Kim So Hyun Radiates Youthful Beauty in New Spring 2020 Photoshoot BTS Pics

K-actress Kim So Hyun is definitely in the Spring of her life and it’s great seeing her in a new pictorial for a CF campaign showcasing her wide array of charm. It’s such an odd time in the world and some consistency such as writing my blog, watching my K-dramas, and seeing the same familiar faces working hard in K-ent helps with the routine. Kim So Hyun’s last drama easily made its way into one of my all time faves, the youth sageuk The Tale of Nokdu was just the right amount of comedy, pathos, and sweet sweet first love blossoming. I hope her next mainstream drama challenges her and produces another memorable role and story to add to her successful repertoire.


Kim So Hyun Radiates Youthful Beauty in New Spring 2020 Photoshoot BTS Pics — 118 Comments

  1. she is really resembles son yejin.
    her calmness vibe and mature aura is *chefkiss*
    hope her next project after love alarm s2 is melodrama thingy.

  2. I dropped Tale of Nokdu when the body count went up with COVID-19 speed per episode. So much gory death, lovingly lingered on by the camera, from ep 12 on, until basically no one but the leads was left alive. I hpe her next Drama is more sweet romance, less Pulp Fiction/Kill Bill

  3. Yuck. Yoojung wannabe.

    Just by watching ruler, I already know she had no talent for historical drama. Never checking out nokdu. I only want to check it out for hot jdy but nahhh, it’s not worth it.

      • Stay jealous

        Every sane person, knows that she only signed up for ruler and nokdu because her team wanted to replicate the success of love in moonlight lolz

      • Why are you here then?

        I like both actresses so I don’t like individuals whose badmouthing one over another. If you favor one over another, that’s fine but saying those things? You’re in the wrong website fella. We only want good vibes here.

      • Lolz both nokdu and ruler don’t even come close to the success of moonlight.

      • Lol. So Hyunnie don’t need the success of LITM because it never elevated the star power of Yoo Jung. Just take for example the 1% rating of CWPFN. LOLZ!

    • Lol. K-media called her the ‘Queen of Historical Dramas’. So, your opinion is just a full hate against So Hyun. Anyways, what’s the matter with your opinion? The industry loves her so much for giving her a lot of accolades.

      • @thylane Yes! Aside from “Goddess of historical dramas”, here are her other titles:
        Nation’s Little Sister
        Queen of Child Actors
        Korean Wave Fairy
        Goddess of Tears
        Little Son Ye Jin

        …which makes me so proud of her. I honestly don’t care about the fanwars, I’m just here to adore beautiful and kind So Hyun ?
        I hope we can just focus on our own faves instead of hating. It’s really not that hard 🙂

    • @Moonlight Yoo – I pity you, probably stuck inside with nowhere to go and nothing to do except act up in the comments section of a kdrama blog.

      Such pointless negativity is bad for health, listen to some music or do some indoor exercise or something so you at least have something to focus on other than badmouthing actresses here.

  4. Pretty baby girl, I miss you on tv. Please sign up for a new drama soon. Love alarm 2 is only 8 episodes. That’s not enough for me. Sorry for being greedy.

  5. Wow.. I don’t know what the hell is happening in the comment section on this site anymore, fanwars everywhee, it’s crazy! It’s the same with the Song Joong Ki article. Whatever happened to just ignoring articles about actors/actresses that aren’t your faves? Honestly, it comes to the point where I’m lowkey getting anxiety when reading comments here. Came here to enjoy the pretty pictures and get some good vibes, especially now that the world is such a dark place, but obviously, I can’t have that either. Sigh.

    Anyway, Kim So Hyun looks so beautiful and angelic, as always! Waiting for Love Alarm Season 2!

  6. Please spread love , i really respect kim sohyun and kim yoo jung and every child actress , they try their best in every project so lets just encoutage them ,they have different ways of thinking lets just spread positivity , they are sensitive like us after all

    • Exactly. Comments on this site are always absolute chaos, and I just don’t get it. If you don’t like an actor/actress, how hard it is to just ignore the article instead of spreading negativity and hate? I don’t care what fandom started it, but why stoop low and do the same thing? Bunch of angry people on here.
      And yes, I’m a So Hyun fan but I like Yoo Jung too, plus they are friends in real life, so these fanwars break my heart. It’s honestly draining to read the comments now. This has to stop somehow ?

