Song Joong Ki Considering K-movie The Season of You and Me About the Life of Singer Yoo Jae Ha

K-actor Song Joong Ki is in quarantine in South Korea for two weeks after coming back from Colombia from the halting filming of movie Bogota. Not sure when the cast and crew can fly back there to resume filming or when that movie will see the light of day since a movie called Bogota really needs to be filmed there lol. While in quarantine Song Joong Ki has plenty of time and one of which is considering new projects. His agency has confirmed the K-news report that Song Joong Ki has been offered the male lead in the K-movie The Season of You and Me (or The Season of US) about the life of 80’s singer Yoo Jae Ha who released one hit album and then tragically died in a car accident months later at the age of 25. I’m sure older South Koreans will remember who his is and a movie sharing his talent and life with this generation sounds quite lovely.


Song Joong Ki Considering K-movie The Season of You and Me About the Life of Singer Yoo Jae Ha — 102 Comments

    • Should he consider filming Arthdal plus? How is he considering another project? Wowwww he is really passionate in acting. Not that I’m complaining though xxxx

  1. Beautiful song and a very talented songwriter. Isn’t SJK a bit old to play the role? Major age mismatched here. There are a lot of younger and better actors.

  2. I’m curious what the reason of the PD team choose SJK as main lead? I think he is not really good at singing. but maybe the PD team has another vision seeing SJK acting. I dunno. Its so interesting thi

  3. Waste of money on SJK or maybe he is not asking for much in wages now that no one will be going into theatres? YAI has a much better known young k-movie actor, CWS is also excellent with Parasite. Both are younger than SJK. The PD Team may not be looking at international movie appeal. SJK is definitely not one of the fav at international film festivals, he is an unknown and actually not that good in acting just watch Battlefield Island and you will realize. Being a guy, I really don’t see what’s with SJK that people will go to theatre to watch hi except Ahjummas.

    • Park Bo Gum would be perfect to play this role. Age appropriate and He can act and can sing too. Perfect Leading leading lady would be pretty and talented kim Yoo Jung.

    • There is no mentioning of a female lead in the movie yet. However any guy will like to have a cleaning lady if this is your whole point of bringing that cleaner into my comment. When can she start working? My toilet needs to be scrubbed.

      • Aside from warewolf boy and dots what is his hit movie & drama? You make it sound like his some chungmuro/drama a list

      • @ sodam

        He is gradually solidifying his career. Almost every role, he gets praised for acting. Also other hits would include AC(popular enough for second season), innocent man drama, s scandal drama, battleship island movie. He worked hard from small roles to big roles. He’s going to keep getting better and better.

      • Watch your mouth my dear it’s not about Her but its about him. Seems like you’re the one that’s full of jealousy.

  4. Keep it up song joong ki! You’re on a roll! So many projects lined because so many directors see your potential and talents. Most haters are prob fans of corrupted, tax scandal shk.

    He can act unlike cardboard shk. That’s why her movie career is almost non-existent. And she barely has any dramas as well. Maybe she realized her limits and once in a while will return back to acting to remind people she exists. Good!

    • Not a fan of his ex wife but i dont like sjk he is so so as an actor and lacks appeal. U must be so delusional that you think people who dont like him are his ex fans. I remember watching dots and i have to drop it by ep 3 because him as captain is so un convincing. @Joker i agree CWS is excellent.

    • stay jealous! hyekyo still cf queen and her last drama did well. joongki on other hand losing cfs and his last drama arthdal which was supposed to be ten biggest drama of 2019 even lost to its filler hotel del luna. his last movie flopped hard too. pathetic for so-called biggest actor of his age group haha.

      • @ sodam

        I said *prob, in this case on this website, the majority. It’s fine you don’t like descendants but majority rave his performance.

        Being a sjk fan is a troooool? Get a life. Your entire family are trooooldolls.

        @ goddessshj

        His performances were raved in his last drama . It was big enough apparently to warrant a second season. Which actor never had a failure? But unlike her, he’s a good actor that doesn’t need to completely rely on his costars. When’s the last time she had a movie come out??? Right. A long time ago due to flunking at the box office. What a delulu rofl

        Go ahead and keep supporting a robber.

