tvN to End Mon-Tues Drama A Piece of Your Mind Early at 12-episodes Due to Low Ratings

Perhaps the speed of life nowadays with everything digital means even drama filming gets decided on live info. tvN Mon-Tues drama A Piece of Your Mind (Half of a Half) started off in the mid-2% ratings range with 2.449% but has only gone downhill since and the most recent episode 6 on Tuesday got 1.178%. The production team has reported announced to the cast and crew that the drama will now end at 12-episodes rather than the usual 16-episodes. Even with live filming it’s probably close to episode 10 in filming schedule so the production will need to scramble to rewrite the script to wrap up early. I was just not captivated by the first episode, it felt really slow and I liked the artistic vibe but then kinda zoned out watching it. I haven’t picked it back up but was planning to but now it just feels like I should move on to something else. Too bad for leads Jung Hae In and Chae Soo Bin, they were very suitable in character but being in a boring drama means ratings death no matter how hard they deliver.


tvN to End Mon-Tues Drama A Piece of Your Mind Early at 12-episodes Due to Low Ratings — 107 Comments

  1. Dang that’s rare for tv networks to end dramas early in recent days. Most of the time they just sucked it up and let the drama air in it’s entirety because ratings nowadays aren’t excellent. It must be a huge bomb for them to do this.

    Good luck Jung Hae In in your next project.

    • probably don’t think it’s worth it with the COVID pandemic going on, govt is still trying to be cautious in South Korea to prevent another outbreak.

  2. damn. i feel bad for the cast and crew. i mean there were other dramas that got 1% ratings in recent years as well but weren’t shortened. unfortunate.
    hope jung hae in picks up a different genre next time because he is becoming typecasted and needs to prove that he can carry a drama without popular noonas.

    • That’s what I also feel with KYJ. She keeps on taking similar roles – the cute and playful female lead. Luckily, her CWPFN drama did not experience JHI’s drama curse because the same also hit the record breaking 1% rating.

      • i don’t know why you bring kyj here, but i think she is better at acting and not typecasted unlike jhi, especially if you look at her child actress days. though i think they’re both not at the level to carry at drama just yet as seen by their recent flop ratings results.

  3. Sadly, Jung Hae In keeps taking on very similar roles. It’s also one of the reasons why I couldn’t get into him at all. Dude is gonna get typecasted if he keeps this up. I legit couldn’t tell the difference between any of his roles because they all just blend together. I hope that for his future projects, he’ll choose something more challenging and different so that I can finally understand his hype.

    • Hope the drama will not badly affect CSB and JHI in the future. Hope they will still be given a chance to be casted in big productions.

      I pity CSB because at her age, she should be a big star right now. And I hate those PDs keep on offering those roles appropriate to CSB to younger stars such as KSH and KYJ. It’s enough. CSB should be given a chance to shine. KSH and KYJ should not be forced roles which are not fit to them.

      • I like jhi but he needs to prove himself worthy of big production like park seo joon did. Investors cast those who can sell the drama. Jhi needs to do some fun show which works in ratings and then he will get big drama.

      • How CSB? Any comments? I feel pity about her because young stars like KSH and KYJ keep on being offered with roles which CSB should be playing on.

      • I really haven’t watched her work to pass judgement on her. So i will pass. If young girls prove themselves they earned it over her i guess

      • It’s just so illogical that she is competing with girls younger than her for roles definitely fit for her. Her batchmates are BS, PSH, and KTR. So, she should be promoted by K-media as one with these girls. I don’t understand why K-media is too focused on the 99 liner girls. They are offered with the best acting gigs and CFs. Where in fact, we have the mid 20s girls out there.

      • Agree with @ady. KSH and KYJ already proven themselves enough for PDs to give them the roles.
        CSB is pretty but I guess she lacks the x-factor that these two possess?
        Do you think if CWPFN and Radio Romance was given to CSB, the result would be different?

      • @Ma I don’t know about ratings but one issue with both CWPFN and RR was that the leads looked mismatched in age, I saw knets complain that Yoon Kyun Sang looked like Yoojung’s uncle and too old for her. At least if CSB was the lead, they might have looked better matched, after all YKS was her costar in Rebel and they were good together.