    • Yeah I don’t get it, comments here have always been very blunt but in the last few months it’s fanwars in every article? And people badmouthing every actor that gets posted about, even the ones who are actually good at acting.

      • @ Royal

        So what if I compare my favorites to other actors? I’m not harming you or anyone else here who are commenting.

        Most are just salty and jealous that their favorite aren’t as good lolz

        There are already pictures from the set of Convenience store leaked from fans. It’s going to be great, wouldn’t be surprised if sohyun signs up a drama that revolves around grocery stores after it becomes a huge success lolz

      • @Moonlight you do. Did you know that your word hurt people? I see you everywhere just to speard negativity and hate, specially to sohyun. Why? Did sohyun do something bad to you? I just dont understand why you really hate her.

        I’am sorry if my word offend you. But please, i just want peace.

  7. she’s so beautiful and she looks so classy. i like that shes studying in one of the most prestigious universities in korea and at the same time working. Shes truly one of a kind.

  8. Haters gonna hate but she is definitely the current top actress of her generation. The success of her dramas in the past year elevated her status. She is so amazing for having a big hallyu following – something her peers cannot match for sure. Thanks to her roles (Eun Bi/Byul, Kim Hyun Ji, Kim Jojo, Dong Joo) that made marks to international audience. Cheers for more success, So Hyunnie!

    • Yes, not to mention the most in demand actress of her generation. She even had to turn down the remake of Miss Granny because she’s that busy with projects.
      Honestly, I’m just ignoring the haters. Even if you slap them with receipts of her success, they will just ignore because they want to stick to their delusion so much.
      And really, how could anyone hate So Hyun or any other celebrity that much in the first place? It’s okay if you don’t like her acting, but HATE her? Like, why? Hate is such a strong emotion reserved for really bad people. Did she do anything to these haters in real life? They just hate her because she’s always being compared to their fave (which she doesn’t even want in the first place)? That’s just beyond immature, I just don’t get it, especially hating someone as kind and sweet as So Hyun..

      Fighting, Sohyun! You will be even more successful because you’re a kind person who is so deserving of the world ♥️

      • Naaaah.

        Yoo jung is still the best. she’s the best in her generation. Talent and Visual, she is truly incomparable.

      • Well, @Joane, we respect your opinion that KYJ for you is the best if her gen. Meanwhile, we also respect that KSH is the top beauty of her gen (no. 29) according to K-media, most popular overseas (8.4million) according to international fans, and the actress of her gen with most star power (LA – one of Netflix’s top releases for 2019). Gotcha?

      • Not to mention that she is the smartest (currently studying in Hanyang University)

      • @joane your yujung didn’t even have a higher education.. still want to compare with sohyun? ooppssss.. in your dream.

  9. One big hallyu hit (aka KES’ drama) , this girl will be the SHK of her gen. She already have a big following overseas. Most of her leading dramas are hallyu hits. And her star power is definitely strong. Recently, Hanyul reported a 2 mmillion bottles sold for their Red Rice Skin Essence product. And this success is largely attributed to the reliable image of KSH. So far, all her CFs remarkably performed in the market. This is a big achievement considering how young this girl is.

    • I agree with everything you said! That’s why she’s such an in demand endorser! Also, according to Wikipedia: In 3 days, Peripera Ink Airy Velvet has sold 30,000 quantities after she endored it. “Kim So Hyun’s image is the main contributor that leads a successful product to sell 700,000 quantities in 2 months, sold out Ink Airy Velvet No.2, and Ink Color Cara winning in the Glow Peak Beauty Awards mascara category.
      In August 2019, Korean media reported Soup to become Korea’s first young casual brand to record 100 billion won sales in korea after commissioning Kim So Hyun as their promotional model.”

      That’s the power of our Queen! ?

      • and don’t forget, she is the SOLE endorser of this brand. She ALONE contribute to this success

    • Well, she’s a top beauty, an amazing actress and a student in a top university – enough reasons why Koreans buy the products she endorses. She’s a CF Queen in the making.

