Song Hye Kyo Drops Bright and Beautiful New Spring 2020 Clothing CF Pictorial

It’s mid-February and in some plays the wee early Spring hints are peeking through the grey Winter air. K-actress Song Hye Kyo is in a new Spring 2020 footwear pictorial for Suecomma Bonnie and she is just a breath of warm fresh air. I love the mussed and wavy hair paired with shiny eye makeup and coral lipstick. As always she just nails her pictorials, no wonder she gets paid so much and does so many endorsements because she makes things look good whatever she’s selling. This is a shoe CF but I’m eyeing both navy outfits, the hi-lo shirt dress and the wide legged trousers with slight mock neck top. So chic!


Song Hye Kyo Drops Bright and Beautiful New Spring 2020 Clothing CF Pictorial — 31 Comments

  1. Such a queen. 2 decades at top and i hope she starts her third decade at top with big dfama comeback. Her drama record this century is best among any actress and she has shot so many cfs desoite being very selective at endorsements and refusing multi million deals in china and japan. So beautiful. And amount of real estate she owns. She doesnt need to work but she keeps working. Queen. Her star power can be seen by fact that president took her to china korean talk over thaad issues few years back. Huge thing

  2. Such a fresh, beautiful and warm sight amidst this cold bleak February. Endorsers can’t go wrong with song hye kyo. She always elevate the brand value of the product she is advertising. She gives any brand she reps a global appeal. I also like the short white dress with fringe in other photos! Such a cool and youthful vibe.

    • Agree. Never seen her in a female centric drama. It will be a good change for a more independent image. No need to be always linked with a popular male lead.

      • No she definitely does not need the assistance of a top actor to bring her out to the top . I should say its the other way around . Look at her ex husband . When he was with her he was endorsing plenty and the second the news of a divource is in the making ….voom endorsements just kept cancelling ….

      • Your theory is so twisted. Her ex-husband endorsement has nothing to do with her acting projects. Do not bring unnecessary people into my drama land discussion. I am not interested in private affairs. Let’s see her in a drama without a male lead then, can I? Why bring her marriage or divorce into her acting career? Are you crazy?

  3. She look so refreshing and beautiful. I’m waiting for your return to drama land. Hopefully she’ll choose a good strong female lead roal. I would love to see Song Hye Kyo and Han Ji Min in a production together.

    • They had worked in aĺl in i remmeber. Lol hanji kim played her younger version without much of age difference haha
      Last year shk said she wanna work with jun ji hyun and son ye jin she said rivalries were in their 20s but things have changed iver the years. So i hoe she n jjh gets a drama with 2 strong female leads. What a casting coup it will be and a sure shot blockbuster

  4. Song Hye Kyo is unquestionably among the most beautiful women to grace our planet. Her acting talents are recognized globally but I remain hopeful she gets opportunities in the U.S. Thank goodness we can access her films via Netflix and Viki. ❤????

  5. im really looking forward with serendipity a movie or teleserye just like her Encounter. She has the youthful face and very refreshing, inspiring, sooo amazing. please update us always any development and activities of SHK. Among the K actress no matter how young they are, SHK is unequal. She has the depth, the feel, perfect characterization of any movie she portrays, very relatable. i hope she makes more movies, coz we miss her so much, from the Philippines.

  6. Yes, nobody can beat my queen SHK. She is perfect in almost everything- her beauty, her acting and her manners. I am so glad she was able to overcome her tragic marriage. Go! Go! Go! SHK . . .you still have a long way to go.

  7. Nobody can beat my gorgeous lovely adorable prettiest my queen she got a good chemistry,the best actress and model, my goddess queen of Korean actress love u song hye kyo be strong always keep it up???????

  8. When your beautiful everything looks good on you I just wish that they were endorsed products that were good ergonomically for all people, not just the mighty dollar for all actors/actresses.

    • These shoes are not expensive. It’s Korean brand for working class ladies. Not aiming at rich celebrities. You should check these out.

  9. Still elegant with youthful glow and still a Goddess regardless of her age. Looking forward to a new drama series miss her on small screen i hope Lee Min Ho will be her next partner for sure it will be a beg hit with good genre and plot of story.

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