Filming Starts for K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star with Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung, and Han Sun Hwa

South Korean drama filming continues (carefully) during the coronavirus era and fans spotted the leads of upcoming SBS drama Convenience Store Morning Star on the streets of Seoul filming. Ji Chang Wook and Kim Yoo Jung were in character as a high school students and an office worker. They first meet then and four years later she works the evening shift as a college student in the convenience store that he manages after he quit his office job. K-actress Han Sun Hwa is also confirmed as the second female lead and will be playing Ji Chang Wook’s capable girlfriend. The drama is scheduled to take over the Fri-Sat time slot in June after The King: Eternal Monarch.


Filming Starts for K-drama Convenience Store Morning Star with Ji Chang Wook, Kim Yoo Jung, and Han Sun Hwa — 94 Comments

  1. Wow. They are so lucky for having TKEM as their predecessor because it actually helps in bringing high ratings during the pilot episode. Wishing this will be the drama that will define JCW as a Hallyu King.

    • Even if they weren’t airing after TKEM, this drama will still do wonders! This love team is formidable lolz

      • Lol. As if the previous dramas of JCW and KYJ hit big time. They should really be thankful that LMH is helping them get a headstart because they are occupying TKEM timeslot, which is surely a big hit.

      • Moonlight if previous drama is hit, it create strong start for next drama

    • Haha both of them had 1% ratings for their last dramas. You should thank King Lee Min Ho for helping them instead.

      • Shut your mouth
        You don’t dare to say this again otherwise you will see how karma works!

      • do we look like we care?
        even if their last drama was a mega hit you would keep on hating. cause thats what haters do

      • Lmao I’m not sure why you bring that drama up but of course whatever ratings this drama gets its because of the drama not because of the previous one. This drama already got so many Korean ppl’s attention, positive or negative so they will watch out of curiosity. And the director is even more trusted than lmh’s drama director, they only have Kim eun suk for that, not to mentioned that lmh is the one who should be thankful for kes! Her dramas are always successful but you act like it’s powerful because of only lmh lol what a joke fducjv

      • @waya kim eun sook investors r doing business. LMH has plenty of hits without kim eun sook. That is why she n studio dragon approached for this massive project not the other way around. He bring ratings, huge advertising revenue and overseas sales. LOTBS made profit from vitenam alone. \
        So why should he be thankful? he is the one who brings business here lmao.And kes is not gonna approach 1% type actors. She approaches absolute elite who brings ratings and business. Its mutual benefit

      • There is no joke but actual fact. When a time slot gets end with a hot shot drama, next drama gets initial good ratings.
        And yes its fact. He is powerful. Thats why he gets all massive dramas n writers without trying. Your 1% faves will not gt those

    • @waya kim eun sook is business women. she and investors r doing no charity. They wanted him for their biggest drama not other way around. His name alone brought profit from vitenam sales for lotbs and i am not counting other countries! . Get ur facts straight. Lmh lowest rated drama did well over 10% whereas jcw n yoo jung lowest fall at 1%. He attracts highest cf revenue for channel. Sbs give him best dramas bcoz he brings money and ratings
      He is ratings magnet . Ur b listers will never be approached by kim eun sook bcoz they are 1% rating disaster

  2. Hehehe I can’t wait to see Yoojung kicks jcw butt in the drama. Power love team of 2020. Handsome man plus gorgeous woman = Hot visuals! They’re Ice cream that are too hot to melt.

    Sohyun lovers can lick the spilled melted cream on the ground. I don’t get your love for her. She’s so ordinary.
    Blind people can’t see true talent lolz

    • What a delulu. You must be really obsessed to SH for dragging her into something which is completely unrelated to her.

      Well, you’re just jealous and threatened because LAS2 will be aires around the same time as KYJ’s new drama and it will be surely overshadowed in international arena. Stay pressed, my dear.

      • Lol someone seems excited enough to google LAS2. Who are you rooting for? Team Hyeyoung or Team SunOH? Lol

        No need to feel threatened. Based from various sources, it will be aired around October. So calm your “tush”, you’ll be able to enjoy YJ’s drama without constantly searching who’s in the lead. ?

