Han Sun Hwa Joins Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung in K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star

There’s been so much blowback on the source material webtoon that will be adapted into the K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star (Convenience Store Saet Byul) that I curiously glanced and it and erm it’s totally not my tea. Hopefully the adaptation will take merely the set up and remove all the sleazy stuff otherwise it’ll come across as perverted ahjusshi and big chested college girl icky romance. Leads Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung will be joined by Han Sun Hwa playing Ji Chang Wook’s girlfriend in the story, and it reads like the token second female lead role where she gets her man stolen except they probably were never all that serious to begin with. I’m concerned this isn’t the right project for all involved but will maintain a healthy sense of optimism.


Han Sun Hwa Joins Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung in K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star — 140 Comments

      • KYJ and JCW are visually compatible. KYJ is the best female lead that JCW will ever have. Watch out for this drama, for this will surely be a Hit. you will all be surprised. it will HIGH viewership rating. and they will get lots of CF deals and magazine photoshoots after this drama

    • Yeah because at least they are visually compatible unlike that baby child big chested girl they cast who can barely act in adult roles.

      • @Ben And we have a winner; yeah you’re continuation from previous KYJ articles and presence here is unfailingly obvious and your obsession with her chest is astounding. Can always tell the bitter ones on KYJ articles can’t keep it about the topic just have to make it personal. I can’t hold you to fault though since Koala did mention it first ‘big chested college girl’ so I guess you’re justified in following on from that. Please do watch the drama though to see for yourself.

  1. If you dislike the webtoon for the explicit content that’s your opinion however can you please read up on the developments to date and the changes before passing judgment and also if you are a Kim Yoo Jung anti then disliking this drama and her is again your opinion but I’m letting you know that posting here to say otherwise is just sour grapes clear as a summer’s day. I can see your posts for what it is; so please don’t. As a fan of both please leave your egos at the door and respect those of us blessed with JCW and KYJ casting. Both are visually stunning and their pairing is a dream in the making. Sorry not sorry they have just had their first drama script reading and it’s on so your ‘itch’ ain’t going away. Relieve yourself cos filming starts April/May premiere is in June catch you then. ❤️

    • Chill. The post is all about the webtoon if you bother to take time to check it out. The webtoon is trash and perverted. Judgment is on the source of the script not on the cast although one can tell how the big chested girl is casted. As much as you are supporting the leads here, posting about the webtoon is not inappropriate. I have great reservation about the plot. Why adapt from a webtoon? It might be easier to write an original script.

      • @dramafan I guess adaptations from webtoons are a source of providing entertainment for the screen so why not. And your judgement call that the webtoon is trash and perverted so what’s that saying about the millions that have subscribed to it. My reaction was to Helen and I yes I have read the post so I responded accordingly. No need to chill at all it’s read and reply.

      • Your post was not tagged as a reply to Helen. I interpreted it as a direct rebuttal to the blogger’s post which from what I read does not pass any judgment on the two leads whom you adore.

      • @dramafan Excuse me? Sorry but your interpretation is off. I read Helen’s reply and that’s what I based my response on. Just because I didn’t tag her I’ll remember that for future reference as to not cause confusion.

    • Ginger crunch,.. don’t mind the bashers,,, they are jealous and insecure about KYJ natural and beautiful figure ,,, because you know they might be a flat chested.. he he he.peace to them.?????

      • @Rowena Too true you can guarantee that every KYJ article there is commentary on her chest without fail. It’s like the anti’s can’t find anything else to attack her on so it’s better to body shame instead. I’m all good I’ve posted on previous articles for any smart alec KYJ post I’ll be there to respond.

      • Rowena. Stop your body shaming nonsense. Read the webtoon first. Ginger Crunch. I can excuse you. By not tagging Helen, I was confused. I don’t mean to bash anyone. I just mean to defend the blogger because I cannot read anything wrong in the article. Rowena. There is no point telling GC not to mind the bashers because clearly she does and she will not stop.

    • .I dont personally like this because as a fan of JCW as just would like him to choose good dramas. we beileve that this is not a good project for him.