      • Cf doesn’t make your career acting does. What happens to her movie Anna? She is condering this movie since last year. Seems like no producer wants to invest their money in her movie project considering she has zero hit movie.

      • @Mulan Didn’t she say she wanted to take a rest last year? And she also said she will PROBABLY do a project in 2020 but she hasn’t decided anything yet. It may or may not happen. And please, don’t worry about her. She’s an SSS-tier actress with good track records in dramaland..she’ll survive.

    • i know maybe you are angry at the most of shk fans who keep talking bad about him. cos i also feel the same. but you don’t need do same thing like they are doing. don’t create a fanwar. let them be. hope you never drag her name again on his article.

      • @kimkim

        That’s not fair to song joong ki. They started it, so I have to flame them back. I don’t create fan wars, they did in the past. Instead of being a chicken, I’m going to confront the bullies back. Staying silent makes them think they can keep bashing because they think most agree with them. They’re delulu.

        And besides She deserves to be drag due to her arrogant behaviors in the past. I’m not to going to sit quiet like I did in the past. They done enough damage and they have no intention to stop.

      • can’t you stop it. Its enough, don’t creat more fanwar. if you wanna defend him, you can support him in good way. rather than comment i every single hate comment about him. let them be. and let’s support him without dragin anyone name. hope you understand it.

      • @ Kim Kim

        You do you and I do me. I disagree with your approach. I’m going to keep doing what I think is right. You can stay silent but that’s not my style.

    • His performance was raved? By who? By his fans correct me if im wrong i think the show was voted as the worst drama of 2019. And didnt Sjk the one relying on his co star warewolf boy is a success bec of Park boyoung. And his movie like bi and drama ac he is cast with some a lister. And his up coming film co star is kim taeri who is a chungmuro star. if his not relying on his co stars then why his co stars are popular?

      • im not really sure sodam is not one of shk fans. look on your comment you definitely hate sjk so much. don’t be clown. just calm down dear. sjk is still reviewing it. he still not confirmed it yet

      • @sodam

        What logic is that? He’s the bigger name. And besides that, why can’t he work with talented actors? Your reading comprehension is poor. It means he can carry his own weight in acting unlike shk. Werewolf boy, he was the main highlight. What a hypocritical liar. What a baby.

        Knetizens and international netizen praise his performances when the dramas all aired. Stay sour. Have fun making up stories and changing history to feel good

      • @coxo jasmine

        I actually wouldn’t be surprise if he is secretly a shk fan. He’s too bitter and just going to deny.

      • Yikes you are one delusiona fantard and why you keep mentioning shk i dont give a flying f about her. And since when sjk a bigger name than his co stars? What a clown

      • @sodam

        Because you know you can’t argue base on merits, now you have to get all loud and start to dabble in myths and folklore. So desperate and pathetic.

        It’s seems like you do care about her or wouldn’t be so loud. Go Keep on supporting your arrogant, tax fraud queen. Go tell her I think she’s pretty so she should focus on modeling only.

      • @Chi your a clown period what a delusional fan. tbh that x couple are both so so in acting and @ xoxojasmiee the one who needs to chill is @Chi not me.

      • @ sodam

        Nice try. Trying to deflect by making several bonfire of lies.

        Delulu it’s time for a nap. Your cantankerous attitude is prob due to deprived in sleeping. Play less games and watch less videos, get more sleep rofl

      • Well both sjk and pby were popular star when they filmed wb. It is a Fact that sjk was raved for his performance. His drama innocent man that was aired at the same time was another critical and commercial success. Just simply say you hate him. Because the way you are dragging him show what a loser you are. Btw sjk movie with ktr, it is directed by the same pd of werewolf boy. This is the second time he is working with him that show pd has immense trust in his acting. Also His drama AC is renewed for second season. Keep blabbering while sjk will keep reigning.

      • @ rising Phoenix

        I agree! I can’t stand their dishonesty and their charlatan ways. They should just be honest with their intent instead of acting like they’re neutral and indifference. Because the more they speak, the more their true colors come out.

      • Idk what lies your accusing me of because its a fact that aside from dots and wareworlf boy all his movies and dramas are just soso. Isnt hard to accept that and im not bitter its the truth.