      • @thy how many products she is endorsing now? I guess cf queen title is given when you have like 10 cf deals right? She must be around 7 or 8 atleast

      • She’s currently endorsing Hanyul, Bausch and Lomb, and Soup. She has done multiple CFs per said endorsements. So, I don’t which one will count. The endorsements (3) or the CFs per endorsements (might be 10 or more, her Hanyul CFs alone will be enough to reach that count).

      • @thy it depends on contract. Mostly it is paid per brand deal. Though the exceptions are very top tiers like Jun ji hyun, kim soo hyun, lee min ho, song hye kyo etc type gets paid per cf. So it depends on her contract, if she does a year contact where she has to shoot 5 or 6 cfs per brand, she must get paid better. Even though not per cf, but multiple cfs means her payout still be good enough

      • Well, good for So Hyun coz it seems like these 3 current endorsements are good for long term. She’s endorsing Soup for 5 years now, Hanyul for 3 years, and B&L for 1 year. From what I saw in various SNS, she shoots at least 5 cfs per endorsements. But, I will not call her a CF Queen for the meantime. She still needs that one big hallyu drama which will make her such.

      • @thylane agree. A big hit in ratings will help that . I hope she gets that big drama or movie soon. Though cf queen thing can be debated as many actresses like son ye jin etc are very choosy about their endorsements and i can see ksh going that way as well. Even shk from start of her career limited her cfs deals. So it depends on her choice as well

  10. I think she must have quite a good amount of CFS currently. And her youtube videos with taehyung are so obvious. What a young power couple they can be if they come out openly

    • If said relationship appears to be true, they will surely be one of Korea’s power couple. In terms of hate, I guess Tae Hyung will suffer more than So Hyun because she’s known for having an army of male fans. The hate from the BTS’ fans will not be extreme because it is an idol-actress relationship. And not to mention, she’s the Nation’s Little Sister.

      • Idol fans will be proud of their idol for being in a relationship with a Nation’s Little Sister over a female co-idol

    • @sunny BTS are nation’s pride . Biggest korean superstars worldwide. They can’t be compared with other idol groups at all. They generate billions of economic effect. so they will never accept their dating anyone. It must suck to live live as sheltered. I can understand why dont they come out open with such stuff

    • She made youtube videos with a BTS member? Does she have a yt channel? Or is it one of those delusional kpop fan videos where someone looking in the direction of someone else means they must be dating? (I find those videos very funny, they are full of red arrows ?)

      She’s 20, that’s old enough to date if she wants. Whether they are or are not, I wish them well.

      • @royal i am not those kpop fan who believe everything. But the hints posted in various videos are clear cut and yes i wish them all the best if true. A top rising actress with a worldwide most handsome music superstar who is huge. And their friend circle is too common as well. You can check out and see the hints!

      • They will be the young Rain-KTH couple if the rumors about their relationship is true. So, who will be called the Nation’s Thief??? Hehehe.

      • I doubt he will be called one because he is too handsome lol. Korean top most plastic surgeons said almost most men want his face lol

  11. @sunny You don’t know how massive taehyung fanbase is. It goes into millions. They wil bash those bashers if comes to that. Lol they are scary. His china base alone bought most albums for any bts member despite hallyu ban. They trended his birthday for months spending millions. I doubt they will accept if he opens up. It must be tragic for his career and sohyun will get bashed very badly by them. T. Anyways both are young and it’s better to stay silent. And they both share lots of common friends and there is video where she is presenting award to bts, her red velvet friend makes a gesture at her and so hyun glares at her. It is funny lol.

    Nope you are underestimating bts fanbase. They will never accept them dating whether idol or actress. It is not the right time i guess. The thing that matters is both should be happy

    • Okay, I see it now. But I guess the hate BTS fans throw to female idols will be toned down when it comes to So Hyun because in Korea, actors and actresses are more respected than idols. So,surely, a relationship with a Nation’s little sister will attract more approval from BTS’ fans that a female idol celebrity. Well, I just don’t get why an idol to idol relationship is much castigated in Korea.