    • Chae Soo Bin only graduated to leading lady status in 2017 so around the same time or after KYJ/KSH, she’s not in the same league as established 90er actresses like Park Shin Hye or Kim Go Eun etc, and doesn’t get the kind of offers movie leading ladies like KTR do.

      She’s a good actress, I was impressed by her in Sassy, Go Go (supporting role), Rebel and I’m Not A Robot.

      But this drama seemed dull from the beginning, I called it even in the trailer post that it seemed low-energy. It’s not the fault of the actors, they’re acting well but the drama was supposed to be soft and moody and instead it’s just boring.

      • @onesimus

        You freaking serious? Chae soo bin is such a mediocre actress. She acts the same in every role. Yoojung worked hard since she was a little girl to get to where she is today. So jealous and bitter lolz
        There’s plenty of roles out there, don’t blame her but blame on her lack of skills. Sohyun I agree, I don’t get why she is offer so many roles. Just by watching ruler m, you can see she is a bad actress.

        What a delulu, just admit csb is a mediocre actress.

      • CSB is a good actress but lack charisma, this is not the first time she got flop drama. JHI actually need different genre, different role. SYJ and HJM help him alot in his previous drama and people already bored with this side of him.
        This kind of drama always depend to actor power, their charisma, their chemistry if both didnt work then it will flop. Taking mello drama is never be easy, the actors need to carry it, because there’s not enough plot. So if the drama doing well we can prize the actors to the moon but if its didnt work its become responsibilty of the actors. So for me the actors in fault too.

      • @Moonlight

        Here we go again. You really love badmouthing So Hyunnie. Well, in fact, you should focus more on your idol who is being typecastes in the same role over and over again. I guess she is still dreaming that the cutsy and playful character type will bring in high ratings. No, it is her male lead that carried the drama. She is just lucky because she is one of the Nation’s LS

      • @ p

        You’re just jealous that yoojung has a big hit in love in moonlight so that you have to fabricate lies. Both Yoojung and bogummy carried the drama together.

        Yoojung “cutesy and playful” acting is better than sohyun weepy acting in ruler. If you look at Yoojung other works when she was younger like angry mom, you can see that she is diverse. Stay jealous that Yoojung is prettier and a better actress. And she gets to work with hallyu king jcw. Sohyun never got to work with big male actors as her love interest. She always get cast with idols or newbie actors. Stay salty

      • Lol. You just proved that YJ heavily relied on popular male actors. So Hyunnie does not need to work with popular male actors for her dramas to sell. Just take a look at LA. The drama is a commercial success eventhough SH is the only popular one amongst the cast. It only says that SH can carry a drama by her name alone.

        As to JCW, please stop making lies. He’s not hallyu king like LMH and KSH.

        Lastly, as to who is prettier and more acting talent, there are a lot of K-media sources proving your point wrong. I don’t want to discuss this further because you have a problem dealing with reality.

  4. The problem is the writer. I remember how boring “On the Way to the Airport” was. It was to the level that I need break from watching K-Dramas. And now she makes another boring drama. Poor Chae Soo Bin. I used to like all her dramas before this. I like Jung Hae In too, but only in WYWS. His previous two dramas with Son Ye Jin and Han Ji Min also boring, but not as boring as Piece of Your Mind.

    • not blaming Chae soo bin. but i think this girl lacks charisma. Her drama I am not a robot, though a good one, also had low domestic viewership ratings.

      • Well, you’re so right. In fact, it is not just her but most of her contemporaries lack the top actress charisma save the likes of PSH, BS, KTR, KGE, PBY and IU. That’s why I’m not surprise anymore why PDs go to the likes of KSH and KYJ and they were overhyped by K-media. These girls definitely have said top actress and goddess aura.

      • INAR came after a big hiatus in that time slot thanks to some MBC strike, hence the low ratings. But I remember a lot of praise for it back then.

        She’s a good actress, and definitely worthy of leading lady status but this drama just isn’t it. Based on the writer’s last drama they definitely have an issue with dull dramas anyway.

        (And who’s BS? Bong Soon? But that’s Park Bo Young character in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon, not any actress I can think of, let alone top ones)

  5. The drama was really boring and confusing so i had to drop it after watching the first two episodes. I was perplexed than intrigued… No wonder the ratings keep on decreasing week after week.

    is TVN doing this to prevent futher loss or to increase the rating?

