K-drama to Adapt Popular Webtoon Remarried Empress With an Awesome Female Lead Character

An interesting historical royal romance webtoon is being developed into a K-drama am I’m already expecting massive amounts of hate for the second male and female leads lol. They already made me seething and it’s from reading the webtoon, it’ll be million times worse seeing those two douchenozzles in live action form. The webtoon is called Remarried Empress and tells the story of a young Empress married to a young Emperor, they were actually best friends who grew up together as she’s a noble and he’s royalty, and their marriage is as best friends and good partners ruling the country together but no romance.

Then the Emperor rescues a runaway slave and falls in love with her, and she’s just a total sly fox and he turns into an asshole, and wants a divorce from his Empress. She agrees but in exchange asks for a right to get remarried, and shocks everyone when she announces that she’s remarrying the Crown Prince of the neighboring rival kingdom who is even hotter than her husband. Dang, you go girl! The story starts with that scene and goes back to the beginning on how her dumbass Emperor husband gets ensnared by the pretty slave and how the Empress ends up developing a friendship with the Crown Prince of the other kingdom. It’s pretty interesting and I love the Empress to pieces, she’s a rock star.


K-drama to Adapt Popular Webtoon Remarried Empress With an Awesome Female Lead Character — 178 Comments

    • well if the drama follows the original novel (webtoon on naver is only at 25 chapters) then only 1% is spoiled. What Koala said is just literally the first chapter… but I would prefer it if that just based it on ‘after the divorce’

    • Such hyoe for just
      over hyped garbage

      This story is definition of mary sue in prime if anyone has read better stories in past.

      It can put captain marvel and new charlie’s angels to shame, but i did not expect much better from k drama anyways, not in the million years they’ll have guts to adapt a good story like hellper than dokgo

      That had actual good female leads

      • Captain Marvel is a good movie though, just because a woman has superpowers does not make her “Mary Sue”.

    • Wish song hye kyo is the queen and Lee min ho as the crown Prince and yoo ah in as the king just worried for my min ho coz ah in might eat him in terms of acting coz ah in is such a good actor who knows how to play his role.

  1. Eunwoo is made for hot king role. And yes he has imropved a lot by end of his last drama. He fits the criteria of prince lol. He is flowerboy king

      • What are you talking about she has been frequently praised in all of her dramas and movies.

      • she got some decent ones but not great and she can’t bring ratings either

      • 12 chapters are translated so far, if you Google ‘Remarried Empress’ it should pop up, it should also bring up results of the novel translations (there is about 150+ chapters)

  2. Why do Kdramas get stuck in juvenile crap like this? Do they really have nothing interesting to say about the human condition? Even Harlequin would be embarrassed to publish stuff like this if the synopsis is anything to go by.

    • The synopsis is way off when it comes to the tone of the story. The story itself is written in a much more mature manner and is actually very enjoyable.

      • Agreed. I love the book… I looked into the Webtoon version, and they have already changed some stuff that made the story seem more fluffy and gave less dimension to the characters. So far, at least. I’ll give it a chance… It’s nice to take a break from all the serious/heavy stuff once in a while.

    • Exactly, I support that, our Jisoo Queen has elegant beauty, brains, natural aura. She fits for the role. I want to see more of her acting skills too. And Cha Eun Woo is totally a hot ? killer. I think they would be the best choices for the casting director

    • Jisoo shoukd worry abput getting an album first and performance skills bcoz her vocals suck. She cant dance and has zero stage presence.

  3. So will they use European setting? But it’s weird hahaha. Or change it to sageuk? But it’s weirder to use Korean Kingdoms. How about modern day Korean Monarchy?

    • I am also wondering about the setting because the 2nd female lead is actually a runaway slave so either the writer should set the setting to Joseon or late Joseon when it started getting westernized or (s)he should change it to 21st-century and make the 2nd female lead a runaway servant(?).

    • From some of the trailers it looks like they are going for a modern vibe which is sad (though it’s in Korean so there is a small chance I mixed it up and it was for a different show). From one of the trailers it looks like modern short dresses and flowey modern blownout hair for the girls and suits with modern idol style hair cuts for the boys, they don’t seem to have Navier in her signature red and gold either.

      Everyone just looks like pretty current day 20 sometings at a rich kids 21st birthday. Rather than a sweeping royal drama with power, secrets and dignity.
      Part of what made the novel and then the webtoon stand out was the descriptions and striking visuals that immerse you into the story. The contrast of Navier sweeping along in powerful, dignified, elegant dresses verses Rashta fluttering around in light pastel, floaty, girly frills was important. Plus the images for both book and toon are just downright beautiful.