      • @ sodam

        The hammer of truth hits hard but of course you’re going to be a cry baby and deny and make up stuff. Pathetic and desperate.

      • You must be very delusional to think that aside from his two hit all his projects are well recieve yes keep fooling your self the negative reviews about bi and ac are everywhere on articles so idk what lies are you talking about when i saw all of that.

      • Deflect deflect, keep spinning the truth.

        You should move to countries where dictators love to spin the truth and make up info.

        2 plus 2 = 8

        Sad and pathetic, but don’t give up, you can be cured from your delusions and bs. Start by getting more sleep. Lack of sleep is interfering with your critical thinking.

    • His acting is so bland. i dont get why he is popular in south korea and why he gets casted in big budget drama. hes an overrated actor
      He looked cute in DOTS but hoa acting, nahhhh. it was a mediocre. the 2nd lead was a better actor than him

    • True SJK is truely a talented artist, he is compared to a wine, as it grows older it becomes more and more appealing

    • It’s obvious why, many of them are shk fans minus a select few. I remember some of those users.

      They’re not happy about song joong ki having a success and happy career post-marriage. So they like to make a mess.

      So many actors play characters that are not their age and so it’s obviously they’re only here to bash him. Hypocrites

  5. Not sure why some people seemingly being supportive of SJK still bring up his ex-wife here. Trying to stir up a fan war or maybe very insecure that SJK can stand on his own? Those are not true fans. Pathetic.

    • Nice try miss Emily.

      Deflect and deflect. It’s the shk fans that bash him in this article first.

      Get therapy, you are better than that. Support real queens and kings unlike mrs. Krusty crab who greed holds no parallel. Maybe that’s why her acting is so bad, she’s spending so much of her time dealing with her guilty conscience

      • That’s your comeback? Tragic rofl you’re just upset I made good points especially that it was the shk fans that started fighting on this article. Go cry hypocrite.

      • I cannot read any good points from @Chi. Not sure why you reply to me. You must be very insecure, lonely and bored. You need treatment.

      • Your can’t even rebut properly. It’s because you know you don’t have any merit or credibility.

        Keep crying baby. Maybe tax scandal queen will show you some pity.

    • @ uno

      You right, I need a rehab center so I can place all the delulu shk fans in. They clearly stressed and have foggy brains.

      • Your an obsess Sjk fan who revolve your life around him listen sis he doesnt care about you its ok to fangirl but not get so emotionally invested

      • Your logic needs some fine tuning. You can’t be an avid fan if their idol doesn’t care about them personally? Get some brains from the black market rofl

        Shk doesn’t care about you either. Boo hoo. You’re just upset that it’s hitting close to home and in the future when you watch her works, you’ll be questioning if her acting is actually good or not.

      • Your not an avid fan your obsess with him. And sorry sis i watch asian dramas but i never became a fan of any actors.

      • Never become Fan of any actors?

        What a delulu. Bucket of lies.

        Who made you ruler of the universe and get to make the decision what qualifies a fan or not.

        Youre just salty I speak the truth and that you don’t have any solid support to back up your pitiful claims lolllll

  6. Lol just because someone dislikes your oppa doesn’t mean he/she is a fan of SHK. Not everybody has to like him.

    And Chi, you keep saying she deserves to be dragged for her arrogant behavior in the past. Did she ever do anything to you? Do you even know her personally for you to attack her like that? Then what makes you different than online bullies? Tbh I expected better from a fan of SJK. I know some of them love to spread ridiculous rumors about SHK but of course they don’t represent the whole fandom. I dislike SJK for the way he handled his divorce process but I still don’t wish for anything bad to happen to him. You hate a few commenters here for dragging your faves but unknowingly, you are also doing the same thing. So what if SHK is arrogant? Does it affect you in any way? I don’t expect you to like her but why is it so hard for you to leave her alone? Why are you making it your personal mission to attack her in almost every article posted here? Those commenters you hate, they have other faves as well (Not saying they deserve to be dragged as well) why SHK?

    • SHK hadn’t always been getting positive comments on this site but at least those who disliked her didn’t use personal attacks to prove their points. Can’t say the same now.