  2. Hope Kim Yoo Jung can help him be relevant in his own country lmao. Most hallyu actors have at least one ratings hit in in SK. He’s the exception. Express Ki doesn’t count because he isn’t the male lead.

      • Its not at all true that 99 percent think of liml as PBGs hit drama alone.
        Obviously since females watch all these dramas in much more higher numbers male stars tend to get more attention, praise, more credit for success etc…and some fans tend to develop sort of jealousy towards female leads because of possessiveness over male stars and hence try to take away the credit from the female stars.

        but KYJ did super good job .To think she was just 17 and she showed so many different facets of her character so well in the drama.its amazing.

      • this will surely be a hit. kim yoo jung is the best actress of her generation. this will get more than 10% viewership ratings. thats for sure. JCW is so lucky to partner with sexy kim yoo jung.

      • He might not have been a lead but it’s not a doubt that he a powerhouse when it comes to his acting……. BT healer and k2 can count….

    • Ever heard of Warrior Baek Dong Soo or even Smile, Dong Hae? He was the lead and both were rating hits. And for your information, I never considered him the second lead in Empress Ki, it was more of a co-male leads thing than anything else. Ha Ji Won was the star of this drama and her character loved both men. Plus JCW’s character (Toghon Temur) truly existed and he was really married to her. JJM’s character (Wang Yu) was a fictional character and was loosely based on a sleazy King of Koryeo.

  3. I hope this drama will be a hit so it can compensate the damage caused by CWPFN to KYJ and KYJ can catch up with KSH because LA Season 2 is definitely a hit.

      • Coz we all know that KSH is more popular than KYJ now especially the effects of LA, TTON, and CWPFN in their careers. Those KSH’s dramas made good to her while those KYJ drama put her down.

      • @Jaja Not going even to debate you because as a true KYJ fan I wouldn’t want to drag KSH for the sake of trying to one up you. Nope your insecurity is glaringly obvious as I pointed this out below. KSH is doing exceptionally well and has hit dramas so good on her and her popularity is at a all time high. If you keep wanting to compare the two you’re the one that’s making yourself look desperate.

      • I’m a hard core KYJ fan, and I don’t wanna see my quee being overthrown by someone who used to be a second fiddle queen wannabe. It’s painful to see that KYJ is not glorified anymore. Instead, she has a lot of haters now because of that girl rival.

      • @jaja – just because of fan like you who always bring up KSH, you are setting up the rivalry and doomed for FAILURE! Fan war is the worst. KYJ will forever sit next to a Queen (regardless of who that person is) if those bitter and insecure fan like you continues to bring up KSH and compare with KYJ.

      • And that current queen right now is KSH. I can’t accept it. I am used to seeing KYJ as the no.1 young actress and KSH as the second rate trying hard copy cat.

      • I accept KSH is in a more favorable position than KYJ now. KSH has more dramas and most are better dramas. KSH shines. KYJ lags behind a little bit for now but she may catch up. Why are you so worried? They are both young and have lots of time. Don’t call KSH the “second rate trying hard copy cat” because KYJ is now the “third rate trying hard copy rat”. KYJ has one flop and has not really carried any drama. She can act but so can a lot of young actresses. You eat what you sow. @jaja – You are trying too hard here and it sucks!!

      • viewership ratings will beat CLOY, DOTS and itaewon class . thats the power of my queen Kim yoo jung and my king Ji chang wook. the next reel power couple in the korean industry.

    • @Jaja Why is it that it takes a special kind of person to always want to drop KSH name into a KYJ article. That’s you Jaja. Okay I get it; you want relevance and to remind everyone but we’re on your side no need to fret. Both are doing extremely well but your insecurities are loud and clear.

      • @jaja

        That’s horrid. No one is a second fiddle to anyone. K world is large enough to have resources and projects for both amazing actresses.

        Every actor/actress have slumps. They go up and down. It’s terrible to wish something bad on someone else due to jealousy.