      • Lol! Can’t see Convenience drama overshadowing LAS2. I guess it’s the other way around because LA has a strong headstart. All thanks to the commercial success achieved by LAS1 because they cast a big name actress like SH who is made for the role of Kim Jojo.

    • For continuously spouting nonsense, nah, you’re the DUMB one!

      Just focus on you favorite. And for the nth time, stop dragging KSH’s name! She’s already popular and doesn’t need additional marketing.

      • @Moonlight

        Dream on coz we know you’re good at it. There is no way Love Alarm will be defeated by that Convenience drama. So Hyun stat power alone can manage to turn your idol into ashes.

    • Every single time, u’re always comparing yoo jung and so hyun. So fucking tired of you creating fanwar. They’re hatin’ yoo jung more because of your antics. Please stop.Even dogs can behave if they were told to. Can’t u do the same?

      • So Hyun beauty and acting is nothing comparing to KYJ for your information.

  3. Eww.. the age gap.. He’s same age as Lee Seunggi and Lee Minho. and I can never imagine Kim Yoojung with LSG or LMH.

  4. waiting for the much anticipated drama of 2020. Ratings will surely cross 20%. So excited for my favorie actress Kim Yoo Jung, the best and prettiest
    actress of her generation.

    I just hope that JCWs acting would level up in CSSB. he overacted in Melting me softy. His acting was so unnatural. He didnt have comedic timing. so I was not surpised that MMS got 1% ratings.
    lucky him because he gets to work with YJ.

    I cant wait. by just looking at the pic I can already feel the chemistry. Excited with the Romance part. #ChangYoo couple.

    • JCW acting is amazing, he had to work hard over compensate for the bad script and for the bad lead actress. It’s more of lucky YJ that she gets to work with him. He has given different and wonderful performances in every role. YJ is typecasting herself playing slightly different shades of her cute character in moonlight.

      I worry of YJ performance than his in this drama.

      • @ chi

        You’re blind. Yoojung acting will sail this ship through rough waters. Stay salty lolz

      • @chi

        You are just jealous and envious of Yoo Jungs success…
        it is the othervway around. JCW is the one whos lucky to be acting along side the Queen, KYJ. His last FL in MMS, i dont know what her name is- she is not popular- was a mess. acting wise and appearance..

      • Oh really?haha i laugh hard! she wins a lot of excellent actress awards.She can act serious drama, comedy action movie, suspense, horror etc. She is a versatile actress.She is one of the best excellent pretty smart good attitude gorgeous actress ive everseen and known in korea so far!

      • Well said ..I agree JCW awesome in whatever way he do.kyj has to grow up and be good in her acting as a child actress ok but not as an adult or say a mature actress…ksh is much better…

      • @chi, they don’t acknowledge KYJ’s 1% drama. They are deluding that it’s still

  5. @moonlight

    I think that scene will look cool too. But like what I said before, her acting went downhill for me after love in moonlight. I’m a huge fan jcw and I’m afraid of her dragging him down. She better not blunder like she did in her last drama and last movie. JCW deserves the best actress to compliment him and I have reservations that Kim Yoo Jung qualifies. They look good visually but I don’t see any chemistry yet.

      • @ady
        u seriously call them fans?they are obviously some KYJ haters bringing her name to every article and continue the comment bashing other actors so that they ruin yoo jungs image for others.
        I wasnt sure at first but when they illogically compared KYJ and LMH Im pretty sure. two completely different actors!different generations different gender! LMH and KYJ has nothing to do with each other to compare. a comparison is when people you are comparing have commen points! at least KYJ vs. KSH made sense. both are girls and from one generation.comparing LMH and KYJ gave them away for me. they are not fans. not at all. KYJs haters for sure. they are so aggresive to make everyone hate her by pretending like they are her fan.
        and since KYJ vs. KSH was getting an old subject to bring fanwars they are trying new insane comparisons like that! its a good opportunity for them to make LMHs fans hate KYJ this time ’cause he has a vast fanbase. Im not KYJs fan nor hater. just feeling so sorry with whats happening to her image here.

