dramas without too much make up, looking natural , … a la Gong hyo jin,

  2. She’s so gorgeous and always a pleasure to watch onscreen, and a better actress than she gets credit for. I became a fan of her after her movie with Gong Hyo Jin, Sisters on the Road – she was only 23 or 24 in that drama but was perfect as the bitter, angry sister (she and GHJ were really convincing as sisters).

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