      • @sunny i really can’t say about that. i am an army even i am scared of them lol. You realy haven’t seen army on twitter. They are scary as hell.
        Maybe you might be right but i guess both don’t want it to come out right now. Maybe in 3 or 4 years if they stay together.
        Idols sells image of being available to fans and that is why fans don’t accept them dating

    • uh oh!
      if you know only little about army you also know that just Vkook shippers themselves can bring the world war III on for this!!!
      if true I don’t think they open up.
      best wishes for sweet V and sohyun anyway

  12. KSH and KYJ are the creme of the crop, the walls, and the eternal numero actresses of their generation. K-media efforts to make them as the next SHK and JJH is definitely working. Take for example is their big contracts with top cosmetic brands (Hanyul and Laneige) which is previously endorsed by Queen JJH and SHK, respectively. These ladies are miles level above than their peers. In terms of drama offers, these girls are not competing against their peers but with themselves and the actresses in their mid and late 20s. Surely, one big hallyu hit will definitely make these girls at par with the hallyu popularity of PSH. Hail to KSH and KYJ! Competition is normal but make it healthy. Be the Ronaldo-Messi of the industry.

    • They just need one massive hallyu hit movie like My sassy girl or drama autumn in my heart to fully enter S tier actress list. And after that sky is the limit

      • Isn’t S-tier too much? KSH and KYJ have still have a lot of hard work to make to reach that status. They need to outrank BS, PSH, IU, KTR, KGE first before reaching the S-tier status.

    • I’m always happy to see positive comments like this! As a Kim So Hyun fan, I definitely agree. No need to put down one of them to uplift the other. There’s plenty of space on the top for both of them (and other deserving actresses), no need to drag others.
      Cheers to both of them!

    • @Taylor @ady – true, one KES drama for either of them will do it, as long as the casting is right (ie pair them with actors close to their own age instead of 10-20 years older, create that buzz).

      It’s true, they are both in a league of their own in terms of image and prestige, their competition is actresses 5-10 yrs older than them instead of ones their age.

      • @royal though i agree that top writer drama will do it but i think male leads will be from some 80s range gen actor because those writers and investors cast only bankable male leads and 90s lack it big time unless some 90s gen male lead prove themselves worth to carry kes drama ( pbg will go to army soon ) whereas before kes drama, those 80s gen actors proved their star power. I personally don’t mind age gaps as two aduts are mature enough to consent for drama. I never have issue with senior actresses working with younger actors like shk did with pbg or possible jjh psj drama. So if they get such drama, male lead will most probably will be from mid to late 90s gen actor

      • There’s no way KSH and KYJ will not be paired with the big male hallyu stars of the 80s. In fact, it may be the future trend- let’s just wait who will make it first between the famed writers KES and PJE. I agree that KSH and KYJ’s competition are the actresses in early and mid 90s. They are way above their peers. Moreover, there are a small number of actresses in the 90s who can command ratings and hallyu following. So, for PDs and writers to go with KSH and KYJ will not be surprising at all.

      • @ady I think Kang Haneul is a potential candidate among the 90s actors but yeah, he’s still 9-10 years older than them. 90s-gen really have not had as much chance as the 80s-gen to earn that rep especially in this era of low ratings (less chance to get that breakout hit), but plenty of them are talented and KYJ/KSH don’t need some ‘established’ ‘status’ leading man to make a drama successful as long as their leading men have the talent and chemistry, look at Jang Dong Yoon in The Tale of Nokdu, or even Park Bo Gum in Moonlight (neither were established leading men before those dramas, but after, they totally are).

    • LMAO Yeah sure, That’s why Kim So Hyun is the one ranked #1 in 2017’s Showbiz Korea list of Stars with Flawless Features, ranked the youngest at the Top 30 of KBS Most Beautiful Entertainers of ALL TIME, that’s why Cha Eun Woo and Kwak Dong Yeon chose So Hyun over Yoo Jung when they’re made to choose between the two, that’s why despite Yoo Jung playing the lead girl in Moon Embracing the Sun, actors from the show Jung Il Woo and Song Jae Rim (Yoo Jung’s second lead in CWPFN lol) noticed SO HYUN’S beauty instead of Yoo Jung even tho So Hyun played the villain role, that’s why many male Korean celebs have a crush on So Hyun and have chosen her as their ideal type..