    • @twill nah jcw has a baby face and doesn’t look much older than kyj. It’s kyj last drama male lead that looked his age. Once again it’s acting, I don’t care about age difference. I don’t think kyj has the acting chops that will complement jcw.

      • i agree! uncle and niece relationship. JCW doesnt look young. Oh no. he looks so old in his smokimg scandal photo
        He looks his age, he looks 33. KSH is the one who looks young and not JCW. its the truth

        on the other hand, YJ is still a baby.a baby who will kiss an OLD man. …..ewwwwwww. Poor YJ. why did you have to accept this drama
        …. she has to fire her manager ASAP

      • @ Mitch

        I think it’s time to get new eye prescriptions because jcw is known by many for his baby face. You are right Kim Soo Hyun also look young for his age.

        Why blame the manager, it kyj choice. She’s an adult.

      • Pedo relationship.
        JCW looks 35 years old to me. i cringe whenaver i eee him doing cutesy acts it looks fake.,. it doesnt suit his not so scandal free image. he should act his age.
        and his kissing scenes in his dramas. oh no. is that what he is selling? his kissing scenes. and his career is going downhill.
        I really love Won jin A but i could not watch her in MMS because he’s the main star of that pathetic drama. and Won Jin A is getting a lot of hate from his rabid fans. blaming her for the dramas poor ratings. Poor Won jin A. so glad that she will be doing a project with Yoon Ah In.
        I dont know what got into YOO jung what did she accept this drama with JCW. such a downgrade from park bo gum who has a clean image and loved by koreans.

      • @chi.

        i know right. JCW does not look 33. he looks older. lol.
        i really dont like JCW for my pretty Yoo jung as her ML. Why did they cast him with her. There are other actors at 33, who looks younger than JCW. why him? and his acting, oh no. he is oy popular among ifans but in korea? knetz? they do not like him. Poor Yoo jung- i

    • @mitch
      its 2020 not 1820
      smoking scandal? really?
      smoking is legal for over 18 years old people. its not even an illegal action or sth. he can does as he wants. personal life and career are two differet things

      funny. he looks like her is at his late twenty or 30 AT LAST.

  6. Ive seen fans’ uploaded JCW and YJ photos on SNS and i could say their chemistry is undeniably good. by just looking at the photos, i could say that JCW has the best chemistry with YJ. Sorry Healer and the k2 Fans.

    Hope that they will date soon. Cant wait. The power couple of 2020. Shipping them already.

    CSSB, the best SBS drama of 2020. Congrats in advance. so happy for you JCW and YJ

    • @ trish

      I don’t see any chemistry but visually they look great! You’re such a delulu if you think you care compare chemistry with his past costars by just looking at photos alone rofl

      Hope they date? Based on some fan photos you ship them together romantically ? Get help LOL

    • By just the pictures alone, you want them to date irl, without seeing the drama first? Omg! lol so ridiculous! Comments like this makes me question KYJ fans mentality. For sure your rebuttal would be “you’re just jealous, stay salty blah blah blah Lolz”

  7. JCW has to step up his acting performance in Convenience Store. His acting in his last drama was sooo bad .It was really a bad acting on his part given that he’s the ML, so its 1% rating was really expected.

    Please, Dont waste our baby girl’s acting talent. Do your part JCW, dont rely so much on Yoo Jungs popularity, star power and acting prowess. Dont drag her down into your declining popularity.

  8. Such a big opportunity for JCW to be working with the beauty Godess kim yoo jung. TBH, JCW is not pupular in S. korea, he is only popular amongst international fans. thats why he never had a hit drama.
    most of his dramas had poor to modest rating. his last drama rating failed miserably. He”s so fortunate that TVN did not cut short his drama by 4 episoded due to bad ratings. lol.
    JCW, dont rely so much on your “good looks” Show that your acting is improving. Dont include Yoo Jung in your 1% rating record. Dont tarnish her stellar career.