  6. This drama deserves to be axed as soon as possible because they tainting TVN’s reputation as the top cable channel. Currently, JTBC is the “IT” cable channel because their dramas keep on winning rating-wise. The winning streak of IC and World of Marriage is a proof that JTBC will eventually become the no. 1 cable channel.

  7. So what their follow up drama? Jang Nara drama? tvN better prepared a good one. If they get another 1% again then it will be hard for them to rise. Just look at MBC

  8. in the past, there were also TVN drama that had an average of 1% something (about time starring Lee sung kyung and A poem a day (lee joon hyuk) but they didnt cut it short.. so im wondering why the production team has decided to end it at 12 eps. why not speed up the pacing and stick with the original 16 episodes (wishful thinking).

    • Probably coronavirus causing ad budgets to be slashed left and right (including sponsorship money for a flop drama).

      • yes this makes sense. No money to continue filming especially cable TV relies on sponsorship money. TvN better cleans its act to get better scripts. Look at JTBC. Stop casting leeches (JHI cough cough who has been leeching on famous noonas, and CSB on YSH).

  9. Jhi proved that he cant carry this drama without popular noona’s help. But he’s handsome. I hope he’ll take a diff character such as a killer or psycho. He’ll fit that character well too.

    I wonder about bogumie… at least PSJ already proved that he’s the IT boy.

      • Bogummy CAN carry a drama. He is the reason why MDBC is such a domestic success. Almost all characters in MDBC can be played bu other actors and actresses. But PBG’s character cannot be played by others. That character is made for PBG.

      • @mikey

        Stop fabricating stories. Bogummy was almost an unknown when he was in moonlight. Do give credit to Yoojung. It was both of their concerted efforts that lead to success and gave them both more popularity.

      • I’m not fabricating lies. It’s just you who can’t accept the reality. MDBC catapulted PBG to stardom. Meanwhile, YJ remained to be a plain grown-up former popular child actress. Just asked people why they watched MDBC and 99% will say it ia because of PBG. Lastly, look at their status now. Look how far PBG’s star than KYJ.

      • @mikey yes PBG carry hard MDBC.
        @Moonlight Yoo Park bogum unknowon in Moonlight? Lmao he already an It boy that time. Reply 1988 is such a huge it.

      • @ Mikey
        I want to see a poll that majority watched moonlight for bogummy. Eh it doesn’t exist. What a try hard.

        Yoojung got many cf and drama projects after moonlight but she was ill and had to turn down many projects. But since 2016, she got big endorsements like fila and Laneige.

        So stay salty you know nothing foool,


        He was not an it boy after reply lolz every reply show gets huge ratings, and it was the second male lead that got more buzz on reply. Stop being jealous of Yoojung success.

      • Lol. You don’t need a poll to determine who is the reason why they watched LITM. It’s too obvious that it is PBG. Just compare the level of popularity of PBG and KYJ. KYJ is dreaming from a distant.

        Lastly, who are you to be served facts when in the first place you are the one who don’t acknowledge the polls stating that SH is more beautiful and talented than YJ? Lol! Stay pressed because Convenience drama has a big shoe to fill. It will be the follow up drama of YJ. Let’s see how big she can get after the drama ends. Or will it be a replay of LITM where the male lead becomes a huge star while the FL becomes a struggling actress like KYJ. Good luck!

      • @moonlight the second male lead? Sound like you dont know his name. But whatever

      • @ady so do you think PSD in the same level with JJH and GHJ? And what with PMY? Seo kangjoon is your new bias now? Your comment is so random.

      • @tiani reply was success of esemble n wjole cast. Lim was success of both 2 stars. Envojnter also jas song hyw kyo who has best rating record in 2 years ? So? If u discredit others, u shpuld do the same for pbg or else u shoumd give credit to others too. Park min young rating is 1 %. So she has no role in city hunter success.