  4. I think son ye jin would be perfect for female lead or
    2. JJH
    3. Kim so Hyun.
    4. IU
    5. Lee da hee

    Top 5 Male lead:
    1. Hyun bin cloy couple
    2. Ji Chang Wook
    3. Jang Dong Yoon
    4. Kim Soo Hyun
    5. Lee Jong Suk

    • Jjh has already mount jiri lined up ehich has budget of 32 billion won. So she has this huge project coming back. Iu doesnt have the visuals of queen.
      And it depends on project budget, rhat they can afford big stars or young stars

    • * Kim Soo Hyun or Song Joong Ki or Park Bo Gum or Park Seo Joon – suited as Heinley (prince) being flower boys

      * Shin Hye Sun or Ha Ji Won or Son Ye Jin or Lee Da Hee – for Navier (empress) with their cold aura

      * Yoo Ah In or Lee Dong Wook or Lee Jong Gi – Sovieshu (emperor) can be villains

      * Ryu Hwayoung or Park Han Byul – Rashta (with fake innocence but with evil schemes)

  5. I remember this webtoon, it’s really something hahaha

    I know people doesn’t really like her that much here but I want Kim Yoo Jung to be the queen, she is young and she is better as bitter queen, she needs to be shady once in awhile and she is super pretty, she has that one of a kind look but it’s hard to find her male lead.

    I just watch find yourself and the male lead is just awesome, he is Chinese though. Him and Kim Yoo Jung is just awesome he is born in 1999 so closer to her age.

    My real pick is probably Park Seo Joon as the hot one? Anyone can be the jerk prince.

    Lee Da Hee for sure as the female lead, she is everything.

    But then someone needs to be really tall with her, Kim Jae Wook? Lee Min Ki, Jang Ki Young.

    I know this sounds like Trainwreck but seriously a bitter queen flaunting her better life to her foolish ex, welcome

  6. I want the TMETS child stars play the roles with the addition of AHS like the following:

    King – AHS
    Queen – KSH
    Crown Prince – YJG
    Villain – KYJ (it’s about time)

    • As much as I want a YJG reunion, I want them paired with someone they haven’t worked before like CEW maybe? Hehe

      I’ve only seen very few of KYJ’s filmography, but she haven’t played a villain before?

      • She already played but it is not believable and memorable like SH’s character in TMETS.

  7. I seriously dont get the support for CEW. Hes one of the worst actors I have ever watched on korean tv. Period. Pretty but terrible terrible acting. He is the epitome of foot acting. Unlike Nam Joo Hyuk who got better, this one is cringe in EVERY drama hes been in. Looks are important and I get it but I would rather sit through 16 hours with a good actor with less looks.

    Park Hyung Sik is out end Dec. If producers can wait. That is one pretty boy who acts well. Theres also Seo Kang Joon and Yoo Seung Ho to consider. I would cast Woo Do Hwan as villian, seo kang joon as neighbouring king, kim so hyun as queen and kim sae ron as slave girl.

    If casting ages up with a decent budget for Alisters, maybe park min young play the queen with hyun bin as rich neighbour. That girl sparks with everyone. Coming off CLOY, its gonna to tough to find Hyun bin a female lead to match that chemistry.

    • Lols, i agree with CEW, boy cant act lols. But as long as he has that handsome face.. people wont mind.

      Is Park Min Young an A lister? I dont think so. But i could be wrong. I dont think, people will want to see hyunbin with a non A lister but.. who knows.

      Kim so hyun or kim yoo jung will be perfect for queen roles. Kim saeron too. But it should be an mature actress, i’ll go with KIM TAE RI. She was indeed amazing as an actress. Wondering why no one mention her name.

      Actor, anyone handsome. As long as he’s handsome, tall, charismatic and charming, im ok. I’ve got double standard. Lols.

      Ps : please casting someone young for this role. Not an ajjumma.

    • YSH is pretty and very good at acting.
      I really want a shyshy reunion and I’m in if it will be like a fusion saguek style like Nokdu which adlibs are acceptable and has a lot of skinship. But if it’s like as stiff as ruler, nope!