      • Based on some sources, KSH left Sidus because of that rivalry with KYJ which became really unhealthy. And I guess it is good move because as you can see right now,she has back to back hits and looks extremely happy. I know we cannot stop this competition. It will be there for eternity. All I wish is that these girls become successful actresses like Jun Ji Hyun and Song Hye Kyo.

    • KSH is a better and prettier actress than KyJ. KSH receives lots of good acting offers. while KYH only receives offers like This thrash drama.

  4. I wish Kim Yoo Jung would pick better dramas…this drama has cringe written all over it. Even if they tone the explicit, disturbing content, its not a good story at all.

  5. I really don’t understand what they both see in the webtoon that made both so Adamant about signing up for the project in the first place? It’s not like any of the actors worked with the director or writer before so they signed up due to friendship and have trust on them.

    I’m hoping that maybe the scripts are that amazing (?) so that both actors decided to commit despite public dismay?

    they perhaps altered the story so much that maybe only the names of the characters and the location is the only thing kept in the show? LOL

    They’re both so charismatic and look so good together. Is it too late for them to find a different project to team up?

    • i think they relied on the pd because pd has influence on a good rating, so they want to have a good rating for their drama. that’s why they agreed to act on this. after all.. i think they knew sbs gonna take this drama and air it in friday and Saturday slot. most of this sbs fri and sat slot has a high rating. i think that is the biggeeeeest reason why they accepted it even knowing that the webtoon is super trash

  6. @Ginger Crunch
    Love all your replies and comments, so elegantly brought across and classy. Unlike some other comments begin made here, so vulgar so bitter. Same old Antis, same old trolls, time for their medicines!! These people need counselling…

    • @Stopcyberbullies Thank you for your kind words and KYJ articles are the stomping ground for her anti’s but it’s reassuring to read a lot of supportive replies that give encouragement to her fans alike. I jumped on the bandwagon as a fan 2 years now and her past works are just phenomenal and I’m excited for her movie and drama so yes haven’t regretted my choice to follow her.

      • @ibiss From what I’ve seen and imo they’re ‘phenomenal’ but I’m too biased plus the list below is not in chronological order: Dong Yi Angry Mum, Moon embracing the Sun; The Chaser; May Queen; The Dirge Singer gosh there’s a tonne of them.

  7. Kim Yoo Jung, I want to say all the best to you in this drama. I believe that this is another healing drama that you have selected carefully over other dramas.

    I have faith in you that you will capture our hearts once again with your never-give-up role as Saet Byul. I love you in CWPFN & I will continue to watch over you against any anti-fans who wants to break up your sweet charming soul. Fighting!!!????

    • Kristy dear,.. thank you for being a kind fan to KYJ,.. don’t give up dear for believing in her,.. me too I believe in her capability,,, if we are a true and loyal fan,,, even if she is down or high we still support her,.. God bless you and we pray that all her projects and in future are all fine.???

  8. This is for all the JCW & KYJ true fans,worried about the whole thing:
    I decided to trust them both
    Lets just be PATIENT and see what happens. Cuz I DO believe that there IS sth about the drama that we can’t see. Sth that JCW & KYJ depended on(Maybe the script IDK).
    but really!if we can’t see or figure the whole thing out,we can have some FAITH! On both of them.Drama world has ups and downs like any other world.
    Ive been following the news and despite all the stresses and uncertainities,all those negative responses,I kept trusting them.
    In this drama or another things gonna finally work out for the both brilliant actor and actoress.I’m positive.
    So take a deep breath,keep CALM and have some FAITH 🙂

  9. lol at this KYJ vs. KSH rivalry here in the comments. Idk why KSH fans think KSH is now much more successful than KYJ when they’re both still around the same status/popularity.At least KYJ has had a huge hit in her career (MLDBC). KSH hasn’t. Y’all can continue deluding yourselves into thinking Nokdu was a hit when it had low domestic ratings despite some hype overseas. LA isn’t considered a hit domestically when it didn’t even appear in Top 5 of Netflix Korea’s Most Popular Shows of 2019 despite being Netflix Original nor in the recent hallyu survey done by Korean government lol.

      • I’m neutral to her, but I just find it funny that some people here really think she’s a flop compared to KSH just because of 1 poorly drama.