  7. @nad

    This is too funny, you’re trying to question my intelligence. I know for a fact the majority of them are shk fans. I recollect their comments in articles of the past. So nice try, deflector. Try again.

    Don’t act like you’re in high moral grounds. Not a single fan here knows any of the actors/actresses mentioned personally but it didn’t stop them from yapping like a parrot. Go share them your pearls of wisdom. I didn’t even start on this topic post. So bias. Prime minister of hypocrisy, please slow down and chew on your thoughts carefully next time before spitting out nonsense.

    It’s called karma. What goes around come around. The difference is that it’s an objective fact she committed wrongs. So sad and desperate trying to paint a negative light on him based on your subjective interpretation of the divorce.

    Next time you try to preach, maybe you should go share your pearls of wisdom first to all your shk comrades. If you’re not going to be impartial, why should i listen to a hypocrite who plays favorites. Go work on your flaws first.

    • I said I dislike him for the way he handled the divorce process..I didn’t blame him for the divorce itself. Couples get divorced all the’s no big deal. It’s better than staying in an unhappy marriage.

      And if you hate those commenters that much, why are you letting someone else shoulder the blame? Is it fair for SHK?

      • The big question is why you talking to me first when it’s shk fans who started their nonsense?

        And yes it’s fair to shk. What comes around goes around. She deserves it for her crime. And it feels so good to finally step up to the plate for song joong ki after the years of bashing from loud shk fans. I can be just as loud and even louder but unlike shk fans, I present coherent arguments and not solely depend on name-calling and not making up information to lift up their fake queen.

        Conclusion: shk and shk fans deserve the flames.

      • Which SHK fan started first? I mean in this article. Care to point that out for me? I probably missed his/her comment.

      • @ nad

        Stop being lazy and just scroll up to the comments from the top. Geez stop acting you fake.

      • I’m not lazy. I just couldn’t see the comment hence why I asked you. Can you please mention her name and the comment which includes SHK’s name so that I’d know if she commented as a fan of SHK or as a regular drama and movie watcher?

      • @ nad

        I’m not going play detective clue or Nancy drew with you, you don’t even care despite all evidence, you don’t care even in all the recent articles when shk fans get loud and muddy. You don’t care. You should just drop your pretense. We both know you’re just playing around.

      • Lol answer my question first. And don’t talk about other articles. You clearly decided to bash SHK here so I asked you to provide me with at least one comment from this article which suggests that it was made by a fan of SHK.

  8. Shk fans are Butt hurt that sjk is doing fine post divorce getting back to back offers. They predicted he would be over but guess what he is thriving.

    • Please don’t generalize. Most of us don’t care. It’s good that he’s been getting a lot of offers. I mean it’s just a divorce..why shouldn’t he be getting any offers? Doesn’t make any sense. Lol

      • Don’t pretend to be a gentleman when you’re not going to comment to the loud shk fans. You’re secretly giddy on the inside and supporting the loud shk fans. Lord of hypocrite, go find other means of entertainment.

      • yes don’t generalize. maybe you are not one of them. but do you have amnesia how some of shk fans making bad comment about him in the past even saying sjk have a poor financial and the worst thing they also talking bad about sjk family saying that his family just used shk. how dare they are. if you shk fans. you must know what some of shk fans have done in the past. im just saying what i’ve saw in the past. can shk fans leave sjk alone. and can sjk fans also leave shk alone. stop this fanwar

      • Her fans thinks shk is superior to him and post their divorce his career will disappear and she will be continue to be No. 1. They even said he will face financial crisis because shk is no longer with her They wished all bad thing to him but irony is that he is thriving his movie career is growing, recently bought $2.8Million condo in Hawai. Not hating just stating facts. It just show that you should never ill wish someone. You never know how unpredictable life is.

      • Just so you know, I don’t read every article on this site. I have other things to do as well. And if I come actross any of them commenting about OTHER ACTRESSES, how do you expect ne to interfere? I didn’t even know they existed until a couple of years ago..let alone their dramas or movies. And please don’t assume I will secretly feel giddy whenever I see anyone bashing actors or actresses. Idk about you, but my parents certainly didn’t raise me that way.