    • He improved by end of his second show. If u have watchrd rookie historian
      And yes he has blessed visuals. Visuals matter lol. No wonder he has double digit cfs as well

      • I saw 2 episodes of Rookie historian and naw… his acting was the same. In fact knetizens had a blast laughing at his nostril acting which became his signature after the show. His enunciation is as poor and his saguek jeondemal delivery was cringe inducinh. Admittedly I still watch shows with him occasionally to get a good laugh when I have a crummy day. At least he served a good purpose.

      • its fine thats ur opinion. i said by end of rookie show. he improved and anyways i watch for his visuals lol. he is just too good looking. really just blessed face

      • Lydia. You only saw 2 episodes. Ady is talking about the improvement CEW has towards the end. He is very young, only 22 and still improving. He has great visuals. Give him a chance. I think you are a bit harsh. SSH is still in the trade with same acting for the past 15 years! NJH was horrible until Dazzling with HJM. There are not many under 25 year old SK actors with better visuals and tall statue like CEW. You can choose not to watch him but he will stay because he is hard working.

      • @marry add another thing. In korea idols visuals r looked down upon compared to actors. Eunwoo is the one who beats actors visuals for them along with taehyung.
        And finally we can agree on anything lmaooo

      • Yes I agree with you on the Visuals. One of Kdrama’s selling point is on the visuals, no doubt about that. That is one of the reasons ifans are watching Kdramas. CEW is a natural without PS. I think Lydia is too harsh on a young guy with natural beauty, maybe she likes faked faces…

    • Agree with Lydia. It’s kind funny how the mediocre actors with visuals like CEW get praises here but their counterparts get dragged to hell. As expected of hypocrite oppa fangirls.

      • Ofcourse we r not lesbians to care about female leads. And oppas atleast improve. Unlike suzy types

      • CEW has only led two dramas and he has already improved in the second drama which is a saguek. Lydia and .on are being too harsh on this young actor. You can ban him for your lifetime but there are way more mediocre actors who are still leading well over 30 whereas CEW has only turned 23 this month. You are too mean to bash him so early. This is not fair. If he is Suzy type with no improvement after 10 years then we can talk again.

    • Your opinion really. Stuck in the past also. He’s been solid in his last 4 dramas. Are you human/Third Charm/Watcher/When the weather is fine. Looker with the acting chops to go with it. Thats MY opinion.

    • Actually, a lot of the Korean readers wants Seo Kangjoon to be cast as the young king because he resembles him. They say that the king has a “cat face”, especially his eyes, and Seo Kangjoon’s features are felinish.

      • Yes. He is beautiful really. When his hair is off his forehead, that glorious good looks really shine through. Funny thing is Woo Do Hwan has feline features as well so you can imagine if the queen leaves the evil king for the neighbouring one who is even handsomer, it kinda fits the narrative if she has a type. Lol.

  8. Shin Se Kyung would greatly fit the queen role. Girl, looks and plays historical roles so good. Can’t wait to see her in another cool female role.

    • Shin Se Kyung has an innocent aura plus wooden acting in Bride of the Water God is a major nope…she didn’t fit the cold and mature aura of a Queen Navier.

    • Yeah Shin Se Kyung would be great as a queen. Her acting is natural and very regal in historical dramas. Her tone and speech are both very good compared to other actresses.

  9. Oh I love this webnovel. The husband and slave are so annoying…she purposely tries to sabotage the Queen and she eventually is like, “You know what…he loves me and I’m leaving.”

  10. This would be the perfect drama comeback for the elegant and cool Song Hye Kyo and may be the young and dashing Lee Min Ho’s dream come true to work with her as the Crown Prince. All we need now is a handsome asshole King around the same age as the Queen to complete the picture. It’s a toss between Lee Dong gun or Nam Goong Min for me.

  11. After reading some of the chapters of this novel, i hope the casting director will choose KIM TAE RI and JANG KIYOUNG/ SONG JOONGKI as the leads. While for the annoying king, maybe the one who played villain in itaewon or 2nd lead in extraordinary you. Sorry forget their name.

  12. Wow that is a cool story…..
    I know that a lot of you don’t know who park Eun bin is but she can do this role she can act any role she’s pretty and can be a kind and a badass b*tch and it would be amazing she can reunite with Kim soo hyun and Yoo seung ho it’s perfect because they’ve known each other for more than 10 years now and they’re pretty close tooi mean this talks about best friends they would be perfect…….my opinion

  13. In my opinion JUNG EUN CHAE is young and mesmerising on the screen! Her upcoming drama The King: Eternal Monarch looks promising and promo photos are gold!!! 🙂 The could be the rock star Empress 😀

    • Second that. Jung Eunchae has a very regal aura and she fits the Empress’s age which is mid twenties (I know that Jung Eunchae is in her mid thirties but she looks ten years younger). Speaking of Eternal Monarch, I thought she was going to play a queen before I read news about her role.