      Because So Hyun is literally the TOP BEAUTY of her generation. There are plenty of quotes about her beauty.

      Meanwhile, literally only KYJ delulu fans say KYJ is pretty. It’s really pathetic to see lmao ?

      • You’re just jealous that Yoojung is prettier than sohyun so you have to present flawed resources.

        First of all, everyone has their own preference. Some has bad taste like several of the actors you mentioned. It’s just a few boys out of the billions of the boys in the world. What gross exaggeration. Some boys are more vocal than others.
        Stay jealous lolz

        Unlike sohyun, Yoojung has dated before. And no it’s not because she want to focus on her career l remember someone mentioning that she said she wanted to date. I guess no one asked her out or confess to her.

      • @Moonlight Yoo Literally nobody is jealous of your irrelevant Yoojung lmao. Like I said, THE MAJORITY, Korean celebs, Korean polls and Korean themselves are all saying Kim So Hyun is prettier, only you KYJ delulus who say otherwise.
        I literally slapped you with facts and reciepts, but as typical of a KYJ delulu, your only “argument” is “HuR DuR YoU’Re JuSt JeAlOuS, YoOjUnG iS PrEtTiEr”, as if that weak-ass argument will change the fact that the general public considers So Hyun prettier, which is pretty much a fact now ?
        Listen, you saying that “Yoojung is prettier” will never change anything. Keep convincing yourself, but know that you’re definitely one of the very small minority

      • Kim Yoo Jung this the prettiest and the most talented, not to mention the sexiest actress of her generation. Thats why she was chosen to play Saet byul in the much anticipated K drama Convenience Store Saet Byul because she just oozes with so much sex appeal. All 90s actress are SUBPar in everything (intelligence, talent, beaut, poise and Class) compared to her. Kim so hyun, kim bora, kim hye soon, Nam ji hyun, Kim Da mi, Chae soo bin, Suzy) Kim Yoo Jung is superior among them.

      • @Joanne I’m sounding like a broken record here, but that’s just YOUR and your co-fandom’s opinion, which means absolutely nothing in the grand scheme of things when Kim So Hyun’s beauty is much more praised and she outranks KYJ in every beauty poll. I (kinda) respect your opinion, but at the end of the day, it’s easy to write “Kim Yoo Jung is prettier”, but the numbers and public opinion don’t lie.

        Okay, I’ll leave you KYJ fans to your delusion, then…

    • Kim Yoo Jung- the prettiest actress of South korea. who is casted to play Saet byul in the most highly anticipated SBS drama of 2020 convenience Store Saet Byul.
      Dont pretend that you dont this super famous pretty girl
      everyone, in and out korea loves her

      • you are so funny…. you must never have been naver before.. everytime saetbyul whatever article were on naver, there wer soooooo many angry emoticons. you are lucky that the comments sections were disable. otherwise, she will get more hate. mostly high anticipated drama you as*. if this drama got popular, thanksto the negative publicity.. lol

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  14. Two different young women, two different actresses, so why compare them? there are dramas for both. Don’t fight over something so trivial. During theses hard times le’t’s enjoy our dramas and get rid of Covid 19.

    • People compare all the time, nothing wrong with comparisons. It’s jealous and salty people who can’t handle that their bias are inferior. Life is a competition. Moms compare their kids to their friends kids all the time. It’s the most natural thing in the world.

      Stay salty.

      • I don’t suscribe to this point of view , i’m someone who learnt through the years that always being in ” comparison mode” is nefast . Life isn’t a competition as we are all winners : Death .

      • @moonlight i agree with comparison and competition but at same time i thibnk many actors can stay at top. Like jjh shk syj kth dominated at same time

    • @Artemis. That’s partly because the blogger doesn’t impose moderation or censorship on her personal blog. The higher the comment volume the better it is for her, if I am not wrong, it generates more income for blogger as ads are advertised in her blog. The content of the comments don’t mean much to her so all the crazies start flocking here big time since lockdown was imposed all over the world. The really intelligent sensible commenters have left this blog along ago.