    • Are you not aware that KYJ had also a 1% drama record? Stop deluding yourself that the success of JCW’s drama will rely heavily on KYJ. It’s the other way around, as proved by the past, it is KYJ that depends on her male leads because she can’t carry a drama. Lolzzzz!

    • Stellar career? Are you suffering from amnesia or deliberately trying to forget that KYJ’s last drama also suffered the 1% rating? Lol

      • Ruler have also bad script but it managed to be a timeslot leader throughout its run. So, bad script is never an excuse. It’s all about star power. And So Hyun has that. Lol!

    • @KES
      lol I dont think you are even a KYJs fan. so before trying to bash JCW with MMSs rating, check on some info for CWPFN.
      both MMS and CWPFN were same with ratings.
      so stop making JCW fans and KYJ fans mess with each other instead of haters like u.

  9. The uniform makes her look like she’s in middle school and why is he holding her leg while she’s floating in mid air? The scene already looks awkward but whatever. I’m rooting for Han Sunhwa she is so much prettier.

  10. Love them in their new drama, forget the past & move on….yes, you may see that they have failed in their previous drama.. but who has never failed before? At least, they brush it off, learnt over their experiences, and begin again. They never failed, I see YJ’s previous drama was extraodinary….not a failed project. I don’t see ratings at all, I look at the chemistry. First 15mins of the drama will determine whether I’ll continue watching at all. YJ is young, smart and gorgeous. She knows what she’s doing so I’ll support her. Same goes with JCW, don’t follow him previously, but I will start supporting him as the main lead to this drama. Fighting!!!

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  12. If your a very pretty beautiful gorgeous excellent actress theres always monkeys with black mouth giving toxic corona big mouth compliments.Dont worry Kim You Jung.Were here for you.We miss your beauty and yout acting.Your such an excellent actress.This monkey people take some space here where in they should be in there cave with there idol

    • Oh please, you must be referring to KSH (popular, pretty, smart and kind). Look who started the fan war? It’s your fellow KYJ rabid fan. You can’t live without comparing her with KSH. Comparaing YJ with a big star like SH is your way of validating that your idol is as successful as SH. Well, no honey. KYJ is only popular in Korea. She can’t match SH’s global popularity. That’s why SH is chosen by Netflix as their leading lady because she can bring in a lot of international audience than your idol.

  13. Oh really?haha i laugh hard! she wins a lot of excellent actress awards.She can act serious drama, comedy action movie, suspense, horror etc. She is a versatile actress.She is one of the best excellent pretty smart good attitude gorgeous actress ive everseen and known in korea so far!

    • Lol. Those were the times when she was still the most celebrated child actress of Korea. But, when KSH entered the scene, K-media’s attention shifted towards her in the instant. Now, she is a bigger hallyu actress than KYJ. Thanks to the success of her dramas overseas such as WAYS2015, LFG, and LA. Meanhwile, KYJ remained popular only in Korea.

    • Hey Filipina monkey, can you please stop? You’re just proving how toxic KYJ fandom is because you can’t live without comparing her with KSH. This just proves that you guys have inferiority complex because you see KSH as a threat to your idol’s career. Well, I am not surprised anymore because KSH always have the best drama offers because K-entertainment loves her more than your KYJ.

  14. Oh we can’t wait for the drama.Pairing with the most handsome and beaitiful actress with excellent acting skills!I hope the story is good.