    • Maybe king will be her success to lead role like it cloy did with second leads. Both got main lead after cloy. So hppe for d best

  14. webtoon fans vote for their fav artist:
    the queen:
    1. Kim Taeri
    2. Lee Dahee
    3. Soo Ae
    the neighbourhood prince:
    1. Ji ChangWook
    2. Kang DongWon
    3. Lee Dongwook.

    i agree with Lee Dahee x Lee DongWook pairing.

    Lee Sung Kyung
    April’s Naeun (they both are awesome as well!)

    Ahn Seop Hyo
    Nam Joo Hyuk
    Cha Eunwoo

  16. This one is hard for casting, IMO, if we really go by the webtoon.

    The queen is beautiful, classy, elegant, dan intelligent, her face kinda have sharp features. Her eyes, esp, showing her intelligence and observant nature while maintaining a straight face. While the prince, the most important quality of him is a charmer, a bad-boyish charmer. And the villainess supposed to be pretty, innocent looking, as in, a total opposite facade compared to the “cold” queen, which could turn into manipulative looking in a dime.

    I dont know who can meet the criteria of the queen above. Maybe… Shin Min Ah? Jung Eun Chae? As for the male lead, i’ve never seen an actor who is charm incarnated aside of SJK, but he is not tall enough for the role. Maybe..Kim Woo Bin, Lee Min Ki, or Seo Kang Joon. CEW is handsome, but he doesn’t exude the said charm. Villainess…nah, this one is interesting, I find Shin Se Kyung’s face is pretty and innocent, but I dunno if she has enough seductive power as well as manipulative. Dont think all the young actress has it too. A new actress maybe. For the stupid king, Lee Dong Gun? Or someone who can appear intimidating but stupid at the same time??

    Or can we just have the anime?

  17. Based on visuals alone, according to the webtoon, IMO

    Queen – Shin Min Ah, or Jung Eun Chae
    Prince – Kim Woo Bin, Lee Min Ki, Seo Kang Joon, a taller Song Joong Ki (he is the best charmer of them, since the prince is a charmer, but SJK isnt tall enough)
    King – Lee Dong Gun?
    Slave – Have no idea who.

      • I went to read the parts of the webtoon. The young girls like kim so hyun cannot make it. Its a complex character that needs a competent actress.

        Queen: Han Hyo Joo/Kim Ji Won/IU
        Prince:Seo Kang Joon
        King: Woo Do Hwan
        Slave: Ha Yeon So (innocent as heck face but in real life known for her attitude. Totally would fit the role)

      • *competent OLDER actress. But not super old. Should be in 20s or early 30s play down to 20s

  18. I hope the drama will be idol free for the sake of having a real production with good actors all around. Depends on budget really and station. If its gonna be MBC or Chosun TV – likely idols. If its TVN – we are gonna get a legit high quality writers, directors and likely a good cast. Afterall Netflix is picking up the tab for its new JV deal with studio dragon.

      • Just google studio dragon and netflix. Multi year content production and distribution deal. Netflix also acquired about 5% of studio dragon shares from CJ.

      • Wow great. No wonder all A list actors working with studio dragon. International exposure is also great deal

      • More than international exposure its the serious moolah. Plus korean productions no matter how high quality is only 20-30% the cost of a US series. Its very popular too with audiences. So win-win for everyone.

      • I want her to make comeback too dearm coffee prince will always be close to heart. She couldve been shk n jjh level. I miss her

      • Yeah.But a drama that will put her back to the stardom she onced have.A good script,well-promoted one.I just want her back to where she’s supposed to be in.She lost so much because of that scandal.

  19. ?⚔️From What I’ve Read And Concluded So Far From This Webtoon, The Characters Has To Be Someone Who Will Potray The Exact Same Thing That Is Being Said In This Webtoon. With That Being Said, Here’s My Opinion

    Queen:If Young Queen, It Will Be IU(Lee Ji Eun). If Older, It Will Be Someone Like Kim Seo Hyung(Love Her Acting In Nobody Knows?).