      • I meant u say pak bo gun carry all dramas but at same time u discredit othwrs with better record. Is song hye kyo not a star? Park so dam is now worldwide famous. Things has changed. If pmy was such a big star, her drama would be doing better than 1 or 2 %

    • Hey calm down, i wonder about bogumie’s new drama. He still has a long way to prove that he really can carry a drama by his own especially when his co star isnt very popular. But his next co star is also popular as a movie star, so i wonder how it works. With only 2 or 3 dramas under his belt (as the lead), as a fan i hope he can stay humble. There are a lot of examples, actors and their fans think, their oppas are the best but end up doing the worst. So stay humble. Im asking, not bcuz i think he cant, but im wondering and hoping the best for him.

      • I understand, I kinda dissapoint with him for just having 3 drama in his pocket, sometimes I want him to lost all his cfs so he can focus with his job as an actor geezzt. Park sodam maybe popular as movie star but in drama, she is kinda weak, all her drama is flop, I even found an article critizing her acting in her prev drama. So all the burden will be in PBG shoulder now. PBG buzz still big as ever but will it still work for the rating too. Who know. I actually more interisting with his movie.

      • @tiani i find it funny that u credit him bogun all drama success but discredit lee min ho kim soo hyun saying female leads r the reason when park min young current drama is averaging 1 to 2% lol.

  10. I liked JHI when he did supporting roles in Prison Playbook and Goblin and thought he had plenty of potential. I confess I haven’t watched a drama where he’s in a lead role, simply because the hype was so much, I felt like I already watched the drama by reading all the viewers comments. It’s a shame he put himself in a box, though. By playing the same type over and over in dramas timed so close together. If he had taken long breaks between his dramas, at least the audience won’t be fatigued from seeing him act the same type multiple times. As for CSB, she finally grew in me in the drama I’m not a robot. In previous dramas, I really couldn’t connect to her roles. She’s a good actress in an ensemble cast but does definitely lack leading girl charisma or leading lady likability. It’s not an accident that investors will only pour money into dramas with actresses that have mass appeal. Small wonder that some actresses and actors less talented keep getting offers, while some talented, but less appealing performers are stuck playing secondary characters time and again. My two cents.

    • So, you’re saying that KSH and KYJ have less talent than CSB? They just lucky because they have a wide public recognition a.k.a. Nation’s Little Sisters?

      • @ troika
        sorry for butting in but @adal isnt referring to the two actresses that you mentioned.
        Doesnt make sense comparing CSB with these two actresses for obvious reasons.

      • @troika

        When I made this comment, I was actually thinking about Nam Joo Hyuk and Suzy who have/had limited range but are constantly sought out for roles whereas Im Joo Hwan has been stuck in secondary roles for eons even though he’s a way more talented actor. In the case of KSH and KYJ, as child actresses they have earned their stripes and developed a strong fan base over the years playing a variety of characters. They’re not in the same category. Though, I personally question some of their drama choices as adults; they are still young and allowed to discover what works for them through trial and error.

    • Agree with Adal. I think both leads may better off return to second lead roles to hone their acting skills in differing characters e.g. villain or killer to wash off type casted images. JHI really cannot carry drama. Best to change his boring hairstyle too. Can never achieve PSJ status with such boring grooming. PSJ has much wider acting range. Troika – no point in comparing CSB with KSH because they are not in same league. KSH is now a Netflix exclusive leading lady with sequel in LA. CSB is only same as KYJ being a 1% actress.

    • CSB is never going to get offered those big blockbuster dramas from big writers unless she has an unexpected breakout hit where she is firmly in the lead role and not an ensemble cast like Rebel.

      It’s a shame because I think she has good chemistry with leading men close to her age (Yoo Seung Ho, Go Kyung Pyo, even Yoon Kyun Sang) and is a decent actress, but her last couple of dramas have been dullsville with weird scripts and boring pacing. This drama is dullsville again like that movie JHI did with Kim Go Eun for Netflix.

      • So movie is boring? I was thinking of watching it but looks like it is boring

      • Agree. And blocbuster writers KES and PJE offered main lead roles to celebs with prior hit dramas/movies. However, in such a case, KSH and KYJ may be given offers first before CSB. KSH has LA and KYJ has LITM.

  11. This drama crashed because of multiple reasons. Bad scripts, slow pace, and mediocre acting mostly due to csb.

    Don’t freakin blame Yoojung for your bias mediocrity. Both actors act the same way in almost every role. Csb doesn’t deserve leading roles. She’s just pretty.
    Yoojung is bonafide talent so she gets to make it to the big league.