      • @aquarius
        I have no idea about blogger’s intention since I don’t know her.whether she cares or not.
        but on the basis of what you said,fanwars and all these toxics won’t work in favor of her advantages for long.if they have any benefit it would be obviously temporary.only healthy commenters will bring long-lasting advantages for blog and its blogger.
        if she considers fanwars as advantages I must say its just the surface.
        some have left.many will leave letting others have their favourite sweet fanwars in every other articles.a few will stay but rather be silent than send a comment and be dragged into fanwars,so the number of positive comment decreases and the fun healthy atmosphere in which commenters used to exchange views and discuss articles with respecting each others opinion vanishes.
        if she deosn’t take immidiate actions (well I hope she does) the playground will transform into warzone.

      • @Artemis, sadly I don’t see it coming. Judging by the articles she decides to post, it’s obvious that she will deliberately choose those artistes that are fan-wars triggers e.g SHK, SJK, LMH, JCW, KYJ, KSH, Suzy, IU, etc sprinkled amongst C-ent, TW-ent and J-ent news.

      • Another theory is that those commenters here thrive on negative responses. For comparison, there is hardly any hate in by Kay, another blog similar to this one. Kay posted a LMH article in Feb 28 about his latest drama. Very sedate comments, no fan-war or anything however volume is very low compared to this blog. I think people secretly love fan-wars although it’s so toxic and harmful to mental health.

      • @Aquarius
        neither do I
        upcoming dramas like the king and CSSB especially can be juicy for fanwars here. KSH and KYJ are brought up to every unrelated article here recently, SHK and SJK as well.
        articles about them in current time is just adding fuel the fire

      • @Aquarius
        Ive seen comments here designed for bringing fanwars. and if you say a word,no matter what, youll be accused and terrorized

      • No this site always had wars since the beginning. It just fluctuates. There are times of peace but it’s rare. But more recently some people are getting more agitated. And surely people go on twitter and recruit their fan club clan members for a particular idol to come join them here on the website for their cause aka fan wars.

        I’ll be honest and say for the majority of the time, it is entertaining reading most of the comments. It’s silly but humorous. It’s like viewing a slapstick drama in the comment section.

    • @Tam
      and if you pay a little attention you easily identify same person with several usernames here
      is it really worth such trouble??
      creating fake identities here just to speak your words? I mean we all know that fanwars arent discussions in which people get to the point of agreement. you know that you cant convince the other person and you dont agree her/his idea neither she/he deos yours.
      to be in a fanwar is just waste of time and energy.

  15. My wish is for So Hyun to be paired up with big male hallyu stars like LMH, KSH, SJK, PSJ, JCW, LSG, and LJS in the future. Well, I guess it will happen soon. Just look at KYJ pairing up with JCW.So, there is no reason for So Hyun not to be paired up with these actors in the 80s. She’s top of her gen. And there are limited number of great actresses in the early and mid 90s. So, going with KSH and KYJ will be the future trend – 80s actors pairing with 99liners.

    • Definitely a KSH-KSH project!
      Gone were the days when you search Kim so hyun and you’ll mostly get a Kim soo hyun result. Lol. She’s popular now, web can already differentiate. Lol

      Haters gonna hate but time and time sso has proven them wrong.

  16. Kim so hyun gat moonlight yoo aka joane’s bum on fire, she is a beautiful and talented actress so it hurts your pride that people acknowledge her talent and beauty so you come crawling back to her article each and every time to show how pathetic you can get. Kim so hyun and kim yoo jung are equally popular and this two young ladies are at the top of their games with several drama castings and CF offers so if you think one is inferior to the other then you are so delusional. Kim so hyun as always been know as a gentle elegant beauty with maturity beyond her age while kim yoo jung as always been known as the cutesy relatable beauty and a social butterfly. They might have similarities but they are so different and that difference is one of the reasons why kim so hyun left Sidus HG so that their similarities can reduce but crazy stans like you who hate the fact that kim so hyun is no longer in kim yoo jung’s shadow just can’t take it that kim so hyun is one of the most acknowledge actress of her general and music shows prefer her as their MC coz of her fluency and eloquence.