    King:The King Has To Be Someone Who Is A Playboy, Maybe Someone Like Kim Woo Bin, Hyun Bin, Lee Dong Wook, So Ji Sub?(Missing Him In Masters Sun?)

    Crown Prince:Looks Of Young And Handsome, Basically Anyone From The Above Comments…Be It Idols(Like Park Hyung Sik) Or Not(Like Park Seo Joon).

    Servant Girl:Any Young Actress Will Do, Basically Anyone From The Above Comments.

    Thats For My Own Opinion, Thank You⚔️?

  20. I think apink’s son naeun is very good the character “navier / queen ” they both are beauty and has perfect and admirable personality
    -consider that both are not good to show they true feeling

  21. Yes, i think so too.son naeun from apink has a cold-luxury but lovely face as empress navier’s and the feeling you get from they’r character is the same.

  22. I’m a fan of this novel ( remarried empress ) and i’m very sensitive & have a high expecting for character as well as i hope they don’t change the whole story and the story’s them.
    Sincerely i didn’t like the persons you all chose, everyone’s standard was just as they’r idols and not thinking about matching with characters (unfortunately somebody even don’t know about the characters themselves) but after imaging son naeun for navier’s character i think well, that isn’t bad.
    Wish the best for ” remarried empress “

  23. I think for every character:

    Naview/empress=ha ji woon _ son naeun

    Henley/neighbor prince=seo kang joon _ L _ song joong ki _ mark

    Sovieshu/king=ji Chang wook _ hyun bin

  24. let me say this For all of you who chose old actress,the empress’s character isn’t old and despite her cold appearance she’s charismatic and beautiful.

      • I think this Negar person is just a delulu fan of SN. Talking to herself under different usernames as pointed out by Joker. Only small budget production will offer to such an idol with no acting credit. Will see how this drama will plan out. No one will watch if idols are being casted.

      • why when you don’t know anything about the character,sey whatever you want!!!!!

      • no iu can’t show the strong-cold picture of the empress and it doesn’t matter to her age

      • IU in HDL is strong and cold. I agree that her visual is not perfect but she can act. Negar – I know about the character, why when if you want to say something just say it! I know all about the characters.

      • ok. How about Kim Sae Ron as the Queen? I also like NJH as the King, and JKY as the Prince, both are very tall and can act. For the slave…. maybe KYJ?

      • Negar. If you are talking to me, I have **read the novel** What is your point here? Say it and stop being sarcastic!

  25. Is this just a rumor or is the novel really going to become a k-drama movie?
    Who is the director or pd?
    Where did you hear this?
    If it is really true so what about actors or news about it?

    Please reply!

  26. if casting actors in 30s: SEO JI HYE for Queen! I lovedd her in CLOY as Seo Dan. She has a regal, “mannered,” intelligent vibe, is beautiful without being too cutesy, and acts well! Her stock has really risen after CLOY as well, she was recently casted as a lead finally but really needs a few more hits in her belt. 2nd choice for female lead would be Kim Jiwon or Nana… For Male lead crown prince, my fantasy/luxury casting would be jo insung… because i just like seeing them on screen but I feel like he’s beyond this type of story. Maybe Lee dong wook, Kim woobin, kim junghyun (CLOY 2nd couple reunite pls this time w/ happy ending!),

    If this is gonna be a teens/young 20s drama: for the female lead Kim Bora (cute looks but has an intelligent air, plus she can act) / Krystal (she’s still k-ent’s fave ice-princess with a heart of gold right?) / Kim yoojung would do well in this role too. But in all seriousness, Kim woobin, Park bogum, jang dong yoon, lee joon…

    If casting up and comers, males: Kim Minjae, Kim donghee, Rowoon Females: shin yeeun, kim seulgi, moon gayoung
    Idol casting: Male – V from BTS (Jin as well but he’s army bound soon so unlikely to sign up for projects i imagine), Chanyeol from EXO, Jinyoung from Got7, Female: Twice Nayeon, BP Jisoo, Mamamoo Moonbyul, clc elkie, itzy ryujin

  27. Shin Sung Rok for male lead. He played emperor before and he really looked great in suits. Also the plot kinda is like The Last Empress.

  28. The cast should be perfect for an iconic novel. Empress navier should be casted with a villainous and cold-looking empress. Dont recommend a baby faced actress because shes better off as Rashta lol

  29. i just hope, it doesn’t turn to be like some modern k drama with the royal family turn to be rich people who own big big company etc. i guess it could be interesting if it set in Joseon dynasty or maybe fictional kingdom….

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