    • First you look down on ji Chang wook and now you are doing the same to Kim so Hyun. Unbelievable.

      It takes a “kind” soul to twist information to put down other people.

      • How am I looking down on her? I’m just stating facts that Nokdu and LA weren’t huge hits based on ratings, that’s all. I said KSH and KYJ are equally popular, not some huge gap between them like some of y’all here lead others to believe. Lol fangirls are really something else. And i never claimed to be “kind” lmao.

      • Marie keep deluding yourself that LA and Nokdu were not huge hits both domestically and internationally. It’ll help you sleep better at night. KSH has always consistently delivered good dramas and strong performances ever single time and has a huge fan base both in Korea and outside. Her dramas are hits and cult favorites irrespective of what you may say.

    • Lol! MDBC will forever be regarded as PBG’s drama so KYJ will never benefit from it despite being the female lead. And with regards to LA, I don’t know if it is intentional but from what I remember the rankings released by Netflix Korea is Top 10 not Top 5. And LA is at No.8 – a top position considering the ranking is a mix of Korean and other foreign dramas. So, it is a hit domestically and more especially, internationally which led to its renewal for a second season due to its international popularity unlike CWPFN which massively fails in domestically and internationally. Get your facts straight bitch!

      • @thylane – Didn’t you get the memo about MDBC. Both the PD and PBG constantly prop KYJ involvement as being ‘pivotal’ to the show’s success so stop making it out that only PBG carried that drama alone. The fan signing meeting whereby thousands turned up and only a couple of hundred were selected is testimony to KYJ presence. Your constant denial of KYJ is actually worrying. Eunuch Hong Sam Nom was fundamental to the story so please stop dismissing the character as being insignificant in effect KYJ involvement. The press called MDBC the ‘Moonlight syndrome’ now that wouldn’t have happened if the love story between the 2 leads didn’t fully develop. You need 2 to tango not 1 please.

        CWPFN wasn’t a domestic hit that’s true but why are you holding this against her as a massive failure for all her works? KYJ is renowned for her range and selection of genres in both drama and film. No actor has a winning streak there are always hits and misses.

        Finally there is no need to make your point by exclaiming ‘b*tch’ at the end. No one has resorted to that type of language in this thread so why start. Everyone has been pretty tame apart from the chest comments.

      • @Ginger, of course the PD and PBG will always say that but what really mattered is the opinion of the general public that MDBC became a domestic success because of PBG. They wtached MDBC because of PBG.Just take a look at the careers of both leads. PBG>>>>>>>>>>>KYJ.

      • @Thylane – Really? Your outlook and judgement is clouded if you doubt KYJ involvement in MDBC but hey it’s your opinion and I’m not going to debate you on it because you’ll keep on denying her existence and that won’t get us anywhere.

      • @Maryanne Suzy has a drama (Sandbox) and a high-profile movie (Wonderland) lined up for thisnyear. Definitely “without any offers.” lmao stay pressed and delusional.

  10. I dont get why so much backlash. Both are adults and its fine when two consenting adults acting in drama even if it has some steamy scenes.

  11. Having breasts is the hall mark of real feminism.
    cant understand why some netizens try to body shame an young beautiful talented actress kyj.
    They are actors and they keep trying various kinds of roles.There is nothing like the ideal role for them.

  12. KSH is a better and prettier actress than KyJ. KSH receives lots of good acting offers. while KYH only receives offers like This thrash drama.

    • @Yes Miss A we got it the first time you posted.

      KYJ just has the ambassadorship for US based Lifetime channel; Fila sponsorship and Laneige model; AKP Arena model as well whereby 500,000 pre orders were secured from the promotion. Also her feature film The 8th Day Night should premiere some time this year hopefully after her drama concludes. She’s busy holding down the fort just let your angst against her go please.

      Why do KSH fans feel so threatened to keep posting on her how fabulous and popular KSH is in a KYJ article. I’m not going to dispute that but hey it’s not a competition. Let’s just enjoy the achievements both have accomplished. Seriously is it that hard?