  15. keep hating, our support will be doubled.
    TBH I rather following news somewhere else. tired of fanwars here.No use. Waste of energy. and koala didnt update news for this drama since feb. Although other websites kept posting about this drama.
    so I turned up out of the blue and found this article here. having already checked same title on soompi and youtube. amazing how many people are supportive there and here as always its just bashing and dragging down.
    I mean why the hell JCW and KYJ fans are fighting each other here?!
    our faves are ‘working together’ for ur info!do you have any idea what that means? it means we are on the SAME boat in this. and you are sitting here terroring each other instead of wishing best for both and porposing a toast for their cooperation? seriously why?
    even if you dont like the other actor/actress its ok, but do you really have to shout those words at each others face?
    if drama successes it’ll be for both.
    except for that, the other parts were so funny. I couldn’t help laughing while reading them. JCW an OLD MAN? he is SO very well-known to have a baby face. looks like he is 35? he looks like he is at his late twenty or 30 at last! and what again? understimating and bashing his acting skills was the punch line of this sick joke. he perfectly shines in no matter what role he gets.
    and nope to all those ‘one prcnt blah blah blahs’ , neither me nor so many other fans of JCW and KYJ don’t give a shit that their last drama didn’t work well. you can stay pressed with how we support again and again even if this drama doesn’t work as well. no one is flawless and Im not a good-weather fan to drop my favourite actor for one or two unsuccessful projects.

    after all, I hope this drama becomes a huge success for both sweet JCW and KYJ.
    all the love, may good things happen *-*

    • Have been monitoring and it’s obvious there are ‘fans’ trying to add more haters follower to the lists of these actor/actress. Nothing will change if he/she is good or handsome or beautiful. Usually the pose speak positive of KYJ and ended with another actress name. KYJ name also dragged in other beautiful actress articles of this site. It’s unnecessary and we knows why.

  16. is JCW the most handsome? add the words “for me or in my opinion”. For you- the most handsome is JCW. He had PS right? so that is too generous for you to say that knowing that he had PS.
    i agree with your opinion in saying that Yoo jung is the most beautiful actress with excellent acting skills.
    Im a still thinking whether to watch this drama- I do not watch anything with Ji chang wook.

    • @ads
      many Kpop and Kdrama stars had PS.
      its ok if you dont like an actor/actress. but dont speak like JCW was the only one ever who has PS in skorea!
      people have the right to take PSs if they want. its personal choice. he is considered handsome to many people.
      and I think @sheila wasnt talking about JCW at all

    • @ads
      many Kpop and Kdrama stars had PS.
      its ok if you dont like an actor/actress. but dont speak like JCW was the only one ever who had PS in skorea!while the country is worldwide famous for its PSs.
      people have the right to do PSs if they want. its personal choice. he is considered handsome to many people.
      and I think @sheila wasnt talking about JCW at all

  17. It does not matter the ratings. There are so many haters out there. JCW is the most handsome actor in Korea and well-known overseas. His acting skills are formidable! What I am mostly glad of, is the fact that finally the counterpart actress if finally pretty and it will make it more pleasant and enjoyable to see how their story will roll. Can’t wait to watch the next drama of JCW. Because of him I started to watch Kdramas. Please, haters stop your nonsense or comment your favorites only. Putting down great actors does not elevate others to levels that they cannot reach anyway. No one needs to suffer your abuse, even by reading these low level comments. I feel so offended. By the way, I, myself comment only for my favorite actors. Have a happy day!

    • Ratings arent my first priority either.
      Cast and story are so very important to me. I believe a professional cast can bring audience to the point of enjoying the drama/movie even if the genre is not their cup of tea.
      and I also agree about not bashing other actors to buy credit for your fave.
      Cant wait to watch his upcoming drama either *-*

  18. been monitoring and it’s obvious there are ‘fans’ trying to add more haters follower to the lists of these actor/actress. Nothing will change if he/she is good or handsome or beautiful. Usually the pose speak positive of KYJ and ended with another actress name. KYJ name also dragged in other beautiful actress articles of this site. It’s unnecessary and we knows why.

    • @chi
      about MMS, it was only for having JCW on screen I survived to make it to the last episode. I dont question ratings about that drama cause it deserved it.I rather the drama didnt exist in his projects.humans make mistake.
      But healer for intance, I dont really care about its ratings.
      I still enjoy watching it after times. exactly my cup of tea.
      Ratings matter to me when I wanna watch sth from a new genre and still at second place.
      cast comes at first for me.

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