Song Hye Kyo Spotted Returning to South Korea Despite Being Bundled Up

The travel industry has been massively impacted by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus Covid19 since the beginning of January and honestly if I didn’t have any pressing need I wouldn’t travel either, why take the risk. I figure K-ent travels to and from South Korea will drop as well and it probably has so maybe the paparazzi stationed at the airport arrivals were being extra eagle eyed to spot any arriving star. They got a big one this week with top actress Song Hye Kyo returning to South Korea, apparently it’s her first time back in 6 months, and it’s amazing that she was recognized despite being totally bundled up with face mask, baseball cap, and large scarf. But then I also recognize her, this is something distinctive about her style and all those Rimowa and LV luggage probably gives her away as a rich or famous person anyways. Not much else to add, her travel outfit looks chic and comfortable, and like something her character in Encounter (Boyfriend) would wear.


Song Hye Kyo Spotted Returning to South Korea Despite Being Bundled Up — 10 Comments

    • Well tho it’s true.. So many cases found in Korea. I feel so sorry for them. But I think as celebrities they are first ones to take precautions you know.. Tho laws are same for every individual. Hope that makes sense.

  1. Really their are more pressing issues for Korea at the moment than Celebrities coming and goings like keeping the Economy from collapsing. Most countries now have travel restrictions on Koreans entering so they cant even leave if they want no matter who they are. My heart goes out to them.

  2. Eh koala, your info is incorrect. SHK has always been in south korea since October last year.

    She was in SK during her birthday last November where she was pictured with Yoo Ah In and you posted it in this site. She even attended studio concrete’s party in the same month.

    in December she was spotted at Ock Joo hyun/friend’s house dinning with Cho Yeo-jeong while Parasite was vying for international awards nomination. Her IG stories revealed she was somewhere in parts of Korea in the past few months. She may have traveled out of the country, but she always come back. She was just pictured upon her arrival this time by the razzis. So please do not feed on the inaccurate reports of the media in other sites.

  3. I would not blame herlf she did stay out of Korea after the unfair and vile way she was treated after the divorce, especially by the publicity seeking brother of her ex

  4. Please take her also as human being she also have emotion I don’t much about her but try to understand her situation.dont be mean I don’t know who was right or wrong in their relationship but give them space to settle down in their life.

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