    • Miss a, are you kyj agency? How do you know which projects she is offered or not?

      Secondly, there is so many projects out there. There’s enough for everyone. People all the time reject good projects in favor for bad projects. Everyone is human and make mistakes. Also there’s many logistics involved in making a drama. Most dramas, not all scripts are completed, so many times actors are making a blind guess and hoping that the project they choose is good. Luck is involved.

  13. Guys just STOP being like this!
    It’s such shame!
    First discussing KYJs figure and then all those KYJ vs. KSH thing.
    what does KYJ and her choices has to do with KSH?!
    They are both successful great actoresses! Only a fool doubts that! stop saying all those stupid things about them both! Dont bring one down to defend another while none of them need this! Can’t u see? U r only bringing urself down!
    Behave urself!
    How can u just bring urself to the point of talking about her breast?!or any other ones! How can you measure a womans value by her size?whats all the thing about flat-cheasted and big cheasted?! How can this be a way to question a girl?
    I mean seriously,ur nauseating
    Makes me sick

    • Welcome to KP blog. It has always been like this. You should have seen the swear words between LMH fans and antis flying in a LMH article 2 weeks back. Just let them let off steam. It will die down soon. Any JCW, KYJ and LMH article will attract verbal wars.

      • @Aquarius
        thank u for welcoming me
        while a war has been brought up here. So nice of you, really.
        No insult to No actor or actoress is never accepted.
        The thing is simple. you think you gonna like a drama wait for it and then watch it. You dont like the cast or the story so dont!! Simple isn’t it? END OF STORY
        why do they just tranna make it complicated by insulting and comparison?!

      • @Artemis. Maybe some commenters here have no other outlets to vent off steam. Either their lives revolve around this blog or they are overly obsessed. Sad really to see people addicted to social media 24/7. What happens one day when there is no internet?

      • @Funny
        I wonder what are you looking for in comment section of the king of flop my dear?
        If you dont like the way he does things then PLEASE feel free to mind your own business

  14. Wow this message board went nuts. The haters of the Kim sisters and jcw all need to relax.

    The Kim sisters are friends and they hung out like a couple months ago. So it’s best to stop comparing them negatively. If this drama fails so be it, jcw and kyj will have other projects in the future. Waste of energy arguing who is better

  15. Its weird seeing KSH fans call LA and NOKDU as big hits. If my bias get that rating people will call it flop…
    Looks like KSH fans have low standar for succesful drama.

    • Love alarm had sensational buzz. It was on Netflix so it can’t be judge the same as a regular drama due to having no rating system.

      I agree nokdu isn’t a big hit, rating rise it was okay for its time period since ratings weren’t high for most dramas at that time slot for a long time. But it was a good quality drama.

      • LA not in 2020 hallyu wave list as the most fav drama. There’s kingdom in there.
        VIP aired at the same time with NOKDU and it got double digit, what’s your point?

      • LOL @RD where did you get that Kingdom is in the list. Only 4 dramas made it it to the list namely Mr. Sunshine, DOTS, Goblin and Secretary Kim

      • @RD lmao exactly.

        @mirae She’s referring to the 2020 Korean Wave Survey Report done by SK government. Kingdom is #4 on the list

        1. Hotel del Luna
        2. DOTS
        3. Jewel in the Palace
        4. Kingdom
        5. Goblin
        6. Her Private Life
        7. MLFTS
        8. Winter Sonata
        9. SKY Castle
        10. Touch Your Heart

    • Lol. You are blinded with your hate to KSH. Just so you know, due to massive overseas reception of LA, Netflix renewed for a 2nd season. Not to mention also that LA was in the top 10 2019 releases in a lot of countries susbscribing to Netflix. So, you better accept it is a huge hit. Unlike, MDBC which only managed to be hit domestically but not internationally like DOTS, Goblin and its timeslot rival Scarlet Heart

      • So you’re saying LA in the same level with Dots and goblin? Lol you are such delusional. Wake up, There’s a limit for that.
        I’m not hating KSH. Not really care

      • @Thylane No one is blinded by hate towards KSH. Gosh have you seen the posts on KYJ here and previous articles well that’s hatred in a nutshell.