        Btw you keep saying ‘loud SHK fans’..mind telling me who they are? Are you sure SHK is their only fav?

      • @xoxo You have no idea how much I want all of us to move on. Yes, I agree..there were some SHK fans who said bad things about SJK but there were also SJK fans spreading rumors and believing every single negative post about SHK. All fandoms have toxic fans. I myself have chosen to stop ‘communicating’ with them.

        @Blazingflame Of course. But the same can be said about some SJK fans. They were spreading nasty rumors about SHK. Can’t expect her fans to keep quiet and not retaliate, can we?

      • @Nad about spreading nasty comment, ofc i also hear about it, but honestly so far i know most of them not speak it loudly like what some of shk doing especially in twitter. if i call back in the past. it was really hurt when some of them toxic fans have said to sjk family. thanks there still shk fans like you. i hope soo about sjk toxic fans to stop this fanwar. b

  9. Oh nad

    Just reading the comments in this article alone, you should be able to understand the “fact” that it was your shk comrades that started bashing him first by saying stuff like “he’s too old…they’re wasting money…why him?”

    Apparently your parents didn’t teach you not to play favoritisms. Because you only go after the anti-shk fans.
    It’s as simple as scrolling up the page and you’ll see the truth.

    You’re just upset that your disguise as someone fair have been seen through. Hypocrite.

    • So which part of those makes you think that they were commenting as fans of SHK and not regular drama and movie watchers? Are they perhaps like me, who literally only talks about SHK here? Are you sure they haven’t commented about other actors and actresses?

      • If you’re not a fan of SJK why do you enter an article about him? go look for an article about SHK, actually i think maybe she cheated on him that’s why he did what he did, amd even if she didn’t it’s better to stay out of an article of someone you don’t like a lot of us do that, for me i don’t like SHK and i think she cheated on him that’s pushing me away from anything that had any relation to her. And i don’t enter in her articles. Please do the same.

  10. Looks like some SJK fans here have already made a conclusion that the ones who criticise SJK are fans of SHK eventhough the usernames suggest otherwise..eventhough one of them already said she doesn’t give a d*mn about SHK. So Knetz..the next time you wanna criticize SJK, be careful ok? You’ll be accused of supporting SHK. Lol

    • Nice try you fake. What a denial. Your smugness is so revealing of your intent from the inside. Get help delulu. Don’t give up, you can be cured.

      • It is obvious that he’s a SHK fan he is so dedicated for someone who is not a SHK fan

      • Get help for being a con artist. Get help for being partial. Get help for going after the wrong people.
        You aim for the stems instead of the roots.

        Pity, I had high hopes in the beginning when your initial comments of the past sounded somewhat reasonable but I was wrong. Oh well shouldn’t be surprised that shk has so many toxic fans.

      • Going after the wrong people? So I shouldn’t be going after that what you meant? And I decided to go after the stems coz I couldn’t find the roots. Is that wrong?

  11. The news about the casting may not even end up to be true. It was posted right after the knetz backlash over his 2.8 bilion won new condo in Hawaii, so it was clearly shared to deviate people’s attention.

    • Knetz always hate celebrity when it come to their pay disparity. And yes his agency said he is positively considering with his Co star jin sin kyu who is already confirmed for the movie.

  12. Not even end up to be true? Are you kidding me? Are you think he got offered by the ghost? LOL. How can it’s not true, when other cast also mention to get offered on this movie. He is still reviewing. So it’s up to him what to accept this role or not

  13. SJK staying true to his promise of repaying fans with good work!

    And to all the haters who keep on wishing for his downfall, eat his dust!!!

  14. His acting is so bland. i dont get why he is popular in south korea and why he gets casted in big budget drama. hes an overrated actor
    He looked cute in DOTS but hoa acting, nahhhh. it was a mediocre. the 2nd lead was a better actor than him

    • If you don’t like him, why are you spreading hate about him? if you don’t hate him why are you even entering an article about him? You should ask for help spreading hate is not good for your health.

  15. Wow I think this is the first time an article about SJK gets this number of comments. That aside, this project seems interesting, hope that if SJK decides to join, it will widen his range and versatility. Singing ability? Thats another challenge to tackle as a good actor. Go SJK!

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