    • Lol. But KYJ is also competing with KSH. And based on my observation, KSH always get big productions like Netflix’s LA and TV remake of Miss Granny which she recently downed. Lol! What a star power she has for turning down the role.

      • @ dion

        Calm down your tush mrs. loony. Love alarm sounds like a boring drama. It’s not a big production just because it’s on Netflix.

        So what if she turned down projects, so did Yoojung. She publicly turned down school 2017 and the drama with Yeo Jin goo and cheer up.

        Yoojung is superior to sohyun in almost every aspect. So stay jealous and salty lolz

      • Lol, everything in Netflix is high budget. Just so you know, LA uses an actual app. So, just imagine the amount of money in developing the said app. Moreover, the series is produced by freaking Studio Dragon. So, there is no way LA not high budget. Nevertheless, all is worth it because LA is one of the Netflix’s most watched releases in 2019. So, we don’t give if you find it boring.

        Finally, the comparison of Miss Granny remake with School 2017 and that drama with YJG is so illogical. School 2017 and YJG’s drama are so small profile as compared to MG. Any celebrity can turned down those dramas. Meanwhile, MG is big deal. Well, I guess you are just used to seeing YJ being offered with small budget dramas. She nevertheless, deserves it because she has no star power at all.

      • Eh prove it. What’s the budget of love alarm and miss granny and school 2017 and etc? You don’t know and you’re just fabricating to prove your point. But nope. An app is not that expensive to produce.

        I only watched love Alarm trailer and I almost fell asleep while exercising. Looks low budget and dull. Like an indie project. Miss granny is not a high profile project although base on movie.

        So sad and pathetic.

      • Lol. We don’t give a fuck if you find LA boring because we all know that you’re an absolute hater of SH. Poor human. You keep on hating SH while SH keep on raking big offers.

        LA is definitely given budget higher than KYJ’s dramas. Just look at the app used and the cinematography of LA. It is freaking obvious that Netflix spent a lot of money for the drama. Nevertheless, they surely earn a return from it because it is one of the top releases in 2019.

      • Moonlight Yoo. You are just jealous. Watch your TUSH until your bias can get any Netflix offer… which is NEVER!!

      • @ dion

        Being on Netflix doesn’t make you better than someone else. Who told you being in Netflix means you’re superior? Yoojung is superior because of her talents. Stay pressed lolz

        @ chi

        Get out. You’re a bumbling foool. Netflix means nothing about talent. Numbskull lolz

      • @moonlight, you are just jealous that Netflix never considered KYJ being casted in their originals as of this date, and they see KSH as someone who can bring high overseas viewership than your bias.

    • @Moonlight

      CDB should not be getting lead roles due to her poor acting skills. shes only lucky to get casted as FL
      shes in the same league as jin se Yeon, Won Jin ah, and Kim Hye Yoon as far as acting skills are concerned.

      Poor Oppa Jung Hae In.

  12. I am not surprised at this drama being cut down to 12 episodes. I watched from the beginning and it’s so slow. The way that it’s shot is beautiful, but again with the pacing. Someone mentioned that the writer of ‘On the Way to the Airpot’ wrote this drama and I can kind of sense the same vibe that the writer was going for. OTWTTA had two things going for it, better acting and the story made more sense. The script really failed them big time and the leads are too green to elevate their acting from a bad script. Better luck to them in their next dramas.

  13. People here are fixated on KSH and KYJ….meanwhile my babies, Won Jin Ah, Shin Hae Sun, Jin Ki Joo are quietly working on good roles and exciting peojects one after another…Chae Soo Bin is actually fantastic, its just that her luck with projects suck. A Piece of Your Mind has a Murakami style narration based on memories, it is beautiful atleast in writing but as a drama…you need to have patience to see the end….which I frankly don’t have. But atleast the team tried to play on the concept.

    • Won Jin Ah? Her acting was gross and she yanked jcw down with her in melting me softly. Melting me softly is considered a good role and an exciting project? You crazy lolz And Shin Hae Sun was embarrassing in angel last mission. She was so stiff in acting. And Jin ki joo, last drama got 3 percent and under.

      Good roles and exciting projects? These three bombed in acting and bombed in ratings in their last projects. Delulu Queen that’s what you are.