        Why are you bringing in MDBC to prove your point? Stick to the issue of what RD raised without resorting to drag a third party (MDBC) into it.

      • LA is surely not in the same level with DOTS and Goblin but it is surely above MDBC in terms of international popularity. Get it?

      • @Thylane MDBC is a sageuk I’ve never professed it to be above anything else sorry. However you keep dropping the comparisons here. I’m fine with it’s reputation and success.

    • LA is a hit amongst the teens to 20’s. Depending on your age group, do not compare LA to VIP because audiences are totally different. Ahjummas watch VIP on TV channel, but younger audiences watch Nokdu online and on Netflix which has more international viewers than VIP. Kingdom is also of different genre. How can you compare a sweet young school drama LA with a zombie drama? If you talk to enough young people, you will realize the popularity of LA internationally. Both Kingdom and LA are having sequels, this tells you both are popular. Is KYJ drama having sequels?

      • @dramafan -Why would you ask if KYJ dramas are up for sequels? What’s the point you’re trying to make. To prove her popularity and to see who’s popular between her and KSH just because of a sequel for LA?

        It’s so true though KSH fans can’t let it go with the comparisons but unfortunately the KP articles are on KYJ mostly so of course it’s got be the place to rant against her (KYJ) to highlight KSH. Geez several of us here have already said ‘Let it go’. There’s enough room for all to enjoy.

      • Oh Gosh, so just because it get sequel so you called it sucsessfull, such a low standard.
        KSH fans in here looks so stupid.

      • I think she’s just replying to RD. And i agree with the popularity of LA. When soompi posted the script reading, it garnered a lot of FB likes within minutes. Same when KSH and SK posted in their ig. The number of comments?

      • I agree with ginger crunch. Not having Sequels doesn’t mean a drama isn’t successful. Love alarm is a Netflix drama, most Netflix shows have sequels regardless of success.

        I’m a fan of both actresses. I love you ginger crunch but I have to call out that There are a number of Kim yoo Jung-only fans that does the exact same thing and drag Kim so Hyun as well to highlight Kim Yoo Jung. Esp in year 2016-2017. It’s not one fan base that does it but both.

      • Ginger Crunch. I am replying to RD only. You can ask RD directly why she brought up KSH in an KYJ article!! Those who bring up KSH should let it go. Watch your tagging again. I cannot excuse you for a second time.

      • @dramafan I specifically tagged you about reference to ‘Is KYJ having sequels’. I don’t know or why that would be raised as a defence and sorry I didn’t see your @RD referenced in your reply yet you call me out for a second time? Over what may I ask?

        @Laura I can’t explain what KYJ fans did back in 2016-2017 and I’m not into tic for tac so sorry I can only state what I have read here. The vile and most heinous replies posted n the last couple of months when an KYJ article is posted is beyond belief. It’s not normal to write such salacious and denigrating remarks about KYJ yet it continues.

        This entire thread went from the webtoon, drama, KYJ chest to the comparison with KSH. This is how it always goes the exception is that I’m just doing due diligence and responding.

      • Ginger Crunch. I believe it’s you who called me out first, read your own comment to me again. I was replying to RD originally. There is really no point of comparing the two Kim’s. You do not need to jump into quick defense. I only focus on dramas. You have picked the wrong target here. My question on sequels is just a simple question. You are thinking too much and being too insecure.

      • RD. I am not a fan of either. I only focus on dramas. Why did you bring up KSH in an KYJ article??

      • @dramafan Who me? Insecure? No far from it. Insecurity would definitely not allow me to keep my rebuttal flowing here- far from it. Then what is ‘Watch your tagging again. I cannot excuse you for a second time’. You addressed me in your post above with that and is that supposed to be what? For the record @RD didn’t mention KSH first @Jaja did somewhere midway through this thread.

      • @Ginger Crunch. You so like to jump into others threads. You are sure full of it. Don’t be a hypocrite telling people to let it go because you are the one who keeps the crap flowing here.