    To all the V and kim so hyun shippers out there, why do you idiots do this to yourself? You take a 3 seconds glance your way interaction at one award show several years ago and turned it into 45 minutes delulu evidence that there is something between those two when kim so hyun as never for once mentioned him or his band anywhere, its sad how you insist on clinging to this deluded dream and if you are a true kim so hyun stan then you know how she prefer ballad songs over kpop. I wonder why you insist on doing this? Is it because he is handsome or he is popular? Kim so hyun as a better and more genuine interactions with some other male celebrities so why cling to a made up one? Honestly if you care about kim so hyun then you don’t want her with any of the BTS members especially the maknae line and yes I am an army and I know how disgustingly crazy his stans are with few exceptions.

    I came here to rant since I saw the above picture on IG last week but I hope OCkoala posts more kim yoo jung articles so her crazy stans like moon light yoo will have some positivity in her life for once.

    • -nike i was having a simple fun conversation. I m not spamming twitter or any other site. U r the one who is coming as idiot. Even if they date why are you so bothered? V isnt going to karry you fan girl. Move on
      Are you jealous yiur oppa dating an actress? You proved my point

      • If you use your head then you will know I don’t give two fucks about V, I’m all about kim so hyun moron

      • @nike duplicate nike i dont give a damn aboyt what u thibk. Dont inckude me and name call me if u dont want it idiot.i think she n v r dating and i will say what i think. U dont own this site to order me around . Fck off duplicate cheap nike. So u must be btthurt ksh fanboy or girl incase u r lesbian. She isnt interested in u. Move on duplicate nike

      • @ksh deserves thr best like a worldwide superstar. Princess deserves her king. And you can stay pressed @ duplicate nike

    • @ Nike

      Relax lady. Who cares if people want to ship them or not? It’s not a big deal if they date? People can ship who they want.

      V can also sing ballads, listen to winter bear and also the song ost he did for Itaewon class.

      And yes moonlight is an imbecile. It doesn’t matter what koala post, she’ll bring up Kim Yoo Jung in almost every conversation. Even when there are kyj articles, she will still drag other actresses. It makes no differences.

      • I have seen shippers spamming twitter and YouTube and what’s annoying is the lies people use as evidence.

    • @ nike

      Kim yoo jung is more popular. they are not equal. Shes the most popular period.

      Kim Yoo jung has so many admirers and of of them is V. Her current ML will also fall in love with her because her charm is so irresistible. Thats why the fans of the all natural beauty Park min young and the best actress Yoona, who were Previous FLs of her current ML, are hating on her because a new ship is sailing. #Changyoo
      Stay jealous of KJY.

      • Delusional. KSH is the top of her gen. It’s not anymode METS era. She’s not anymore KYJ’s shadow. She is the numero uno actress of her gen, and will continue be. PERIODT!.

      • See how foolish you are, park min young is beautiful but its not natural and nobody is gonna envy your kim yoo jung or her onscreen love interest except she is Jun ji hyun so wake up and smell the coffee. Kim so hyun is booked to the brim and she as school works to think about too.

    • I am sorry i don’t want to say the once glace!!what i think you never saw the video very clearly about them.i checked in yt venirose and insta about them seem tae fanboy or crush sohyun.even maybe one-sided.i can see that’s tae look different with sohyun.eyes and action never lies.i don’t likes to shipped and interested with many actor who worked with sohyun even i know that’s sohyun have many chemistry with them because i know that’s after their finish shooting is nothing happened and become akward and what i am talking this is what sohyun know that sohyun is introvert person.until i see tae,i love to see the man when he never care about the world think about what his feel.tae action is something not control around know even in infront camera,idol and fans it’s feel that’s the man full of love and never care about his’s rare the man like him action like this.tae also know sohyun and even praised her acting.sohyun and tae even mc in music core 2014 this time bts not very famous until they meet again in sma this is very special for me they know very long and they meet after a long time.i can see that’s eyes of tae is miss sohyun so much.if you don’t see clearly video in yt,you can watch in insta with taehyung and sohyun fans and i even save the link video in insta about tae full of love.i want to give your link because this link you can see very clearly

  17. I saw some pictures of LAS2’s filming. KSH looks very beautiful. And her chemistry with Song Kang is overflowing by just taking a look at the pictures. Well, I smell another hit for KSH. The hit streak continues (LAS1-TTON-LAS2). Hope she announces her new drama after LAS2. Go, So Hyunnie!

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