      • i agree with @moonlight. Won Jin ah acting in MMS was over the top. Her acting was cringey. s

      • Disagree with Moonlight Yoo. SHS got the good ratings in ALM. Totally jealous delulu fan of a 1% actress.

      • @ chi

        Oh pls, angel last mission bombed on the public network. Cleaning may not done well in ratings but Yoojung saved it with her graceful acting but she’s acting was a sham. Stay jealous lolz

    • LOL. We are not alone here but also the K-media. These girls are being hyped to be the next TaeHyeJi. And it is really working. They get the roles which should be offered to actresses older than them and high-end endorsments (Hanyul-KSH,Laneige-KYJ) which should be also offered to these older actresses but they lack star power and goddess aura.

  14. Lately, this kind of dramas are not doing great either. The ones with Park Min Young, L, …I find myself watching 365 repeat the year …, Tell me what you saw,… which are not the best to relieve the stress but they are not boring . I recommend Hospital ship and if you want to ease your mind, the week end drama Once again. Please dramaland give us “feel good ” or comic dramas ! Our mental health need that !

    • Hospital Ship was really very good and I enjoyed it immensely, despite the obvious age gap between Ha Ji Won and her male costars. It’s a pity Dramafever is now defunct. The drama became my go to drama when I was bored, but now it’s not available to me anymore.

      • @….

        I find Hospital Playlist fantastic as well. The acting and writing is superb. Pity it’s only one episode a week, though. I live for Thursday’s, lol.

  15. I love Chaesoobin in I’m not a robot, Sassy Go Go and her special If we were a season with Jang Dong Yoon. Love JHI in his 2nd lead role in When You Were Sleeping and Prison Playbook. I love both of them but haven’t picked up this drama yet. It’s a pity because they look so good together.

    As for KSH and KYJ (which I don’t know why they’re brought up so many times in irrelevant articles), I tried so hard to like them and I’ve watched almost all works KSH is in. Kim Yoojung is the reason I don’t rewatch Moonlight, she was surely talented but just not my favourite acting style. Kim Sohyun was good in I Hear Your Voice, Page Turner and Let’s Fight Ghost. But Love Alarm is a big no for me plotwise, Nokdu opened greatly but kinda staled in the later eps. I think Sohyun is typecasted lately with outspoken and moody girl roles. Hope to see these two blossom in the future.

  16. @ L

    you’re blind if you prefer sohyun and csb over Yoojung. Yoojung can act circles around both of them wearing a blindfold. You surely wasted your time watching sohyun projects.

    • I think calling someone blind just because one doesn’t like her acting is not respectful. I don’t know if you’re an overprotective Yoojung fan or what but the thing you’re doing is turning people off from your fave. And I enjoy a lot of Sohyun’s works so… not considered wasting my time. But thanks for caring.

      • LA is one of Netflix’s top releases in 2019 no matter what you say. For me, LA is one of So Hyun’s best series to date. I thought it will be an ordinary teen romance but no, it is a perfectly craft melodrama.

      • For someone who has only seen Ruler, you sure do have a strong opinion on LA! Either you’re lying or purely delusional.LOLZ

      • @Moonlight

        Stay presses and delusional. LA is still one of Netflix’s top releases of 2019 which means that the robotic you’re saying can bring in a lot of money than your bias who brings headache for a 1% drama.

      • You’re so funny you’re not even a clown. Or are you? You hate KSH so much but you keep on watching clips of her projects? Yes, you’ve said the same for school 2015! Stop your lies and just admit that you enjoy watching all her drama just like the rest of us!
        Don’t worry, I enjoyed watching TMETS too 🙂

      • Lol. Even Kingdom didn’t make it to the US and Europe rankings. So, what’s your point? Did you know that LITM had never been big outside Korea? LA is a Netflix series and is surely bigger than LITM overseas.

    • Keep lying you Pinocchio! Decoding your comments you’ve probably seen “clips” of School 2015, Nokdu and LA. Too bad, they’re some of her bests! Was it painful to watch her acting soar “clip” after “clip”? Try page turner too! 🙂

      You’re probably a closeted KSH fan, come out now, we’ll welcome you with open arms! Lol

  17. It’s sad because this drama is great . But it’s true the watchers are asked to be attentive and to connect all the clues together. And lot of persons can’t do that, they need easy story like Itaewon Class, no need to think.