      • But LA sequel is due to the success of 1st season. The PD said that the chance for renewal will depend on the reception of the 1st season. And it did happen. If you will check Netflix social media accounts, LA is more heavily promoted over other Korean releases because Netflix wanted to retain the hype made by the 1st season. And it is a success, look how soompi, allkpop and other kdrama sites being bombarded by reactions and comments every time they post about LA.

  16. Sounds like the next drama disaster for JCW is coming up.
    Would’ve loved to watch him in an action packed drama next!

    • Nope. it will be a success. it will hit at 15% viewrship rating because of the popularity of Kim Yoo Jung. JCW never had a hit drama except empress ki. so watch out for this. JCW popularity will further increase because of this girl

  17. @dramafan you’re such ignorant. I’m not the first one who bring KSH in this article, ITS KSH fans who bring their bias to wrong article. Boasting KSH in wrong article, like she won Oscar or something. I even not KYJ fan, Im just checking this article for a new drama and get annoyed by all insulting comments they throw for the actors.

    • Whether you are the first or not, you are still one of those. I am annoyed by all insulting comments you throw on the actresses too. If you are not a fan, then just focus on their dramas like me.

    • Lol. Read again. It’s @jaja who brought KSH here. And if you’re lazy to scroll up from this thread, she said she’s a fan of KYJ.
      I’m sorry @ginger but you’re the one who keeps adding here like what @dramafan said.

    • Agree with Anika. A self proclaimed hardcore KYJ fan has brought KSH into this article. I have already warned @jaja. @RD stop blaming others. It is clear that @dramafan simply talks about dramas here but both you and @ginger jump on her which is so unfair. This is such a mess!

    • @Crazy Oh ‘delulu’ that’s me by a country mile need you ask? Anyway at least I maintained my flow without resorting to vulgarity and stated ‘’my opinion’ as such without getting low down and personal and as @stopcyberbullies’ aptly put in a ‘classy and elegant way’. Now that I’m being called a ‘hypocrite’ lol by @dramafan that only means one thing – I got my point across and tables have turned because the focus is now on me. So now it appears that I’m the instigator in all of this. Can I remind you back in the beginning when I wrote in defence of KYJ I would be here till the end but now that the narrative hasn’t really gone in your favour I now have comments saying that it’s me fuelling this? Hilarious!

      JCW and KYJ are here to stay no matter how you feel or what you say. JCW and KYJ fans are going to keep the sentinel and support of them here on KP. If the drama doesn’t go according to plan and you all gloat at the outcome that’s not going to change my outlook on them; if anything it will make me favour them more. Once a fan always a fan.❤️

      • I think posters have been unfair to you here ginger. You have been civil with your words. Everyone needs to eat chill cream.

        However, certain posters were correct. I also made the same mistake. It is actually a Kim Yoo Jung fan that started the comparison in the first place. I apologize for the blunder. But at the same time, certain Kim So Hyun- and certain Kim Yoo Jung only fans made it worse. Certain Kim Yoo Jung fans are attacking JCW, they need to relax as well.

  18. A hardcore KYJ fan brought KSH to this article. A bitter Ginger who is also a KYJ fan asking why KYJ is being compared to KSH. KYJ sure has lots of stupid fans. Hahaha. LOL. This is too funny.

    • @Funny

      Yeah hard it is funny aye but what’s funnier is the need for anti’s to disparage KYJ to make themselves feel better. Me being bitter? Fat chance yeah at least I keep it clean and not name call in my replies @Jaja said she’s a KYJ fan but her posts say otherwise. I wouldn’t rely on her being a fan as such.

      Bitter, insecure, a hypocrite that I was referenced with in this thread. I must have done something right if I turned the attention away from KYJ to myself to make it personal.

    • Poster funny, please stop Name calling. Certain Ksh and kyj only fans are all prone to make mistakes. None is smarter than another. So stop questioning intelligence.

      Ginger, I’m starting to think that you’re being a little bit partial. So if anyone that claims their a Kim Yoo Jung fan but is attacking Kim So Hyun, you are saying they are not actually a Kim Yoo Jung fan but just messing around? Are you hinting that you think they are actually Kim So Hyun only fans pretending as a Kim Yoo Jung only fan?