    But the subjects like grief, depression and unrequited love are very well adressed. The dialogues, the scenery and the music are beautiful.

    The actors are great too. It’s not about them to be unable to carry a drama, it’s just the story is not for everyone.

    JTBC is better in this. They always support their dramas until the end like Be Melodramatic that was one of the best drama in 2019 but had very low ratings, or Age of Youth that had a second season even the ratings were pretty low too.

    • In IC, we didn’t have to use our brain, the story was very simple.

      You don’t like it, it’s your right but this drama is not bad.

      Yeah, it’s sad, there are too much people like you who need that your food was pre-chewed.

      A lot of people asked questions about the 1 and 2 episodes or didn’t understand things but the answers were already there. So for them, the story was confusing and boring. But it’s not the case.

      • You need to use your brain in Itaewon Class lol It’s not “simple story”, it’s a story with full of allegories and commentary about society, it’s inspiring story and it has strong messages. But it also smartly manages to do so, while still being entertaining to watch and discuss. Audience is not “stupid”, this drama is just not engaging and characters overall unappealing. If it flopped, it means it lacks as peace of entertainment. Any creator that uses someone’s money and expects revenue should understand the language of media that they’re using.

  18. I think the drama is ok. But I find the first 2 episodes were perplexing and the other supporting characters were annoying. So I think this is the main problem of the drama. Now that the main characters are starting to open up to each other, the drama becomes sweet and watchable.

    I can see that most of the comments are about the actors. Maybe next time we all can comment less about them, more on the storyline. I find most of korean actors are of certain standard, they can deliver what is expected of them, at the very least, if not more.

    • Agree on your suggestion. But this site is so heavily infested by delulu fans on bashing certain actresses to generate over 100 comments, it will be very difficult to change the culture to focus on dramas. Koala used to write drama recaps and readers were more civilized back then. Now is just a mess. SMH.

  19. I think as long as we are civil enough we should be able to say which acting style or actors we like without using hate speech. I don’t hate any actors or actress in particular and honestly hope the best for them because that means better quality of the works. Yes I may not like Love Alarm (not mainly because of Sohyun’s acting, but rather the characterisation of Jojo). I don’t like how Yoojung acts Hong Samnom in LITML (may be she’s not to blame too, but Hong Samnom is simply the type of main character I don’t relate to) , but I will watch her projects if the plot interests me. No need to brand me as your fave’s hater really… I have loved both girls’ performances before in their child acting days.

    A show can be great without having everyone like it. I prefer R88 over Descendant of the Sun for example but both are excellent shows. The same goes for ChaeSoobin and JungHaein’s drama, I haven’t picked it up but one of my friend love it so much she was sad it got cut. And there will always be an instance that the show is obviously not that good but a guilty pleasure (Cinderella&Four Knights anyone?)

    • Well. I respect your opinion. I apologize for being mean. I’m just triggered by the negative comments against So Hyun and I didn’t mind that you’re being neutral and respectful here. Again, I apologize.

      • No worries! Really appreciate you took time to write this. I know you don’t intend to be mean but we can be protective of our favourite shows and actress sometimes :).

  20. I’ll be honest, the drama is slow, chae soo bin and Jung hae in lack charisma.

    Seriously, I’ve never root for chae soo bin except on rebel when she is the main lead, not that I prefer the 2nd, she just not charismatic, it’s like why her?

    • @pasttimes

      I agree that Chae soo bin does not have charisma to lead a drama. Most of her drama had low viewership ratings. I am not a robot got 3% viewership only in a public network. In a piece of mind, Im not saying it is her fault, but her lack of appeal could be contributing to low rating

  21. Just finished Ep 12. WHY? Because of JungHaeIn. They should have chosen a better female lead, her acting does not portray what that scene was supposed to relay.

  22. The korean Drama sausage machine churning out 16 than lets change it to 12…It was once said that those involved in tv drama do it for the the artistic value of the work and love and not the ratimgs. Why not see it through for those who dedicated the time and commitment to it? Hearing this just simply diminshes value of all those involved and just undermines the industry in my opinion.

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