      So it doesn’t count, to maintain the argument that it’s only Kim So Hyun only fans that starts the comparison War? If you do think that way, I think it’s unfair. If not, forgive me for coming into that conclusion.

      • @Laura With regards to @Jaja. Sorry About that my error. I just can’t fathom why the comparison between the girls should be made in the first place it’s unfortunate that 3/4 of the posts veer towards who’s prettier and more popular. I would be highly disappointed if a KYJ fan pulled that number here. Anyway just want to say I’ve enjoyed reading your Extraordinary You posts a few months back. Cheers sis.

      • No sweat ginger, everyone is human! Haha
        Kim Yoo Jung and Kim So Hyun are both amazing in my book. It does get really tiresome when people can’t just love them both or at least treat them both with respect. They deserve kindness like every other human. I’m going to try to call out on more Kim So Hyun only fans and Kim Yoo Jung only fans in the future when they get a little out of line hahaha

        Always looking forward to your eloquent, fun, and insightful posts sis 🙂

  19. WOW the comments here are seriously trash. It’s my first time seeing this article because of some tags on twitter. Kim yoo jung and ji chang wook fans its better to just ignore the envious fans of other actresses/actors because in the end they will just die of jealousy. Especially kim yoo jung, I noticed she has a lot of haters on this page…. ITS A PROOF THAT SHE’s REALLY FAMOUS LMAO

    • 100% true. KYJ and KSH are the S tier actresses of their generation. their popularity inside and outside is massive. these girls are untouchable. that’s why they are always compared because there only two of them.nothing more nothing less.

    • Don’t worry, they are only jealous of her. She’s the best and most pretty actress of her generation. Kim So Hyun can only look from a distant. No comparison. That’s why they come like children and start making noise because they’re too jealous.

      • Lol! FYI, KBS ranked KSH at no. 30 in their annual list of most beautiful Korean celebrities of all-time why KYJ is at no.82, which is very pitiful because MDBC was aired in that channel. Check your facts, bitch! KYJ is a struggling actress who heavily depend on the popularity of her male leads. For instance, MDBC hit high domestic ratings because her ML is PBG while CWPFN hit an all-time low 1% rating because her ML is YKS. Keep dreaming delusional KYJ fan!

      • Lol. I understand that you are a true blue KYJ fan but I have to apologize that the Korean entertainment industry thinks otherwise. Based on rankings released by KBS, KSH is at no. 30 of the most beautiful Korean celebrities of all-time while your idol is at no. 82. It’s pitiful on the part of KYJ because her hit MDBC drama was aired in that channel. Well, maybe, it just goes to show that the beauty of KYJ is not at the level of a classical Korean beauty and her popularity depends on her dramas male lead. For instance, MDBC hit high domestic ratings because the ML is PBG while CWPFN hit a very low 1% rating because YKS is the ML – a clear indication that KYJ cannot carry a drama by herself.

      • I agree. and shes the best actress. wait hntil the airing of convenience . kim yoo jung will have more followers than suzy on IG.
        her bext drama will get a resounding succesd. Ratings will be more than 20% just like DOTS.
        this will also be critically aclaimed drama.
        they will also get these awards
        Top excellence awards
        Best couple award
        Best kiss award
        i hope they will.also become real couple when they start filming Convenience. because KYj is just so lovable and pretty

  20. @jean your delusionality of being a fan of ksh just jumped out. Kim yoo jung is always trending on pann and even her sister’s beauty trended lol kyj is more of korea’s type of beauty than ksh, so stay pressed lmfao

      • Further, there is no delusionality on my comments because I referred to a reliablr basis while you can’t even show any RELIABLE (not fan made) source.

  21. update:
    LABOUM’s Solbin has been cast in SBS’s upcoming Fri-Sat romantic comedy series, ‘Convenience Store Morning Star’! Solbin will be playing the role of Jung Eun Byul in the upcoming series, the younger sister of the female lead Jung Saet Byul (played by Kim Yoo Jung).

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